Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Anita was extremely glad when the returning journey finally ends and she landed safely in her house. Heavily tired from the stress, she sank on the couch craving for something chilled. The concert had been really wonderful and she had God to thank for that. Despite all attempts by the devil to spoil it for her, God foil his plan and made her emerge victorious. A whole lots of people collected her number and that of her manager, promising to call her for more shows.
She went to the bar and rewarded herself with a cup of a non alcoholic drink. As she drinks, her manager came in.
'Oh Charles congratulate me.' She went and give him a hug.
'How was the journey Anita?' He asked.
'Charles the concert was awesome, I did excellent.' She announced gleefully.
'Is that true?' Charles asked casually.
'Of course, come let me tell her about it.' She literally dragged him to the bar, poured him a drink and narrated the whole story but excluded the part of the mysterious man.
Charles tried to seems as if he was interested in the story but Anita later saw through him that he wasn't excited.
'What's wrong Charles? You don't seems so happy.'
'Anita dear, I don't want to burst your bubble but there was a problem with your performance.' He spoke frankly.
'What problem?' She queried.
'The second song, you shouldn't have sang it.' Charles pointed out.
'But what am I supposed to do when I was done with the song I already presented and the crowd were still clamoring the me to sing more.' She complained.
'You should have sang any general song. That song isn't done yet and you almost made a fool out of yourself with it.' He reprimanded.
'Alright am sorry. So when are we releasing my single?' She asked.
'Don't you know you have already messed that up?'
'How Charles? You told me my single will get release after this concert.' She said with her voice slightly raised.
'Calm down Anita, am speaking in your interest. We can't drop that single leaving the other undone song at the mercy of copycats. You need to drop the two together.' He explained.
'Alright, I will finish the song before the week runs out and we will release it by weekend.' She promised.
'That's my girl.' Charles praised.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
The door bell to a beautiful duplex rang. Inside, Segun lay wasted on the floor, naked safe for his boxers. Beside him lay another naked female body only conscious with occasional snore. The door bell rang again and he struggled to get up but lost his balance and stumbled. Remembering what he needed to get on his feet, he crawled to the table and picked up the matches box on it. He poured little white powder from the matches on the lady's back and sniffed. The door bell rang for the third time.
'Am coming .' He shouted.
He opened the door and was met with the face of Benson his manager.
'How far my man?' Segun greeted.
'Nature what have you been up to.' Benson asked before he entered and witnessed the answer to his question.
'Oh my this place is a mess, where is your maid?' He inquired again.
' She traveled for the weekend, don't know when she would be back.' Segun uses his leg to gently tap the sleeping girl. She wakes and groggy went to the toilet.
'I really won't talk about that now.' Benson said referring to the lady.
'I came to hear the feedback of your trip to Abuja. What did you and the event planner conclude?' Benson pressed further.
Segun went to the bar and pour his friend a wine.
'Am not sure am interested in doing the show again.' Segun replied.
'What do you mean?' Benson asked surprisingly.
'I don't know, just don't feel great about it.' Segun explained further.
'You didn't see the event planner did you?' Benson asked.
'No, I got into something else and couldn't make it to the meeting.' Segun explained.
'You are really crazy. Call me when you are in your right sense.' Benson stood up angrily, making for the door.
'At least Benson, wouldn't you like to know what I got into?' Segun said expecting his friend to turn back but instead he heard the door slam.

It was a glorious service at the Global Evangelism Ministry church anniversary, where Anita performed and whaoed the congregation. When she was through and wanted to leave with her manager, the pastor and a handful of elders came to meet them.
'Sister Anita, that was a wonderful performance.' The pastor said.
'Thanks so much sir.' She blushed.
'Have you released it?' One of the elders asked.
'No, I haven't but will release it very soon.' She answered.
'Please do, the song is really good.' Another elder added.
'Ok sir, we have to start going now we have another appointment.' Charles said and the Pastor bade them farewell as they entered the car.
Charles drives the car while Anita sat by his side thinking.
'We are going to need money.' She eventually said.
'Money for what Anny?' Charles asked.
'For the promotion of my two songs we are releasing this week.' She replied.
'Anita, I have really been thinking about something.' Charles said.
'What is it?'
'Promoting just two songs will cost money, why don't we wait till you have an album before we release any song on air.' He suggested.
'Charles ! How could you tell me to wait after all these years? You heard everyone advising me to release it quickly yet you tell me to wait for an album.' Anita flared up.
'I am only being economical, Anny we don't have enough money available.' Charles explained.
'I don't care, my singles are dropping this week. I can't wait any more.' She said with a note of finality.
'Alright, I have heard you.' Charles agreed.
* * * * * * * * * * *
Segun with his manager stepped in to the office of the marketing manager of a giant telecommunication company in the country. The marketing manager ushered them to a seat and welcome them with open arms.
'Whao ! I feel so honoured having the famous Dj Nature in my office.' The man said.
'The pleasure is mine sir.' Segun replied.
'So to what do I owe this pleasure?' The man asked.
'Sir we are here concerning what we talked about last week on phone.' Benson reminded.
'Oh about the Dj coalition show. Where is the venue for the show?' He asked.
'It's Lagos sir, this show is for the masses. We are taking it through neighborhoods.' Segun replied.
' It's a very good idea but our company have no marketing problem in Lagos, what we need is occupying Abuja. Our company is facing strict competition in over there and am sure your show will be of help.' The marketing manager explained.
'But ...' Segun wanted to speak but Benson jumped in.
'Don't worry sir, we will change the venue to Abuja if that's what you want.' Benson said.
'That's good. In that case, get me the plan for the show so I can show it to the board for approval.' Said the man.
'Alright we will forward it to you.' Benson replied before they left the office.
Inside the car, Segun was at the wheel driving back home with his manager.
'Am not doing my show in Abuja, fuck whatever you two discussed back there.' Segun announced.
'But Nature, what really is your problem? This Abuja was what we initially picked till you changed it out of the blue.' Benson complained.
'That is because Abuja is so dry. Who is going to turn up?' Segun explained.
'With enough publicity, people will turn up. Nature if this company should sponsor the show, we will make a who lots of profit.' Benson explained.
'But what about the cost of transportation, all the artist and DJs I invited are all Lagos base. It won't be easy.' Segun Lamented.
'Don't worry, everything will work out fine.' Benson assured.

To be continued..


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