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COLD HEARTED Episode 31-32

"Do you understand what I say?"he asked staring at me. "Yes
sir I understand"I replied nodding my head. "Good of you."he
said smiling. "But, I can't do it sir. Am so sorry noah and I had
gone far than that. I love him so much and he has the same
feelings for me too. Am sorry for turning you down. I can't do
it"I said not looking at him cause am afraid of how his
expression will look like right now. He laughed out loud and
that got me surprised. I looked at him wondering why he did
that. "Love? Do you guys know what love is? At this stage
you're ready deceiving yourselves about love. Ah I can now see
how stubborn both of you are. You can leave"he said nodding
his head. I looked at him then bow a little before heading
towards the door.
Noah's POV
it was early Saturday's morning, David had prepared for
school. We attends school on Saturday because we are having
extra class for our upcoming examination. I woke up from bed
when he was dressing up. "Hey you're awake? I was
wondering if you won't go to school today since your uniforms
are not here"David said knotting his tie by now. I got down
from the long couch and was sitting at the edged with my hand
on my forehead. "Why won't I go to school? This is the only
chance for me to meet with ellie. Let me have your sport wear"I
said and stood up from the couch. "Are you serious? Wow this
is wonderful. I can't believe the Almighty noah is saying this"he
said laughing. I just ignored him and went towards the
bathroom. "Drop it on bed for me"I said as I closed the door.
Few minutes later, I came out of the bathroom with towel
around my waist. "Are you serious about you guy's
relationship? You really mean to take it far?"David asked
looking at me. I moved to the bed and was checking out his
sport wear. A long blue trouser and black Jessy. "Won't this
be short for me?"I asked holding the trouser up. "Am not sure.
It's getting shorter for me too. I just hate putting on the
annoying sport wear. You should wear it let's see how it
looks"he said. "We are not of the same height. Am taller than
you how do you expect this not to be shorter?"I said putting it
I showed him after I wear it. he bursted into laughter pointing
at me. "Why? Do I look worst?"I asked looking at him
annoyingly by the way he laughs.
"you look like a clown but still sexy I think. Wow girls would
start tripping for you once you step out. Trust me it's good on
you. I think I should take picture of you right now"he still
looking like he would laugh again. "Are you sure?"I asked and
moved to the mirror to check it myself. "You this fool is this
what you call hot? I can't even look at myself. You dare to
deceive me"I said moving to hit him. "Wait wait wait!"he said
guarding it. I looked at him and shook my head. "Forget it. I
won't wear this trash. I would rather go in short and singlet
than going in this"I said. "So what will you do?"he asked. "I'll
wear the one I wore yesterday. I'll manage it then get another
wear when we get back."I said and took off the trouser. I
changed into the one I wore yesterday. When I finished
dressing up, we set out to leave.
David drive while I was sitting beside him. "You didn't answer
my question why?"David asked as he drives. "What question
are you talking about?"I asked looking at him. I actually forgot
about what he asked. He looked at me badly shaking his head
in pity. "Don't worry"he said and concentrated on driving. We
got to school and I quickly highlighted from his car. I was
looking around the school compound maybe I could see her
approaching or hanging around. "I'll be going to class. Are you
not coming?"David asked looking at me. "I'll join you later.
Need to do something"I said. "Ok. See you later"he said and
patted my shoulder playfully before heading towards the
school building. "Could she be in class?"I asked myself.
I went to their class but she was not there. I then asked her
friend Anita and she told me she has not arrive. "She doesn't
come to school late. I wonder if she'll come today"Anita said.
"Ok. Please can lend me your phone? You have her contact
right?"I asked looking at her. "Yes I do and this is my
phone"she said handing the phone to me willingly. "Thanks"I
said and quickly searched for Ellie's contact. I dialed it when I
found it. It rings but no one was picking. I wonder where she
left her phone. I dialed it again and still the same. When I
dialed it the third time, she picked up. "Hello ellie this is noah."I
said. The line went off as I wanted to continue.
Ellie's POV
I was in the bathroom when my phone was ringing. I finished
taking my bath and came out to see it ringing again. When I
picked up, I heard Noah's voice. I was so excited and wanted
to ask about him but the line went off. "What's happening?
Why did it cut off?"I said and dialed it again. It said it was
switched off and I guess the battery was flat. I sat on the bed
feeling worried. "What's really happening to him? I couldn't
reach him since two days. Am so worried about him"i said
looking sad. I picked up my school uniform and went to dress
up for school. When I finished dressing up, mum walks in.
"Ellie we'll be moving out tomorrow."she said smiling. "What?
