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Finale Episode..

I released her from the hug staring at her
face. "What happened? Where have you
been? Am confused. Please tell me
something"I said looking at her. "Who are
you?"she asked staring at me like am a
stranger. I got more confused wondering
what went wrong with her. "Am n..."
"Leave her hand immediately. Who are you
to touch and hug her like that? She said she
didn't know you."the other lady separated
our hands looking at me badly. "If you try
touching her again, I won't only beat you up
but will Sue you for sexual harassment"she
said looking annoyed. Ellie was just staring
at me not saying anything. "Can you really
not remember me? Am noah. Ellie this is
noah. How can you forget about me so
soon?"I asked staring at her. "Would you
like go to another store miss?"the lady
asked her and she nodded in agreement. I
watched her leave towards a white sport
car. She was looking back as they left. She
opened the door and got in the driver's seat.
I quickly walked up to the car before she'll
leave. I stood there staring at her and she
was also doing the same. Could she really
not remember me? "Excuse me sir. I don't
want to be rude but I think you've mistaken
me for another person. I don't remember
knowing this face. Maybe I look so much
like the person but it's not me"she said. Her
voice never changed too. How can I be
mistaken? She's ellie.
"Ok but please can you do me a favour?"I
asked. "Ok"she said. I brought out my
business card and hand it over to her.
"That's my business card. I'll like to meet
with you other time. Please can you do that
for me at least?"I asked hoping she'll agree.
The Lady wanted to talk but she cut her
shot. "It's ok. I'll see what I can do. Can I
leave now?"she asked and I nodded my
head stepping back from the side of her car.
She drove off while I stood there watching
the car as they left. "Am sure she's ellie. Am
so very sure of it"I said but still confused.
Ellie's POV
I told lady clan I'll be going back. I don't feel
like going shopping or anywhere again.
When we got home, I went to my room
holding the business card he gave me. I
don't know why I feel strange all of a
sudden. When I saw his face, It feels like I
want to remember something but it faded
away. My heart was beating so fast too. Did
he say his name is noah? Could he be the
one I have his name stuck in my head? If
he's the one, what was our relationship
exactly?. I thought to myself looking at the
business card.
I found it hard sleeping that night. I kept
thinking about him. His thought and image
filled my mind. I feel so disturbed and
restless as I laid on bed to sleep. I finally
made up my mind to visit him the next day
to clear my curiosity.
Noah's POV.
I was laying on bed unable to get some
sleep. I had been thinking about her since
the time she left. I was wondering what
happened because mum told me she was
dead and was buried the day I collapsed.
Who cares about whatever happened. All
am so happy and relieved about is that she's
alive and not dead. I feel like seeing her
again. I hope she call the number on the
business card and meet up with me soon. I
hope she won't forget about it.
I finally slept off after some hours later.
I was in my office going through some files. I
was not concentrating at all. I hope and
hope she would call but it was all in vain.
How will I see her again? Am so dead
worried about that. I wish we could meet
again and talk properly but no way to get in
touch or communication with her. I thought
of going back to the store but I remembered
she was there to get something. I was deep
in thought when someone tapped the table
to get my attention. I snapped out of it and
came back to my senses. I saw one of the
female employee standing before me with
files in her hand. "Am sorry Sir. I had been
calling you but you seem not to hear me. So
I tapped the table to..."
"Drop whatever you bring and leave my
office"I said to her. She dropped it on the
table and was leaving. I saw something fell
from her so she bent down to pick it. The
skirt she was putting on was too short that
it almost revealed everything underneath. I
stared off not looking at her immediately I
saw that. When she picked it up, she turned
to me smiling seductively. "Sir I actually
have something to tell you"she said looking
at me. She moved closer smiling. She placed
her hand on the table staring at me
seductively. "I hate the rumors am hearing
about you sir. I know you can't be someone
like that. You're too handsome and hot for
girls not to drool over you. Actually, I've
been looking for way to discuss this with
you. Anytime I see you, I feel so...."
"Get lost!"I said staring at her badly. I know
where she's heading to before she finish
talking. Many of them has done more than
same thing she's doing so it's not new to
me. She quickly stepped back staring at me.
"Am sorry sir. I was only trying to say my
mind"she said apologizing since i didn't give
in. "You're fired selena Evans"I said after
checking her name on the tag. She was
apologizing but I turned deaf ears. "Leave
quietly or I'll have you thrown out by
securities"I said. She was leaving but
suddenly turned back looking at me badly.
"You think you're that great? The rumor
must be right. You're a gay. Continue living
your life like that. I'll leave your damn
company right now"she said in anger and
stormed out of my office. "Gay? Did she just
say am gay?"I asked myself. "That cheap
thing. She dare to call me a gay?"I asked
myself staring at the door. "It's Ok. Since I
fired her already. Crazy girl"I said feeling
Ellie's POV
I was in the my room still looking at the
card. Debating on whether to go or not. I
was trying hard to remember something but
i couldn't remember a single thing. What's
this. Why can't I remember anything?. I feel
like something is about to pop into my head
but I forgot it again.
