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CRUSH TO CRASH 2 Episode 9-10

Quickly, I sat on the chair to hide my erected c--k.
The person walked to the dinning room and met Fosuaa and I sitting in pretence.
Sorry for bumping into you guys. Fosuaa, you didn’t tell me you were expecting a visitor today. She said.
I’m sorry dear, it was a surprise visit.
Anyway, meet our family counsellor. His name is Meshac. Fosuaa quickly introduced.
Nice meeting you Meshac. You look incredibly handsome. The lady complimented.
Anyway Fosuaa, your fiance is here to see you. He has parked his car outside the gate. She added.
I could see unhappiness written all over Fosuaa, but she had no option than to leave.
Meshac please I will be back, but in the mean time, my friend will be here to keep you company whiles I attend to my worrisome fiance. Fosuaa stated and walked out.
Hey handsome, sorry for the interruption, but I can make amends. Fosuaa’s friend stated.
What do you mean by “you can make amends”? I asked.
Come on family counsellor, you think I didn’t see how erected you were when I got in here?
Let me help you bring your libido down, because, Fosuaa is not coming anytime soon. Her boyfriend is so demanding and will keep her talking for minutes. The lady explained and stood up to me on my seat.
I couldn’t believe my eyes.
This lady is so bold. I thought.
She sat on my laps and began rubbing her soft a-s on my c--k.
Please stop it! Fosuaa will bump into us. I pleaded.
No honey, she is not coming anytime soon. She responded.
Before I knew it, I was busily making love to her in the dinning room.
She softly moaned till we were done.
Even though I did it in haste, I enjoyed every bit of it.
Minutes later, Fosuaa returned.
Fosuaa, I will like to take my leave since you are done. You guys should take care of yourselves. The lady stated happily and walked away.
Meshac, sorry for leaving you lonely. I am here now. Fosuaa stated and walked to me in the chair again.
God, this is a difficult task. I can’t sleep with two women on the same day. I thought.
Meshac, you seem absent minded. Is everything alright? She asked.
I’m sorry Fosuaa, I am the family counsellor, and I ought to live an exemplary life. I resisted.
Come on Mesh, making simple love to me doesn’t change your counseling skills. Just make up your mind, and I promise to give you anything you want.
Just name your price. Money? Car? What?
Meshac, don’t forget mummy is a lecturer and daddy is in the states working his head off for my brother and I.
Besides, I have a boyfriend who is from a rich home, he gives me money like crazy. I will do anything for you. She convinced.
Meshac, even if you will not make love to me today, let’s get into my room and let me sign a deposit cheque for you. She added.
I hesitantly followed her to her room.
A pornographic movie was already on the play when we got there.
Fosuaa pulled her drawer and signed a cheque of 1000cedis for me.
What! This is unbelievable. Fosuaa, to what do I owe this favor? I exclaimed happily.
Meshac, this is just the beginning. Just be my s-x mate, and your life will never be the same. She whispered and began touching me.
I responded to her touches and we started making love.
Immediately I penetrated her, her mother walked into the room.
What! Meshac! She screamed.
Asare rushed to the room on hearing the scream.
I hurriedly stood up and picked up my clothes.
What the hell is happening here? Counselor Meshac, are you the one? He screamed too.
Madam I am sorry. Please forgive me. I pleaded.
What is happening there aunty? I can hear you guys mentioning a name that is familiar. A familiar voice asked from outside.

What is happening there aunty? I can hear you guys mentioning a name that is familiar. A familiar voice asked from outside.
Abena, come and see things for yourself. The family counsellor I talked to you about, is busy sleeping with your cousin. Madam responded angrily.
Immediately, the person entered the room and it was Mr and Mrs Asum’s spoilt daughter, Abena.
Instantly, I felt like vanishing.
What! Meshac! Is this you or your ghost? She screamed in shock.
Abena please forgive me. I pleaded in tears.
Forgive you? After all the pains you’ve caused my family and I? She responded.
What is happening here Abena? Do you know him? Madam asked.
Yes aunty, this is the guy who slept with my mother and I. I mean, the guy who is the reason why my father has disowned me. He is the reason why my mother is nowhere to be found. Abena narrated.
This is unbelievable! Meshac, so you are the devil we’ve been looking for, and you are here faking holiness in our home. Asare exclaimed.
Mummy, Asare, Fosuaa, please forgive me. I didn’t know he is the evil we’ve been looking for, I wouldn’t have slept with him. Fosuaa pleaded.
Meshac, hand me the cheque and leave this house this minute. Fosuaa instructed angrily.
I quickly gave her the cheque and tried to walk out of the room.
Not so fast Meshac. You are not leaving this house with your clothes. You are spiritually naked and must be physically naked too. Asare stated angrily.
This is too much Asare, please don’t disgrace me. I pleaded in tears.
If you dare try anything silly, I will call the security man to beat you to stupor. He threatened and took my clothes away from me.
They pushed me out of the house in my nakedness.
People gathered around to spectate what was going on.
A thought quickly came into mind, and I began to fake madness to cover the massive shame.
What are you all looking at? Haven’t you seen a Gucci shirt before?
Hey, F--k you. I am the son of the president. My father won best famer of the year.
I am an international hunter. I hunt all races of animals. I talked incoherently whiles sitting down on the floor to cover my manhood.
Oh God! Look at such a handsome innocent soul. How can you allow him to go mad? One of the observers lamented sadly.
Probably, his family witches are after him. This is so pathetic. Another person said.
Let’s grip him and take him to the hospital.
He is freshly mad and I think they can cure him. Some guys suggested and quickly grabbed me and pushed me into a taxi.
Immediately I entered the taxi, I decided to confess to save myself from further embarrassments.
My brothers please let go off me. I am not mad. I am only faking madness to cover my shame. I confessed.
What! So you are not mad and you wasted our precious time this much? One of them asked.
Please forgive me. I was caught sleeping with someone’s fiancee and the family decided to humiliate me by stripping me naked. I explained.
You are so pathetic. What!
Driver, please pull over and let us get down. They instructed.
Immediately they got down, I bowed down my head in a thanksgiving prayer.
Driver, please take me to the University campus. I instructed.
Soon, I was in front of my hostel.
I gave my key to the driver to enter my room and get me a shirt and a trouser before I could get down.
I wore the clothes after he brought them and stepped out of the car into my room.
I came back to pay the driver and off, he drove.
Eeeeiii Meshac, will I ever get out of trouble? I thought sadly as I laid down on my bed.

To be continued..


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