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Sun radio has been one of the most widely listen to. Its wide coverage and interesting programmes was what endeared its listeners. Anita was at the studio with a presenter, listening as her song was being played on air. She had been meticulous when deciding on which media she would use for promotion of her just released songs. After carefully considering cost and other factors, she had eventually selected Sun radio. She told her manager about it and he raise no objection.
When the music was about reaching its end, the presenter stopped it and began his interview.
'Darling listeners, that is the voice of Anita Okon you just listened to. She is a beautiful and bright vocalist, an energetic performer and a talented song writer.' Said the presenter.
' Miss Anita, welcome to the show.' He greated.
' Thank you sir, Good afternoon listeners.' She replied.
' That was a very powerful, spirited and inspiring song. What's the title?.'
'It's titled "Lift me up" sir.' She answered.
'So tell us, what is the inspiration behind the song?' The presenter asked again.
'The inspiration came from my dire need of divine uplift and am sure everyone want that.'
'Indeed, especially me. If I may ask Anita do you have any other song aside this?'
'Yes, I have another one titled "Fill my soul" ' She replied.
'Please can you sing that one for us right now, we want to hear your real voice.' The presenter requested.
'All right.' She picked up her sonorous voice and started singing.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Segun with his manager were playing for their show in Abuja.
'Nature we have planned everything but we are leaving something very important out.' Benson said.
'What is it?' Segun asked.
'The MC, we need a good MC to anchor the programme.'
'That's not a problem, I will talk to MC Dolly about it.' Segun assured.
'Why don't we get a more famous MC to attract people?' Benson suggested.
The radio around suddenly breaks with Anita's voice singing beautifully.
'Wait Benson, this song sounds familiar.' Segun went to raise the radio's volume and Anita's voice rented the air.
'This is the lady I was talking about, she sat beside me on a plane to Abuja.' Segun announced with pride.
'She has a nice voice.' Benson said.
'Wait, why don't we invite her to the show?' Segun suggested.
'Are you out of your mind, she is a gospel artist. What would she sing in such a show?' Benson asked.
'Don't worry about that. I will have her at my show.'
The song from the radio stopped replaced by voice of the presenter.
'What a beautiful song you sang? You have a very good voice.' The presenter said.
'Thanks so much sir.' Anita replied.
'Please drop your mobile number for those interested in calling you for performance or show.' The presenter said and she called her number.
Segun carefully type the number on his mobile phone as it was being called.
'I will give anything to have this angelic voice perform in my show.' He said.
'Nature hope you are not having an ulterior motive towards this Lady.' Benson asked.
'Why is your mind so dirty?'
'That's because I know you my guy. You eat any meat you lay eyes on.' Benson said.
'Na u shabi.'

