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The Fault In Our Street Episode 4-5

Ten years after...
The wind hits her face and her lungs burn, it felt so good to run again. She kept her breathing even and in time with her steady pace, listening to the sound of her feet slapping against the compacted sand and the wind whistling in her ears. The more she run and ran, the more she feels so alive again.
And for one moment, she forgot. She forget about how she ended up here in the first place. The circumstances that brought her here, it all vanished in the wind as she keeps running in the woods. Missing and dodging trees that tries to stand in her way.
After half-an-hour, she started slowing down, panting and her chest heaving, but feet light and mind slightly clearer. The image of her parents once again appearing in front of her like a movie.
Flash back...
'“ Please don't. Please stop! I beg you don't, please! ” the eleven years old girl pleaded, to the men in masked who were so busy slaughtering her family.
“ No, No, Stop! ” She thought to herself, hitting her chest over and over again, to calm her heavy heart. Right now, all she wants is just a steady heart beat.
She sat down on the ground, with her head bend over backwards.
“ The weapon is not moving sir!” Musa called out. They had implanted a device on her, which detect where she is. And they all knew that she usually run in the woods around this time.
“ why did she stop? She usually run non stop for five hours. She haven't run up-to an hour yet. ” The IT director said while looking closely at the screen, where they were montering her in the IT room. He wondered why Mariam had stopped running, Is unusual for her to stop like that. Everyone already known her for her speed. She run non stop for five hours, not that she gets tired after that but because she have other training to do.
When she fixed her mind on doing something, she get it right with no single mistake. There must be a reason why she stopped. The man concluded.
“ she's just sitting one place. I can't find any movement. ” musa said.
“ of cause you can't find any movement. She's not trying to escape. She's probably just thinking and besides, if she had wanted to escape, she would have succeeded in that mission a long time ago. We both know that no one can bit her In any mission. But she knows better than to escape, a bomb has been implanted inside her spinal cord. She can easily be blown into pieces, if she tries to escape. ” the director explained.
“ No prisoner can escape Rashid A'Gul. Not even the best Knife Thrower and cold blooded Assassin the history have ever seen. She can't escape no matter how much she try. ” he added.
Mariam looked around her, it felt like yesterday when she was brought to Rashid A'Gul as the only girl who had ever survived seeing her family slaughtered in front of her and also raped by five heavy men all at the same time.
Rashid had praised her bravery and had personally given her a trainer of her own. The first twelve months was like hell. She was treated like a prisoner and a slave all at the same time. The guys taking their turn on her each time they felt horny.
For two years, she was nothing but a sex toy to most of the guys in the field. And a servant to most of the solders. All the girls in the camp were all there for their sex and cooking services but she was different.
She doesn't cook. She wasn't asked for her sex services, instead it was taken by force. She practice archery with the guys and lean fighting too sometimes, until the third year when Rashid A'Gul assigned a personal trainer to her.
She was trained like every other solder but not like any other solder. When every other solder is busy learning shooting a target correctly without missing, she was leaning something different.
Flash back...
Mariam lean against the cement building, and watch the doorway of the building. Solders of all ages and shapes file out, but still no sign of the man she's waiting for. She sigh and glance around.
People mile around everywher, cooks running around and boys waiting for their assignments. But still she don't see him. She was told that the trainer will be coming to her today but no sign of him yet.
‘‘ I guess you are Mariam ’’ she heard someone call behind her. She turned only to meet with the same man she had prayed in her heart to be her trainer. He was the first person in this camp to ever show her kindness.
The first month she was here, she always enjoy watching him train some of the solders. He trained them on how to fight and also how to get a target with any weapon of their choice. She later discovered that he is the best combat trainer and the country best sniper.
She was told by one of the soldier's, after being caught for snicking and watching him train them, that those that were trained by him, belongs to the government. They automatically becomes the government property and the Russian government use them to eliminate any object that stands In there way.
They become a well renounce assassins. They kill for the government and they live for the government. Unlike any other trainer, he gets paid by the government, so he is the best private trainer the country has. And to top it all, she was told that he is a nice person and a good man with a great heart.
“ Do I need to come back when you are done daydreaming? ” a voice Jacked her back to reality.
“ Am sorry what? ” Mariam sign to the man, looking completely lost.
“ Now I can see what they saw in you. Anyway I believe you know my name but I will still do the introduction. Am Mirage and I believe you are Mariam? ” Mirage said, giving her an amused look.
“ They? Who the hell are they? ” Mariam thought. She couldn't grab the last thing he had said, all she can think about is “ THEY ” she also wants to know why she's here, why whoever these "they" are, thinks she's important.
