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IN The DARK 2 Episode 5-6

I recognized who he was immediately, but i still had to clear my doubt. ” is he the one? How can he be looking so different? Are my eyes deceiving me?” i asked myself all this questions within five sec. I looked at him closely again and said “I think i know you from somewhere”. He tried to cover his face and he said “No, i dont think so”. With his voice, i recognized him immediately!. ” Yes i know you! Oh my God! Mr. Joe!, what happened? What are you doing here in this uniform?”. I asked rather too loudly and he bow his head in shame, (i must have embarrassed him).
My voice must have been too loud for nelly to hear what i said from where she was sitted. She came to the scene immediately and she was as shocked as i was when she also saw Mr. Joe, she was able to recognize him immediately, since he was her teacher.
Mr. Joe was the chemistry teacher at the jamb coaching center i attended with Nelly. I met him the first day i met nelly as well and i could remember Miss.esther taking me to chemistry class to clear her doubt that day when i denied been in chemistry class. Mr. Joe looked rather frustrated and unkept compared to how he used to look. He was a healthy and lively man but i gusse he was going through the sour side of life and Whatever happened to him got a better part of him.
I told Mr. Joe to come with me to my room while Nelly followed us closely from behind.
Immediately we got to my room, i settled in my bed and asked Mr. Joe to sit on the couch. I knew it would be difficult to make Mr. Joe open up to me because he would think we were once his student, but i was determined to get to know what happened to him and help him out of his present situation. “Sorry for the embarrassment back there sir. I was just too surprise. Without wasting much of our time, Can you please tell me what happened to you?”
I gently asked Mr. Joe but He did not reply, he only bow his head.
“You have to help yourself by telling us what happened to you if you want us to help you” Nelly said rather in a harsh tone. Mr. Joe raised his head and i could see his red eyes, he cleared his throat and said “Its nice to meet you girls again. Look at the both of you, looking rich and healthy but here i am looking wretched and unkept. Its not my fault, its my wife. She has been struggling with cancer for the past two years. I was sacked at the coaching center when i could not keep up with time due to my wife’s disease, ever since then, i have not been able to get a job. I do any menial Job that comes my way.” Mr. Joe ended his speech and i could feel his pain. If i should help him personally i might not be able to provide enough, so i decided to tell my foster parent of his predicament and get them to help him. I collected Mr. Joe’s contact and i told him i would get back at him. “I will give you a cheque of two hundred thousand naira before i leave” Nelly said boastfully and i could not help but shake my head. Mr. Joe thanked Nelly and went back to continue his work while i walked down to the living room with Nelly, who was bussy blabing about how good Mr. Joe was back in the day.
I got back to the livingroom and instead of sitting with Jordan and Nelly, i made myself bussy by serving the guests and snapping with some of them. I was having a selfie with Josh and Khole when Jordan and Nelly came to us. My mood changed immediately and i wanted to take my leave. I told khole i wanted to use the restroom and made to leave when Jordan held my hand. I wanted to avoid his gaze so i looked down on my shoes and said “What is it?”. “I want to be with you privately” he said. “Not now”, i said and i walked away releasing my hand from his grip. I was still mad at Jordan and Nelly and the fact that i could not express why i was angry made me more angry. I opened the door of my room and made to close it behind me when somebody held the door and said “Wait”. “What are you doing here? I did not hear you follow me” i said out of shock. “Maybe because you were not paying attention” Jordan said as he fully entered my room. ” I did not ask you to come in” i said and Jordan smilled. I settled in my bed and i faced the wall. I felt Jordan’s hand on me from behind, he pulled me to himself and made him face him. I could not look at him in the eyes so i looked down at his chest. “What did i do sunshine? You are angry with me” Jordan said but i could not reply i only noded. “Common tell me my offence and i can say sorry in kind” Jordan said and drew me closer to himself. I could feel my body touch his, i could feel his heart beat and i could smell his saint. For a moment, i forgot i was mad at this dude!.
