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COLD HEARTED Episode 33-34

I was surprise to see her act that way after she told me not to
touch her. She removed her tie and wrapped it around my
wrist to stop the blood. "Let's go to the clinic"she said looking
at me still sobbing. "Am sorry ellie. I never did the things you
were accusing me of. Can you listen to me now?"I asked
looking at her. She didn't say anything but took my other hand
and dragged me along with her.
Ellie's POV
I took him along with me heading to the school clinic.
Soon, we got there and I took him to the nurse.
The nurse was treating the wound while I stood outside
looking at them. He was staring at me all this while. I'll stare
off when our eyes meet.
Am just doing this because it was my fault he's hurt. I can't
just let him bleed to death. After this, I'll just leave him so that
he and Christiana can continue with their relationship. I can't
believe noah can do this to me. I trusted him so much but I
was betrayed. He should at least breakup properly instead of
deceiving me all this while.
The nurse finished dressing the wound and he stood up to
leave. I walked towards the entrance heading out. He came
after me and I stopped when I got out. "Ellie let's talk. I have a
lot to tell you"he said. I turned to him folding my arms. "I don't
need to talk to you about anything. I think you should let me go
now. Since your dad want you guys to get engaged. I think the
idea was not bad to you. You just pretend when you see me. I
caught you guys red handed today. No need to hide it
anymore. I gave up on you already you guys can do all you
please now. Since we'll be leaving your house soon anyway.
And am going to change school. I have no reason to see you
again. So I'm breaking up with you"I said looking at him. "Ellie
will you please stop all this you're saying. Who's changing
school? What are you talking about? Please just listen to me
you know I can't do such to you."he said. "Yes I believed you
can't do such thing but everything points that you actually did
it. Just stop acting innocent already. I saw you kiss her so
what there to hide?"I asked in anger. "Just forget about
everything. There's no point in this. Since we won't get married
anyway. Your dad don't want me too. So let's stop deceiving
each other"I said and was leaving. "Please! Don't go ellie. I
love you so much and I'll always do. I can't do anything to hurt
you. My dad might go against us dating but I don't care about
that. I chose you because I love you and you chose me
because you love me too. I think you should be the one to trust
me most. Just believe I have nothing to do with Christiana.
You're the only girl I love. I can't do anything to hurt you.
Please just believe me"he said. I turned back and was staring
at him. The expression on his face were innocent and that got
me more confused. Could it really mean he didn't do it or he's
acting?but I saw them kissing what other evidence is better
than that. I can't even gather my thoughts right now. So
"Ok I heard what you said. Please I need to be alone for now."I
said and left him.
Noah's POV
So bad this is happening to me at this time. I shouldn't have
done it in the first place. Am now regretting what I did. What
am I to do now. Should I message her? Oh by God my phone
is not here. What the heck is happening? I cant stand to lose
I went to class but was not concentrating or taking any lesson.
I just sat there thinking about lot of things. Immediately after
break period, I headed to Ellie's class. Some students had
went out for break only few were remaining in class. I sighted
ellie who was busy writing note. I walked up to her hoping
she'll give me chance to talk this time. I stood before her desk
but she didn't look up. I guess she didn't notice it's me. Anita
saw me and tapped her shoulder "he's here"she said to ellie.
She looked up at me then concentrated on her note again.
"Ellie please let's talk now"I said. She dropped her pen and
closed the note. She stood up facing me. "Noah I have
something to do which means I can't talk to you right now so if
you may excuse me"she said looking at me. She packed the
notes into her locker and closed it then walked towards the
entrance. "What's wrong with her?"anita asked but I just
ignored that and went after her. She was heading out to the
compound while I was following her behind slowly. She
suddenly stopped and turned to me. I then quickly walked up to
her. "I think you're finding it hard to believe me. And that's
making me uncomfortable and sad. I thought you said love
me. You told me you trust me. Why are you acting on this all of
a sudden? It's clear that I have nothing to do with Christiana.
