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COLD HEARTED Episode 35-36

She must have picked it instead of her.
"Hello good evening ma'am."I said feeling
"How are you. Ellie went out but forgot to
take her phone."she said.
"Oh ok. I'll call later" I wanted to hang up
but she said something again. "I actually
have something to ask you. Would you
listen now or we should meet up?"she
asked. I was confused on the answer to give
her. I wonder why she wants to meet with
me. Could it be about us?.
Ellie's POV
I went to dispose the trash. As I was heading
back inside, I looked up at Noah's window
which was always dark since two days now.
But unfortunately, the window showed
reflection of light from his room. Could it be
noah is back home? He must be home now. I
thought to myself smiling. But wait, what if
it was another person inside? I became less
happy and was leaving. When I looked up
again, I saw someone looking out through
the window with a cup in his hand. Oh my
God! it's noah. He's back home? Why didn't
he call me?. I said searching for my phone in
my pocket. Oops I actually left it inside. I
quickly walked to our room to take my
phone. I saw mum dressing up. She took her
apron and cap heading towards the door.
"Mum where are you going to?"I asked. "To
the kitchen. We have to prepare dinner"she
said putting on the apron. I took my phone
to check any missed call. "He called."mum
said. "Who?"
"Noah"mum said not looking at me. She
opened the door and went out. I sat on the
sofa checking my call logs. I saw that the call
was taken. Could mum have answered it?
What did she say to him?. I dialed Noah's
number. It rings but he was not picking up. I
dialed like three time and he was not
picking up. I dropped my phone and stood up
biting my fingers"What wrong with him?
Why did he refuse to pick my call? Could
mum had said something bad to him? What
did they talk about?"I asked myself feeling
I was walking to and fro the room biting my
fingers in curiosity. I picked up my phone
from the sofa and headed out of the room.
Noah's POV
I was standing by the window holding a cup
of wine. I thought about the whole
conversation I had with Ellie's mum smiling
to myself. "Yeah. I have to make everything
possible even if it seems impossible"I said
looking out through the window.
Flash back....
When she asked if we should meet up or
she say it on phone, I told her to say it on
phone. "Ok I'll say it now"she said. I moved
to the edge of the couch hoping it won't be
something bad about ellie and I. "About you
and ellie, are you guys really going out?"she
asked. "That's...ehm.. Yes we are going
out."I replied. "I love her so much and I'll do
anything to keep her by my side. She meant
a lot to me. Am being sincere about my
feelings for her. And she loves me too just
the way I did. Without her, I don't think I
can live. She's my heart which can not be
stopped from beating or I'll die. She's...."
"Am asking this because am confused right
now. Are you talking of my ellie or another
girl?"she cuts in. "Y..yes ma. Am taking
about Ellie."I replied. She was quiet for a
while not saying anything and that got me
more nervous. "Are you still there ma?"I
asked to confirm. "I can see you truly love
my poor ellie. My approval is not important
here. You parents don't want you guys
together especially your dad. So I have no
choice than say no to your relationship. I
don't want anything that'll hurt my
daughter's feeling. She's the only one for
me and I want her happy all the time. I just
hope you guys can stop and find someone
more suitable for yourselves."she said. I feel
so bad to hear that from her. "Thats all I
have to say. I'll hang up now"she said.
"What if I find a way for my dad to approve
us, will you approve it too?"I asked but she
didn't say anything. "I'll find a way to make
my parent approve it. Till then, I hope you'll
also do the same. But for now, am not
letting go of her. Am sorry for saying that"I
I left the window and walked back to my
bed. I picked up my phone and saw five
missed calls from ellie. I heard the door bell
and I got up from bed heading towards the
door. I thought It would be mum but when I
checked, it was ellie. She was standing there
waiting for me to open it. I wonder how she
knew am home when she didn't even
answer her call. I opened the door and she
quickly walked in before I could say
anything. "How do you know am home?"I
asked staring at her. "Because I saw you
standing by the window earlier"she replied.
She went to sit on the couch and wanted to
take the cup of wine I left on the table. "No
you can't"I said rushing to take the cup
from her. I hold her hand to stop her from
taking it. She looked at me strangely trying
to remove her hand. "Why?"she asked.
"This is wine. You can't take it because it's
alcoholic"I said and manage to collect the
cup from her. I drank the remaining content
in it and dropped the cup. "It's just small.
