Sunday, 1 July 2018

Oh Brother Episode 19-21

"Christian!" I yelled, banging the washroom door loudly. "Get out! I need to straighten my hair!"
This had never been a problem before. It wouldn't even be a problem if I didn't have a date with Nate today. In two hours he would be picking me up, so I needed to straighten my hair in the washroom Christian was currently occupying.
I groaned as I heard the shower still on and then yelled, "Christian!"
Thankfully, at that moment the washroom turned silent. A smile flew to my lips as I heard Christian mutter to himself, sounding annoyed. I shrugged, knowing it wasn't my fault that my date with the cutest guy I'd seen was in two hours and my hair was a mess.
Five minutes later, the washroom door flew open. I was about to say something to Christian as he now stood in front of me, but those words disappeared as I realized something. Christian was shirtless.
His chest was at my eye level and it was rising and falling in a soothing pattern. Bringing my eyes down, I soon saw his well-defined abs and it took everything within me to not stare at them. To not even touch them. Because of that, I continued to bring my eyes down. But to my shock, I realized he was wearing nothing but a towel. My cheeks instantly reddened.
"Why are you rushing me?" Christian asked as I stared down at his large, bare feet.
"I need to use the washroom," I replied, trying to ignore the fact that his body seemed to be sculpted by God.
Quickly, flying my eyes straight to his face, I looked at him. His eyebrows were furrowed and he was frowning, but I ignored those things. What I couldn't help but notice was his hair that had been brushed hastily by his fingers, and how it dripped water. Much to my horror and disgust, I began to feel nervous. So nervous that I couldn't look at him anymore.
"There's like three other washrooms," he said, and I could hear the confusion in his voice.
From living with Christian for six months, I knew he took long showers. Showers that were so long that I was surprised he didn't look like a prune. I knew I cut his shower time in half, but obviously I didn't care since I needed to straighten my hair.
"But my straightener is in this washroom," I replied, still looking anywhere but at him. "I need to straighten my hair."
"Why do you need to straighten your hair?" he asked. "Why are you even dressed up? I've never seen you in a skirt."
Finally deciding to gain some guts, I looked at him. I looked at his face, ignoring everything that caught my attention and made me nervous, and just looked at his blue eyes. He looked genuinely curious, but there was also something in his eyes that I couldn't quite describe. Something, I couldn't help but wonder about.
With a bit of reluctance, I said, "I have a date."
Christian looked expressionless at that, but I caught the bit of annoyance in his voice. "With who?"
"Nate." I halfheartedly smiled. "It seems like you couldn't scare him away."
Christian exhaled heavily and ran his fingers through his wet hair. I couldn't help but notice the way his biceps flexed as he did that, causing my gut to twist.
Looking back at me, he said with complete seriousness, "I should've tried harder."
This time, I sighed as I realized we were about to go back to what happened a couple of weeks ago. Even though I felt annoyance at the way he was acting, I decided to not let it get the better of me. Today was supposed to be a good day. A day with a gorgeous guy. I wouldn't let Christian ruin my day.
Ignoring what he last said, I pushed past him and said, "I'm going to straighten my hair."
I entered the washroom and grabbed my straightener, hoping he'd leave as I plugged it in. To my disappointment, he didn't. He actually came back into the washroom and leaned against a wall, staring at me as he crossed his arms over his chest. Despite my still nervous feelings, I ignored him.
When I started straightening my hair, he asked, "What do you even see in him?"
"What don't you see in him?" I shot back, fighting back my growing annoyance.
For a couple of reasons, I wanted Christan to leave. I wanted him gone from my sight. Probably because I felt like throwing up from my nerves being so racked up.
Christian sighed. "Autumn, I want you to be careful. Dating now isn't a good idea."
Still straightening my hair, I rolled my eyes. "I'm sixteen. I don't need you warning me when my own mom doesn't care if I'm dating."
With my annoyance and focus on straightening, I didn't realize Christian had moved closer. Much closer, actually.
Only a foot away now, he said, "I know guys best. I am one, you know."
I couldn't help but glance at him. My cheeks reddened as his body flexed as he moved closer. At this point, I didn't know what was wrong with me. It wasn't like I never saw a shirtless guy. They were everywhere at beaches. But at the same time, none of them looked as perfect as Christian.