If am truly dating her then would I keep bothering you? Why
will I turn down the engagement my dad want for us? The
situation you met me in this morning was just... I did it
because she said she'll stop bothering me after that. That does
not mean I love her. Don't misunderstand everything. I don't
have anything with her. I only see you ellie. I can't lie or keep
anything from you. I actually came to school today because of
you. Dad sent me out of home. He collected my phone and
everything from me. I couldn't reach you since then. I came to
school to explain the situation to you but everything just turned
out this way"I said looking at her. She sighed and leaned back
against the wall with her hands covering her face.
"Is that it or you're lying to me"she asked staring at me. "I
can't lie to you. just believe me. You can see am not in my
uniform. Am not allowed to go home and change. I stay in
David's house"I said. "Its fine. Ok"she said nodding her head
not looking at me. I smiled on hearing that. That mean she
forgave me? wow am so happy. She looked at me but not
smiling. I want to see that smiling face again because I miss it.
"If you truly forgive me, can I have a hug at least?"I said
grinning. She looked at me then starred off still not smiling.
Why the serious face? Is she still angry?"I thought to myself.
"Please just a hug. I miss you so much"I said. Since she won't
say yes or no, I went ahead and hug her.
Ellie's POV
After he explained, I feel so relieved and my don't was cleared.
He moved closer and hugged me"I didn't say you should do
it"I said smiling behind him. "But I feel like doing it. You can't
tell how much I missed you."he said rubbing my shoulder. I
saw Christiana coming towards us. She stopped when she saw
me. I then used the chance to hug him back smiling. "I miss
you too"I said hugging him tight. "Are you serious?"noah
asked. Christiana starred at both of us with a jealous and
angry expression on her face. I smiled at her and that made
her look at me badly. She turned back and left looking angry.
Noah released me from the hug and was staring at me smiling.
"Don't smile too much yet. You'll be punished for kissing
Christiana"I said looking at him. "Oh no. I already apologized.
What type of punishment would that be?"he asked. "Yes you
apologized but will still be punished for it. Your punishment
would be..."I stopped. "What is it?"he asked looking curious.
"I. Won't. Kiss. You. For. A. Good. Two. Weeks"I said looking
at him. "What?"he asked looking surprised. "You heard me
right?"I said staring at him. "Oh no. That won't be possible.
It's not two days or three days but two weeks? No... I feel like
kissing you every second if I have the chance to. This is a very
hard punishment to cope with. Why not another one please"he
said looking sad. "No other one. That's the punishment. If you
can't agree on that, go and kiss other girls again"I said. "No I
can't do that again but this is too hard of a punishment. Ok I'll
just try"he said not looking at me. I smiled nodding my head.
"Good boy"I said patting his shoulder. "See you later then. I
have to do something in the library"I said and left him.
Good for you. I'll see how you'll cope with it. Just as I almost
got to the library, someone blocked me. I looked up to see the
person and I found out it was Christiana. She looks so angry
and ragged. This girl has brought her problem again. Why
have I done wrong this time? "Do you have anything to say?"I
asked looking at her. "Yes. I have a lot to say"she said folding
her arms. "You're too much ellie. I don't know how you
manage to seduce him but you did it so well. You're an expert
in seduction. Why you? You're not even prettier or richer than
me. Why must it be you?"she asked looking angry. "How funny.
I can't believe you stopped me to say this rubbish after
seducing my boyfriend and succeeded in getting a kiss from
him. You still have the guts to stop me and ask silly
questions."I said. "Your boyfriend? How interesting. But you
forgot you're nothing but a maid's daughter. I know you guys
can't get married. I'll be the one to have him at the end
because his parents want me not an ordinary wretched girl like
you."she said looking at me. "Am a maid's daughter but you're
what? You're a disgusting nasty bitch. I pity your parents who
brought you up to be a rude nuisance like this. My parents
brought me up well so am still different from you in that part.
You're rich but lack sense and home training. You look down
on people who are low because you're wealthy and greater
than them. That doesn't make you a great person and it
doesn't make you the prettiest girl on earth. Stop fooling
yourself and look in the mirror. You're nothing but an ugly
spoilt brat!"I said in anger. "How dare you?"she said in anger.
"Yes I dare to say that because that's what you truly are"I said.
I looked at her badly and wanted to leave. "You think you can
say that and get away with it? I'll show you how ugly spoilt
brats behave"she said. She pulled me back angrily by my hair.
