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CRUSH TO CRASH 2 Episode 29-30

What do you mean by that my brother, and why are you screaming this loud? I asked nervously.
My brother, you have been duped!
There are thieves hovering around this place imposing as workers, but because of our busy schedule, we are unable to monitor or rule them out. They have done same to several people. He explained.
No no no no no no! This is not happening to me! This can’t happen to a broke man like me who needs money to feed his home. I broke down in tears.
Sir please take it easy. The guy consoled.
I screamed so loud in tears of pain.
Sooner, people gathered around to console me.
What is happening here? A familiar voice asked when I was still on the floor wailing.
Boss, he has been duped. They informed.
I raised my head to look at who the person was, and it was my old time course mate back in the university.
Meshac my brother, what has happened to you? He hurriedly helped me unto my feet and began walking me to his office.
I narrated my entire life story in the city to him in tears.
As I speak to you my brother, food to eat is even a problem. I narrated.
Meshac, no one turns his back on God and survives.
Just like you, I was a sinner, until someone preached the gospel to me. I turned a new leaf and turned away from my old ways.
Meshac, it wasn’t easy initially, but by his abundance grace, here I am today.
From a mere village shoe repairer, to the general manager of this big garage.
Even though I don’t own the shop, everything has been entrusted into my hands, and I have as well entrusted it into the hands of God, and everything is falling in place. He narrated.
My brother, worshipping God is a game of survival and I can’t risk my life for it again.
When I devoted all my time to worship him, the kind of temptations I went through was too much. I explained.
Well Meshac, it is your choice and I can’t force you.
Anyway sorry for your loss. Take this 200cedis to manage your home for the time being. He said.
And please, in case you need spiritual help, don’t hesitate to come back. I will take you to my pastor to help you in prayers. He added.
I got back home in a devastating state.
I narrated everything to Shantel and heaven broke loose.
She gave me the insults of my life.
Finally, the issue went to rest and we began to rather think about how to feed.
Days later, I tried making love to Shantel, but I couldn’t have an erection.
Mesh, what is happening? It’s been three months now, and you have not been able to make love to me, are you ok? She asked.
Shants, I don’t know what is happening. Like you said, it’s been three months now, and no erection. I believe something is wrong somewhere. I explained.
Meshac I can’t take this! If you can’t feed my hungry stomach, I won’t allow you sexually starve me. Never! She screamed angrily.
Shantel please, this is the time I need you most. Please stay by my side. I pleaded in tears.
Stay by your side? I thought you didn’t need a barren woman like me in your home. What has changed? She asked in anger.
I tried my best for weeks, but not even a single erection in the dawn.
I then decided to talk to my course mate to introduce me to his Pastor for a spiritual intervention.
Welcome to my humble home bro Meshac. Please how may the head pastor of Christ Jesus’ Church International help you? The pastor asked after my mate introduced me to him when we got to his house.
I then took my time and told him all my problems.
Brother Meshac, you have sinned greatly against God and humanity and you need a great help. The pastor said.
Yes Pastor, that is why I am here. Please help me. I responded.
I wish I could help you, but unfortunately, the help must come from you and the person behind your suffering.
God revealed to me that, you have sinned against a lady called Esi, who is currently in a deep pit.
If she doesn’t forgive you, you will die in three months.
The lady killed her parents because of you, and when she confessed, instead of showing her the light by leading her to confess her sins to God for forgiveness, you rather jilted her to die.
Her lost soul is following you spiritually wherever you go.
Due to this, you will never get any job anywhere for the rest of your life. He explained.
Your wife has become barren due to that, and you have also become impotent.
Very soon, within three months, death, will be your portion. He revealed.
I broke down in tears.
Pastor please, what do I do now? I asked.
Meshac, you need to look for the lady and ask for her forgiveness. Again, you must bring her to the house of God for prayer of cleansing.
Remember, all these must be done within three months. He concluded.
I wept bitterly. God, where do I find Esi? Please show me the way, I don’t want to die. I prayed.

