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CRUSH TO CRASH 2 Episode 4-5

God what is this? Is this the reward I get for serving you? I thought with tears streaming down my face.
Meshac, wipe those tears and let me inject some happiness into your d--k.
How better is your fiancee than me? After all, I am a literate, whereas she is not.
One day, you will be a great person, how then do you travel to big places with an illiterate? She blurbed sexily.
Abigail, leave my fiancee out of this nonsense!
Esi is illiterate, but Godly. Something you lack, and will forever lack! I insulted angrily.
Godliness doesn’t travel, neither does it slay. Godliness must only reside in the heart and not on the outside appearance.
Oh, is that the reason why she dresses like a mad woman? Anyway, that is another topic for another day, but for now, let’s get the ball rolling.
Let’s delete the picture in a romantic way. She whispered and began undressing.
I turned and walked towards the door.
Come back here Meshac! The door is locked, but if you try anything silly, I will scream for everybody to know that you are trying to rape me. She threatened.
I stood behind the door in tears and confusion.
Abigail then walked to me and slowly turned me towards herself.
She began kissing me passionately and at the same time touching me all over.
I had no option than to give in to her request to save the situation.
We made love for few minutes and everything was over.
You are so sweet Meshac, I wish I could ask for more. Abigail complimented happily.
I hurriedly and unhappily dressed up.
Abigail, if this sin takes me away from God, my sins will forever be on your head.
Now give the phone to me and let me personally delete the picture. I requested.
She handed the phone to me and I deleted it.
This is a done deal Meshac, but still think through what I told you about your fiancee.
She doesn’t match your status. She is too outmoded. No style, no nothing. Just raw. Abigail advised.
Thanks for your advice madam stylish. If being stylish is by wearing expensive clothes and having s-x haphazardly, then indeed, style is worthless. I responded angrily and walked out on her.
I wept throughout the night in pain.
God, why did you allow this to happen to me? Why did you put me in a tight corner? I soliloquised.
Early the next day, Esi began calling me severally after days of not hearing from me.
I ignored her calls due to guilt.
Hours later, Pastor Otu called me.
Meshac, how have you been? Why haven’t you been calling? He asked.
I’m sorry Pastor, I am busy due some campus programs. I lied.
And why haven’t you been picking Esi’s calls? She called to complain. He asked further.
I haven’t seen her calls. I will call her immediately I am done with you. I lied again.
Anyway Meshac, I have good news for you. I have found a woman I want to marry.
She is hardworking and God fearing. He complimented happily.
This is good news daddy, I can’t wait to meet her. I responded in a mixed feeling.
The wedding will be ending of this month. He announced.
That is unfortunate Pastor, I have my end of semester exams to write at that same time. I responded.
That shouldn’t be a worry, what matters is that, you will come and meet her here. He responded.
And one more thing Meshac, there are revelations I have been having about you lately. He added.
Instantly, my heart began to sink into my fragile chest.
Meshac, I saw you wearing dirty clothes in the revelation, and when I tried talking to you to remove them, you walked out on me. He narrated.
Meshac, is there something I must know? He asked.
No Pastor, there is nothing. I lied it teary eyes.
Well then, take a very good care of yourself and pray to God to cancel every evil plan of the devil. He stated and hanged up.
Well then, take a very good care of yourself and pray to God to cancel every evil plan of the devil. He stated and hanged up.
Immediately he hanged up, Esi’s call came through.
Meshac, why haven’t you been calling me? And why are you not answering my calls? She unhappily asked.
Esi, courtesy demands that, the first statement you make immediately someone answers your call is to greet, and not to ask unnecessary questions. I responded almost in anger.
Meshac, you call my questions unnecessary? Well, I have never been to school, so I have no idea about the courtesy you are talking about. She responded cheekily.
No wonder Esi. No wonder you talk anyhow. No wonder you dress anyhow. No wonder your life is in rags. I insulted.
Meshac, what have I done to you? Is this the best way to treat me after you brought me into the city? I abandoned my wedding for you, only to merit these insults? She asked sadly.
