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When A Woman Cheats Episode 5-6

Dawson's attitude towards me suddenly changed after that encounter. He seemed to have appointed himself my protector. He was careful not to let Caleb know that he was aware of the abuse and that suited me well as I was terrified of the consequences. I still couldn't help but wonder as to how I missed the signs. We were once so in love, so perfect and the envy of everyone.
Each time I saw a post of someone being abused I felt sick to my stomach and the comments from people on social media just made it worse. Most did not understand the struggles we would go through;the guilt of wondering if only you as a woman had done things differently then maybe just maybe I wouldn't get abused. The other thing people didn't understand was the shame that came with being abused. Some would sympathise with you but others would actually tell you to hold on;that all women got beaten in marriage.
I sighed as I packed my stuff. I had been subjected to a long day. Oscar had insisted on working with me and at one point had dragged me to a seminar on financial strategies in organisations. I couldn't help but wonder why he was insisting on spending much of his time familiarising himself with my department when we had other departments. It had actually not escaped people's attention. My assistant had actually told me that people were convinced that we were more than we were letting on. That had actually made me even more aware of my surroundings and whatever little fantasies I had about Oscar had been pushed to the back of my mind because he was not only my boss but a colleague and business was never to be mixed wit pleasure.
I locked my office and headed to the car. I needed to get home before Caleb. Lately I dreaded going home because ever since he was elected permanent secretary he had been pushing for me to quit my job. I was not willing to do that as the job I had was the one thing that I had for my own. I unclocked the car and turned the key but the car wouldn't start. I tried and tried again but to no avail. Frustrated I got my phonr and steppes out of the car.
Mine was the only car in the parking lot as most people usually left by five on the dot. I dialed Caleb's number and after a few tries he finally picked up.
"My car is failing to start," I told him.
"I see. Well I am not around. I flew out to Livingstone this afternoon," he said dismissively.
In the background I swear I heard a girl giggle. I wouldn't have put it last him to be with another woman wherever he was as he was the type of man who believed that he was allowed to have as many women as he wanted.
"I had no idea,"I said quickly.
"It was an emergency trip. I got busy and forgot to inform you. However I will call Dawson to come and pick you. I will not have any other man drive you around."
Emergency my foot. He was probably rushing for his latest rendezvous with whoever he was with in the room. I told him to take care and that I would wait for Dawson. I had just hang up when I felt a presence behind me. I turned and there he was. His jacket was placed on one arm and the first three buttons of his white shirt were unbuttoned. I could make out his torso. I swallowed. He smiled lazily as though knowing the effect that he had on me.
He stepped towards me. Taking a step back would mean I was a coward and honestly I didn't want hom to think that his presence affected me in anyway.
"You are still around,"he stated in his deep husky voice.
"Car trouble," I said as I told my racing heart to calm down.
"Can I take a look?"
"By all means?" I said as I pointed to the car.
I watched him as he took long strides to the car. He tried the bonnet but it wouldn't budge so he opened the driver's side and flicked open the bonnet lever. He then placed his jacket on the seat and rolled up his sleeves. He then opened the bonnet and hovered over the engine. As he bent over I couldn't help but notice how good his behind looked. He must have felt my eyes on him as he looked over his shoulder with a mischievious smile. I quickly looked away.
"I think it is the timing belt. Was it recently replaced?"he said turning back to the engine.
I shook my head and answered in the negative. I had no idea what he was talking about. Caleb normally took care of the vehicles' maintainance. He stood straight.
"You need to call a mechanic to look at the car."
"I will inform my husband," I said quickly.
He raised a questioning eyebrow. It was my first time ever mentioning a husband. Before I could say more the sound of a car approaching us made me turn. It was Dawson. Oscar looked at me then Dawson.
"Friend. Apparently he has travelled."
He walked to my car and picked his jacket and as he did Dawson got out of the car.
"Kassie what happened?" Dawson asked as he eyed Oscar suspiciously.
"Timing belt," Oscar answered. "That is why the car won't start."