I was so close to Jordan that i could feel his breathe on my face. His arms felt like paradise and i felt the love i felt 5years ago. I could remember having my first and last kiss with him, i could remember the taste of his lips and i could remember the love i felt. I suddenly wanted to feel everything over again, i wanted to know if his lips still taste the same like before. I had the urge to kiss Jordan but i fought it back, not wanting to portray myself as a cheap girl. “Hello? You are yet to tell me my offence” Jordan’s voice brought me back to reality. I blinked my eyes consecutively and stammered “Ehm… I was not really angry… You…the thing is…ehm…what am saying is…” i said with my eyes down fixed on his chest. Jordan held my jaw and pulled it up, making me look up to him. He rubbed my jaw gently and said “you don’t have to hide it baby, just tell me anything. I promise never to repeat it again, but without you telling me, how will i know what i did?” I tried to keep my eyes down again but he pulled my jaw up. I swallow hard and composed myself to say the truth. I closed my eyes and said “Why did you call to know what i will be wearing just for you to tell nelly to wear the same thing?If the two of you wanted to appear like a couple then you do not have to involve me!” I ended my speech with an angry tone and i was expecting to see Jordan upset when i opened my eyes but reverse was the case.Jordan smilled at first, then he started to laugh, he laughed so hard tears was coming out of his eyes. I did not know what got him laughing so i asked him what was funny and he laughed the more. I hit him playfully on his chest and in a bid to safe himself from my punch, he rolled on his back. I followed him and continued to hit him. Not until he stopped to laugh did i realise i was on top of him. I wanted to jump off him but he held my waist and pulled me closer to himself. I looked at him in the eyes, he smilled and said “I love this position, can i apologize now?” i did not respond, i only smilled. Jordan released his hand from my waist and held my face. He slightly rub a finger on my lips and said “It was all a coincidence sun shine, i was surprised when i saw nelly’s out fit as well. I will never make a fool of you”. I did not hear Jordan’s words properly as my attention was focused on his moving lips. I noded at his explanation and he asked if he was forgiven. I said yes and he murmured thank you with a charming smile (his smile makes me shiver). Jordan looked into my eyes and said “I missed you” i told him i missed him too and he asked me to show him how much i had missed him. I did not know where the shyness came from but i became unreasonably shy at that moment. “Am i making you shy? Am sorry my love but right now i feel like eating you up” jordan said and i shyly smilled. I do not know what he had in mind but i was willing to give him my all, the whole of me. As if Jordan was reading my thought, he slowly moved his finger across my lips again and he kissed me.
I was not ready to pretend as if i did not want the kiss, so i wrapped my hand around his neck and kissed him back. The kiss got passionate and i could hear myself moan into his mouth. I will gently run my hand across his head and whine my waist in the process. Jordan gently laid me down on my back and patted my legs as he made a place for himself between my legs. I held Jordan’s head to myself as he kissed my ear lobe, then my lips and he finally made his way to my neck, kissing me gently and paying special attention to every region. I adjusted myself to give jordan more access and my short gown did nothing to cover my red pant as it formed a heap around my waist already. Jordan unzipped my zipper and cool breeze blew across my boobs, “oh i am in paradise” i thought.
Jordan stopped in the middle of this and i had to open my eyes to see what he was up to. Jordan came up to me and looked into my eyes, I saw passion and love in his eyes. Jordan gently touched my lips with his and said “I love you Nancy, i really do” i told him i loved him too, and if only he could see through my heart, he would know that i ment every word i said. The kiss got passionate and i lost myself to the heavenly feeling i had. Jordan kissed every part of me and eventually settled on my soft boobs. He set my boobs free from my bra cup and he s----d on each Tip gently. I was so aroused, Jordan was just too perfect. He would tease me alittle and resume work on my boobs, i continued to jerk my body in excitement. I was still lost in my world, our world, mine and Jordan’s world and From a distance i heard music, at first i did not care about the music but later it strucked me that its my phone ring tone. Jordan stopped in the process and it took me a minute to put myself together.I walked to the table with my under garment. Shockingly I saw a missed call from nelly. I hoped she not close!
I hurriedly called Nelly back, she picked my call immediately and said “Twinny, where are you? I cant find Jordan too, are you two together?” I cleared my throat and looked Jordan, his clothes were still intact. I asked Nelly where she was and she said down stairs with Khole. Since i could quickly wear my dress and apply alittle makeup before Nelly would get to my room. I told nelly i was in my room with Jordan and i ended the call. “Why did you tell her i am here? One person or the other always come in between us whenever we are having a special time alone like this. Its becoming heart breaking”. Jordan said and held his chest as if he was having an attack. I could not help but laugh as i wore my dress. I applied alittle makeup and put finishing touches to my hair before asking Jordan to zip the zipper for me. Jordan was still helping me with my zip when we heard a knock on the door. “Right on time” i said as i walked briskly to the door. I unlocked the door and Nelly entered the room, talking about how stressed she was. She threw a playful punch at Jordan which he dodged and complained of him leaving her because of me. Jordan smilled and walked up to me. He held my waist from behind and said “Dont tell me you are jealous of this love. Common you should be my number one supporter”.