“ like I said before, do I need to go and come back later? ” Mirage asked the lost looking young girl in front of him. She's probably not even up to fifteen yet, he thought.
“ No. Am really sorry. Yes am Miriam and I know who you are Mr Mirage. ” she sign. “ I can't speak. I can't talk, I can only sign ” she sign to him. He looked amused. No one mentioned to him that she is mute and now he has to deal with learning and also teaching her how to sign properly.

"We are going to focus more on exercise today, so you can put your gear on later." Mirage said. “ you are just mute and not deaf right? ” he asked, hoping he's right. It will definitely reduce the job if she can at least hear him without him having to sign everything.
“ yes ” she nodded and he sigh in relief. She drop her stuff and he tells her to run 200 laps round the room. The room is about ten meters long and ten meters wide. She start to run, grateful to get the past events out of her mind. She noticed that they more she run, the more her mind gets cleared from all thoughts and she was grateful for it.
Two hours later, she slow to a stop, lungs burning, screaming for a break and throat raw.
Mirage yells at her. "run faster, sprint like your life depends on it. he starts running after her, ” Am an attacker and you can't let me catch you, so run faster.!" he yells even more.
She push her body to the limit, even though her legs shake and her breath is uneven and gasping. Every joint in her body aches and screams for a rest. Then she stopped. Holding unto her chest while gasping for air.
“ you are my first student to ever run a two hours run non stop, on their first day at training. Indeed you will be feared and you will make me proud but don't rest yet, you still have other exercise to do. Now stand! ” Mirage ordered.
“ keep hitting this punching bag until I tell you to stop ” he ordered. She wondered if she's not supposed to wear something before hitting the bag but she chooses not to ask questions. She did as she was told until her knuckles are red and bleeding from boxing with the punching bag and the sweat pours off her in waves.
She has been punching the bag for over an hour. Mirage was really surprised as how much stamina she has and how strong she is. She's really different. More stronger than most of the guys and very brave for a girl. No girl has ever been trained in the camp before, she's the first and she has proven to be worth it.
He sees that she need a brake and sends her to get a drink. She pull out a bottle water and thirstily gulp the water down her throat into her dehydrating body. Then she pour the remaining water over her head, letting the cold liquid trickle through her hair, down her neck. It cools her hot face.
She finish the bottle and join mirage on the mats. He is holding what looks like a small black bag, no more than a frayed piece of cloth covering its contents. He hands the bag to her and she open it carefully. Inside are six double-edged throwing knives. They gleam in the dim lighting, wicked silver blade with a metal hilt.
Then Three guys walked into the room, all with a heavy bags and boxes with them. She wondered what could be inside those bags and box.
"bring them down and open each bag and box." Mirage said. When they did, in it are Arquebus, Blunderbuss, Musketoon. Wall gun, Grenade launcher, Submachine gun, Personal defense weapon, Rifle, Carbine, Sniper rifle, Combat shotgun, Automatic shotgun.
She knew each of it's name because she spent two years learning the names of each weapon formed and used in the camp. That was her first training, learning the names and significant of each item in the camp including the buildings and uses of each person.
“ Do you like bow and arrows? ” Mirage asked, distracting her from her thoughts.
“ not really. ” she sign. She knew most of these guns are far more expensive than anyone can imagine.
“ You have to choose a weapon. So that I can train you and the weapon to be one thing. Pick a gun and be a sniper, pick an arrow and be an archer. Pick these knives and becomes the world best knife thrower ever in existence. Is your call, your choice. ” he explained.
Mariam looked at the three categories of weapons in front of her and the only thing she can think of, is how her parents died. Knives. They were slaughtered with knives. If only she could be a butcher and fight with sward instead. So she picked the knife from the bag containing six double-edged throwing knives. It gleam in the dim lighting, wicked silver blade with a metal hilt.
“ Good. You made a nice choice and now, I will turn you into a knife thrower. A sniper and a good one at that. ” Mirage said.
“ how do I start? ” she sign. He understood what she meant. She needs proper explaining on how the knife works. But deep inside him, he knew that he won't be having much trouble with her, cause she looks like someone strong enough to succeed In any mission she choose to embark on.
“ guys take the rest of the bags and box out. We need the room. ” they did as they were told, leaving just him and her with the bag containing the knives alone in the room.
“ look behind you, look straight at the end of the wall, what do you see? ” Mirage ordered. She turned and looked, he has set out a target at the other side of the dojo; a white cardboard cut-out shaped like a full grown man is standing. A red circle painted where the heart should be.
‘“ now pull out two knives from the bag and aimed one at the target then hit it. Let's see how far you can get today. ”’ he said while examining her as she do as he had asked.
