Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Today's Special

ME : Contestant No.7 may we meet you
GIRL : Thank you very much for that
equation , my name is Atim Akpan Ekpo but
my friends call me ATM, I am from Akwa
ME : Alright, please what are your statistics?
GIRL : Thank you very much for that
equation, but sorry I am an art student and
not science so I didn't do statistics
ME : If a person from Nigeria is called a
Nigerian and a person from Australia is
called an Australian, a person from Holland is
called what?
GIRL : Thank you very much for your
equation, iF someone from Nigeria is a
Nigerian and someone From Australia is an
Australian, someone From Holland is called
ME : Hollandia?
GIRL : sorry Hollandis
ME : Hollandia or Hollandis
GIRL : The female is Hollandis and the male is
You that is laughing, what is the answer ??
Oya talk


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