Why?"I asked. She looks at me strangely. "Sorry I mean why
should we move suddenly. You said you have to clear your
debts before we do that"I said looking at her. "Yes. I already
did. I cleared everything. We'll now live in a new apartment.
And your school too"she said not looking at me.
"What will happen to my school?"I asked staring at her. "You'll
change your school"she said. "What? Mum how could that be.
Where will you see money to further me on my education. And
I'll be graduating from high school soon. Why don't you let me
graduate there. After graduation, you can use the money for
my college education."I said staring at her. She was quiet for a
while before replying. "No. You have to change school as soon
as possible plus I don't like how those kids threats you. They
might end up hurting you again. I can't let anything bad
happen to you again. You're the only one I have. So you have
to listen to me and quit that school"she said. I never see my
mum go against my wish so much like this before. I guess
something is wrong.
"Was that only the reason or you're keeping something else
from me?"I asked.
"And you. Were you not keeping things from me too?"she
asked staring at me. I keep my face down thinking she knows
about noah and I already.

Noah's POV
Anita's phone went off as I was about
explaining where I am to her. "Your battery
is flat"I said handing the phone to her.
"Oops. I forgot to charge my phone
yesterday."she said looking bad. "But Why
are you not using yours?"she asked. "Its
complicated. Never mind thanks for your
time"I said and went out of their class. I was
going down to the compound when I met
Christiana on my way. I just ignored her
and walked on before she could call on me
or say hy.
I noticed she was coming behind me. "Noah
wait"she said but I did as if I didn't hear her.
I walked very fast while she was also
increasing her steps to catch up with me.
"Noah!"she called again. When I got out, I
felt her hand holding me by the arm. I
stopped and turned to her. "And what do
you want? Why are you stalking me
around? What exactly do you want from
me?"I asked looking angry and frustrated.
"Oh.. You should take it easy. You're too
harsh on me. What have I done wrong to
you?"she asked looking sad. I sighed looking
at her."Everything. You did everything so
wrong. Must you talk to me? I don't think
it's by force to date you again. Why are
doing all this evil act you don't do before?"I
asked staring at her. "You noticed that? I
was doing all that because of you. I was
doing it to get your attention back. I still love
you noah. I can't see other guys apart from
you. How do you want me to live without
you. You once loved me more than I do love
you. Why is everything the opposite now? I
accepted I made a big mistake then. I asked
for your forgiveness and you said you
forgave me already. Why do you hate me so
much now? Can you tell me you never loved
me even those time we were dating?"she
asked almost crying. Yes I once loved her
and that was then. I don't love her again
because of what she did and her attitudes.
And I am still taking revenge on her for
leaving me in mess two years ago. I want
her to feel the same pains I had those time.
"That was then. I don't love you anymore
since you betrayed me first. Do you know
how long it took me to carry on? You were
so selfish and after yourself then. You don't
bother about how I'll feel. You left me with a
broken heart. Thanks to someone who
made me believe in love again. She repaired
the broken part you left there. In case you
don't know, I have no feelings for you no
matter how small it is. So stopped
threatening me and go for other guys"I said
looking at her. She sobbed and tears rolled
down her cheek. She quickly wiped it off
with the back of her hand. "Fine. I'll back off
now. I won't bother you again. But can I just
ask for one thing? I'll really go for good if
you can do it?"she said. "What is it? I'll do it
if I can"I replied not looking at her.
Ellie's POV
I explained everything about noah and I to
mum then apologized to her for keeping it
to myself. "Ok. I understand you but you
shouldn't have kept it from me. Am your
mother and I have the right to know
whatever is going on with you"she said.
"Am sorry mum"I said. "Ok. But that's not
the matter now. The problem is mr Williams
doesn't want you guys to be together. If you
insist to continue with the relationship, it
might affect both of us because that man is
a very strict man. He'll do everything to win
over his words. Please am begging you to
stop whatever relationship you have with
him. I don't want you to regret it later just
let it go ok. You still have a long way to go.
Before you finish college, you'll find
someone more suitable for yourself. The
relationship between you guys can't work
out"mum said looking at me. I feel so bad to
hear all that from her. Mum is always like
that. Staying out of trouble or what might
cause one for us. But I don't think I can
breakup with noah. I don't think he can let
me go too because he also love me. "Mum
but I love him."I said looking sad. Mum
moved closer to me and hugged me patting
my back. "I know. But try to be strong
hearted about it. I don't want you yo get
hurt. Noah is far out of your league. His
parent said they don't want it so please you
have to stop. Remember they help us in
time of difficulty. They are our saviour we
can't just let them down like that. We have
to do whatever they want. Please ellie"mum
said. I feel Like crying but I was holding it in.
