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COLD HEARTED Episode 39-40

Noah's POV
I got into my car and drove out. "Ellie where
are you exactly? What's going on with
you?"I asked in confusion. I called her
number again but it was unavailable. I called
mum and ask her to text me madam Lucia's
number. She did and I called her
immediately. She gave me the address of
their new home and I drove down there.
When I got there, she was already waiting
for me outside the building also looking
worried. I pulled over and got down from
the car. "Did you say she called you? What's
really happening to my daughter?"she
rushed to me asking me questions. "Ma I
think she's in trouble. I need to find her
quickly. Do you have any idea of where she
might be? Does she tell you where she's
going before leaving home?"I asked looking
at her. "It's a long story. She went out to
meet someone but I didn't know it would
turn out like this. Oh my poor ellie. What
have I done?"she said weeping seriouslhave I done?"she said weeping seriously.
"It's ok ma. I'll find her. I'll make sure I do
anything within my power to find ellie."I
said to console her. "Please help me.
Nothing must happen to her. Please help me
young master"she said crying.
I looked at her feeling bad as she weep.
I left her place and was driving back on the
highway heading nowhere. I remembered
the name of the place she called before her
phone went off. "Ha..harmony bar?"I said.
"She said harmony bar. Where could that
be? There are lot of bars around here.
Which one exactly would I know it's
harmony bar"I said looking around as I
drive. I searched for it on my phone map
and it brought a lot of bar with the name
harmony. "Which one of it is the place?"I
asked myself in confusion. I concluded to
visit the bars one after the other until I find
a clue of which one she went to. The first
one I got to, I asked the bartender about her
describing how she look. He said he never
saw someone like that. I went out and tried
another one. When I got to the third one, I
asked and still got the same answer. I then
thought probably she didn't visit the bar.
Maybe she was standing around the area. I
was walking back to where I left my car. I
look so worried and stressed out. As I was
walking, I kicked something with my feet. I
stopped, looking at the object. "It's a phone"I
said bending down to pick it up. I found out
it was Ellie's phone. "Why is her phone
here? What happened to her? What's really
going on with ellie?"I asked myself looking
so scared and confused.
Ellie's POV
When they were taking me to the car, I was
struggling to free myself from them while
screaming for help. They forced me into the
car and locked it. I hit the windscreen trying
to break it but it was too hard. I screamed
and struggled from the men's grip. I felt
something injected into my body and I
passed out.
I opened my eyes to find myself in an
unfamiliar room. I tried to talk then found
out my mouth was plastered. My body and
hands were tied down on a chair. I struggled
on the chair but everything was useless
because I couldn't free myself. Soon, a man
came in. He walked up to me smiling. "Why
are you trying so hard dear. You seem to
have a lot of energy now. I just need to ask
you one thing and you must talk"he said
looking at me. "Who are you? What do you
want from me? Let me go now!"I screamed
on top of my voice. He didn't moved a bit
from where he was standing."your scream
won't help anything here. All I want is the
document mr Richard gave to you. I know
you have it. If you so much value your
life,hand it over now"he said looking at me.
I was shocked wondering how they know
about it. Who are this guys axactly?
Noah's POV
I went to different station to report a
missing person. I gave them her pictures
too. I informed mum about it and she also
promise to help with anything. Soon, police
were perusing every area searching for her.
I didn't stop in searching for her too. It's
almost 8pm and she hasn't been found.
I wonder what would be happening to her
right now. I hope it's not what happened the
other night I went after her. I just hope they
didn't touch a hair on her before we'll find
her. Many things were running into my
head as I drive. I was not concentrating
anymore until I almost bump into
something. I quickly stepped on break and
my head hit the staring wheel."What was
that?"I asked looking scared. I raised up my
head slowly in fear that I have hit someone.
"Did I hit a person?"I asked myself. I could
feel blood dripping from my head. I opened
the door slowly and rushed out to see what
fell to the ground. When I got there, I saw it
was a person. I was scared so, I bent down to
look closely. When I saw the face of the
person, my mouth was widely opened in
shock as tears rolled down my cheek
uncontrollably. She was covered with so
many bruises and cuts. Her dress was
messed up with blood. I sat on the floor and
took her in my arm"E..ellie. Ellie is this
really you?"I asked touching her face which
had bruises on it. "What happened to you?
Why are you like this? Please say something
to me"I said crying. She opened her eyes
faintly looking at me with a smile. She
raised her hand slowly and touched my face.
"It's noah."she said smiling. "Yes. it's me
ellie. Please get up and let's go home" I said
looking at her in tears. She smiled looking
at me"noah. Th...the guy that I love with all
my heart. The person that will do anything
just for my sake. The guys that first tell me,
I love you ellie. The best man on earth"she
said and tears dropped from her eyes. "It's
ok Ellie. Am here for you. Since I got you,
let's go"I said sobbing. "A..and the guy that
always show up anytime am in danger or
point of death. W...why?"she said crying. I
hugged her tight also crying. "Am sorry for
coming so late this time. Please forgive me"I
said sobbing. "It's not your fault noah.
