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CRUSH TO CRASH 2 Episode 24-25

The strength of a man is not when he has an erection, it is when he activates the dysfunction button of his erection during a sexual attraction. I thought happily.
I have received slaps, and so what?
What is the effect of slaps on a high libido? I thought.
Early in the morning, I took Shantel back to the restaurant to have breakfast.
I spoilt her with good treats.
Mesh, what kind of man are you? You are too sweet for my liking. She complimented happily.
After hours of good treat, we parted ways and she drove off home.
I picked a taxi back home too. Immediately I got to the house, I saw Frimpong angrily seated at the entrance.
Frimps, what’s up with you this early morning? I am just from your house and I met your absence. I lied.
Meshac, where did you go with Shantel yesterday? He angrily asked. In fact where did the two of you sleep? He yelled.
Go with Shantel? What kind of question is that? I pretended.
Cut the pretence and talk to me! I say where did you go with my fiancee? He asked on top of his voice.
Frimpong, Shantel and I parted ways yesterday around 6pm after long hours of talking to her.
Whiles on our way out of the restaurant, we were attacked by thieves. They are even gone with my phone as I speak to you.
Didn’t Shantel inform you when she got to the house? I asked.
Shantel never came home last night. I tried reaching the both of you but none answered. He angrily responded.
Calm down Frimps, everything is well.
She actually told me that she wants to cause you some pain by sleeping in a hotel before she will be able to forgive you.
I actually pleaded with her not to do that, but unfortunately, she didn’t listen. I lied.
Mesh are you sure? Are you sure everything is alright? He instantly calmed down and asked.
Frimps, I woke up very early to visit a working colleague in the hospital, from there, I proceeded to your house and met only Shantel. She thanked me so much for bringing you guys back together. I lied.
Wow! This news has brought back life into me. Mesh, let me go home and confirm things for myself. He responded and hurried back to the house.
Look at that fool who has been f-----g my future wife.
The last time I checked, back at the University, his d--k was as small as an atom. I insulted and walked into my room to rest from all the sweetness that had fell on me.
Later in the evening, Frimpong called me again.
Mesh, are you sure you were able to convince Shantel? She is still acting cold towards me. He complained.
Frimps, you don’t expect her to act hot, after freezing her heart with the plenty troubles. Just relax, she will come around. I responded dismissively.
Meshac please, you are not helping me enough. Please do your best. He pleaded.
Frimps, I am gradually getting fed up with this Shantel issue. Why can’t you be a man for once and hold your heart? Is this the first relationship in the world that is breaking? I cheekily responded.
Wait a minute Meshac, are you talking to me this way after all the problems you’ve put me through? He surprisingly asked.
Troubles? Frimps, I hope I didn’t ask you to help me at bomb point. Listen and listen carefully, we are old enough to choose the best choice.
You chose to risk your relationship to save mine, and that is your choice.
You shouldn’t expect me to sacrifice my life for that simple offer. I responded harshly.
What! Meshac! I can’t believe you are telling me all these! You are so ungrateful! You really are! She insulted angrily.
The word grateful doesn’t exist Frimpong, so I am not a bit moved by that.
You chose the color of your s--t, please, admire it alone! I harshly responded and hanged up.
Days passed by and my friendship with Shantel grew from weak to strong.
We conversed almost all the time on phone. She kept pouring her heart out to me on how she feels towards me.
Shants, what are you wearing this minute? I once asked when we were having a crush talk.
I am wearing a hot pant with a sleeveless cleavage exposing blouse. She responded.
Shants, if you mean every word you’ve spewed out to me this afternoon, I dare you to drive here in those wear. I threw the challenge.
Quickly, she hanged the phone up on me.

Quickly, she hanged the phone up on me.
I called her back severally but she didn’t answer.
God, I hope she is not mad at me. I thought.
Or has Frimpong bumped into her? I soliloquised in worry.
Minutes later, I heard her car in my compound.
I hurried into the bedroom to undress.
I laid on the bed with my bear chest and an under shorts.
Shantel finally entered the bedroom and began undressing too.
Mesh, this is the day I have been waiting for. The day to mend our broken hearts, the day to mend the crash. In fact, the day to satisfy our emotions. She seductively whispered and threw her naked self on me.
I couldn’t believe I had finally made it to paradise.
What a birthday party! A real Valentine’s Day in April. I thought happily as I began fondling her boobs.
We made love for so many minutes, and I couldn’t stop.
My dream come true, my wife. My heartbeat, my Shantel. You are simply the best. I complimented happily after the dozen rounds of s-x.
While still in bed nibbling my ear, someone pushed the door opened.
Hurriedly, I pulled a cloth to cover Shantel. Her body was my asset, and I didn’t want anyone to even have a glimpse.
Frimpong, what the hell are you doing in my bedroom? I asked angrily.
Meshac, so it’s true! So my instincts were right when I felt you had everything planned to separate Shantel and I. He responded in tears of pain.
Yes Frimpong! Shantel and I are in love. We are destined to be together and nothing can separate us. I shamelessly responded.
I should have known better when you bragged to me that Pastor Otu was your biological brother when in reality, you come from a cottage where you have not even a family. He responded
Meshac, it is your day, enjoy it! It is your moment, have fun, but in case I am reincarnated, I will never trust any friend.
You have indeed thought me bitter lessons, but I assure you that, this CRUSH you have had on my fiancee, will soon CRASH you! He cursed.
And to you Shantel, I wish I had enough strength to throw your things out of my house, but unfortunately, I don’t.
Kindly come for them in 3hours, or I will give it to charity. He stated and walked out on us in tears.
Whatever Frimpong! What goes around comes around! What were you thinking when you slept with my fiancee? Karma has caught up with you! I shouted at his back to prevent Shantel from asking me so many questions.
Mesh honey, please calm down! You don’t need to waste your energy on that fool. She stated.
In hour’s time, I drove her to Frimpong’s house to pack her belongings.
Frimpong was full of tears when we were driving away from the compound, but that was the least of my worries.
Finally,Shantel is mine!
A black American jewel, very intelligent and obedient. Sexy and classy.
A month later, we had our wedding in the court.
Her parents came for the ceremony, as well as my working colleagues.
It was indeed a day to remember.
Her parents bought us a mansion and a more expensive car as a wedding gift.
Luck is not escaping from death, it is the ability to win a black American to yourself, whereby her parents pamper and feed you with their wealth. I thought happily.
We moved into our new mansion as a beautiful couple.
Days later, I was in the sitting room with my wife when someone knocked on the door.
Shantel hurriedly attended to it, and it was Pastor Otu.
What do you want here Pastor? I yelled angrily.
Meshac please calm down. I am here to apologise to you for accusing you wrongly. He responded.
Oh really? Don’t tell me you finally found out the real identity of your beloved wife. I teased.
Yes I have Meshac. It is actually a painful and terrible experience. He responded.
Immediately, I began singing Captain Planet’s and Kofi Kinaata’s “Obi girl” song.
Obigye Wo girl aa ne ya!
S3 wogye obi girl aa ne d3!
Yeeeeeyy obi agye obi girl!
Pastor Otu, since it is confession time, please have a seat and tell me what exactly happened. I responded after my glory song.

To be continued..


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