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The Fault In Our Street Episode 6-7

Mariam's arrival to the camp was welcomed by a summon to Rashid A'Gul's office. After a long run in the woods, getting back, she was told of her presence being needed in the temple, in Rashid A'Gul's Chamber.
After ten years of staying in the fortress, she can never get used to being summoned by the master himself. Solders only get summoned by him for their life time mission or retirement and which she knows that the later is so far from being the reason why she's being summoned.
She hadn't been assigned to any life threatening mission yet, although most of the mission she has carried out so far can also be seen as life threatening by any other average solder.
But she's no any average solder. She's the best sniper the world have produced so far. There are only three of her kind in the world, one she had killed during her first mission and the other is an Ex Marine Corp from America where she went for her extra two years training.
Getting inside the chamber, it felt like the first two times she was here. One was when she was introduced to Rashid A'Gul himself during her first week and the second was when her first mission was given to her by him. It was the hardest mission she has ever accomplished and she believes that it will be the last too. No mission could ever be as hard and difficult as her first mission, which took all of her will.
“ I was told you asked for me Ra's.” Mariam sign to the man facing her while watching her closely. She kept on holding unto her breath with all her might. You don't get summoned by Rashid A'Gul just for the fun of it. Something tells her that she already knows why she's here. Today marked her ten years of staying in the camp and now is that time the Russian government have been waiting for. When they get to use her for their purposes.
“ yes. I sent for you. How long have you been here? ” A tall, fair and bold looking man asked.
She knew this was coming so she wasn't really surprised “ ten years ” she indicated with her fingers.
“ your life time mission has been successfully drawn and you will need to fly to the said country, tomorrow by down. Are you ready for these operation? ” he asked. She nodded in approval. This is her favorite part. Killing has become more of a hubby to her than it is a mission. After successfully carrying out her first mission which happens to be her first kill, it doesn't take her anything to take a person's life anymore.
Her first kill was the most difficult mission she has ever had to do so far and everyone hated her since for it. She had to kill someone she has grown to be fond of. She had to slaughter him like their relationship didn't matter even though it was difficult archiving that, since the said person wasn't an easy person to kill. It was kill or be killed and she needed to survive.
She has to kill her mentor, her teacher, her friend and a training partner. Everyone hated and feared her ever since that day. She become the most feared and respected assassin In the country. She was used for major operation in and outside the country with no record left for the police to trace her with.
Different countries have already created a name for her. The US. S. H. E. L. D. Department and S. C. P. D calls her “ The Butcher!” while the Chinese police force calls her “ The Shooter ”, the Japanese police force calls her “ The knife Thrower ”. Other names were also created for her In each police record from different countries that she has carried out an execution. Such names are “ Sniper, Dead Shoot and Ninja ” because of how she disappears without any trace and since she only make use of knife in every execution.
So far, no trace of her have been made, which gain her more popularity with the US militant. She's known as a world criminal and a sought after assassin in the world. She tends to not leave any trace or evidence, other than her signature which to her is the weapon of execution “ The Knife. ”
Mariam prefers not to kill with any other weapon other than her master piece. The weapon she was trained to use. She remembers the first time she had to kill a person, her first victim and her first mission with her knife. Her life changed after that mission and to honour him, she had to stick to killing with just knife, besides, it was the same weapon that was used on her parents too. So she's not just honoring her mentor but her parents too.
Flash back...
Five Years Ago…
Staring at the room where her fate was determined the first time she came here, Mariam can't imagine why she's here again. The first was to know her fate in the camp, if she will be a mere slave or prisoner and be trained as a soldier but now, looking at this room, she wondered what her first mission will be.
She was told that her first mission will be assigned to her by Rashid A'Ghul himself and it will be her first kill. Though she's pretty much good with knives already but so far all she had killed with it are animals and hit a target. The day she had mistakenly wondered her trainer, Mirage on one of their numerous training, when she was trying to get him as a target on his command of cause, she was sorry all through the day.
She has grown fond of him that she couldn't take being responsible for any injury on his body, though it was his job to make sure she's trained properly even at the cost of his own life.
Now here she is, waiting for her first mission.
“ I will be watching you fight and hit a target today. A real fight. You have to hit the target or get hit by it. ” Rashid A'Gul explained carefully. Mariam understands what he meant. It means kill or get kill. She has witnessed such training for the past five years of her stay here. It is the first minor mission of every assassin here. It opens your inner ability before you are sent to the world. It is the last training you have inside the camp and the first training you have outside the camp.
Mariam wondered who her victim will be. She knew deep In her heart that she's good at what she does, all thanks to mirage for she knows, with her knife, she can defeat be you who. “ you are a great warrior and I fear that your name will only drive terror among humans one day. ” Mirage had told her once. May be is time she start living up to her name and not succumbs under self pity.
She really wants this meeting to be over so that she can get it over done with and finally step her feet outside the camp, the big gate. She hadn't stepped her feet outside the gate ever since she steps in five years ago. After this mission, if she wins, they will be sent to America for an extra two years marine training and other major training too, then the survivals will come back home, and under go another one year training where they will be carrying out some minor operation before they start their major operation.