Esi, I regret ever bringing you into this city.
I regret not allowing you to marry that village champion.
What luck have you brought to me ever since you came into this city? You and your siblings are bunch of bad luck. I displaced my guilt and anger on her and hanged up.
It is true, Esi is not the right person for me.
I was doing the work of God until she brought her bad luck into this city.
Now look at me, I have had s-x with someone. Something my Bible frowns against. Now I am even afraid to pray. What if God strikes me dead? I thought angrily.
Minutes later, I heard a knock on my door.
Hello brother Meshac, it’s been a long time. What happened? You no longer attend fellowship meetings. It was one of the Christian fellowship members, Paul.
Forgive me Paul, I have been busy lately with indoor fasting and prayers. I promise to join you guys as soon as I am done. I lied.
That is a great news. I will communicate it to the rest of the members. Peace be upon you. He responded and walked away.
I was buried in thoughts of guilt.
I cogitated for long hours, and anytime Esi came into mind, I got angry. I believed she was cursed.
A woman who lost her both parents within two months for no condition.
A woman who broke another man’s heart by running away from her wedding.
Esi is cursed. An illiterate who is at the same time cursed, she is as terrible as death. I insulted.
I finally decided to go to Abigail and talk to her.
After all, I have already sinned with her, why don’t I make up my mind to marry her instead of Esi? I thought and began walking to her hostel.
Just when I was about knocking, I overheard her quarrelling with someone in the room.
Leave me alone girlfriend! You were not the only one who badly needed Meshac, I needed him more than you! Abigail yelled.
Oh really? Abigail really? So you used me to get what you wanted, right? The person responded.
I can’t answer that question madam. All I know is I needed Meshac badly. I got turned on, anytime I saw him. That was why I did everything possible to make love with him. Abigail narrated.
Abigail, you are very selfish! The plan was to allow me to seduce him to make love to me before you bump into us to take the evidence to blackmail him to have s-x with you too. Why then did you bump into us so early? Why? It was Ruth.
Simple, I couldn’t stand you sleeping with the man of my dreams.
Get it straight Ruth, I have used you to win Meshac, and I know, he will come back for me. Yes, I see my future husband in him. Abigail responded confidently.
It’s a lie! Abigail, if you think I will allow you to have Meshac, then sorry!
I went to the extent of poisoning my fiance, Frimpong, just to have my way with Meshac, and here you are trying to twart my efforts. Prepare for war! Ruth threatened and opened the door to walk out.
Immediately she stepped out and saw me standing behind the door, she screamed and run back into the room.
What is it Ruth? Why this loud scream? Abigail asked and opened the door too.

What is it Ruth? Why this loud scream? Abigail asked and opened the door too.
Immediately she saw me, she also screamed out loud and tried to close the door.
I blocked the door with my leg and pushed it opened in anger.
Immediately I entered the room, they hurriedly hid behind the sofa.
Abigail, Ruth. So the two of you set me up just to sleep with me right?
Simply because of love making, Ruth, you poisoned my friend. How evil could the two of you be? What did I do to offend you? I asked in anger.
Meshac I’m sorry, Abigail persuaded me into this. Ruth tried to explain.
Before she landed with her words, I pounced on them and began slapping them left right center.
They both screamed for help.
Somebody heeeeellllllpppppp!
Seconds later, there was a bang on the door.
Abigail hurriedly opened, and it was two police men and Frimpong’s parents.
That is the girl, officer please arrest her. Frimpong’s mother said whiles pointing finger at Ruth.
Officer please wait a minute, what is happening here? I asked.
We should rather be asking you what is happening here. Why were the ladies screaming? The officer asked back.
Officer, that is our private business. You are a public official, and you must unveil your mission for invading into someone’s privacy. I responded angrily.
Calm down Meshac, there is no need fighting for this evil Ruth of a girl. Frimpong’s mother cut in.
It will interest you to know that, Ruth is behind Frimpong’s ailment.
After we flew Frimpong to the states, it was confirmed that, he was poisoned. When we questioned Frimpong after he had gained consciousness, he told us that, he only ate from Ruth’s place. Ruth was the only person who gave him food. Frimpong’s mother narrated.