Anything is not you fault. It's just that this
is fate."she said. I released her from the hug
and was looking at her face. "Its ok. Let's go
to the hospital first. I'll call your mum and
tell her I found you. Let me take you to the
hospital qui..."I didn't finish talking before
she started coughing out blood. "B...bl..ood?
Ellie what's wrong? Please don't do this to
me."I said and took her up. I took her into
the car and rushed to the driver's seat. I
drove in speed heading to the hospital.
"Please hang on. I'll soon get there. Please"I
said in panic. "Help my mum. She'll be in
danger now. Those men will go after her.
Please help her"she said in a weak tone
holding my shirt from the back. "Ok I will"i
said. Her hand loose from my shirt and it
dropped down. "please hang on. Am almost
there. Please don't die ellie. I beg you"I said
increasing the speed.
Finally I got to the hospital and took her in
my arms heading in. "Doctor please help!"i
said and Some nurses quickly came to get
her from me and put her on a stretcher. She
was rushed into the operating room. I
followed them but was stopped at the
entrance. "You can't come in. You have to
stay outside sir"one of the nurse said.
I called detective mark and gave them the
address of Ellie's house. I told them to go
there immediately. And I heard him called
the names of other detective before hanging
up the call. I sat on a bench in the hospital
looking so worried and stressed out. I called
mum and told her I found ellie. She said
she'll be in the hospital soon.
My mind was not at peace as the operation
went on in the room. I wish I could go in
there and see for myself as they do it. I
stood up and was walking to and fro the
entrance praying nothing serious happen to
Some minutes later, two surgeons were
coming out of the operation room. I rushed
to one of them and asked about ellie. "What
happened? How's she? Please say
something to me"I said looking at him. He
sighed before replying my question. "Am
sorry sir"he said looking bad. "Sorry for
what? Answer my questions now!"I yelled
on him. "The truth is, she was actually
poisoned with a toxic chemical. It took long
before you brought her here. But we really
tried our best sir. The poison has damaged a
lot in her body system"he said. "What?
Poison? H..how? What are you talking
about? What will really happen to my ellie?
Talk to me doctor. What will happen to
her?"I asked holding him. "Am sorry sir. It
can't be help. We are really trying our best
but this had gone beyond our power. Her
survival can not be guarantee. We just pray
and hope for miracle"he said. "What? What
do you mean? This can't be true. You must
do something. There should be a way out.
I'll pay any amount for her treatment.
Please save her doctor. She must not die"I
said crying. The doctor held my shoulder
tightly. "If that's possible, we would do it.
Am sorry sir"he said and was leaving. I
collapsed on my kneels in tears. "No. That's
not true. She can't die. No way."I said crying.
I stood up and wanted to go into the
operation room myself but was stopped by
some nurses. "You can't go in now sir."one
of them said holding me. "Let me go. I have
to see her for myself. She can't die. Let me
see her right now"I said trying to go in.
"Son!"I heard mum's voice from behind. I
stopped, and turned back slowly. She came
with madam Lucia. They both had this
worried look on their face when they saw
me. Mum rushed to me and was holding my
hand. "What's wrong? Why do you cry so
much? Where's ellie?"she asked me but I
was not able to say abything. "What
happened to my daughter? Where's she
right now?"madam Lucia also asked the
same question. All I did was crying not
giving them reply. My heart feel so hurt and
my head also ache so badly. "Mummy... I
want to see her. Tell those guys to leave the
entrance or I'll Sue them all. I have to
confirm it myself"I said pointing at the
operation room. "Confirm what?"they both
asked looking at me. I left them and was
heading in again. Someone held my hand
but I jacked it off and proceeded. Another
male doctor held me and I jacked off my
hand again. He stumbled into some tool on
the table and everything fell making a loud
noise."Please do something to stop him"I
heard someone's voice. I feel my head
aching so badly but I didn't stop or care
about it. I almost got in but suddenly
collapsed and passed out at the entrance.

Before ellie was found...
Ellie's POV
The man walked closer to me asking the
same question. "Where are the documents
giving to you? Tell me where it is now or
you'll be dealt with seriously"he said raising
my chin up with the stick he was holding. "I
know nothing about it. Just let me go ok.
Why are you guys doing this to me?"I asked
looking at him. He smiled nodding his head.
"You think this is a joke? Good. By the time
you are tortured, you'll open up about it"the
man said looking annoyed. "Guys!"he called
and two men came in holding a whip each.