"Thank you for helping Kassie out. I will take it from here. Get your things," he said pointedly looking at me.
I nodded and opened the door as the two men sized each other up. I then locked the car and walked to where the two stood. Both were giving each other nasty looks.
"I am ready to go,"I said clearing my throat. I then looked at Oscar. "Thank you."
He nodded. He then bid us good night and walked away. I then followed Dawson to his car quietly. I jumped into the passenger seat and strapped on my seat belt.
"That guy likes you," Dawson said causing me to look up in surprise.
"I doubt it," I answered quickly.
If I had to say I was disappointed it would be an under statement. I felt cheated. I had no idea that Kasamba was married. She wore no ring on her hands and she had this innocence about her and if that wasn't bad enough the way the "friend" looked at her showed me that he was interestes in her. I went home and poured myself some scotch before I went to the home gym to punch away on the punching bag. I needed to blow off steam.
That night my dreams were hauntes by Kassie's face. In my dreams she kissed me and it was as real as the day that ai kissed her at the party. I had kissed a total stranger at the party just to get rid of the girl my aunt had thrown at me. She had been a pest and had been following me around for days till I saw her;she was seated on the patio alone. She looked radiant and totally breathtaking. The kiss was never plannes and the minute our lips met there was this electricity.I had been so taken with the kiss and seeing her at work just made me happier.
Now my hopes of wooing her were crushed but something just wouldn't let me be. I woke up early the next morning and left before anyone else was up. I drove for work and just as I was driving in I spotted the Human Resource Director's car. An idea came into my head. I walked over to her after we parked and I asked her to send me Kassie's file.

I then locked myself in my office and studied her file. I googled her husband's name and discovered that he had recently been elected Permanent secretary. I studied pics of him and Kasamba. There was somethinf about her smile in all the pics. It seemed forced or sad. I leaned back in my seat and wondered what sort of a man she was married to. Was she happy? Did he make her heart flutter? I closed the laptop as I looked away. I had to tell my heart to forget her one way or the other.

I walked into the pub as Caleb parked the Car. He had insisted on a guys' night out and well it was welcome after the week that I had. I found a table for two and signaled for a waiter. One materialised immediately.
"I will have a skinny bitch," I told the waitress.
She looked confused. I smiled. She probably thought I was being inappropriate.
"A skinny bitch is vodka mixed with lime and soda water,"I said feeling the need to explain.
She seemed relieved and she quickly jotted in her book.
"I will just order for my friend as well. Brandy on the rocks."
"What type of brandy?"
"Captain Morgan."
She nodded the scurried off. Caleb joined me a few minutes later.
"Sorry I was on the phone. I invited Thelma and a friend of hers over."
He smiled mischievously."One of the girls am seeing. She will be here in an hour so best we get a table for four."
I couldn't believe my ears. A side chick? I was a one woman man and I never ever jumped to another woman as long as I was with someone else.
"What about Kasamba?"
"What about her?"
"Don't you feel some sort of obligation towards her?"
He shrugged and paused as the waitress brought our drinks. He looked after her as she moved away.
"She has a nice behind...back to Kasamba,I feel no obligation towards her. I paid for her so I own her. As the man I have evey right to do as I please. In fact this just reminds me. I have been trying to get her to stop work but she is adamant. She is being so stubborn about it making me think maybe she has ulterior motives."
I watched him as he sipped his brandy then put his glass down.
"Maybe she is cheating on me."
"Really? What makes you think that?"
He laughed. "Kasamba usually does as I ask,no questions asked but on this she refuses to do as I ask even after threatening her."
I shifted uncomfortably. "Threatened?"
"My man when you get hitched you will understand that these women need to be kept under a tight leash. I went to so much trouble to pay for her bride price for other men to oogle her and have their way with her. I own her. She is mine and when she is not cooperative a few beatings will get her down to size."
Listening to him speak made my blood boil. He seemed so proud of the fact that he was basically a jailer and making his wife a prisoner in her own home.