“I knew it! I knew you guys were up to something!” Nelly shouted. “no its not what you think” i protested. Nelly gave a loud laugh and said “Sure its not what i think but it is what i know. Look at yourself twinny, do you need a mirror to know you are blushing right now? Am happy to see you guys happy together, jordan has waited for this for five years and seeing him happy makes me glad”. I felt happy nelly was in support of my relationship with Jordan and i blamed myself for taking her as a threat. I moved closer to Nelly and hugged her tightly. “It is time to let go of the past completely and give this guys my trust” i thought. “Time up girls, since am not receiving any hug here, i think we should leave” Jordan said and i ended the hug with nelly as we both laughed at Jordan. We all left my room and went to join others in the living room.
The party was toward the ending when we got to the livingroom. Jordan and nelly informed the proposed couple of their departure and Nelly dropped a cheque for Mr.joe before leaving. Since mi mom and dad were bussy, i could not tell them about Mr. Joe, so i told Nelly i would give my contribution to him later while i walked nelly and jordan off to the car. We were almost at the car when i remembered the ring i wated to give to Jordan. I shouted OMG and excused myself, telling them to wait for me.
I rushed into the livingroom and searched for my clutch. I could not find it in the livingroom so i hurried to my room. It was laying on my bed, i must have placed it there when i returned with Jordan. I quickly grabbed my clutch and searched through the content. I found the ring in a corner of the clutch and ran back to the car. Nelly was sitting in the car already when i got back to them while Jordan was where i left him. I grabbed his hands and led him to the car. He just smilled and followed my lead without asking me what i went to get.
Just when he was about to enter into the car, i held his hand and slipped the ring into it. I then smilled and said to Jordan ” Do not open until you are out of here. Its a yes!”. Jordan said “yes ma” and gave me a quick peck before leaving.
I walked back into the house, happy and fulfiled. Falling inlove with Jordan again was one of the happiest things that ever happened to me. Love is beautiful when you are with the right person!

I went back to the house and assisted in packing the leftovers. I noticed that mi dad was sitting alone in a corner of the livingroom while mi mom was bussy saying farewell to the guests, i walked to mi dad and said “Hi dad”. He smilled at me and said “Our baby, how are you, where did you disappear to?” i sat close to mi dad, placed my hand across his shoulder and said “have been around dad. I need to talk to you about something”. Mi dad chuckled and said “I know its about money madam, we are listening”. I smilled and told mi dad about Mr. Joe, emphasizing on how good he was then and how bad his condition is. I told dad about nelly’s assistance and how much i would love dad to give him a permanent solution.
Dad sighed and told me to call Mr. Joe. I looked at mi dad with a pleading eyes and he said “Just call him, we can’t just employ him like that”. At the hearing of employment i became happy and rushed to the kitchen to get Mr. Joe.
I came back with Mr. Joe not long after and i sat with dad while Mr. Joe was on his feet answering dad’s question. He was a degree holder so mi dad finally offered him an employment with an official house and car, a good pay and other working benefits. For his wife’s treatment, mi dad gave him half a million in addition to Nelly’s cash give. Mr. Joe prostrated and thanked my dad profusely before leaving.
Time checked 9:00PM, all the guests were gone already and the house was put to order by the maids, Josh had left as well and i was alone with khole. Myself and khole went to bid my foster parent goodnight in there room, after which we returned to khole’s room.
Immediately we got to khole’s room, i received a message alert. I settled on khole’s bed and checked the message, it was from Jordan. “Words enough cannot express how happy i am right now. You made me the happiest man on earth and am going crazy out of excitement. The ring is so beautiful and precious, i know its special to you and i promise to keep it safe for the rest of my life with you. I could not hide my excitement, i had to show the ring to my parents. They can’t wait to see you again as their daughter inlaw. Goodnight baby, i love you from the sky down to earth (heart my words)” that was the content of the message. I could not help but smile at my phone as i read the message over and over again. “Who is that?” khole’s voice brought me back to reality. I smilled and told khole it was Jordan. “Jordan? Are you two up to something again? You both disappeared at the party”. I moved closer to khole on the bed and told her everything that has happened, of course i skipped the romantic part. Khole let out a loud breathe, held my hand and said “Nancy am happy you found love again but are you sure it is with the right person? This is the same guy that cheated on you with you best friend five years ago.Fine! his excuses were good enough and that is the reason why we are giving them another chance in our lives, but i expect you to study him more and determine if he really worth this love you are showering him with. He is still super close with nelly you know? They looked like a couple today. Nancy i just do not want to see you go through emotional trauma again”. Khole ended her speech and i felt love. I smilled and told khole, i felt Jordan deserve a second chance and i was inlove with him again. I told her i was still trying to build the trust but no matter what, i wanted to give the love a chance to blossom. Khole smilled again and said “If thats what you want, i support you girl. Just be careful don’t be blinded by love and do not shut your heart to love as well. Do whats right and be a good girl my child” i hit khole playful and i thanked her for the care. We had a tight hug and i was so happy i had a family to share my feelings with. “Truly there is nothing like family” i thought in the middle of the hug.