Mariam was packing her cloths when she felt a presence behind her so she went straight for her knife, prepared for an attack even though she knew that no one will be brave enough to challenge her for a fight here in the camp. She's feared in the camp. Her name strikes terror.
“ hey chill. Is just me ” Kim Lee, a Chinese solder who she had made friend with, said. Calming her heart down, she brought down the knife and dropped it inside the bag she is currently parking her wears.
“ I thought they usually make ready your wears in the place of your assignments? ” Kim Lee asked, after some seconds of watching her pack her cloths.
‘“ I don't do too well in unfamiliar outfit and besides, am usually not comfortable in new cloths. ”’ Mariam sign before going back to concentrating on what she's doing.
“ so you have been assigned to your life time mission. Is cruel that you were assigned to your own country. I guess you will be leaving tomorrow right? ” he asked.
Mariam couldn't believe her own ears. She's been sent to Nigeria? That's more shocking than when she saw who the first person she was to target and kill with her knife was. When she discovered who her first mission was, it killed every spirit she had but she had to or she would have been the one dead.
Flash back...
“ Mirage? ” Mariam couldn't hide the shock she felt when after waiting for five minutes for her target and opponent, only for him to turn out to be her mentor, teacher, friend and training partner. Other than all these things she had just mentioned, he's one of the world best sniper and she's just his trainee. “ how the hell is she supposed to fight him and win without killing or being killed. ” she thought with fright.
The realisation that she's going to be fighting with the only person that has ever cared for her in this camp hits her like a wave, suffocating her senses. The blood drains from her face and her knees threaten to give way. She don't know what to say. The surprise and shock cloud her mind, making her thoughts foggy and random.
She looked at the man standing before her, with his wide pleading eyes telling her to understand and her surprise melts away, replaced by anger. “ are they trying to test me? Is this some kind of a test? ” she asked herself for the uptent time. He takes a step towards her, outstrenching his hand for a bet. She slap his hand away and struggle to find her voice.
"You coward!" he yells, throwing his first knife at her, which cut through her arm. She rasp, taking a step back at the same take and knocking into the wooden table behind her. The crowd chored to him and then realization of the whole thing hit her like a bomb. She's really fighting him. She has no choice or she will die without even trying. She stops moving and a wounded expression comes over his face. But she don't care anymore. She's going to do exactly what she has to do to survive even if it means fighting him. She concluded.
She push her body to hit him first even though her legs shake and her breath is uneven and gasping. Mirage tries to stop her but it is too late, he barrels at full speed into the wall.
He hits it with a sickening thud and crumples to the floor. She get up and run over to him, hoping she hasn't wondered him that much. She couldn't believe she actually brought him down like that. May be he is going easy on her, she thought. He's still conscious, thank goodness. She thought then she bend to help him to his feet but received a hard punch on the nose instead.
She groans, clutching her nose. She pull apart from him to inspect it and see it is broken. She watch him in horror as he stand to his feet and match towards her with a fire she hadn't seen in his eyes before. With full determination “ he's really going to kill me ” she thought.
She dragged and pushed her nose until it fit back into place. After a few grunts and several stomach-turning clicks, she was able to fix back her broken nose. With the pain and anger she felt at that moment, she did what no one expected at that moment, including her opponent who she has started seeing as a target and not a friend anymore.
She threw her first knife at him and watch it hit and stab into his chest then she hit the second knife and it hit threw his stomach. Stabbing him in both his chest and stomach, there was no way he could survive it. He died on the sport with his eyes wide open, staring at her.
He never expected that she will throw the knife especially at that early stage. No one expected it, not even the best trainer the camp has. He was the best but he never expected that she will send him growling on the ground in pain.
“ hey! Is okay. You can survive it. You survived fighting Mirage remember? Even when he was the best in the camp but you won. It was such a waste that he had to die like that even when he was the best trainer the camp has and one of the best snipers in history. Rashid A'Gul didn't choose him to fight you because they were tired of him, no. He was an important asset the Russian government had until you two started getting too attached to each other.
They had to do something. You were getting too attached to him and for solders, it was a sign of weakness, so they had to use your weakness to train you. To know if you are qualified to be a professional assassin. You belong to the government and they don't joke with their properties nor allow anyone to mess with what's there's.
"To be honest with you, between you and Mirage, you were far more important to the government than he was. You fight, kill and die for the government while he only train people like you for the government. "
“ hmm... ” she sighed.
"You can use it as an opportunity too you know right? ” Kim Lee said, distracting her from her thoughts.
“ yeah I guess so ” Mariam sign with her hands. She's only going there for the mission. She has no reason to think otherwise. Her family died with any connection she thinks she had with the name Nigeria so she has no reason to feel any ties towards the country.
Mariam couldn't help but to think that she's just unlucky when it comes to first missions. Her first minor mission was to eliminate her own mentor and teacher, now her major mission is to fight and eliminate some cannibal of people from her own country.
She has to do it. This might just be her last mission and if she comes back successful, then she will buy herself out from the league and start living a normal life, if that is possible.
She really doesn't even want to live a normal life anymore, that life has already been taken away from her and now she has to live with herself as a killer, nothing more. Killing helps clear her mind and gives her a sense of belonging. Is the only thing she knows how to do best so she might as well stick to it until her dying breath.

To be continued..


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