Friday, 17 August 2018

MY FIRST LOVE Sequence 3

” I didn’t allow my mum to See me or talked to me, she stay outside my door every day crying begging me to please hear her out but did you think you I can easily forgive her if you are in my position? I doubt it ,this man took away my pride with force and I can never forgive him them never! ” My granny came the next day to check on me, granny I said and hugged her crying on her shoulder while she pets my back saying Temi is okay but you have to forgive your mum not just for her but for yourself because is gonna be killing you inside please my child she said and raise my head up please I know is entirely her fault but you know she loves you and she never plans for this to happened dear please forgive her she has been crying herself her since the day you refused to see her.
” Granny called my mum to come inside but the moment I saw her all the memories just keeps flowing back and I couldn’t hold the tears that keeps flowing like a river in my eyes.
” I felt so weak when I saw my daughter crying in pain Yes! Am a bad mother call me any name I think I deserve that ” I walked slowly to her and kneel down in front of her am…so… so… sorry Temi please find it in your heart to forgive me I know am not worthy to be your mother but give me a second chance to correct my mistakes I said and burst into tears.
“She came down from her bed and hugged me while we both burst into fresh tears, is okay mum she said on my shoulder while I kissed her hair and whispered to her don’t worry he is going to regret ever laying his hands on you for the rest of his life.
” I know my mum so well once she told you this phrase ” rest of his life ” please just run away because she is not longer the good woman again I smiled and say come on mum he deserved it am with you even if I don’t know what she wants to do with him but I know is gonna be a dreadful crime.
” Why are you guys whispering to yourselves and smiling said granny and we both burst into laughter, I like what am seeing now said granny and I look at my mum eyes and she gave me that assuring look.
” I wasn’t myself Since the day I raped Temi but you know what surprises me is that my wife never shows any sign of hateful to me, it seems like the girl didn’t tell her anything so I was happy within myself but something keeps telling me am gonna regret doing that to the innocent girl but I wave the thought off my mind.
” Temi was discharged a week after the incident and I went to pick her and her mother up even if I don’t want to go but to avoid suspicious from my wife who told me Temi confessed she aborted a pregnant that’s was why she passed out in her room but I know that’s a big lie but who am I to tell her so since she believed what her daughter says I decided to play along and you know what shocked me most was that Temi hugged me the moment she saw me telling me to forgive her for not been a good girl I looked at her mum’s face but I couldn’t read anything than the smile on her face.
” Is okay dear but don’t do such thing next time I said and told them to get into the car and off we went home.
” It has been two weeks after the incident and everything was fine ,we all lived as a one big family and my tolu Tommy has been coming out while Temi was still kind and nice to me until one fateful day night.
” We were eating fried rice with turkey on the dinning room when we heard a knock on the door.” I stand up to checked who is it ,I opened the door and was given a deafening slap which makes me loose my balance I fell on the floor .
” Temi and my wife rushed to me but shifted back after seeing four hefty man with gun in their hand.
” Please don’t kill us, name any amount you want am ready to give you I said while Temi and her mum her hugging me tightly.
” We don’t come here to steal we came here to satisfy ourselves said their leader.
“He came closer to us and first drag my wife who was screaming please leave my wife she is pregnant I said shivering.” Oh I see said the leader after inspecting her.
” He dropped tolu and takes Temi saying this one is not pregnant, I wanted to say she is not my daughter you can do anything you like to her but because of my wife I told them again to please leave her that she is my only daughter.
” Who did you want us to pick now man said the leader angrily.” Please leave me and my family alone am ready to give you any amount 1millon, 50million….. …Shut up said angrily by the leader and he start laughing so hard.
” You know what I think I know who to pick now which is you he said and point at me
” What! Am a man I said feeling afraid tell me is not what am thinking? Four hefty man I don die.

To be continued..


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