Pulling my eyes away from the boy that made me want to throw up with nerves, I muttered, "Are you sure you're a guy."
"Autumn," he said, right next to me. "I'm not looking for a fight."
I could feel his body heat as he was an inch away from me. I could also smell the sweet smell of his shampoo. By now I couldn't help but freeze up for a bit, unable to think straight as he just stood there next to me. I knew he was staring at me as well, causing my own breathing to become uneven. Knowing the closeness of him was doing this to me, I discreetly moved away.
He seemed to notice though, because he asked, "Are you mad? Why are you moving away?"
I opened my mouth to reply, but nothing came out. Only then did I also notice my heart was pounding hard. So hard, that I realized was why I felt nauseous.
"Autumn," he said, coming as near as he was before. "Why are you so nervous?"
My heart froze as I realized he noticed. By now I was fighting back the urge to just throw up into the toilet nearby. My face felt ready to burn off, as well.
Fighting back the urge to run away, I whispered, "I'm not."
To my surprise, he suddenly put a strong arm around my waist and pulled me closer. My heart completely froze at that, and I realized this was how it felt like to have a heart attack. Unable to breathe. Unable to think. Unable to move. That was me at that moment.
Bringing his mouth to my ear, he whispered, "Liar. You like what you see."
My heart did a summersault and I suddenly felt truly disgusted. Not nauseous, but horribly disgusted. Without thinking, I quickly shoved him away from me and took a deep breath in, suddenly feeling furious.
"Get a way from me!" I snapped. "Leave me alone!"
His eyes widened and I saw regret flash before his eyes. Without saying a word, he just looked down and sighed. I clenched my jaw, annoyed by how innocent he looked.
"Sorry," he muttered, sounding sincere.
My anger was still fresh, so I screamed, "Leave!"
Christian being Christian, obeyed. Without any fight, he just turned around and exited the washroom. With him gone, I felt my anger vanish.
Closing my eyes for a second, I placed my hand on my chest. My heart was still pounding, and I suddenly felt confused. My reaction had freaked me out completely, which was why I had snapped. Never before had someone made me feel like I was having an heart attack, but Christian did with ease. I didn't know what to think.
Sighing, I forced myself to forget about the event. To forget about Christian even, since I had a date. Forcing myself to calm down, I went back to straightening my hair as my heart still managed to pound against my chest.
The horror of what happened had full on hit me by now. Nate and I were in the middle of our date, yet all I could think of was of how I acted because of Christian. The very guy I found Dee insane for finding attractive. I knew she'd laugh at me if I told her what happened - which was why I would never tell her or anyone.
Stabbing my fork into my pasta, I thought of earlier. Of how Christian's body was so perfectly sculpted, the right tan as well. I choked on the bit of salad I was eating, realizing I was still thinking about his body. Of my stepbrother's very tone body. I was disgusting.
Actually, the way I acted was disgusting. For no one I would react in such a way. Not even when I met Zayn Malik a year ago, did I have such a mental breakdown that made me become such a ditzy girl. Blush filled my cheeks as I knew Christian saw me be that type of girl. Anger also filled me since he probably got some sort of satisfaction out of it.
But then regret suddenly hit me. I had yelled at him. After our smooth sailing, I had yelled at him and even shoved him away. By now I knew he was probably tired of me. I sighed.
"Autumn, are you okay?"
My eyes flew up to meet Nate's hazel eyes. Guilt filled me as I realized I had forgotten that I was on a date. Stupid Christian.
"Yeah," I lied, forcing a smile.
"You know, one second you looked angry, the next second you looked embarrassed, and then upset." Nate smiled sympathetically. "Did something happen?"
I couldn't help but blush, knowing that there was a reason. A reason, that consisted of my stepbrother that seemed to hate Nate for some reason. I groaned.
"Not really," I lied again. "Well, have you ever felt like you weren't acting like yourself in a situation and it haunts you."
"Yeah." Nate nodded. "I cringe at those moments."
"Me too." I smiled. "But I don't get it. Why do we sometimes act different than ourselves."
"Well, maybe because you want to impress others," Nate replied. "Or you don't like your current self, so you try to be someone else."