"If I ever find out that she is cheating she will regret the day she was born and as for the man I will get him castrated."
"Maybe she wants to work because it is her way of holding on to her independence. I have heard how women lose themselves when they get hitched."
"Her duty to me is to provide me with children. An heir to be specific. I am building an empire. I am not stopping at being permanent secretary,I want to be a minister then eventually president but in the long run I want to amass my wealth."
I thought of the guy Kasamba was with. Was she seeing him. I hoped for her sake that she wasn't from the glint in Caleb's eyes when he spoke about castration I could see he was serious ans as for dealing with Kassie I had no doubt he would do his worst. His phone rang and he picked. He told whoever it was to come right in.
"Let us find a great table," he said sliding off his seat.
Reluctantly I followed him to a table at the the far corner for four.
"Do me a favour bro."
"Please make spy on Kassie for me. I need to knkw if she is cheating. With this position I will be travelling a lot and I need to protect my investment."
I swalllwed and before I could answer two girls approached us. Lusaka slay queens. One was in a very tight black short skirt and a white crop top. On her head was Brazillian hair and well the make up was well done. The other girl was more conservative in ripped white jeans and a white sleeves top. The first girl went to Caleb and slipped onto his laps and I watched as they kissed. I felt my blood boil as my friend feasted on the girl's lips. My mind went to Kassie. She was at home waiting for a man who was busy with another woman. Honestly she deserved better. A queen like her needed to be treated as such. She needed an honest loving man who knew her worth. I looked at Caleb and wondered what we really had in common.
The trip wasn't planned but I had just been ordered by the boss to go with Oscar for a seminar in cape town. I knew Caleb would refuse especially with my recent refusal to quit my job. Luckily his mum had come to visit and when I presented the issue she encouraged him to let me go.
"Your wife works hard and if the boss feels she can represent the company then let her go."
He had eyed me with his usual threatening look but I knew as long as his mother was around he wouldn't dare lay a finger on me. She somehow was the only female he actually respected. So here I was flying to cape town with Oscar. I stole a glance at him but he was engrossed with whatever he was working on, on his laptop. I shifted back to my novel and prayed that this trip wouldn't be awkward. Oscar had been avoiding me since my car trouble day and now here we were.
We landed in Cape town an hour later and we were met by a gentleman with a placard of Oscar's name. He was apparently the company driver and he was taking us to the family home in Cape town. The drive there was silent. The house was beautiful and was situated right where I had a view of the table mountain. I was taken to my room where ai freshened up and decided to nap as I felt jet lagged. I must have slept for hours because by the time I was waking up it was dusk. I felt embarrassed as I walked out of my room to the kitchen that I had been shown earlier.
I found the housekeeper I had met earlier in there and she told me she had kept some food for me. I smiled at her gratefully.
"Shall I set up the dining area for you?"
I shook my head. "Can I eat on the deck. I want to stare at the sea," I said feeling like a child.
She nodded and told me to go ahead and she would send someone with the food. As I walked to the deck I couldn't help but wonder where Oscar was. I sat on one of the seats and stared at the waves roll. I loved the sea and always wished I could be as free as it was. A few minutes later a young woman in a uniform came with a tray laden with food. There was a prawn salad, sticky wings and fries. My mouth was salivating as the aroma hit my nostrils. I dug into my food and savoured every bite. The lady also brought me some wine which I took with my food. I couldn't help but love the solitude and the peace that came with not having to worry about Caleb being close. After my meal I sat staring at the sea before deciding to actually head there. I went inside and changed into a short and vest and flip flops. I then told the housekeeper I was going for a walk. I loved that the moon was out and everything was illuminated. I ran to the beach feeling like a child.
I ran into the water and laughed as a wave hit me. I went under and then the wave rolled back. I lay on my back in the sand and waited for the next wave. Now this was freedom. I must have lain there for a while before realising that someone was watching me. I sat up and there he was. His chest was bare and he was in black shorts and his feet were bare.