"Beat her until she open up and if she
refuse to do, I'll handle it myself"he said and
stepped back looking at me. "I said I have
nothing with me. Why do you guys want to
do this to me?"I said looking at them. "It
would be better you talk now before we
ruin this your beautiful face and body"the
first man said wrapping the whip around his
hand. I was now getting scared trying to
moving back on the chair. "Who sent you
guys to do this? There must be someone. I
said I know nothing about this just Let me
go"I said looking at them. They began to
whip my body. I was screaming as this goes
on. After some minutes of torturing me, the
man told the to stop and he came to me
himself. My whole body was in discomfort
and pain. "You're surely stubborn just as
your father"he said looking at my face.
"Talk now or you'll end up like your him"he
said. "You think you guys would get away
after doing this? Just wait and see. you this
son of a bitch!"I said angrily while breathing
so hard. I then spat on his face
In anger. He slapped me hard on the face
and I almost fell from the chair. "You're
such a rude brat. How dare you talk like
that to an adult? After all this torture, you
still have the guts to talk? And you even
spat on my face? Just open up now or I kill
you myself you this bastard"he said and hit
the stick hard on my laps. I screamed again
crying out. He held my face up and I was
looking at him. "It would be better you talk
now or I'll rip that stupid mouth of yours
myself"he said looking at me. "Is this all
you've got? Did uncle Tony sent you guys?
He want you guys to kill us just as he did to
my father? Just as he poisoned my father?
Tell that Coward to come out to me if he's a
man. I have something to tell him. Tell him
to show his evil face before me"I said
screaming at the man. He closed his eyes me
and stood up holding his forehead. "This girl
had really gone crazy. How dare you say
that.."he wanted to hit me with the stick
again but someone came in. "Stop"the
person said walking to us. He looked at me
badly and stepped back. "Welcome sir"they
said bowing to him. "I know it's you? I can't
believe you can go far to the extent of
hurting your brother's daughter. What have
we really done to you to deserve all this
treatments. What else do you really want
after murdering your own blood?"I asked
looking at him. He moved closer to me
smiling. "Oh sorry dear. How can they do
this to you? Who hit you among them? Tell
me, your uncle will hit them back"he said
touching my cheek. I shook my head off his
hand looking more angry. "You're worst
than devil himself. Killing my father isn't
enough? You want to kill me too? Killing
your blood isn't enough, you want to
destroy the little family he left behind too?"I
said looking at him. "Brother? Blood? Come
on dear. We are brothers but did he tell you
we are related by blood? No. I was adopted
by his parent which means am not his blood.
I don't have right to be giving anything. I
was been treated nicely by my foster
parents but ever since your father was
born, they give me no attention again. They
gave everything to him only giving me little
to manage. Is that fair? Tell me. How can
they treat us differently when they call both
of us their son? I murdered that idiot before
I hate him"he said looking at me. "Was it
fun doing it? You kill my father because of
that? You're so evil and heartless. Karma
will surely get back at you"I said crying.
"You think so my dear" he said touching my
cheek. "Get that dirty hand off me you this
liar. Go away from me"I said crying. "I have
been monitoring every single move you
guys make. I guess the document is not with
you right now. Where is it? Didn't he give
you the document when you guys meet?"he
asked looking at me. "Even if I have it, I
would never give it to you. Just wait and
see. Your end is near"I said in tears. "Ok I
understand. Hey guys"he called on the men.
"Go to their new home and search
everywhere. You must come here with the
document or I kill you all"he commanded.
He looked at me smiling. I was so angry that
I held my fist so tight looking at him. "And
wait. One more thing"he said and they
stopped. He looked at me then looked at the
men again. "If you happen to find that
woman at home, kill her. I'll also take care
of this one now"he said. "Ok sir"they said
and left the room. He looked at me smiling.
"N..no you can't do that to my mum. She has
done nothing wrong. You guys can't do that
to her please."I said crying. "Will you tell me
where it is then I'll stop them from killing
her"he said looking at me. "Ok I will.
Promise you won't do anything to her?"I
asked crying. "Nope"he replied. "It's in the
house. I kept it in my school bag. Now call
them back not to kill my mum"I said looking
at him. "Ok as you wish"he said and
brought out his phone. "Hello guys"he said.
He looked at me and smiled. "Look for a
school bag there. That's where she kept
it."he said and I feel relieved. "And also kill
that woman and make sure she's dead
before leaving that house."he said. "Noooo!
You promised not to do that. Why are you
not keeping your words? Please don't kill
my mum. Please I beg you spare my mum"I
said crying. He brought out a syringe and
moved closer to me. "I think I made a huge
mistake for not killing you guys three years
ago. It would be better everything is cleared
now to avoid distractions in future"he said
looking at the syringe. He injected it on my
neck and I could feel my body burning up. I
screamed holding the chair. He dropped the
syringe and moved back looking at me. I feel
nothing in my body again except just the
bruises and cuts I had earlier."You'll die
slowly until the poison eat up your intestine
and you give up the ghost just like your
father. You have one an hour left"he said.