"Oh no. I mean, like why do you do something you would never think you'd do. Not for anyone though, you just act... Different." I laughed awkwardly. "I'm not making any sense."
I didn't even know why I was asking about this. I was on a date with Nate, and here I was trying to get answers that related to Christian. Officially, he had turned me into a psychopath.
"I think I get you," he said, breaking me out of my thoughts. "Honestly, I guess we don't really know who we are yet. Maybe those actions were just always apart of you, but you never faced that situation before so you never knew."
I frowned. A beach was surrounded by shirtless guys, yet I didn't find myself having heart attacks at the sight of them. This still didn't make sense.
"Well, that's comforting," I muttered.
Nate chuckled. "Yeah."
I couldn't help but smile, but once again guilt filled me. This whole time I had been thinking about Christian. I hadn't even focused on this date. Honestly, this was probably a lousy date to him.
"Sorry," I said. "I've been so out of it this entire date. This was a waste of your time."
"No," he replied. "Don't worry. I have those moments too, so I understand."
"I know, but-"
"Autumn," he cut in. "We'll have more dates. Okay?"
My heart fluttered at his words. Despite this terrible date, he was still willing to go on more dates. I smiled, touched by that.

I exited my room and froze, spotting the very boy I wasn’t ready to see yet. He was standing a meter away from me, his arms crossed over his chest as he just stared at me. His blue eyes seeming to pierce my soul as I just stared at him blankly, unsure of what to do.
“Come with me,” he suddenly demanded.
“Excuse me?” I replied, raising my eyebrows at his sudden demand.
“We’re leaving this house.”
I stepped back as he stepped forward, wondering what the hell was wrong with him. Did the water from the long showers finally get to his head?
“Are you okay?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.
He sighed at that and ran his fingers through his messy hair. A small smile suddenly appeared at his lips, and I frowned as I became confused. Christian and I talked now, but we weren’t close. Talking at home to each other was rare due to that.
Christian eventually looked back at me and his eyes looked suddenly sad. “I want to hang out today. It’s an apology for… Yesterday.”
I frowned, unsure of why he was apologizing. It was I who had yelled at him.
“Why are you sorry?” I asked. “I snapped at you, I should be sorry.”
He suddenly blushed and I tilted my head, curious of what was going on. As he looked away from me, I saw that his ears were completely red. This seemed to be the first time I ever saw him blush.
“You’re not going to make me say it, are you?” he asked, still looking away from me.
“Christian, I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about,” I said honestly.
He sighed lightly and kept his face turned from me. “I’m sorry… For closing up on you and saying those things.”
With that vague sentence, what he was talking about hit me. I had been so focused on my nervous feelings and Christian’s body, I forgot about what he did. Of how he put his arm around me and asked if I liked what I saw. My own cheeks turned red at the memory, and to my horror my heart started beating rapidly.
“Oh,” I simply said, looking away from him as well. “It’s fine. From the lack of girls in your life, what you did was sadly normal.”
To my relief, he actually chuckled at that. The awkward tension dispersed and I brought my eyes back to look at him. He was still blushing, but I knew that I was as well. We were even, for once.
“Do you still want to hang out?” he asked as his eyes softened.
I nodded. “I do.”
I got out of Christian’s car and took a deep breath in. The smell of the place was fresh, wonderful, and something I wasn’t used to because my mom hadn’t brought me to a beach in years. Once again, because it was a reminder of my dad.
I heard footsteps near me and I knew who it was. Naturally, I knew those footsteps anywhere. A perk of living with him.
“Do you like it?” Christian asked.
I smiled as I looked at him. “I love it.”
Christian was already smiling, but his smile seemed to grow at those words. Putting a hand on my lower back, he gently pushed me forward. I found myself stiffening at that, but not necessarily in my old hateful ways towards him.
“We should find a spot,” he said. “Before more people come to the beach.”
We both began walking at that, but I rolled my eyes. There were barely anyone at the beach, and I knew there wouldn’t be much more coming. The beach we were at was your not-so typical beach. It had a bit of sand, but a lot of large rocks varying in sizes. Those rocks were aligned naturally in front of the deep sea, and that was where people sat. No one swam – it was illegal – but it was still an amazing place to be at. The scenery of it was truly beautiful.