That can't affect me. You think I'll end up
drunk and call you call you bad jerk? Or I'll
start hitting you unnecessarily?
No way"she said smiling. What is this? So
she remembered what she did that night
but pretended she didn't.
"You remembered?"I asked staring at her.
She stopped smiling and cleared her throat
not looking at me. I sat beside her and
moved her chin with my hand so she can
look at me. "You remembered what you did
that night? You just said it now"I said. "I..
Don't. I just imagined that's what I might
do"she said hitting my hand off. "You just
imagined?"I asked. "When did you arrive
home?"she asked trying to change the
subject. "Are you trying to change the
subject right now"I asked looking at her.
She opened the whine bottle and wanted to
pour it but I stopped her. "Just a cup am
thirsty"she said making a cute puppy face.
She's so cute but I can't let her fool me with
it. "No. You can't. I'll just bring you water
instead"I said. I took the wine bottle along
with me and went to bring water from the
fridge. I took a bottle water and a glass cup.
I then went back to her. I pour some water
in the cup for her and also poured some
whine for myself. I don't get drunk that
easily so the wine can't affect me much. Am
afraid she might start misbehaving like last
time if she take the wine so am trying my
best to stop her from taking it. "You called
me before"she said.
"Yes but your mum answered it"I replied.
Ellie's POV
"What did you guys talk about? Did she say
anything to you?"I asked him. "It's nothing
much. She told me you went out and will be
back soon. That's all"he said. But the look
on his face said another thing. I guess they
talk about other things apart from that.
Why is he not telling me anything? Was it
bad?"I thought to myself reaching my hand
for the water. I took the glass to my mouth
to drink from it but instead of water, I tasted
another thing. He also picked the other glass
cup and drank from it. He spat out the water
looking at me. He tried to take the glass of
wine from me but it spilled all over my
dress. "Oh no"I said looking at my dress. "I
told you not to drink it why are you so
stubborn?"he asked yelling on me. "I didn't
know it's the wine cup. I wanted to take the
water. Why are you even overreacting. It's
not like the little wine will get me drunk."I
said looking at him. I folded my arms feeling
annoyed. He also looked away. I guess he's
angry too. But why is he taking this so
personal?. I thought to myself. I stood up
from the couch going to clean my dress.
"Where are you going to?"he asked looking
at me. "Where do you think? I have to clean
up this mess"I said. He was not saying
anything, so I headed to the bathroom.
I got there and was washing the stain off
with water. "I don't know why he's so
annoyed. Was it because of last time? I don't
think someone can get drunk from a little
wine which hardly got into my mouth. And
he does not even care it spilled on me."I
said. I off the water and was heading back to
the room. I got there and saw him standing
beside the shelf looking at me as I approach.
I walked up to him and took my phone. "I'll
be leaving"I said not looking at him. "Are
you mad at me?"he asked. I didn't say
anything but kept mute. "Am sorry if you
do. I was only trying to prevent you from
getting drunk. You should try to understand
me."he said looking at me. "Ok. I
understand. I'll leave now"I said turning to
leave. He hugged me from behind and that
made me stop. "You're still mad at me. I
could see it written all over your face"he
said. He actually caught me. "Yes I am. You
were too mean back there. You made me
spill the wine on my dress but didn't seem to
care or say sorry about it. I am mad at you
because of that"I said. I heard him giggle to
what I said. "Oh ok sorry. If that's what got
you angry. I was so much after the wine not
getting to your mouth, I forgot it may spill
on you. My bad. Am sorry for that"he said. I
smiled nodding my head. I turned around
and was facing him. "Are you now
satisfied?"he asked looking at me. "No"I
replied. "Why no?"he asked staring at me. I
stood on my toes and pecked him on the
lips. "Am now satisfied"I said smiling. He
started laughing looking at me. I wonder
why he was like that. What could be making
him laugh so much. "Why?"I asked looking
at him. "You forgot about it already?"he
asked looking at me. What's that? "You said
no kissing for two week but you just kissed
me"he said looking at me. Gosh! He's right. I
totally forgot about it. I feel so embarrassed
that I wish I could undo it. "That's not even
a kiss. I only pecked you do don't make it a
big deal"I said. "Really?"he said looking at
me. "But I want a real kiss right now will
you turn it down?"he asked looking at me
seductively. He touched my check and was
stroking it down softly with his finger