Ruth quickly went down on her knees.
Mother, I am terribly sorry, please forgive me, but, if you will arrest me, then arrest my friend too, she is my accomplice. She confessed.
Ruth and Abigail were handcuffed and sent to the police station.
I walked back sadly to the hostel.
What a life! How can human beings be this wicked? I thought.
Poisoning a man for his fellow man?
If a man is handsome, is his d--k also handsome?
Wait a minute, is handsomeness food or money? I thought in dismay.
Days later, I had a call from Frimpong.
Meshac, I miss you! He exclaimed happily.
I miss you too my brother. I responded.
How are you doing now? And when are you coming back? I asked.
I am doing more than great, but unfortunately, I won’t be back soon. Daddy has suggested I school here instead. I will be back when I am done with school. He responded.
We talked for several minutes before hanging up.
Days later, I began writing my end of semester exams.
Pastor Otu’s wedding was as well ongoing, but I couldn’t make it.
I finished my exams, packed up, and called Pastor Otu to come and pick me home.
Meshac, please pick a taxi to the house.
I am currently in Australia, having a seminar with my colleague pastors from different countries. I am sorry I couldn’t inform you before coming. I will be back next week, but in the mean time, my wife will be there to keep you and Yaw company. He explained.
I picked a taxi and went home.
When I got to the gate, Yaw was nowhere to be found.
This is unusual. Where is Yaw? I thought.
I carried my bags and walked straight to the sitting room.
Immediately I entered, two naked people jumped up on their feet.
Blood of Jesus! Yaw, who is this woman you are making love to in Pastor Otu’s sitting room? I screamed in shock.
Wait a minute, Mrs Asum, is that you? I screamed.
What the hell do you want here? I continuously screamed.
Shut your stinking mouth Meshac! What do you also want here?
If you care to know, this is my husband’s house! She shamelessly responded.
Mrs Otu, do you guys know each other? Yaw panicky asked.
Mrs Otu? Yaw, don’t tell me this is Pastor Otu’s newly married wife you were making love to. I screamed in bitterness.
Yaw, leave us. Mrs Asum instructed and Yaw hurriedly walked out.
Meshac, what is surprising you this much? The fact that I am married to Pastor Otu, or the fact that I was making love with Yaw? She asked.
Both Mrs Asum. So after all these years, you still didn’t repent? You still carried your evil attitude into the house of a great man of God? I rhetorically asked.
Well Meshac, if you could sleep with me, why can’t Yaw sleep with me too?
You are lucky to be alive. You are so lucky, but, this house can not contain the both of us. She confidently stated.
It’s a lie you evil woman! You came to meet me in this house, so you will leave! I responded angrily.
Why do you keep talking about evil? Don’t tell me you are a born again. She sarcastically asked.
I am Mrs Asum. I have seen the light. I responded confidently.
Meshac, can you swear with this confidence that, you have not slept with any woman for the past two months? She teasingly asked.
I looked on with guilt without uttering a word.
There you are Meshac! I know you too well. I know you can’t resist women. I know you are faking this born again thing, just to get my husband to feed and shelter you. I know the kind of gold digger you are. She insulted.
It’s a lie. Once I was a sinner, but saved by grace. Don’t drag my past into your present shame. You are adulterous, evil, and black hearted. You don’t deserve Pastor Otu! No you don’t! I screamed in pain.
Let’s wait and see who leaves this house. She threatened confidently.
I carried my bags into my room and walked out to the gate.
Yaw, if there was someone to thank for getting me on heaven’s track, it would have been you. And if there is someone to hate for making me loose trust in God, it is still you.
How could you sleep with Pastor Otu’s wife? What did he do to offend you? I shouted.
Meshac please, bring your voice down.
I didn’t mean to do this. Ever since Pastor Otu traveled, she has been pestering me to sleep with her. When I tried to turn her down, she threatened to eject me out of this house.
Meshac, you know how well I love this job. He explained.
Yaw, you love this job more than God?