I closed my eyes and tried putting his image
on my mind. "Noah. Noah. Noah. Noah"I was
calling the name with my eyes closed.
I opened them slowly still not remembering
anything. "Why can't I just remember
something?"I asked myself feeling upset.
I took my phone and dialed the number on
the business card. Someone picked it and
asked who I want to talk to. "I want to speak
with n.noa.noah"I said finding it hard to say
his name. "Noah?"the person asked.
"Noah! Noah"the name kept ringing in my
I had a slight headache and was not able to
answer the person. "Hello. Hello are you
there?"she asked but I was not saying
anything. I brought down the phone from
my ear slowly. I remembered some
memories of our moments together. Those
time I called his name smiling. time he
confessed his love to me, those times we
hugged, kiss, had good time together. I
remember each time he saved me from
danger and the time we made promise to
each other by the beach. And the smile on
his face each time we are together.
I remembered all this with tears rolling
down my cheek uncontrollably. "Noah."I
said crying. "Am sorry for not remembering
you sooner."I said crying out.
Noah's POV
I got so tired and unable to cope with my bad
day at work so I decided to go home sooner.
When I got out to the compound, I headed to
my car. "Noah!"I heard a voice behind me.
Who dare to call me that name in this
company? No one call me that so I wonder
who it is. I turned back to look at the person
and what I saw surprised me. "Ellie"I called
her name wondering why she visit the
company instead of calling me as I told her.
She was staring at me looking so sad. "Noah.
Am sorry"she said and tears rolled down
her cheek. I feel so embarrassed to see her
in that state because people are watching.
"Who's she? Why is she crying?" "Did he
just made a girl cry?"I heard murmuring
from each angle. "What's wrong? Why are
you like this? People are watching"I said.
She ran to me and hugged me tightly. "Am
sorry for not remembering you sooner. I
missed you too. So sorry noah."she said
I hugged her back ignoring the crowd. "So
you remember now? Thank you so much
for that. I love you so much ellie. Thanks for
coming back to me"I said smiling.
We both left the company to another place
for us to talk better. She narrated what
happened to me and I feel so bad to hear
that. But with all what happened, it's good
to finally see her again.
We were both at the beach we went to the
other day holding hand beside my car. She
rested her head on my shoulder smiling.
Ellie's POV
I just feel so happy to finally be with him
again. I told him we should visit the beach
again and he agreed. We both standing
beside each other smiling happily. "What if I
was dead for real, won't you get married?"I
asked him. "I don't think I will. Even if I do, I
can never love her the same way I do for
you. But good thing you're here. I have
nothing to worry about again"he said.
"You're really something else. That'll be so
bad for you"I said looking at him.
"I think I owe you so much. You saved me so
much time but I didn't pay back for any of it.
Should I say you're my guardian angel too?
always helping in time of danger"I said
smiling. "Yes you really owe me a lot for
saving you four times"he said. "Four times?
When was the fourth time?"I asked him
looking confused. He smiled looking at me.
"You didn't remember because it was a very
long time ago. The first time I saved you was
15 years ago."he said. "15 years ago? When
was that? But we met only 5 years ago, how
come"I asked looking more confused. "Since
you can't remember, I'll remind you today
then"he said smiling. "15 years ago when
you were drowning while swimming at the
beach, I was the boy that saved you. I
remembered you were putting on a green
swimming pant then. You also wore a pink
bracelet and your hair was tied in two pony
tails"he said and I remembered that was
what I put on that day. "You're the one.
You're really the boy that saved me"I said
smiling. "I just don't know what to say.
You're indeed my guardian angel. How can I
pay for all you've done for me? I don't know
how to thank you enough for all you've
done for me. I'll surly pay for it all someday.
I promise you that"I said smiling. I hugged
him smiling in excitement. The boy I
actually said to be my first love was noah all
along. What a coincident" I thought to
myself. He pulled me back from the hug and
was staring at me smiling. "Since you
promised to pay me back, will you do it
now?"he asked staring at me. I nodded my
head smiling. "Yes. I will"I replied. "Let us
get married. That's all I want for the pay
back."he said. I smiled nodding my head in
agreement. "Ok let's do that"I said feeling so
happy. He leaned closer and planted a soft
kiss on my forehead. then looked at my
face. We both smiled and hugged each
other. "I love you much ellie"he said. "I love
you too"I also said smiling.
Love is sweet when you're with the right
people. It is great when you're with the
person who loves more than you do to him. I
can't believe he waited for five years even
though he thought I was gone. The saying is
right, that true love never dies." I thought to
myself smiling.


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