looking at me. That gave me goosebumps
and my body vibrated from the touch. He
noticed that and smiled looking into my
eyes. "Why are you quiet? Will you turn
down this sexy guy before you?"he asked
again moving closer. I suddenly feel hot
despite I wore a tiny cloth. I could feel my
cheek burning seriously as he stare deep
into my eyes. I couldn't say a word as his
bright charming eyes bored into mine like
spark of lights. I couldn't think straight
What is he doing? Get yourself together
ellie. He's trying to tease you again. I can't
let him fool me this time too like he did the
other day. I wanted to tell him no but he
lifted my chin and kissed me before I open
my mouth to talk. He was kissing me slowly
looking for entrance into my mouth. He did
it for real this time? Ok Let's forget about
the fucking punishment right now. I closed
my eyes and kissed him back. I wrapped my
arms around his neck and he also
placed his hands on my waist as we were
kissing passionately. I could feel his tongue
under mine. I had the wine from the taste of
his mouth, could that also get me drunk?. I
smiled kissing him more. The kissing
became more deeper and faster as we were
moving about holding each other tightly. I
feel I was about to fall but we both fell on
his bed still kissing. He stopped and moved
his lips from mine. We were both staring at
each other catching our breaths from the
long kiss. He kissed me again and we
continue. This time, more hotter as he
touches my body romantically. He slowly
kissed my neck down then back to my lips
again pushing his tongue in while I was
following his lead. He was on top of me
while I was wrapping my arms around his
neck caressing his hair softly. He brought
his hand down under my top and wanted to
pull it off as we were still kissing. I held his
hand and broke the kiss to stop him from
doing it. He stopped and looked at my face.
We were both staring at each other
breathing heavily. "Why?"he asked looking
at me. "Let's stop. We can't do this"I said
looking at him. He stared at me for a while
with an unknown expression written on his
face then get off me. He laid beside me
facing the ceiling. "Am sorry. I think I lost
my mind for a while. Will you leave
now?"he asked not looking at me. I was
staring at him not saying anything. "Am
sorry. Are you mad at me?"I asked feeling
bad. He turned to me smiling. "Why should I
be mad at you? You're right. I can't just wait
to get married to you. So you can't stop me
then"he said and we both laughed. He
moved closer and hugged me"Am I
permitted to do this?"he asked. "Why are
you asking me when you did already"I said
laughing. I looked up at his face smiling. He
was rubbing my shoulder lightly also
smiling. "Can we just stay like this for a
while?"he asked. "It's ok then. Let's stay
like this."I said.
Since today is Sunday, I would just sleep till
am satisfied since I won't be going to school.
I didn't want to open my eyes, trying to get
some more sleep. But wait, what's this
smell?"I thought to myself sniffing my nose.
That lovely rosy smell is from...
I opened my eyes widely and found myself
in Noah's bed. My body was covered with his
blanket. I looked beside me but couldn't find
him. "What happened? Did I sleep here last
night? In Noah's room?"I asked in surprise. I
opened the bed cover to check my body. I
found the cloth I was putting on yesterday
still on me which means nothing happened
between us. But why must I fall asleep in his
room? What of mum, she would have been
so worried I didn't come home last night. Oh
my God what will I tell her? Where will I tell
her I went to? I thought to myself panicking.
I climbed down from the bed preparing to
leave in hurry."you're awake"I heard
Noah's voice.

He walked up to me hanging a towel around
his neck. "Why didn't you wake me up
yesterday? Am in trouble now"I said looking
at him. "Because I also slept off."he replied
smiling. I don't know why he's even smiling.
"Just forget it. I'll be leaving now"I said
looking at him badly. "Stop! You can't go like
that you know?"he said holding my hand. Is
he crazy? What does he mean by that?. I
thought to myself staring at him. "Wh..what
again"I stuttered. He pulled me closer
smiling. "You can't go with your hair like
this. It's so messy."he said smoothing it with
his hand. "You can leave now"he said. I
quickly rushed to the door and open it a
little. I peeped looking if anyone is around.
When I saw no one, I quickly moved out and
walked towards our room. "Oh my God.
What will I tell mum? She might
misunderstand if I tell her I slept in Noah's
room. What would I say to her?"I thought to
I finally got to the doorstep and was
standing there afraid to open the door. Am
dead for real. Mum will totally
misunderstand. I raised my hand slowly to
open the door but it was trembling as it
touch the handle. "What are you doing?"