As we reached one large rock, the both of us got on it. I was thankful that I was wearing leggings today, because at my short height it was difficult to get onto the rock. Christian actually looked amused at the sight.
“You’re an a-s,” I said, huffing as I crossed my legs on the rock. “Selfish too because you could’ve helped me up, you know.”
“I thought you didn’t need someone taking care of you,” he said, grinning as I scowled.
“Shut up.” I shook my head and tried to hide my smile that was appearing. “So, what are we going to do?”
“What do you mean?” he asked. “Did you expect me to plan something for the day?”
“Um, yeah. Did you expect us to have a blast just sitting here on rocks?”
He sighed and I knew as usual I was annoying him. It was a notable that he didn’t just run to his car and leave me here to die at this point. I probably would’ve done so to him, if he wasn’t a nice guy.
“Well we could swim,” he eventually replied, smiling.
My eyes narrowed at him. “Yes, let’s swim in our regular clothes illegally. It’ll be a blast when the cops come.”
Christian bit his lip, looking like he was trying to fight back a laugh. I couldn’t help but also fight back my own smile, wanting to seem as serious as possible.
“Well, we could just wear nothing and swim,” he offered. “You know, we missed all those years of bathing naked together. We could catch up now.”
My jaw dropped at those words. “Christian!”
He laughed. “And if you’re worried about the police, f--k them. Us fulfilling those memories we’ve missed out on is more important.”
“You’re disgusting!” I exclaimed.
But before I knew it, I was laughing. Dying because this boy was strange in a way I hadn’t really noticed before. My whole body was shaking with laughter, and I was glad to notice he was laughing too.
When I finally calmed down, I said, “That seems like fun, but at this age that would be incest. Remember, I’m not about that life.”
Christian smirked at that. “Didn’t seem that way yesterday.”
At that my face turned completely red. My embarrassment and horror seeped through me, realizing he knew the effect he had on me yesterday. Mentally, I kicked myself for acting like such a ditzy girl.
“Screw you,” I huffed, annoyed with myself more than him.
Christian broke out into a grin, but he changed topic, “Let’s find something to do, okay.”
“Okay.” I took a deep breath in.
“Catch it Christian! You suck at frisbee!” I yelled, watching Christian sprint for the frisbee we found laying across the ground.
I laughed as Christian nearly tripped over a rock to catch the red frisbee. As he recovered, he glared at me from where he stood meters away. I grinned innocently.
“It looks like we’re still tied!” I yelled as he continued to glare at me. “But guess who’s going to be the winner?”
“Me!” he yelled back. “Remember bowling.”
I huffed. “Screw you! Don’t be so cocky!”
Christian broke out into a grin and rolled my eyes. He threw the frisbee towards me, and despite being caught off guard I caught it with ease. I smiled smugly at him.
“See! Unlike you I don’t struggle to catch a frisbee!” I yelled.
I watched him roll his eyes and point at me. “What a s--t talker! Watch me win!”
I grinned and threw the frisbee his way, and to my annoyance he actually caught it with ease. This time, he smiled smugly at me as he got ready to throw. He then proceeded to pretend throw it a few times, making me annoyed.
Suddenly, he then yelled, “Autumn! You’re beautiful!”
My heart froze at those words and I just stared at him blankly, completely thrown off guard at those words. At the same time he threw the frisbee and after a few seconds, I noticed what he did, and leaped for the frisbee. To my horror and annoyance, I didn’t catch it. I glowered at him as he ran up to me.
“Guess who won!” he shouted, racing towards me.
“Screw you!” I yelled at him. “You cheated.”
He grinned sheepishly and kept running at me. As he neared me he didn’t slow down, so I frowned as I stepped back. He looked ready to plow down anything in his way to me.
Expecting him to make an abrupt stop in front of me, I was shocked to see that he wouldn’t. Instead, he actually bent down quickly and picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder. I screamed at the sudden action, fearing for my life as he continued running.
“What are you doing!” I yelled, slapping him on the back as he continued to run.
“I’m going to punish you,” he simply replied.
“For what!”
“For s--t talking and then losing.”