You love this job more than Pastor Otu who has made you what you are today?
You love this job more than heaven? Have you so soon forgotten what the Bible teaches us? Have you? I angrily asked.
Hey, what are the two of you discussing?
Yaw, come here! Mrs Asum commanded from behind.
Mrs Asum, why in God’s name are you doing this? How has the man you married few days back, offended you? I asked in pain.
Meshac or whatever you call yourself, the next time you open your mouth to call me Mrs Asum, you will regret ever being born.
What is your problem? You slept with me, and now, someone is also sleeping with me and you are jealous. She confessed before Yaw.
What! Meshac! You also slept with her? When? Where? Yaw asked in shock.
So you are also a sinner, and you are busily acting holier than thou. He added.
I walked out on them into my room and locked the door behind me.
Yaw and Mrs Asum continuously made love without considering my presence. Most times, Yaw was found in pastor Otu’s room with his supposed wife.
Other times too, the duo were in the sitting room watching television happily.
I went about my normal duties.
I didn’t know whom to confine in.
Esi was no longer calling me due to the insults I rained on her. I waited impatiently for Pastor Otu’s return.
One hot afternoon, Pastor Otu returned from his trip.
I welcomed him and I carried his bags into his room.
Few minutes later, I heard him yelling at my name.
Meshac! Meshac! Come out here!
God, please save me. I hope it isn’t what I am thinking. I thought in fear and rushed to his call.
Pastor please I am here. I said.
Don’t Pastor me Meshac! I left this house for few days and you are lusting after my wife?
No wonder I picked you from prostitutes joint. I should have known better. Pastor Otu angrily responded.
Pastor please exercise patience. It isn’t what you are thinking.
My husband, Yaw is my witness. He caught him spying on me when I was bathing. He was caught more than twice. Mrs Asum cut in.
Pastor Otu quickly stood up and went out to call Yaw.
Yaw, what happened when I was away? He asked.
Hmmmm Pastor, my mouth is even heavy to talk about this issue.
One morning, I went to the supermarket to buy bread for Mama, and when I entered the sitting room, I saw Meshac spying on your wife in the bedroom.
Another time too, I saw him tiptoeing back from your bedroom, by then, Mama was bathing.
I decided not to tell Mama, not knowing she had already seen him. Yaw narrated.
This is a set up Pastor. I rather caught your wife having s-x with Yaw. I explained almost in tears.
Immediately I landed with my words, Pastor Otu slapped me so hard against the wall.
How dare you Meshac? Instead of showing remorse, you are rather insulting a virtuous woman like my wife.
Do you know how long I have known her? Do you know how long I have studied her? He shouted angrily.
Known her? Studied her? Pastor, I hope she is not a subject in any school?
You are a man of God, and I expect you to rather pray over her than to study her. I responded in tears.
Meshac, you are not and can never be sensible than I am.
Get into your room this minute, pack your belongings and leave my house! I don’t ever want to see you anywhere around this house, nor my church. Pastor Otu commanded.
It is rather unfortunate that, the lucifer God threw from heaven landed in your house.
Instead of studying her like the weather, I suggest you pray to cast out the dozens of demons she’s carrying. I bantered in tears and anger.
Pastor Otu angrily slapped me again.
Meshac, every insult you spew to my wife will attract a slap. Now go ahead and insult her and let’s see who will suffer most. Pastor Otu stated angrily.
Meshac the gamer, your cup is full. Just leave this house and let’s have our peace. Mrs Asum cut in teasingly.
I have heard you my game mate, but brace yourself for karma. I responded angrily.
Meshac, leave this house before I call the police on you. I say leave! Pastor Otu commanded.
I have heard you Pastor. I knew from day one, that, this woman was my doom.
I don’t blame you, and can never blame you for anything, but, I have an advice for you.
If you go on your knees, pray to God to grant you wisdom.
Wisdom to marry, wisdom to do His work, wisdom for every decision you will take in life. Knowledge is just not enough. I preached.
Thank you Meshac. Leave this house this minute before I do something nasty! He instructed.

To be continued…


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