"Ok I'll think about it. I'll be leaving for
school now"I said picking up my school bag. I
rushed out of the room not looking at her.
When I got outside, the tears broke down
and I found myself crying out. I headed out
towards the gate still crying. When I got
outside, I waited for taxi to drop me in
school. I was at the back of the taxi seat
crying all long till we almost got to school. I
cleaned up my face with tissue papers
before getting down. I paid the man and
walked towards the school building still not
looking happy.
Noah's POV
I asked her what she want from me to make
her leave me alone. She moved closer to me
looking into my eyes. "I want a kiss from
you. If you can do it and still tell me you
don't love me, I'll accept and let you guys
be."she said. "What? Are you crazy? You
want me to do what?"I asked staring at her.
"Do it right now and tell me you don't have
feelings for me anymore. If you can still say
that after the kiss, I'll accept you don't and
will stop bothering you."she said looking up
at me. "Ok fine if you want that"I said
staring at her. I drew her face closer up to
mine and kissed her. After a while, I wanted
to move back from her, but she pulled me
back and continue with the kiss. I tried
stopping but she kept on pressing her
tongue in making me kiss her again. This
girl is so crazy as hell. I pulled myself
together then pushed her back breaking
free from the kiss. I was staring at her while
she was also doing the same thing. I was
confused for a while not knowing what to
say. I noticed someone behind me and I
turned to look at the person. I saw ellie
staring at us with a sad and confusing look
on her face. "Ellie!"I called her name. She
looked at Christiana then looked back at me
before walking off. The expression on her
face were not good. "Ellie"I called going after
her. Christiana drew my hand back and I
was facing her. "Why would you go after
her without answering my questions?"she
asked looking at me. I jacked hand off in
anger. "Whose fault is all this. My answer is
I have no feelings for you. The kiss was
even tasteless because I didn't feel anything
while doing it. It's better you back off now
ok?"I said looking at her. I left the scene and
went in search of ellie.
"Ellie!"I called her name taking the direction
she took. After searching for some minutes,
I finally found her in an empty class room
bending down with her face buried in her
arms. I walked towards her slowly. "Ellie.
Am sorry I think you misunderstood us"I
said trying to touch her. She stood up and
was facing me. Her face was socked in tears.
I can't tell how much she had cried. My
heart hurt to see her in that state. "Please
am sorry ellie. Please"I said trying to touch
her face. She hit my hand off in anger.
"You're sorry for what? For deceiving me all
this while? You act like everything was over
between you two but that was a lie. You
guys don't even hide it anymore, you were
kissing her outside there. I must be stupid to
believe you. You're really a bad person. Do
you enjoy having fun with me? You enjoyed
making me a fool"she said crying. "Its not
what you're thinking ellie. I actually don't
have anything to do with her again. I only
love you. I have no one except you.
Please...."I was trying to hold her again but
she moved back. She removed the hair pin
from her hair and was pointing it to her
wrist."Don't you dare touch me. Get out I
don't want to see you. Leave before I hurt
myself"she said sobbing. "Please ellie put
that down. I beg you don't do this to me. Am
sorry. I swear I didn't have anything to do
with her. I only love you ellie please calm
down and let me explain"I said looking at
her. "I now see why you refused to call me
since two days now. I see why you were
avoiding me. Am now nothing to you since
you went back to your old lover. Mum was
right. Birds of the same feather flocks
together. Am no match for you. You can
leave now. I don't want to see you ever
again"she said crying out. I felt bad as she
find it hard to believe me. This was a total
big misunderstanding. "Ellie it's not like
that. I actually came today because of you. I
swear nothing is going on between us.
Please believe me for Christ sake."I said.
The hair pin she was holding against her
wrist had slashed her it a little leaving a
little drop of blood there. "Ellie please drop
that. You're hurting yourself. You wrist is
bleeding." I said and moved closer trying to
hold her hand.
"I told you to stay back!"she screamed
wanted to stab her wrist with it but it
stabbed me instead because I placed my
hand on hers. "Aah"i groan in pain as the
pin went into my wrist. she was shocked
staring at the pin which was stuck in my
wrist. It really went deep that I have to
remove it with strength. She started crying
more while looking at my wrist which was
gushing out blood unstoppable. "Why do you
have to do that you jerk? What should we
do? You're really hurt and bleeding so
much"she said crying while holding my
hand trying to stop the blood from escaping.
"Let's go to the clinic."she said looking at me
while still crying. I was staring at her not
saying anything or moving an inch from
where I stood.

To be continued..


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