I knew he was smiling at this point, so I decided to pound my fists against his back. To my annoyance, he wouldn’t loosen his grip on me, so I was stuck being carried by him. I groaned, but then yelped as he suddenly jumped. Looking at the ground, I realized we were on top of a rock.
“What are you doing?” I asked, suddenly feeling nervous.
“I’m going to throw you into the sea,” he said casually.
“Christian! Let go of me!”
“Not until you apologize,” he said, and I could hear the amusement in his voice.
“Never!” I shouted defiantly.
To my horror, he moved me from his shoulder to his arms, so that he was holding me bridal style. He looked down at me as I simply stared back up at him, surprised by how strong he was. Despite all the running and carrying me, he didn’t look tired.
“You really want to test me?” he asked, taking a step forward so that he was at the edge of the rock – right in front of the sea.
“You would never,” I shot back, smiling proudly at the truth.
He then shrugged and put his arms forward so that I was a foot away from him and above the sea. I shrieked, wondering how the hell he hadn’t dropped me yet.
“Christian!” I screamed. “Stop!”
“Say sorry,” he said, smiling at me despite my life being literally in his hands.
“No! Christian!”
“Goodbye Autumn. It was nice knowing you for six months of my life.”
“Christian!” I shrieked as he lowered his arms.
Seeing that he wouldn’t change his mind, I yelled, “Fine! I’m sorry!”
He grinned as he quickly pulled his arms towards him, almost crashing me into his chest. With one graceful movement, he then stepped away from the edge of the rock and jumped off it. At the sandy ground, I then pushed myself away from him and nearly fell onto the ground. Thankfully, I landed somewhat gracefully in a crouched position on the ground.
Standing back up, I glowered at him. “I hate you.”
“Sure you do, Autumn,” he said, smiling smugly.
I huffed and he began laughing, annoying me as usual. By to my surprise, I actually began smiling at the sight of him laughing his childlike laugh. He looked so happy and carefree that I almost felt touched by the very sight of him.
“I can’t believe I ever thought you were nice,” I said as he laughed, biting my lip to fight back a smile.
He stopped laughing and said very seriously, “I was, but I met you.”
He began laughing again, and this time I joined him.
The rest of the day was just as great and I found myself truly becoming fond of Christian. I felt thankful that he was my stepbrother. Not some boring, a-----e, but him. A nice, fun, somewhat a-----e that actually wanted to be around me. With no family, I felt happy knowing that I might’ve made a new one.

“It was so much fun,” I gushed to Dee, leaning against the locker next to hers. “I would do it all over again.”
Dee smiled. “Your date with Nate was that great, huh?”
I suddenly blushed, realizing I hadn’t specified who the person was. To make it worst, Nate was definitely not the person I was talking about. It was actually Christian, who had given me the best Sunday of the year.
Seeing my reaction, Dee frowned and then asked, “Wait, you’re not talking about Nate?”
I shook my head, suddenly feeling embarrassed. At this point, I knew my friends would think I was obsessed with Christian.
Dee broke out into a grin after I finished shaking my head. Her eyes brightened up and I sighed, knowing what would happen.
“Christian, you had a lot of fun with Christian?” she asked.
I nodded awkwardly. “Yeah.”
“Okay, you definitely don’t hate him anymore.” Her grin grew. “Do you love him, actually?”
“Yuck!” I exclaimed at those words. “Even if he’s a part of my family I would never say those words about him.”
Dee laughed. “You will soon.”
I scowled and she laughed harder. Shaking my head next, I found myself smiling at the thought of the future. Maybe I didn’t have any blood related family, but at least I had some sort of new family. One that wasn’t perfect, but was the closest thing I had to one it seemed. I wasn’t just talking about Christian either. Stephen was kind of a cool guy as well.
“I still can’t get at your gorgeous brother?” Dee suddenly asked, growing serious.
I groaned, tired of this conversation we seemed to always have. She needed to realize no means no.
” Dee you can’t,” I said, narrowing my eyes at her. “You can’t now, you can’t ever. Okay?”
She frowned. “Why can’t I? You don’t hate him anymore.”
“But he’s still my stepbrother. He’s off limits.”
“Why?” She tilted her head slightly with curiosity evident in her eyes. “Why does that even matter anyways?”