Khole ended the hug and we sat hand in hand on bed still in our party dress. “gist me about the preparation” i said breaking the silence. “Actually you and mom will be doing most of the preparation, i was given just a month break at the bank. You will go on a tour with mom for like the next two months while i will take care of things that will be done here. I have registered a month wedding counsel with Josh and i will travel with you for a week later.We will be getting the wedding gown and ladies dress together,we will return a week to the wedding”
“Wow you have everything planned out” i said.Khole smilled and said “Am sorry babes, i cant just wait to get married to Josh, he is my everything”. “Just the way Jordan is my world” i said and we both laughed. “come to think of it, there names start with the letter J. Am sure J is a super letter” Khole said.
We laughed out loud and both head to the bathroom to change into our night dress.
The introduction was done the week after the celebration and mi mom had to go on a bussiness trip before embarking on the planned trip. I had two weeks break to myself before travelling with mom. I was alone with Mi dad at home but he always go out in the morning and returns at night. I spent most of my time with Jordan. We would go out for lunch, go for shopping, go to the zoo and any other place that interest us. Sometimes we stay in Jordan’s house whenever we do not feel like hanging out. Jordan’s parent accepted me into their family and in less than a week i became familiar with his family.
Goodbyes are always difficult to say, especially to love ones. Mom returned from her trip and it was time for us to embark on a month Jorney together for the wedding.
Jordan and nelly saw me off to the airport and i had an emotional hug with Jordan before finally departing. I had no other choice than to endure a distance relationship till the end of the khole’s wedding. Leaving Jordan with nelly was a bit difficult for me, i was getting use to been with him always. Truthfully, i still had trust issues with the duo but i had no other choice than to give fate a chance. What is mine will always come back to me. I told myself.
Mi mom questioned me about Jordan in the middle of the flight. From the emotions we shared before departing, she gussed we were lovers. At first she was angry with me for not trusting her enough to share my love life with her but she later forgive me and gave me a piece of relationship advice. I told mi mom everything about my relationship with Jordan, not skipping what happened, five years ago. Mi mom told me not to give up because of what he did in the past and i should never trust men completely as well. She also told me to work on my trust and do what is best for me. I was glad to share my emotions with mi mom and i felt relived sharing my emotions with an elder.
We got the aso-ebi from dubai and the traditional dress we would be wearing for the engagement.
Different clothes were picked for different set of people, ranging from the highly important guests,to the close family friends and the regular people that will be in attendance. Mi mom sent the clothes to Nigeria through a friend, who will be helping to distribute them before our arrival.
From dubai we went to china where mi mom ordered for different kind of electronic machines for khole’s personal use after the wedding.According to Mi mom China has the best electronic home appliance.
From chain we went back to dubai again, where we got expensive jewelry for the wedding. We arrived Nigeria after Dubai and it was good to be home again.
Throughoutmy absence, Jordan kept to his promise, he would call me in the morning and in the night before going to bed but nothing felt like been with him. All in all it was good to be home again, even though it was for a while.
The following week after my arrival from the trip with mom, i traveled with khole to Canada to get the ladies wear and wedding gown from “House of diva collection”. We were supposed to go with Nelly, but before the trip she had an attack. I witnessed how terrible an asthma attack could be that very day. She got everybody scared and worried. Not until she was healthy did i stop to worry about her.
We decided she should rest at home instead of travelling with us. Jordan also travelled with Josh for the men suit and traditional dress. They had it booked with “Yomi casual” in Nigeria.
It was fun to be alone with Khole, she was a happy bride. We finally got a wedding gown worth two million naira in nigeria currency. The bridal train comprised of ladies and kids from the wealthy class. It was not difficult to get a beautiful cream gown for the ladies while we got another design for the kids. Each dress cost two hundred thousand and the price of the shoe ranges from a hundred and fifty thousand to two hundred thousand. According to the seize. Since the dress code was cream and red, we got red heels for everybody. We shopped for all the needed items including the makeups and finally we had everything needed.