He turned back and left the room. I was
crying and screaming for help but no one
come to my rescue. I tried freeing myself
from the chair I was tied to, so I can go out
to rescue mum but everything seems
impossible. After some minutes of trying
hard, I was finally able to remove my hand
from the rope. I untie my leg too and
wanted to get up but I fell to the ground
feeling too weak to stand. I could feel my
tummy and chest burning seriously in pain
again. I guess my body is reacting to the
poison already. I cried helplessly as I crawled
towards the entrance.
Finally, I was able to crawl out to the street.
"Help! Someone should help my mum"I said
weeping. I lied on the road side not able to
move any further again. I started crying and
calling for help. It's dark already people
hardly walk around the area. I laid there
hoping someone would come. The person
that first came to my mind was noah. I
remembered when he saved me from the
kidnappers and the time he saved me in the
storage room. I wish he could save me at
this time also but I remembered what he
told me the other day. "This is the second
time I saved your life. Try not to get into
trouble the third time because I might not
be there"I remembered this with tears on
my face. I remembered what mr Tony said
inside too and I started crying. "I wish to see
his face at least one last time before I die. I
take this as my fate but I want to see him
before dying"I said crying. Suddenly, I
noticed reflection of lights. I then
remembered when that happened in the
storage room too.
I looked beside me and saw someone
standing there. He bent down and took me
in his arm crying. I opened my eyes and saw
him. That formed a smile curve on my lips. I
think God granted my wish"It's noah"I said
Madam lucia's POV
I was waiting at home hoping they found
her but my mind was not at peace. I move
from one place to another. I heard a knock
on the door and I went to open it hoping it's
my daughter but instead, I saw three scary
looking men staring at me. "W..who are you
looking for?"I asked since their faces didn't
look familiar. One of them pushed me and I
fell to the ground. They walked in scattering
everywhere. The started destroying some
things. "Why are you guys doing this? This
is my home how can you just walk in like
that messing with my things?"I asked but
they didn't stop. "Look for the bag right
now"one of them said and the two other
ones keep searching for it. "Bag?"I said
silently. Could it be the file?
I remembered I took it from Ellie's bag when
she left. I only took it because I think she
might got careless with it in school so I kept
it in one of the chair deep down in the foam.
When they searched and searched and
found nothing, they all were staring at me.
"Where is it? Hand it over now or your
daughter will die"they said threatening me.
"What? You guys took ellie? Where's my
daughter? What have you guys done to my
daughter?"I asked holding one of them.
"The only way you can save and see your
daughter again is to hand over the file to
us"the one commanding them said looking
at me. "OK I will. Please don't do anything to
my daughter. Please bring her back to me"I
said crying. Just as I walked to bring it from
the couch, some men banged in holding
guns. "Your hand in the air. If you move a
bit, I'll shoot"one man said pointing his gun.
They raised up their hands looking at me.
"Are you ok ma'am?"one of the police asked
looking at me. I nodded my head in respond.
"Now move!"they commanded and matched
them out of the room. "Please my daughter.
They took my daughter. Please save my
daughter"I said holding one of the police.
They took the men to the station and I went
to Mrs Williams place to ask for her help.
Back to present...
Noah's POV
I managed to open my eyes and tears
dropped from them as I look around. I found
out I was on a hospital bed. I looked beside
me and saw mummy and madam Lucia.
Mum looked at me and quickly got up
rushing to my bed. "You're awake. How are
you feeling son. You got us so worried"mum
said holding my hands. "E..ellie. Where's
ellie?"I asked looking at her. She was crying
not saying anything. I looked at madam
Lucia and saw her crying also. "Why are you
guys crying? Where's ellie? Where's she?"I
asked almost raising my voice. I quickly got
up from bed and was heading towards the
door but mum hugged me patting my back.
"Am sorry son. Am so sorry"she said crying.
Madam Lucia was also crying. "Why are you
sorry mum. Just let me go. I need to see her
that's all. Why are you stopping me? Leave
me and let me go to her"I said and freed
myself from her. "Ellie.. My poor ellie is
dead. God why? Why take the only joy I
have from me?"madam Lucia said crying so
loud like baby. "W...who died? No mum. She
can't possibly die. We promised not to leave
each other. She can't die noe and leave me.
You guys are joking right? Mum tell me this
is all a prank. No mum. Let me go to ellie"I
said crying. Mum hugged me crying too.
I feel like the world had stopped that
moment. It feels like my heart was ripped
apart and I can't breath any longer. I walked
slowly heading to the operation room to see her myself.

To be continued..


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