"Oh my!"I said almost screaming out of
shock. I looked back and saw mum holding
her hand bag. "Whats wrong? Why are you
standing there like that?"she asked looking
at me. She was staring at me waiting for
reply. What should I say? Let's think of
"Whats the matter? You woke up so early
today. You forgot it's Sunday?"she asked
reaching to open the door. She opened it
and walked in. What's this? She didn't ask
about where I slept last night. Didn't she
also sleep here last night?"I thought to
myself following her in. I went to sit on the
sofa looking at her as she off her cloths.
"Were you not home yesterday?"I asked.
She looked at me shaking her head. "I
followed madam to the companies party
yesterday night. It's not like you saw me
here last night. Why are you asking that
type of question when you slept alone in the
room?"she asked looking at me. "Oh yes. I
slept very early yesterday. I didn't know you
went out"I said laughing. I hope she fall for
that. "You must have been so worried about
me. So sorry you slept alone. It was an
emergency. I didn't plan to go with her
before. Hope you were not scared?"she
asked stroking my hair. I smiled feeling so
relieved to hear that.
Noah's POV
I rested my back on the bed facing up with
my legs touching the floor thinking about
last night.
Flash back...
I hugged her stroking her hair softly. "Let's
just stay like this for a while"I said. "Ok.
Let's do that"she replied smiling. I feel so
good to have her in my arms. "I would like
to take you somewhere tomorrow. Will you
be chanced?"I asked. "Hmm. Where is
that?"she asked sounding sleepy.
"Somewhere I've been dreaming to go with
the girl I love. The girl that gives me
happiness every time we are together. The
girl I wish to spent the rest of my life with.
Since you turn out been the one, I want to
go there with you."I said smiling but get no
response. "Are you sleeping?"I asked
looking at her face. She has slept off
already. "How can you fall asleep so quick?"I
asked. My phone rang and I picked it when I
saw it was my mum. "Hello son. Are you
sleeping?"she asked. "Oh yeah mum"I
replied. "Ok enjoy your sleep then. I left for
our company's anniversary party. I don't
think you can come can you?"she asked.
"No mum. Am so tired. I need some rest"I
said faking my voice. "Yes. You should rest.
Sorry to disturb you. I'll sleep over and will
return home in the morning if it's too late.
Take care. Bye"she said. "Mum"I called
before she could hang up. "What is it?"she
asked. "Who's going with you?"I asked. "No
one"she replied. "Ah ok. Why not take
madam Lucia with you. You might end up
been drunk. Someone need to accompany
you home. you can just take her with you in
case"I said. "There's no need for that. I can
manage on my own"she said. "Mum just
take her. Am worried about you. What if
you have an attack, no one would be there
with you. I don't want something bad to
happen"I said hoping she would agree on
that. "Why bringing that up uhn? I don't
know why you're so after me taking her
along. Ok I'll take her. Bye take care"she
said. "Ok mum bye"I said and hung up. I
dropped my phone smiling. I gently removed
Ellie's hand from my body lying her to sleep
properly. "You don't have to worry. Just
sleep here for tonight"I said covering her
with the bed cover. I laid beside her looking
at her face closely. "You look more pretty
while sleeping"I said smiling. She moved her
hand and wrapped them around me smiling
too. Can she hear me? I looked at her face
but she was fast asleep. When it's 1:15am, I
couldn't get proper sleep because of her
sleeping habit. She hit her arm on my chest.
"Ah.."i groaned because it hurt. I removed it
gently then tried to sleep turning my back
on her. She curled her arms around me and
her legs too. This girl is more than a
temptation.? I thought to myself closing my
eyes. I removed her arms then her legs too
and covered her well. I tried to sleep again
and I felt her arm around my waist hugging
me tight from behind. "Damn it!"I said. I
removed her hands gently and got up from
bed. I starred at her for a while and shook
my head. "You surely have a bad sleeping
habit. I can't let you kill me before morning
ok."I said. I covered her properly with the
bed covered then got off the bed. I took one
of the pillows and went to take another
blanket. I headed to the long couch to sleep
there leaving her to sleep alone on the bed.
I was thinking about all this smiling to
myself. "I wonder if she's always like that
when sleeping."I said smiling.
