Thursday, 16 August 2018

MY FIRST LOVE Sequence 2

” He kept banging the door and keeps it hitting with a big stick ” Oh God what am I going to do I said and quickly ran into the bathroom and took some water and poured it on the floor i sat on my bed shivering , I took my phone and call my mum but she wasn’t picking up.
” Mummy please pick your call I said crying when the door was suddenly flung opened , I dropped my phone and started begging him.
” Please don’t hurt me daddy I said crying.
” He smiled mischievously and slowly walked towards me but fell down due to the water on the tiles.
” He stood up again and said you just worsened the situation Temi he said and jumped on the bed with me and hold me, ” I screamed and start struggling to free myself from him but he was way too stronger than me.
” He removed a knife from his pocket and put it on my neck “I have nothing to do again than to accept my fate ” I closed my eyes praying to God to show a miracle when I felt a sharp pain below my abdomen I screamed and he gave me a deafening slap which make me passed out but I murmured you gonna regret it.
” That’s how my step dad deflowered me and forcefully raped that night.” I woke up the next day and met myself on the hospital bed with my mum besides me.
” I screamed and the doctors rush in, I don’t want to see her I said angrily pointing at my mum.
” (Sobbing ) Am the cause of all this, this is all my fault.
” I was on my bed doing some work on the laptop when a call came through, I checked the caller and it was Temi .
“Why is this girl calling me by this hour I said and put the phone down to ring itself and face my work back.” When the calls where becoming something else I decided to picked the call Temi why…… but was cut short when I heard No!!! Daddy please don’t do this ……..”I dropped my phone and and start shivering so the man I love is forcefully raping my daughter, I pick up the phone and tried calling her back but the phone was switched off.
” I tried to booked a flight that night back to Nigeria but I was told I will have to be patient till tomorrow what! I said and hang up.
” I have no choice than to wait till morning, to cut the story short I arrived in Nigeria and drove home straight.
” Surprisingly I met the devil watching TV comfortable in the living room “I wanted to first shout at him but I frame innocent and said dear am back.
” He was surprised to see me, what happened dear? Hope my baby is doing fine he said and came to hugged me.
” Am fine sweetie I forgot a document at home that was why I came home, where is Temi? She… is…. Dear what’s the problem I said framing innocent.
” Nothing, she is upstairs he said acting boldly. I ran upstairs and call Temi but there was no response ” I opened her door and screamed when I saw my daughter lying in a pool of blood.
” My husband run upstairs and screamed too like he knows nothing about it, let’s rush her to the hospital that’s what came out of my mouth.
” My daughter was taken into the theater immediately because she has lost a lot of blood. I cried my eyes out and the devil husband was petting me to take it easy.
” The doctor later came out after an hour and told us the operation is successful and she has been taken to another ward .” I told my husband to help me go and pack my clothes that am going to stay with my daughter and he obliged.
” I cried my eyes out throughout the night and think of what’s the best revenge to do for him.
” A thought came through my mind, I picked my phone and call BAD Man I know him when I was in university, he was the dangerous guy among his group back then.
Hello Baddy I gat a work for you.

To be continued..


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