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When A Woman Cheats Episode 1-2


After the beating last night I decided to hwad home early. I wasn't ready to get another beating when my body hadn't healed. I would just have to finish off my work from home. As I drove home I played "Who am I" by the casting crowns. I usually played gospel just to lift up my spirits. No one had any idea as to what my life was like. People had never been in my shoes and those who I had tried telling had judged me. I had tried to leave once and had actually left home for a month before Caleb caught up with me. It was then I suffered the worst beating of my life.
"The only way you get to leave my house honey is when I decide you can go," he had hissed when I came to.
I was back in our matrimonial home and I cried when he told me that. I had prayed and prayed for a miracle but nothing. I sighed again as I thought of my pathetic life. On the outside I seemed happy but if one could look into my soul they would see how bruised it was. I pushed back the tears that stung my eyes. I was almost home and prayed that Caleb wasn't there yet. At one time I wished I could have gotten a glimpse into my future then I wouldn't have accepted his marriage proposal. I hooted at the gate when I got there. I sat in the car staring at my well manicured lawn on the outside. Caleb liked to have the perfect looking home so we had hired the best landscapers. He had ambitions of running for office soon and so we at times hosted really important people for dinner. And I was hoping that wasn't the case as I drove into the yard as I spotted his car and a grey Amarok.
I got out of the car and grabbed my bags before greeting the gateman. I slowly walked into the house fully hating the evening ahead. I would be forced to pretend to be the obedient and happy wife. The little wife who was lucky to have Caleb as her husband. I pushed away the angry thoughts lest he see my expression. I plastered a smile on my face as I placed my bag and laptop on the dining table then walked to the living room where I heard voices.
"And there she is!" Caleb exclaimed as he jumped up from his seat.
He walked over to me and pulled me into his arms for a kiss. I cringed inward but didn't show it as his lips brushed mine. I wish he knew how much I loathed him. The person he was with cleared his throat making Caleb pull away from me then place a possesive arm round me.
"Dawson,meet my lovely wife Kasamba. Baby,meet Dawson my childhood friend," he said.
I stared at the man who was standing in my living room wearing a grey suit and black shirt. He stepped forward and extended his hand to greet me. I reluctantly reached for his hand. I stole a quick glance at his face as we shook hands. He was caramel skinned and when he smiled he revealed dimples. He was probably one of the most handsome men I had ever seen.
"Welcome into our humble home Mr....."
"Call me Dawson," he said quickly as his eyes went to Caleb.
I nodded then turned to Caleb. "How was your day babe?"I asked as sweetly as I could.
"It was good. Seeing Dawson just made it better."
I forced a smile. "Let me just freshen up before I get supper started unless you want me to get you something before I go," I said.
"Just some more ice will do," Caleb said as he realeased my waist.
I nodded and turned to leave before I stopped. "What would you like to eat?"
"Surprise us."
I nodded then hurried to the kitchen. The maid was still there. Most days she knocked off at eighteen thirty. I greeted her and asked her to remove some steak for me from the fridge as I filled the ice bucket with ice and put a bottle of wine in the freezer to chill. When I was done I hurried to the living room. The two were engrossed in their conversation that I wasn't noticed and for that I was glad. I then picked my stuff from the dining table and hurried to the bedroom. I quickly undressed and stepped into the shower. When I was done I applied lotion and make up to cover up my brusied eye then pulled on a vest and chitenge with house slippers before I headed to the kitchen. The maid left as soon as I walked in. I got some baby pototoes and threw them into a pot to cook and when I was done I marinated the steak. Caleb loved his meat.
As the steak marinated I took some cauliflower from the fidge and washed it before I place it into a pyrex dish then poured some cream and grated cheese over it before slipping into the oven. I then placed the steaks on the grill and made sure not to let them get to well done. Medium to well done was the preferred way to have it. I then started making pepper and mushroom sauce to put over the steaks. When I was certain that the steaks were okay I got some carrots, baby marrow and peppers to saute. As the veggies cooked slowly I went to set the table.
You see my so called husband had enrolled me in a crash course to learn culinary skills. I set the table nicely then went to dish out the food and place the wine on the table. I then called the men.
"Mmmmm,something smells really nice," Dawson said as we walked to the dining room.
By now he had discarded his jacket and had unbuttoned his shirt and had rolled up his sleeves.
"Kassie here is a queen in the kitchen. She is as good some of these chefs in the hospitality industry,"Caleb said proudly as he pulled out a chair for me.
I sat down quickly as I waited for the men to sit. Caleb liked to be praised and he also loved it when I made him look good. Through out the dinner Dawson complimented the food.
"Home cooked meals are better than take away," he said as he pushed his plate away.
"Indeed," Caleb said as he lifted his wine glass.
I barely spoke through the meal unless I was asked a direct question. When everyone was done with the meal I stood to start clearing before Caleb spoke to me.
"Babe,Dawson will be moving in with us until he is done with building his house."
I could see him watching me waiting for a reaction; and I knew the wrong reaction would earn me a beating later. I smiled.