"You seem to love water," he commented dryily.
I giggled like a girl. "I love the freedom I feel when near the sea."
He eyed me questioningly. I shrugged. I owed him no explanations. Suddenly he sat next to me. I looked at him in shock.
"I want to know what freedom feels like."
I laughed and stared at my feet as the water came in again. We must have sat there for a while each lost in our own thoughts when he finally cleared his throat and sais we should head out. I nodded sadly and started to stand but a big wave camr and hit causing me to slip. I thought I was going under again when I felt his hands round me. I looked into his eyes and he had this look. I swallowed hard.
"Thanks,"I stammered and hoped he would let me go but he didn't. He kept his gaze on me and I started to feel flushed.
The next thing I knew was his lips on mine. The heat that rushed through me was intense. I parted my lips and that gave him access to my mouth. I loved how his tongue explored my mouth. He deepened the kiss and I heard myself moan.
"I think we should stop," he said pulling away.
I nodded but he didn't let me go. Our eyes held each other's. I had to confess he made me feel wild and beautiful. His eyes shifted to my lips again and before I knew it his lips were on mine again. I told myself this was wrong but did nothing to stop him. It seemed as though my body had a mind of its own as my hands wrapped around his neck. I didn't even protest as he lowered me onto the sand. All I wanted was to be lost in his kiss forever.
I held her in my arms as she slept. We had been sleeping like this for the past three days and there was no denying that I was falling in love with her. From the first time I made love to her on the beach I knew I was a goner. I had seen signs of regret in her eyes but she had quickly shielded it just like she did many things. The one thing I saw change in her was the sadness in her eyes seemed to have disappeared. She was a beautiful woman and didn't deserve whatever it was that made her that way. I hadn't told her that she cried in her sleep and at times she seemed frightened. All I did was just hold and calm her. Whatever it was that made her so scared was something I was determined to find out.
I trailed a hand down her naked back when she turned and I heard her moan. She was such a sexual being. A goddess and I couldn't help but wonder if she was like this with her husband. It seemed the way she made love with me was like her quenching a thirst that had been around for a long Time. I smiled as I visiualised how she always wriggled underneath me and then her rythym.....i
I Sat up as I thought of the next day and moved to the edge of the bed. The seminar was over and we were supposed to head back to Zambia and each time I menationed that this cloud came over her. I knew she was awake when her breathing changed and when her arms came round me I wasn't surprised. She started nibbling my ear almost immediately. I held my breath as her tongue teased my ear. I wanted to pull her into my arms but I decided to wait and see what she would do. She started trailing kisses down my neck and I felt my insides flare up from the heat. I groaned as she moved swiftly from behind him and was sitting on my laps. She slowly pushed me onto the bed with a naughty smile. I loved this side of her. All logic sense was lost when her kisses started trailing my naked torso. I gasped as her tongue started circling my navel.
I saw her pause as her eyes searched my face for any reaction. I think she liked what she saw because she smiled then went on to suck my navel. I moaned. Her hands trailed down my abdomen and stopped to stroke my hair before she touched my manhood. It was already erect. She stroked went lower and got hold of my balls and I squirmed beneath her as she stroked them gently. With such art she used one hand to stroke my manhoid and before I knew it I was in the warmth of her mouth. She sucked me with such expertise and when I was certain I was about to come she pulled me out much to my dismay. She shook her head mischievously before she slowly mounted me.
I came almost immediately I enteres her but she didn'ty get off me. Instead I watched as she wound on top of me. I watched her wind as though she was winding to some invisible music. I was hard in no time and I could see the delight in her eyes. She rode me till we both climaxed. Afterwards we lay spent in each other's arms till she got up, grabbed my shirt on the floor and headed to the bathroom. I lay there thinking of how to make her feel special. Yes the sex was great but I wanted more than that. I wanted her to feel like a woman who was appreciated. By the time she returned from cleaning herself I assumed I had called a driver and had arranged for a day out. I informed her that I had plans and needed her to change. She then reminded me that she needed to get to her room. So like most mornings she snack back to her room while I looked around to make sure the coast was clear. After she disappeared into her room and I went to bath.
