Saturday, 18 August 2018

MY FIRST LOVE Sequence 4

" I don't know when I start crying and begging them like a baby but all my pleads fell on their deaf ears. " They drag my wife and Temi from me and lock them in the guest room.
" I can see you don't want to cooperate said their leader and he order the three guys to start beating me. I was beaten badly with blood all over my face, then it was dawn on me if I didn't cooperate they are ready to kill me. I told them I am ready ,to please don't kill me.
" Scorpion strip our runaway bride naked said their leader and I was strip naked in front of them.
" I use my hands to cover my libido when the leader told me to come, I walked slowly to him and he told me to kneel down in front of him and he brought out his huge pintle and told me to suck it.
" I looked up at him , please don't let me do this I said shivering when he gave me a punch and said is either you do what I want or I cut that little thing of yours.
" Yes! He is right ,his libido is far bigger and longer than mine. I suck his pintle like a child sucking his mother breast while he moan in pleasure.
" He cum in my mouth and told me to swallow all. I suck each of them cock and they all cum into my mouth forcing me to swallow it. I thought to myself I think am going to get pregnant with all this am swallowing.
" After I finishing sucking their cock, the leader instruct me to kneel down and face the wall.
" I screamed so loud when the leader pintle penetrated my ass. This is so painful I thought with tears streaming down my eyes.
" They took turns anal raping me and the painful experience made me recall how I forcefully raped Temi and I didn't know when I start seeking God's forgiveness.
" I was anal raped for 8hours with no mercy. I felt so ashamed of myself as they got their way.
" They unlocked the door Temi and her mum is and left saying they really enjoyed it.
" I couldn't look up to face my wife and step daughter, I just kneel down with tears streaming down my eyes because am so sure my ass is no longer a ass again.
" My wife rushed to me with tears in her saying sorry darling, I looked at her and say take me to the hospital before I passed away.
" I was scared when those guys drag me and my mum into the guest room. I looked at my mum and she gave me this assuring look that there is no problem and it was dawn on me this is all my mum's doing, I smiled at her and hugged her saying thank you mummy while she pets my back.
"I giggled when I heard my step dad screamed in pain , I feel like telling the guys to beat him to death because the more he screamed the more the memories of how he raped me and took my pride that night keeps flowing in. My mum hugged me from behind and I rest my head on her chest sobbing quietly.
" You haven't seen anything yet this is just the beginning of paying for raping my daughter I thought and smiled when I heard him screaming.
" I let out a crocodile tears when I saw him groaning in pain, take me to the hospital he said and passed out.
" Don't blame me at all he deserved more than this and by the time am through with him he will never touch a woman talk less of raping for the rest of his life.
" I rushed him to the hospital and told the doctor not to give him any pain relief, I want him to feel the pain hundred times for what he had done.
" I called Baddy and thanked him for the well done job, I have another plans for him I have sent 2millon Naria into your account I said and smile mischievously and hang up.

To Be Continued..................

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