Anita was busy in the kitchen when her phone rang. She washed her hands and picked the call.
'Hello good evening.' She said.
'Hello am I speaking with Anita?' The caller asked.
'Yes please who am I speaking with?' She asked.
'This is Dj Nature on the line. I heard you singing on the radio and I was flabbergasted. You have an Angelic voice Anita.'
'Thanks so much sir.'
'Seriously it isn't a compliment. You know what, am organizing this very big show in Abuja and I would love you to perform.' He explained.
'That's nice, what's the theme of the show?' Anita asked.
'It's just a Dj Coalition show. Where we have like six Dj including myself doing our thing behind the wheel. There also are going to be top musical artists like Timaya, Reminisce, Wande Coal and much more.' He explained further.
'Thanks so much for the invite but am a gospel artist, am not allowed to perform in such shows.'
'I thought music is anything that comes out of the heart. It's my show, you can sing anything.' He said.
'You have to understand sir, I can't perform there.' She insisted.
'All right, you win. But there are still lots of things we are going to do for each other.' Segun said.
'Ok, thanks so much for the offer Dj Nature.'
'You welcome, bye' the call ended.
Immediately the call ended, Charles barged into the kitchen looking extremely angry.
'Anita, I just received an alert that a sum of fifty thousand was withdrawn from our account.' Charles spoke.
'Yes, I withdrew the money to pay for the guy who helped me with the promo CD. I was hoping to tell you during dinner ' She explained.
' I just don't know how you keep wasting money over irrelevant things. We have spent over one hundred and fifty thousand for the promotion of just two songs.' He lamented.
'Am sorry but these money is just an investment. It will pay off very soon. Lest I forget, I talked to someone who can help with the production of video for one of the song. I persuaded him into doing it for just the sum of three hundred and fifty thousand.' Anita announced happily.
'It a good thing.' Charles replied casually before leaving.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Segun was busy in his music room mixing varieties of song together when Benson arrived. Seeing his manager around, he switched off his musical set and ushered him to the sitting room.
'Benson, what's up? How are you doing?' He greeted.
'Am fine but Nature, why did you refuse to show up at the meeting with the communication company?' Benson asked.
'I was so tired, you know I had a gig last night and it was so hectic. So how far? Did they disburse the money?'
'After a whole lots of consultation, they did eventually.' He brought out a cheque and gave it to Segun.
'But this is just two million, I thought our agreement was five million.' Segun complained.
'They said this is just an initial payment, something to get started with.'
'That is pure nonsense. How am I supposed to get started with just two million?'
As they were talking, a lady in a skimpy outfits entered. Segun casually dropped the cheque under a CD jacket on the table.
'Hello guys how are you all doing?' She said as she catwalked to her seat.
'Clara, what's up? You are looking good.' Benson greeted.
Benson stood up to leave.
'Nature let me start going, I will see you at the club tonight.' Benson said.
'Let me see you off.' Segun stood up and went out with his friend.
As soon as they were gone, Clara picked up the cheque. Her mouth was agape when she saw the sum written on it. She squeezed it and quickly kept it inside her bra.

The meeting between Anita and her video director took place at the afternoon in a restaurant. Although she begged Charles to accompany her but he declined saying he has something equally important to do at the exact time. Anita entered the restaurant with her charming smile as she saw the video director already waiting for her.
' Mr Johnson it's so lovely to see you again.' She greeted sitting adjacent him.
' It's my pleasure. You are looking stunning.' He replied.
' Thanks so much. I have taken time to see a couple of your work and I must say they are really impressing.'
' I don't do substandard videos. Most of these popular artist know me, I always give a clean job. The only thing is that most artist don't want to pay what is required.' Johnson explained.
'I understand, that why I agree to give you three fifty thousand for it.' Anita said.
'Madam it can't work at that price, the least I can do it is four hundred thousand.'
'But Mr Johnson, I have already told you that is all I have.' Anita complained.
'I like your song so much and a song as powerful as that needs a good video. And that's what am going to give you, just try and pay the price.' Mr Johnson explained.
'All right, so when are we getting started?' She asked.
'As long as the money is ready. I don't joke with my work.' Mr Johnson replied.
'Ok I will give you half now and the other half when the job is on the way.' Anita said.
She brought out her phone and gave Mr Johnson to enter his account number which he did. She tried foward the sum of two hundred thousand naira into the account but the transaction failed. It kept displaying incorrect pin.
'Oh my God, this is a mess. Mr Johnson am sorry, the transaction is not going through. I will check with my bank and transfer it latest tomorrow evening.' She said rising up to leave.
'No problem, I will be expecting it.' Mr Johnson said as Anita left in a hurry.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Segun came back in from seeing his friend off to see Clara sitting calm enjoying a drama streaming from the television.
' Clara baby, how far? See your skin so fresh.' He sat beside her and gently caressed her thighs.
'Nature abeg leave me joor, I didn't come for that.' She rebuffed.
' Please Clara, I need a massage. Had this all night show, my whole body aches.' Segun requested.
' Am afraid I can't do that, just received a sudden call. I have to get going now.' She lied.
'But I thought you are going to spend the night here.'
'That was my plan but right now I have to go. I promise I would come over for the weekend.' Clara promised before she left.
After she had left, Segun lay his tired body on the sofa and slept off.

To be continued..


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