"He is welcome. I hope he will enjoy his stay with us."
I then cleared the table quickly then went to load the dish washer. I cleaned the rest of the kitchen before checking on the men. Caleb asked for coffee and some biscuits which I served on a tray. When I was done I went to the bedroom and did some work. Around twenty two I called it a night then slid into the covers.My dear husband came to bed around midnight.
"You were a food girl tonight babe and you know how much I love that," he said as he nibbled on mg ear.
I knew what that meant so I slowly turned and allowed him to do as he pleased.
I lay on the bed staring at the ceiling as I p the events of the day. I had just returned to Zambia after working for the world bank for four years. I wanted to go into business seriously and had spent my morning in meetings with potential partners. I had been staying at Radisson blue hotel from the time I came back but when Caleb and I hooked up he insisted I stay with him.
"Won't your wife mind?" I had asked worriedly.
He ahd chuckled. "I am the head of the home and what I say goes."
I hadn't wanted to say anything but when Iet her there was this sadness about her that she hid well. If you weren't observant you wouldn't notice it neither would you see how she tensed up when Caleb touched her. My heart told me that there was more to her forced smile and sad eyes but I told myself prying wasn't my business.
I turned on my side as I tried to push the beautiful Kasamba out of my mind. I was here to set up my business and nothing more. Worrying about someone's wife wasn't my mission. Besides maybe I was reading into something that wasn't there. I flicked off the bedside lamp and willed myself to sleep. I had a busy day ahead. Caleb wanted to introduce me to a few people he called influential and one who owned an emerald mine and needed a partner.

I didn't bother to check who had driven into the yard. It was obe of my quiet weekends and I was enjoying watching Catch Up on DSTV. I was wearing a loose beige Short and white vest and in my laps was a bowl of popcorn. Caleb had left early for a game of golf while his friend Dawson had left before I woke up. I heard the door open but didn't bother to check who was there till I heard voices. One belonged to a female. I looked up curiously as I heard footsteps approach.
Dawson and a light skinned woman in a black bodycon dress appeared. She looked me over as they approached. I smiled. I hated when women sized up each other.
"Thandi, Meet Kasamba, Caleb's wife."
I saw her relax and smile immediately. I almost rolled my eyes. Did she really think I was something to Dawson. Yes the dude was cute but I wasn't about to start banging him.
"Nice to meet you Thandi,"I said as sweetly as I could and hoped that this was all the conversation that we would have. Dawson asked the girl to sit while I went back to what I was watching. He came back a few minutes later with a glass of juice which he handed his visitor. I didn't comment. My darling husband had mentioned several times that our home was also Dawson's. Dawson was free to do as he pleased.
He had been there a month and I made sure to steer clear of him. You see I didn't trust anyone who associated with Caleb. His phone rang just as he sat down.
"Hey man,"he said and I knew it was my darling husband.
"Yes,I just got home."
He paused and listened to whatever Caleb was saying then promised to relay the message and keep a look out for me. After he cut the line he turned to me.
"That was Caleb."
I wanted to say I know but decided to keep my mouth shut.
"He says that something has come up so he and the honorable are heading to Solwezi immediately. He will be back in three days."
I just nodded. Three days of no Caleb would be a relief. I thanked him for the info then continued watching Tv.
"Okay, so sweetie let me get freshned up then we can head out," Dawson said to the Thandi girl.
"Okay bae."
How I hated the bae name. Wanted but hey we all were entitled to call our boos whatever we wanted. Dawson then turned to me.
"I promised Caleb I would keep an eye on you so you might as well tag along."
I looked at him questioningly as I noted the nasty look Thandi gave him.
"We have been invited for a party by one of my potential investors. Dress code is casual."
"Can't I just stay home?"I whinned.
I honestly wasn't the lartying type and all I wanted was to sit home with my popcorn and watch Tv.
"Not a chance. Get ready,"he said before he strolled away.
I sighed in frustration as I stood up and headed to the kitchen while ignoring the daggers Thandi was throwing at me with her eyes. I dumped my popcorn bowl then walked to my room. A quick shower would do the trick. Why was I accepting to go? Well simple, I didn't want Dawson to report to my darling husband that I had refused to tag along. There would be questions as to why I was insisting on staying home. I recalled one time I had refused to escort a drunk Caleb somewhere. I had been beaten black and blue and accused of cheating. After my bath I took time to pick something to wear. I settled for blue skinny jeans and an african print skirt. I then syled my crotchet braids and did little make up.
I always thanked God for the goat soap I used as it helped conceal my bruises quite fast. I did light make up and pulled on black heels before splashing myself with some Dior perfume a gift from my husband. He always brought my gifts after a beating. Even the car I drove was a gift. To make amends for laying his filthy hands on me and I accepted like the good wife I was.
I walked to the living room and found Dawson and Thandi sharing an intimate moment. I cleared my throat and they broke apart with Thandi casting me an evil stare.
"Okay ladies let us get going," Dawson announced happily as Thandi looked me over.