Ellie's POV
We are moving our luggage to the truck
outside. Since mum said we will move out
today. I just wonder how she got the money
for us to move out so quickly. After we
finished loading our stuffs in the truck, I
saw Mrs Williams approaching. "Why saw Mrs Williams approaching. "Why are
you packing? What happening?"she asked
looking at mum and I. "Sorry ma'am. For
not informing you in earlier. We are moving
out today. Thanks for letting us stay till
now. I'll forever remember your
gratitude"mum said. "Why? Is someone
bothering you guys?"she asked. "No ma'am.
Since I found an apartment for us, we have
to move out just as I promised. Thanks for
you care and affection. I'll have to resume to
work next tomorrow"mum said looking at
her. "Ok. Since you insisted on leaving, you
guys can go then. But you should have
inform me earlier. Hope it's somewhere
comfortable?"she asked. "Yes it is ma.
Thank you once again. We'll leave
now"mum said. "Ok. Take care. You have to
come to work next tomorrow as you said"
"No problem"mum said smiling. "Bye
ma'am"I said with a bow. She nodded her
head smiling.
We got into the truck and the driver drove
out of the compound.
Few minutes later, we got to the place. "Is it
really this place?"I asked wondering where
mum could see money to afford the place. It
was not really big but bigger than our
formal apartment. The environment was
cool and neat. I was looking around the
environment through the windscreen. I
guess it must be expensive."Yes this is the
place. Get down"she said and I opened the
door. "Mum but how do you get the money?
This place look expensive"I said looking
around. "Not that expensive. The landlord
rent it out so cheap. I can afford the bill
every month from my salary"mum said. I
nodded my head staring at her. I just hope
it's not what am thinking. Is mum keeping
something from me?
Noah's POV
I freshened up and got dressed then went
down stairs to the dinning room. Helen went
back to Canada since last week and dad
travelled yesterday. Only mum and I would
be eating dinner together this morning.
When dad was still around, I don't eat in the
dinning room because of him. I prefer to
have my meal in my room. But now that
he's gone, I can eat freely with mum. "Good
morning mum"I greeted and went to peck
her before sitting down. "How was your
night son?"she asked smiling. "Good"I
We started eating after we prayed. Just as
we were eating, I noticed she was looking at
me occasionally. So I decided to ask her
what the matter is. "Mum is anything
wrong? You don't look good"I said. She
dropped her fork gently looking at me. "The
girl you like, why did you refuse to tell me
about her? "She asked looking at me. "Mum
let's just eat quietly. It's bad to talk while
eating. When I finish we'll talk about it."I
said still eating. "Why am I having this
strange feeling about you and that girl?"she
said I dropped the fork and knife looking at
her. "Which girl are you talking about?"I
asked. "Never mind. I think am wrong"she
said smiling. "Do you really want to know
the girl I like?"I asked not looking at her.
She didn't say anything and I took that as a
yes. "Since you'll still know about it, I should
just tell you now. The girl I like is ellie
madam Lucia's daughter"I said looking at
her. The expression on her face was kind of
confusing that I couldn't read it. She was
staring at me not saying anything.
Ellie's POV
After we finished moving the stuffs in, the
truck man left and we both went in. I don't
think I can change school. I'll just beg her to
let me stay till graduation. I was looking for
way to bring it up when Someone pressed
the doorbell outside and mum asked me to
check who it is. I walked to the door to
check the person there. I opened it but
found no one. "What's this? I think I heard
someone press the bell"I said looking
around. "Who is it?"mum asked. I looked
beside the door and found a big brown
envelope on the floor. "What's this?"I said
bending down to pick it. I took it then
headed back in after closing the door. I got
to mum and sat down showing her the
envelope. "I can't find anyone outside. I
found this by the door step instead"I said.
"How strange? Check what's in it"mum said.
I opened it and saw some papers and a flash
drive in it. I then saw a small note. I opened
it to read the content inside. "If you want to
know how your father died, watch the tape
in this envelope. Go through all the files and
that would lead you to something"I read it
silently. My hand was trembling seriously
when I finished reading it. "What's wrong?
What did you see? Why are you so
shocked?"mum asked looking at me.
I took out the flash holding it up for mum to
see. "With this, we can know the whole
truth behind dad's death. We can put
whosoever did it into prison. And can go
back and claim his properties"I said looking
at mum while holding the flash so tightly
thinking of revenge on whosoever it may

To be continued..


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