"Let go of my hair"I said holding her hand. But she refused to
let go and was pulling it harder. I managed to free myself from
her and landed a slap on her face in anger. She held her face
staring at me. "Did you just slapped me?"she asked looking at
me. "Yes and If you try doing anything stupid, I'll slap you
again."I said staring at her in anger. As usual students had
gathered around us. "Christiana what's happening here?"her
friends rushed to us and went to her. The three of them were
all staring at me in anger. "What did you do to her?"Nina asked
moving closer to me. "I slapped her because she deserve one.
Oh Are you guys here to fight for her. That's right I forgot she
had three security dogs. You guys must be here to protect your
owner"I said looking at her fearlessly. "What did you just
say?"Lydia asked and came to me too. "You're not deaf. You
heard what I said"I said looking at her. "You deserve a good
beating"Nina said raising her hand to hit me.
"What are you guy doing? If you dare hit her, I'll cut off that
dirty hand"someone said among the students. I looked beside
me and saw him standing next to us with his hands in his
"You guys should get lost before I count up to three"he said
looking at the girls.
I stood there just staring at him in surprise.

"David"I said looking at him. Just then, I saw
noah behind him. He walked up to us
looking at me. "What happened here? Why
are you standing there like that?"noah
asked staring at me. "Did they hit you? Who
among them did it?"he asked looking at the
girls. Christiana looked at me and gave a
faint smile nodding her head. She walked
off and the girls followed. "Are you
ok?"David asked. I nodded my head smiling.
"Yes. Thank you"I replied. "Ok. Just be
careful ok"he said. He looked at noah
smiling. He hit his shoulder lightly and
walked off. "Let's go"noah said and we both
left the crowd of students.
Noah's POV
After closing hour, I waited outside for ellie
to come out. After waiting some minutes, I
finally saw her approaching. I walked to her
and we were both heading out. "I want ask
on what you said earlier."I said. "What's
that?"she asked looking at me. "I mean
about you changing school and moving out"
"Yeah that's true. Mum said we'll move out
tomorrow and I'll be changing school
too"she said. "What? Why will you change
school? Do you agree on that with her?"I
asked staring at her. "I don't but mum keep
insisting I do. I don't want to change school.
Our graduation is coming soon if I change
school won't it affect me? I still don't know
why she concluded on that all of a
sudden"she said looking sad. Could dad have
meet with Ellie's mum? That must be the
reason behind this. Why is he going far to
this extent. "Don't worry. I know where this
came from"I said looking at her. "Do you
think it's your dad? I was also thinking the
same but why would he do that?"she asked
staring at me. "He doesn't want us to see in
school too. That was the reason"I said
nodding my head. "Are you not coming
home today too?"she asked looking worried.
"I don't think I will. Dad is still mad at me. I'll
be staying at David's place again."I replied.
"Ok"she said not looking happy. "I think all
this is happening because of me. Am
sorry"she said. "You don't have to be sorry.
Everything was my fault. I'll find a way to
put things back in place. Just wait a little
longer"I said holding her hand.
So soon, we've gotten outside already. "I'll
be leaving now"she said looking at me. I
don't feel like letting her leave but she has
to."That's true. You have to leave."I said not
looking at her. She was staring at my face
not saying anything. We both became quiet
as she was waiting for taxi.
Soon a taxi was approaching and she
stopped it waving her hand. She wanted to
go into the taxi but I was still holding her
hand. She looked at her hand then looked
up at my face wondering why I was still
holding her. "Why...are" I cleared my throat
facing her. "Can't you just stay a little
longer?"I asked avoiding her gaze. I know
she'll be smiling by now. I looked at her face
and she was actually smiling. "Am sorry sir
you can go"she said to the driver and the
taxi left.
Ellie's POV
I smiled when he said he want me to stay
longer. I also decided to stay a little longer
with him.
We were both walking along the road, side
by side. "You want me to stay? Why?"I
asked him. "Because am missing you
already. I feel we should spend more time
together before you'll leave. Don't you like
it?"he asked. "That's good. I like it. Let's just
keep walking like this till I get home"I said
smiling. "Do you have iron in your legs or
are you a robot?"he asked laughing. "The
distance is too far"he added. "So until when
will you come back home? Just apologise to
him once more maybe he can still pardon
you"I said looking at him. "He won't. That
man is so stubborn. Or should we run
away? I mean the two of us. We can go to
where they'll never find us. No one can
disturb us then"he said looking at me. "Run
away? Do you even know what you're
saying? What of my mum? Will I leave her.