Dawson put an arm round Thandi as he led her out. I walked behind so that I could lock up. I then followed them to the car Dawson was driving. It was A Benz SUV 2017 version. I slipped into the back seat and pulled out my phone. Thandi and her man talked all the way to wherever it was we were going while I continjed browsing on my phone. It was after eighteen when we got to the place. We drove into a yard that looked like it belonged to someone with money. Cars were lined up in the parking lot. I mean who had a parking lot in their home. We then got out and instead of being led into the house Dawson led up to the back. There was a large pool and loads of people. The pool area was also lined up with chaffing dishes and there was a bar area. We had servers or chefs standing behind the tables lined up with chaffing dishes. Dawson took us round as he introduced us to people. He then got us some wine. I spoke to a few familiar faces but I was already bored. I could tell Thandi was ecstatic to be round such a crowd. Dawson then ushered us to get food. I got mostly salads and some braaied chicken. After getting my food I went to sit on one of the pool loungers and ate my food quietly. I also used this time to look round. The place was exquisite and I wished I could explore the house. People were dancing and some chatting happily while I was miserable. I made sure to steer clear of Dawson; his girl was giving glares that were totally unnecessary. Dawson was hot alright but he wasn't my piece of cake. I finished my food and then took my plate away before asking one of the helpers around for directions to the bathroom.
She directed me into the house. I hurried there. It was my chance to explore the house and boy was I right,the inside was speactacular. Whoever designed the house was a master. The entire place was decorated expertly and everything looked expensive. I actually envied the occupants. After exploring I made my way to the bathroom the heller had directed me to. I did my business then walked out to the patio. It was also emmaculately done. The chairs were comfy and well it was away from the noise. I sat down and hoped no one would chase me from their. I was busy browsing on my phone and reading stories on Facebook that I didn't notice a presence near me.
I smelt his cologne first. I lookes up and there was this dark chocolate coloured man. One look at him I felt my insides twinge. Now this is a man I thought. He looked shocked to see me but before he could react I heard a voice call out for boo. I looked at him questioningly. He then did the unexpected. He leaned towards me and crushed his lips to mine. To say I was shcoked was an understatement. I didn't know how to react but he didn't let go he just deepened the kiss and without warning parted my lips. The next thing I felt his hands round me and lips still on me he lifted me up.
Okay I had never felt such sensations from a kiss. I could feel my toes curl and my hands beahved as though they had a mind of their own as they encircled his neck. He must have taken that as a sign as his tongue started exploring my mouth. I could feel the heat from his mouth and the more he explored my mouth rhe more I could taste the mint on him. I heard myself grown as he bit my lip seductively. He pulled away slightly and our eyes met before he dived for my lips again. I heard someone curse angrily then angry heeled feet walk away. He oulled away after some minutes.
He smiles and I had to say he had the sexiest smile ever.
"Thanks. Mission accomolished,"he said in a deep voice that sent tingles down my back.
He then walked away wordlessly. I sank into the seat slowly. My legs felt weak. Never in my entire life had a kiss left me reeling that way and neither had a man want to make mw lose myself in him. I sat hunched over with my legs on my knees wondering what had just happened. Who was this stranger that wss making me go weak? I hadn't thirsted for a man like I was feeling that way.
"Get up. I am taking you home!"
I looked up and saw an angry looking Dawson glare at me. "I didn't bring you here to start kissing every tom,dick and harry."
My heart sank. He had seen us. Had he seen how I had allowed the stranger to make love to me with just a kiss. I opened my mouth to say something but no words came out so I slowly followed Dawson. I wondered just what he would tell his buddy. He ordered me to go to the car while he went in search of Thandi. I touched my lips as I relieved the heated moment. I had to admit I felt alive. Dawson came back with an angry looking Thandi. The ride back home was quiet and I was glad because it gave me time to think.
Firstly I was worried about what Caleb would do to me once told and sceond who was the handsome stranger. When we got home I went straight to my room as I wanted to avoid Dawon giving me a tongue lashing. Went straight to shower and when I was done I pulled on a night shirt and slipped into the covers. I heard loud screams and Knew it was Thandi trying to make sure I heard that they were making love. I willed myself to sleep and only woke up due to thirst. I checked the time, 2am. I slowly pushed the covers away and then walked out of the room. The house was very quiet and I was certain the two lovers were exhausted due to their escapades. I didn't switch on the kitchen light as the outside lights illuminated it. I walked to the fridge and got out a container of water and poured myself a glass then downed it before getting a tub of ice cream.
I sat down on one of the kitchen stools after getting myself a spoon. I ate slowly as I went over my dream. It had been plagued by the handsome stranger. I must have been engrossed in my fantasy when the light came on and I looked up in surprise. Dawson stood in the doorway watching me. He was actually glaring.
"Because I am a man who doesnt believe in causing marital disputes I will not tell Caleb of your foolishness but it should be the last time. Next tims it happens I will tell him," he hissed before turning the lights off and walking away.

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