I huffed and tried to think about a smart yet sassy remark to shoot back at her. To my disappointment though, I couldn’t. Not even a small reason could come to my mind.
Eventually, I huffed again. “Because, okay.”
Dee opened her mouth to say something, but she was cut off by a guy saying my name. The both of us turned to face the owner, and I found myself smiling at the guy I recently went on a date with. Even with our bad date, I was glad to see he hadn’t given up on me.
“Hey,” Nate said, smiling at me.
“Hey,” I said, feeling my stomach stir at the sight of his handsome face.
Some things were too good to be true, and it seemed like Nate was definitely one of them. He was gorgeous. His face looked sculpted from Jesus himself. Glancing at his body, I wondered if his body was also sculpted as perfect as Christian’s. My face reddened at the thought and I mentally slapped myself. I had no idea what I was thinking.
“Are you okay?” Nate asked, frowning as I quickly nodded my head.
“Yeah,” I lied. “I’m great.”
“Your face is red… You sure?”
At that, my cheeks heated up even more. From my peripheral vision I noticed that Dee was watching me, tilting her head as if deep in thought. Horror rose up within me at that, wondering if she’d find out about what I thought. If she did, I would transfer schools.
Trying to change subject, I asked, “What are you doing here?”
“Oh.” Nate’s eyes brightened up. “I want to ask you out on another date.”
My heart lightened at those words and I forgot all about my embarrassment. Nate asking me on another date so soon was touching. Self esteem boosting, as well.
“Sure,” I said, grinning. “Where are we going this time?”
“The New Year’s Dance,” he replied. “That’s fine with you, right?”
With everything going on in my life, with all of the flipping around with liking and hating Christian, I had allowed a lot of the holidays to fly by. Usually I would dress up for Halloween and we would buy a turkey for Thanksgiving, but this year we did nothing. Probably with all of the drama going on, none of us were in the festive move. I know I wasn’t. Nate asking me to a New Years dance was both thrilling and scary due to that.
“Sounds great,” I replied eventually, forcing myself to snap out of my thoughts. “Text me, okay?”
“Okay.” Nate grinned. “I’m shocked your stepbrother isn’t hunting me down in the hallways for taking you out on a date.”
I laughed awkwardly at that, getting a reminder of the day from those words. If he hadn’t did what he did, I knew Christian would’ve been hunting Nate down. In fact, I doubted Nate would be alive at this point. I still didn’t understand why Christian hated Nate, but by now I knew what Christian would do to this boy. He had the muscles to do so too.
S--t . My face turned red as a picture of Christian’s body flashed before my mind. By now I had to urge to slam my head against a locker so that I would get amnesia and erase the memory from my mind. It was literally haunting me at this point.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Nate asked again, frowning.
“Yeah,” I lied again. “I’ll talk to you later. Bye.”
His frown grew as I flatly said that, and he turned around and walked away. I sighed at that, knowing as usual I had scared him away. Unlike Christian, I had a bad feeling that Nate wouldn’t take my random b---h moments for long. I sighed at that.
“What was that about?” Dee asked.
“What?” I asked tiredly, wanting to forget about what happened.
“Why did you keep blushing?” She tilted her head slightly as curiosity filled her eyes. “What were you thinking about?”
At that, I blushed. It took everything within me to not bash my head into a locker, knowing I was truly a psychopath. And as usual, it was Christian who was turning me into one. Not my mom who hated me, not my new dad who could never replace my old dad, but an eighteen year old boy who happened to be both nice and annoying, but fun as well.
Dee smiled as I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest. Holding my head up defiantly, I knew there was one response I could give to my best friend.
“Nothing, it’s none of your business,” I said.
She pouted and gave me puppy dog eyes. “Ouch. I’m your best friend. We’re girls. We tell each other everything.”
“Not this,” I replied, smiling as her pout grew.
“Why not?”
“It would show you and myself that I lost my mind,” I admitted, knowing the truth.
I had once hated this boy. Hated him so much that I wouldn’t care if a car ran over him. Only six months later was I now having his bare chest flashing before my eyes, making me nervous in that disgusting, teenage hormonal girl way. This was not who I was, and it showed me that Christian was turning me into a psychopath.

To be continued..


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