We arrived Nigeria in just a week to Khole’s wedding. Jordan and Josh were back already but everybody was too bussy making plans for the wedding. The wedding plan was changed and the engagement was scheduled for Saturday at “Stella Obasanjo multi purpose hall” at 4:00pm.
The registery marriage was to begin by 7:00am-8:00am.
The church wedding was to commence by 10:00am-12:00pm and finally
The reception was scheduled for 1:00pm till the party ends.
We prayed, planned and made preparations for a successful wedding. This is one of the most important things to be done in Life, getting married is everybody’s dream and most especially to the right partner. We had a bridal shower on Tuesday evening and we had a all night party with the female friends.
(its your wedding day by: Brenda Fassie)
It was khole’s wedding day! She looked so beautiful in her wedding gown and her diamond jewelry.Her flower bouquet was beauty and everything was just perfect.I was dressed in a red gown and a cream heels.Everybody was ready to walk with khole down the hill.There was video recorder everywhere to capture the whole event.The house was filled with guest and there was merriment everywhere.It was time for celebration.
There was a brief time of emotion,when khole’s parent were showering her with prayers just before we had the first picture of the day.
After the picture we went to the registry with my foster parent and other close family members.
Jordan was looking dazzling in his blue suit when we met him at the registry.He looked drop dead gorgeous. I felt proud to be his girl and if not for the crowd, i would’nt mind kissing him immediately.Josh also looked breathe taking in his suit and again it was difficult to tell who was more handsome between the duo.
The bride and the groom were in the front, while myself and Jordan followed them from behind as the best man and the best lady.The bride and groom parents followed us as we went into the registry for a court wedding.Vows were exchanged and the legal marriage certificate was presented to the couple. Khole legally became Josh’s wife, For better for worst. It was a really happy moment for everybody.
After the court wedding the bride had a little makeup touch and we all head to the church for the white wedding. Myself, khole and nelly were in the beautifully decorated Limousine.The sexy divas followed closely from behind in a white Gwagon.The little braids and the cute bridal kids followed in the range Josh got for khole and finally, mom and dad were in a beautifully decorated Prado.It was a grand entry as the cars filed into the church compound.
The groom and his followers arrived the church before us and the service commenced immediately we arrived.
The congregation were asked to raise on their feets while the groom and the best man stood infront of the altar as the braid was led in by her father.It was a very emotional moment for khole and Mi dad, as he proudly led his daughter to the altar. Khole could not stop crying when she got to the altar, mi dad had to give her a long hug which was later ended by the reverend in charge of the wedding.I could see mi mom burry her face into her handkerchief as well, i could not help but let a tear roll down my cheek as well.
Vows were made, rings were exchanged, kisses were exchanged, songs were presented and offerings rendered. I was sitting next to Jordan through out the whole time in church.Sometimes he would squeeze my hand and i would laugh and sometimes he would whisper something naught into my ears.He could not take his eyes off me throughout the church wedding.
Finally Khole was religiously Josh’s wife. To love and to cherish, for better for worst, till death bring them apart. It was a beautiful event.
Khole was more lively after the church wedding. We drove together with Josh to the reception and they were all over each other during the ride. Jordan also kissed me and made some sweet promises as we cuddled. I was glad nelly was not with us, she had joined the other girls in the Gwagon.
The reception took place at Romhics hall and before our arrival it was beautiful decorated in the dress code.
We made a grand entry into the hall as 2face performed for the entry. Bridal train and the men in suit, followed by the newly weded couple.
My favourite moments were when Gfresh performed “Awelewa” for the couple slow dance. It was a beautiful moment as they kissed passionately during the dance. The couple danced with each parent while Tiwa savage performed. Mi dad stole the spot light as he show off his shoki skill.
It was also a beautiful moment when the couple fed themselves cake and wine, khole teased Josh by dancing round with the cake before feeding him with it. Gifts were presented and picture were taken by Josh Collage Photography according to arrangement.
Finally it was time for the couple to leave.They were scheduled for a night flight to Jeju island for their honey moon.It got emotional when mi mom burst into tears as they were about to leave. I had to take her into my arms and assure her that Khole would be fine before she let go of her daughter. It was difficult to say goodbye to a best buddy! A sister!! And a friend!

To be continued..


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