And your parents too. You think they won't
call the whole police station the country to
search for you?"I asked staring at him.
"You're right. What should we do then?. Am
so tired and fed up with all this."he said
looking sad.
I was home after noah and I walked and
chatted for like eternity.
I changed from my school uniform to casual
wear. I was lying on the sofa playing game
on my phone. Mum walks in and came to sit
beside me. "Have you think about the whole
thing? What's you answer?"she asked. "Yes.
My answer is no"I said still playing the
game. "What do you mean? No what?"she
asked. "I mean I can't change school. But we
can move out tomorrow or anytime"I said.
"What of noah? Will you continue seeing
him?"she asked. I quited the game and
dropped my phone. "Mum am sorry that's..."
"What do you mean by you're sorry? Are
you still seeing him? I told you not to but
you're acting stubborn. What's your
problem?"mum asked raising her voice.
"Mum but I love him. I tried doing it but I
think it's not possible. I love him and he
loves me too. It would be hard to just depart
like that. Am sorry.."I said almost crying.
She sighed placing her hand on her
forehead. "Mum please. It's first time am
asking for this kind of favour."I said holding
her hand. "Just leave me alone."she said
and stood up from the bed walking towards
the door. I wiped the tears on my facing
staring at her as she left. "Am sorry mum"I
Noah's POV
When David and I got to their place, a call
came in from my mum. I picked it and
placed the phone to my ear. "Hello mum"I
said as I got down from the car. "How are
you son? Are you still with David?"she
asked. "Yes"I replied. "You come home now
sweety. I already persuaded your father on
the issue and thank God he listened to
me."mum said sounding happy. "Really? Ok
mum. I'll be home tonight"I said. "Why not
now? Do you have something to do?"she
asked in concern. "Yeah.. I have to do
something"I replied. "Ok son. Don't be late
ok. Mum missed you already"she said and
hang up. "Was that your mum?"David asked
as we walk in. "Yes. She called to say I can
come home"I replied. "Really?Your dad must
have forgiven you."David said. "I hope have forgiven you."David said. "I hope so"I
Later in the evening, I went home. I got to
the living room and met mum sitting there
with some files on the table. While her
secretary was standing beside her holding
some files too. "Mum am home"I said to get
her attention. "Oh you're home"she said
standing up. She hugged me patting my
back lightly. She released me from the hug
staring at my face and body. "Your face has
become so lean. Are you not eating well? Is
there any problem"she asked looking sad.
"Mum I just left for two day not two years."I
said rolling my eyes. "Was it two day? It
looks like two months to me. Whatever. Just
go and rest first. I got your car keys and
your phone back"she said. "Really? Wow
You're the best mum"I said raising my
thumb up.
"And you're the best son ever"she said
smiling. "What would you eat? Let them
prepare anything for you"she said. "Never
mind mum. I ate at David's place before
coming"I said smiling. "What of dad? Is he
home?"I asked looking around. "No your
dad left for an urgent meeting this morning.
He'll be back in two weeks."mum said.
"Where did he go for the meeting? Here?"I
asked. "No. He went back to Australia. It's a
business meeting."mum said and that
suddenly relieved my mind. I feel so good to
hear that. "Ok mum."I said smiling. She
went to the couch and brought my car keys
and phone. I received them happily. "You
need to rest ok. Don't bother yourself too
much"mum said. "Yes mum"I said and left
the living room heading to my room.
I got to my room still smiling. I laid on the
bed facing the ceiling with my legs still on
the ground. I switched on my phone to see
ton of messages from ellie. "Wow she really
sent too many messages."I said checking
After a while, I dropped my phone getting
up from bed. I went to shower and put on
another cloth. I then sat on the couch to call
ellie. I have to let her know am home.
"Hello"I said when she picked up. "Hello is
that noah?"I heard a woman's voice instead
of Ellie's. Could that be her mum?

To be continued..


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