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The Fault In Our Street Episode 2-3

People are streaming to board the ship, jostling with hustling seamen and
stokers and porters officials. Mariam was dragged by one of the men towards the ship, to board with the rest. The ship is heading to Russia where the prisoners were usually trained. The league of the assassins usually takes Chinese and Japanese as prisoners but Miriam is an exception, being the first female Nigeria to ever been taking prisoner and also the first female prisoner.
The league assumed that no woman can survive the training, but the five men had assured their captain to convince Rashid A'Gul, that the poor girl is strong enough to stand the training. Now here they are, boarding their way back to Russia.
The cars stops and the driver scurries to open the door for two men, one she recognized as the captain she was brought to the other day. The other man looks much older and dressed in a stunning white and purple outfit, with a housa feathered hat.
She looks up at the ship, taking it in with cool appraisal then she looked at the guy holding unto her arm like she's going to slip away from him or something. She can't bring herself to having any thoughts of running away right now, cause she's tired of fighting the pain, so she decide to let fate take it's natural cause.
the security scurries toward them, hurried by last minute loading. "Sir, you'll have to check your baggage through the main terminal, around that way" the chubby looking security man said.
“ we own this ship. ” the captain said while the second man standing beside him chuckled. “ come on Captain Kali, just let the man do his job. ” the both chuckled. For a moment, Mariam felt for the pale looking security man, he looked like a man who's going to pee on his pants for ordering his own boss.
“ welcome on board sir ” another security man said as he walk towards them. He probably knows that the foreigners owns the ship. Mariam wondered how long it will take to get to where they are going to. May be she will have enough time to process all these before they get to their location.
They pass a line of steerage passengers in their coarse wool and tweeds, queued up inside movable barriers like cattle in a chute. A health officer examines their heads one by one, checking scalp and eyelashes for lice.
Mariam is jostled by two yelling steerage men who shove past her . And she is
bumped again a second later by the one of the guards. "Steady and watch it !!" he yells.
"Sorry." she stuttered. Then she was dragged by one of the men to stand beside him as they all board inside the ship. They all walked inside until everyone is inside.
Mariam looked up as the hull of the ship looms over them... a great iron wall. One of the men motions her forward, and they enters the gangway to the D Deck doors with a sense of overwhelming dread. The man's hand in slowly closes possessively over Mariam's arm. He escorts her up the gangway and the black hull of ship swallows them. A screaming blast is released from the mighty triple steam horns on the ship's funnels, bellowing their departure warning. She felt the ship moving and then she sat on one of the available seat there, while she rest her forhead on her lap.
Two weeks after...
The truck gets closer to what looks like a very tall gate, so wide that you will imagine a different world behind the big gate. Mariam fears this might be where she will die. Why take that much stress if they are just going to kill her. She wondered.
They drove inside the gate and she saw buildings and tents. The place is looking more like a camp than a mansion but it has a bigger building in the middle of the street. Bigger than any building she has ever seen. Is so big that you can mistake it for a palace.
“ welcome to Russia. ” one of the guys said to her with a smile. The word was in her mouth but she can't voice it out cause up until now, she can't seem to find her voice. It died with her family that night and now she's just another mute in the world's population.
"Am I dead? Or is this one of those dreams? Those horrible dreams that seem like they last forever? If I am alive, why? Why? If there is a God or whatever, something, somewhere, why have I been abandoned by everyone and everything I've ever known? I've ever loved? Stranded. What is the lesson? What is the point? God, give me a sign, or I have to give up. I can't do this anymore. Please just let me die. Being alive hurts too much." Mariam prayed in Keisha words.

The place looks more like a fortress. A hill and also like some kind of a castle. Mariam couldn't take her eyes off the building. It looks so much like a war zone and solders were just walking around.
“ they are known as the league of assassins. Am very sure you have heard of us before now. ” the guy holding her said. Gaining himself a glance from Mariam.
Mariam have many questions running through her mind but she can't ask them, not just because she's afraid to but because she's now mute. A dumb girl can't say her mind now can she. So she just stare in total admiration and fright too.
“ we will take you to the master and we will know your fate from there.” says the other.
Her fate. Could any thing be worst than what she has gone through? She wondered.
“ sir this is the girl ” the guy, Mariam discovered his name to be Raheal said to the man standing in front of them with his back facing them.
“ your captain said she's strong enough. ” Rashid said, with his back still facing them.
“ he's not far from the truth. I witnessed it.” Raphael said with so much pride.
“ take her to the prisoners camp. She will be a prisoner until her first six months of staying here, then the training will start. Let her be familiar with her new environment first then you will be told what to do next. ”
“ I heard that she's mute” Rashid said, then he turned and looked closely at Mariam. “ And she's young too ” he added.
“ yes Rashid ” Raphael said.
“ welcome to my fortress, I believe in due time you will be told what you are here for. ”
'“ I heard of your strength and I think you will make a great warrior some day, prove me right and I will grant you one wish one day. ” Rashid said to the girl standing in front of him, looking at him like he has grown horns.
She wondered if he will really grant her any wish of her choice. What she really want is to leave this place and never look back but will he really grant her that? She wondered.
“ take her back now. ” Rashid said and the guy did as he was told. Mariam only had one thought in mind. She's going to hold him unto his words, she's going to do anything it takes to get that wish granted to her even if it means selling her soul to him or the devil. She concluded.
Mariam was laying on her small size bed when she felt someone touch her, at first she thought it was a mosquito but then again, she hadn't felt any mosquito bites ever since she came to this place. With that thought in mind, she opened her eyes only to see one of the solders, trying to raise her cloths up.
She tried pushing him off but he grabbed her and pinned her to the ground instead, clapping her mouth shut and having his way with her. When he was done, he dressed himself up and stood up, watching her like he's expecting her to say something.
Mariam couldn't cry, she knew this was bound to happen. Even at a young age, she have seen things beyond her imagination. Crying was far from what she wanted to do at that moment. She glanced at him, with just one thought “ how badly I want to kill him right now. ” she thought.
“ why are you looking at me like that? You are nothing but a prisoner and a slave to us, so you better accept your fate before we make you accept them. ” the man said with a smirk which irritates Mariam even more.
“ is good that your name is Mariam, it means we don't really have to change your name when you finally become a Muslim like everyone here. So get ready for the prayers tomorrow, for you are a Muslim starting from tomorrow. I was asked to tell you this ” he said before leaving, leaving her in alter bewilderment. She was so perplexed to say but the list.
does it mean that they will change her religion? She asked herself, wondering why her life is taking so much dimension.
“ Don't do it that way! You have to spin your leg this way then pull the trigger. ” Mirage explain calmly to one of his trainee. The boy spun around like he was told and then pulled the trigger.
Mariam was stoned shocked when she heard the sound. It startled her. Though she knew when the trigger was fired, the sound is still upsetting.
she has been watching them train for over thirty minutes now and it never size to amaze her how good the trainer is .
“ hey young lady, what are you doing over there. ” mirage said, startling the poor girl who looked so pale for being caught unexpectedly.
she stared at him, not saying a word, overwhelmed by fright, she couldn't bring herself to look at any of the men now staring intently at her.
“ you don't have to be scared. You can watch us if you want, who knows, you might just learn one or two things. ” mirage said, calming her heart down. He seems like a nice person, she thought. Others would have snubbed or outcast her but he's nice even though he doesn't have to be.
He's the best the counter has and yet he's nice, Mariam couldn't help but to smile for the first time ever since her parents died.
how she wish he will be the one to train her some day. She wished but continue watching them all the same.
To be continued..
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