She did as she was told, holding onto the two knives, she pulled out her first knife, feeling the weighted blade and smooth metal in her hands. All she could think about was how it was used on her parents. How they were slaughtered with same kind of knife.
She used to love knife throwing practise, it used to be her best form of combat. One flick of the wrist and the knife slices through the air at the speed of light.
She hope she never need to use them; she don't want to be responsible for taking a man's life. She hold the knife steady in her right hand, pull back and flick. The blade flies out of her hand and thuds into the centre of the red circle. She walk over to the dummy and pull out her knife, ready to throw again. As she walk back to her position she decide to try something else, something trickier. She keep her knife in her right hand and pull her arm back like her arm was about to aim. Instead of flicking her wrist, she twist it to the side and throw it.
The knife spins, hilt over blade, as it makes its way to the target. Thud, the hilt of the knife smashes into the dummies right temple. She can't believe that worked! She never tried it before but thought she'd give it a shot. That way the knife only knocks the person out but doesn't kill them. She continue practising with the knives, switching hands or using both techniques while Mirage just watch in amazement.
She kept practicing and playing with the knives for over an hour while Mirage just stood and watch. She kept on throwing each knife and plugging them back. After a while Mirage walks back to her and tells her to stop.
She stop mid throw and pack away the knives. She hand the bag back to him but he stops her. "No, you keep it. I hope you never need it but if you get into trouble I will feel better if you have these." He pushes them back into her hand and she do as he says.
“ do you know why I just stood and watch you throw the knives all by yourself without telling you the first principles In knife throwing? ”
“ No ” she sign.
“ I wanted to know how you hold your weight on the ground. Your position and posture really matters if you don't want to miss a target. Am really impressed that you didn't miss a target on your first three tries. It has never happened before, they always miss the target on there first two try but you are different but don't always assume that you will be this lucky with a moving object. Now throw a knife at me ” he ordered and she did but missed.
“ that's what am talking about. Now listen.
Knife throwing is an art, sometimes a sport, but mostly a combat skill. Some sees it as a various entertainment technique, involving an artist skilled in the art of throwing knives , the weapons thrown, and a target.
" the basic principles of knife throwing, whether in a martial or sport application, involves the same basic principles of mechanics . The objective in each case is for the point to stick into the target with a sufficient amount of force. For this to be successful, accuracy, distance, number of rotations and placement of the body all must be taken into account. If the thrower uses a spin technique, the knife will rotate during flight. This means that the thrower, assuming they are throwing the same way every time, must either choose a specific distance for each type of throw or, more practically, make slight adjustments to the placement of the knife in the hand or to the throwing" movement.
"Another adjustment that can be made is the way the knife is held. If it is held at the blade when it is thrown, this makes it spin half, whereas if it is held by the handle, this makes a full spin. So if you estimates that you needs one and a half spins for the point to hit the target, you would hold the knife from the blade when it is thrown. If a thrower feels he needs two full spins for it to hit the target point-first, then it would be held by the handle. With the much more intricate no spin throwing techniques, the throwing motion is made as linear as possible, the knife's rotation being slowed down even more by an index finger on the spine during release."
"Thrown no spin, knives will make no revolution or only a quarter spin before reaching the target, but the no spin throws are not as accurate or stable in fight as the spin techniques. The knife does not need to be sharp to stick, as long as it has a point, it will stick into your target." he explained.
“ do you know why great assassins fight with blade? ” Mirage asked the confused looking girl. “ listen, when I said assassins, I didn't mean those that abuse the name and kill with guns, bombs or any other developed weapons out there but a real and trained assassin. ”
“ they are not really murderers. They kill for a reason and not for money or for themselves. Assassins is the common name used to refer to an Islamic sect formally known as the Nizari Ismailis . Often described as a secret order led by a mysterious " Old Man of the Mountain ", the Nizari Ismailis formed in the late 11th century after a split within Ismailism, a branch of Shia Islam ."
"The Nizaris posed a strategic threat to Sunni
Seljuq authority by capturing and inhabiting several mountain fortresses throughout Persia and later Syria, under the leadership of Hassan-i Sabbah . Asymmetric warfare , psychological warfare , and surgical strikes were often an employed tactic of the assassins, drawing their opponents into submission rather than risk killing them."
"you are being trained to be an assassin, at the end of this training, no matter how many years it takes, you will automatically becomes the government property. You will kill for them, fight for them and die for them but I will train you on how not to die on a mission. The main reason for this training, is to teach you how not to die, so now practise using what I have said but this time, you will be targeting me. We have just one hour until the end of today's training, cause is getting down already.

To be continued..


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