I settled for black jeans and a white casual shirt with black Calvin klein canvas shoes. I then went to the deck where breakfast was served. I smiled when I saw the freshly baked croissants. Kassie loved them and I smiled when I recalled how her eyes lighted up each time she spread butter on the croissant and it melted. I always thanked my lucky stars for sending us a french chef. There was also freshly squeezed oranged juice, a fruit salad comprising of kiwi, strawberries, papaya and apples. I smiled sheepshily as her scent hit me. She materialised later in a short yellow sundress and gold sandals. Her hair was in a pony tail and her face had little make up. She actually looked better without the make up. We ate as we laughed and teased each other. The car came round at ten and I led her to it. I could see the look from Ma Andile the housekeeper but I ignored it. No one was going to make me feel guilty for this rendzvous.
I instructed the driver to take us to Canal walk shopping mall. I told her I was treating her so she could shop till she dropped. We went from shop and she modeled clothes and shoes for me. I had never shopped with any woman as I had no patience but this I enjoyed. We bought lots of clothes and shoes then put the parcels in the car before I took her for lunch at a famous restaurant overlooking the sea. I saw her pleasure as dolphins jumped in and out of the water. After lunch we took to exploring the sights before I took her to this salsa bar. I had no idea she could dance so well and I fell more in love.
We had a lovely dinner and then took a stroll and ended up at the pier. We leaned against the railings as we stared out to sea.
"Thank you for the amazing day," she said without looking at me.
I could hear the tone of sadness in her voice. "Tomorrow we return to reality and our separate lives," she said looking at me.
I got her hand and looked her deep in her eyes. The sadness was back.
"This doesn't have to end."
She shook her head. "I am married. Taken. This was just a fling."
I spun her round rougher than intended and she seemed scared. I hated myself for the look in her eyes. I pulled her towards me and kissed her roughly.
"I don't care about you being married and this was not a fling. What you felt and feel is what I feel,"I said taking her hand and placing it in my chest and letting her feel my heartbeat.
"I am not letting this end," I said gruffly.
She wanted to say something but I captured her lips again and kissed her sensually. I knew I had broken her resolve when her arms wrapped round me. That night we amde love like our lives depended on it and when she slept I whispered my love for her and vowed to find out the cause of her pain.
"I swear she is cheating,"Caleb said as he hit the golf ball.
I followed the ball as it flew into the air. We were at chilanga golf club playing golf on a saturday. Kassie had only been back a week from her seminar.
"What makes you say that?"I asked as I took my position to tee off.
"She has this glow and when she thinks no one is looking she smiles off into space."
I hit the ball hard. I had noticed the glow and the sadness in her eyes occassionally disappear but then again what I had learnt was that abused women were normally too afraid to cheat for fear of what their abuser would do.
"Maybe she discovered something about herself in Cape Town. Remember that place is magical. And I doubt Kassie would ever cheat in you."
"She better not be," he said as he placed his club into his golf club and instructed the caddied to follow us to the next hole.
I prayed deep within me that he was wrong and I prayed he wouldn't hire someone to trail her. That was invasion of privacy.
"For some reason she seems to hold you in high esteem that is why you are perfect for spying on her. She would never suspect you," he said surprising me again.
"I want to know what is behind that smile."
I wanted to refuse and tell him no but Kassie's face appeared in my head. He was right. I was better off trailing her. In case I found something then I could decide how best to handle the situation. I nodded and then quickly changed the topic. I also knew trailing her would be Hard. I had developed more than a soft spot for her and even my relationship was getting affected. Each time I kissed Thandi I found myself wishing I was kissing Kassie. I secretly wanted to be the reason she smiled and I wanted to be the one to take her pain away. I prayed she hadn't allowed another man into her heart as I wanted to be the one to melt it. In fact I had even fantasized about us running off together.

To be continued..

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