Tuesday, 10 July 2018


'In love with the DJ' is the second side of the already concluded one ('In love with a stripper')...

Anita closed her eyes inviting sleep to spread its full wing and take her trobuled soul on a short trip to the dream land but it didn't obliged. She eventually gave up after minutes of futile effort and resort to accept her terrible fate that wonderful Friday evening. The stench coming from the man beside her threatened to force her throw up the delicious meal she had just before they take but she kept her cool.
"The plane will soon touch down." She assured her self.
To get her mind from dwelling too much on the terrible alcohol odour, she decide to keep her mind occupied. She brought out her Samsung Galaxy tab and decided to pump more lyrics to the new song she was working on but had to drop it when the stench also robbed her of inspiration. Out of luck with the lyrics, Anita resort to studying her fellow passengers. A woman with two kids sat at her immediate front with her kids playing with each other. She imagined the first time she was in a plane, how she had raised incessant questions about everything and how her father had eventually yelled at her to keep quiet.
'Kids, they can border the life out of you' She thought.
Suddenly the guy beside belched out a horrible alcohol odour. Blocking her nose, she stood up and ran to the toilet. She came back hoping to find a vacant seat so she could be rid of the alcohol reeking man but unfortunately, she couldn't find any. As she sat again, she rebuked herself for not being meticulous while choosing a sitting partner.
The man tall, a little bit dark in complexion, his dredd hair looks natural but She knew better. With his head phone it looked as if he wasn't present in plane at all. He belched the second time and this time around Anita almost threw up. She taped the guy and he pulled off his head phone and shifted his attention to her.
' Hello, please how may I help you.' He said.
Anita struggled to get the word out but she couldn't. Maybe it was the man's reddish eyeballs that scared her or the spider tattoo on his neck.
' Please reduce the volume of your head phone.' She managed to say.
' Ok I will.' He replied and flashed her a smile but she didn't return the compliment.
The man resumed his task with his head phone and Anita cowed in her seat. To her, the man must have been a very dangerous man, maybe a mob boss or some advanced garage boys. But his English is fluent, touts don't speak fluent English.
'Excuse me.' He heard the man say.
She was surprised to see that the man off with his head phone, gazing at her.
'Am Segun by name.' He offered his hand to her and she reluctantly took it.
'My name is Jeniffer.' She lied and Segun smiled.
'Sure you are? I mean no offense but you look more like Rebecca or Deborah or Sandra or Jessica.'
'You can say what ever you want I don't care.' She hissed.
' Hey pretty, am just making a conversation here. I mean no disrespect.' He said.
' What ever.' She replied.
The plane landed at the Nnamdi Azekwe airport Abuja and the flight attendant announced their arrival. Anita immediately stood up and quickly joined the multitude trooping out of the plane before Segun could utter another word. She eventually got out hurried to the taxi.
'Jessica' She suddenly heard someone call out loud.
She looked back and saw the dangerous Segun coming towards her. In other to avoid him, she quickly hopped into the nearest available taxi and usered the driver to drive on. No matter the cost she must evade the dangerous man.

The taxi carrying Anita stopped opposite an elegant hotel, she alighted and walked in. She had rid her mind off the thought of the mystery man, what occupied her mind as she proceeded towards the hotel's hall was how she was going to give an awesome performance. Although she had rehearsed quite a few times but she was still feeling nervous.
On getting to the hall's entrance, she met heavy security checks. The concert's pass was being checked and people were being scanned for weapons. She approached them and they demanded for her pass. She fished into her bag to produce it out but to her disappointment, she couldn't find it. She checked everywhere until the reality became dawn on her. She had lost her pass to the concert where she was going to perform.
She tried reason with the securities but they wouldn't lend any listening ear. They were given strict order not to let anyone without the pass in, regardless of his or her status. Anita was confused, she brought out her phone and dialed one of the organizer's number but the number was not available.She begged the securities again but they were indifferent to her pleas. Charles her manager had really worked so hard to make sure she get to perform in this big concert to help her forthcoming single gain recognition.
Lost in thought, she was jolted back to life by the hotel's waiter.
'Excuse me ma, are you miss Anita?' Asked the waiter.
'Yes please, any problem?' She replied.
' Not at all, a man brought this here just now. He said it belongs to you.' He brought out her pass which Anita almost snatched from him.
'Thank you so so much.' She said happily as she collected the pass, showed it to the securities and went into the hall.
The moment she got in, she got hooked by one of the organizers.
' Thought you changed your mind about performing, I was about calling someone else to fill your spot.' Said the man.
'Am sorry, my flight was delayed.' She replied.
'Just go to the back stage and get yourself prepared, please don't screw up.' He warned.
'I won't sir, thanks so much.' She answered.
Anita stood at the back stage with her head phone, rehearsing and making sure she had committed all the lyrics in her song to heart. Of course she wrote the song and could sing it anywhere but she needed to tighten all loose end just to make sure she won't mess up.
Her time finally came and she was called to stage. She took the mic and started singing. As she sings, she could see the whole audience already on their feet dancing. Just as it used to be when she sings in her church. Extremely happy about this, when she finished with the song, she began singing an acapella of another song she was working on.
As she sings vigorously, the audience roared in excitement. She suddenly someone blew her a whistle, she looked in the direction and was stupefied to see that it was the mysterious Segun. Immediate she lost her nerve and her performance would have been destroyed if she hadn't quickly got hold of herself and abruptly brought the song to its end.

To be continued


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