I wept bitterly. God, where do I find Esi? Please show me the way, I don’t want to die. I prayed.
When I got home, I narrated everything to my useless wife.
Meshac, why in God’s name have you put me into all these troubles? Why? She asked.
Shantel, the least thing I need from you right now is pressure. I only informed you to be aware of what I am about to do. I have to travel almost everyday in search of Esi, and that is not an easy task. I responded angrily.
What money are you going to use for this nonsense? Don’t tell me the little money we have in this house is what you are going to use. She angrily asked.
Shantel, I regret marrying you everyday of my life.
Issue concerning my life, you are here calling it nonsense. Anyway, I don’t have your time. I am going to where she used to stay to find out from the tenants if they know her whereabouts. I responded and walked out of the house.
I inquired from Esi’s co-tenants and I was informed that, she now stays in a town called Asemmra. Four hours drive from the city.
I hurried back to the house and packed up my clothes.
Shantel, please take care of yourself, I will be back soon after I find her. I stated in haste and began my journey.
Finally, I was in Asemmra. A big cocoa farming district capital.
There were lots of strangers from various towns trading there.
I made so many enquiries and I was directed to someone.
My brother, there is a mechanic at the outskirts of the town, the person you are looking for stays with him. He responded and showed me to the mechanic.
Mensa! Is this you? I screamed.
Yes Meshac, this is me. He responded coldly.
Mensa, what happened in the past is gone, please let it remain there. I pleaded.
I hold nothing against you Meshac, I should rather be apologizing, not you.
I am only not happy about how you treated Esi back in the city after all the stress you made her go through. He responded unhappily.
That is why I am here my brother. I am here to apologise to her. I responded.
Apologize to her and take her back as your wife or what? He asked.
No Mensa, I am a married man now.
I need her to forgive me in order to survive. I said.
Mensa, as I speak to you, my life is in a total mess. No job, no child, no erection. All because I have offended Esi. Please call her for me to apologize to her. I narrated.
Well Meshac, it is unfortunate Esi has moved out from this town for the past six months and I also don’t know her whereabouts. He responded sadly.
What do you mean by she has moved out? I screamed in tears.
Mensa, if you don’t help me find Esi, my life will end within three months. I explained in tears still.
Meshac, I wish I could help you find her but I can’t.
Esi might have traveled far from this town, because, she is mentally unstable now. She is a drunkard now, due to the emotional stress she has been through.
I one day went to the market and I saw some kids making fun of her.
That was when I forcefully brought her here to stay with me.
When she was almost withdrawing from alcohol, she packed and sneaked out from this house. I have searched the entire town, and she is nowhere to be found. Mensa narrated.
Mensa please don’t watch me die. I need you now than ever. I pleaded.
The next day, we began traveling to the surrounding villages in search of Esi.
We searched for a full month, but there was no sign of her.
The money on me got finished and I traveled back to the city to plan with Shantel on how best we could solve the problem.
When I got to the gate, there was a security guard at the entrance.
Who are you and why are you here? I asked.
I am the security guard of this house. He responded.
And who are you too? He asked.
I am the owner of this house. I responded confidently.
You must be dreaming! The owner of this house is a banker and not a wretch like you. He responded with insults.
How dare you insult me! Give me way and let me enter my house. I screamed and forced my way into the house.
Suddenly, a man came out from the room.
Gentleman, what do you want? He asked.
I should be asking you this question. This is my house, I traveled but I’m back.
Where is my wife Shantel? I asked whiles trying to enter the room.
No gentleman, you can’t go in there.
The Shantel you just talked about sold this house to me.
She said she needed money to fly back to her country. He explained.
If you doubt me, let me show you the papers. He continued and walked into the room to bring the papers.
Instantly, I saw my body slowly moving down to the ground.

To be continued…


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