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CRUSH TO CRASH 2 Episode 2-3

This is unbelievable. Who could this be? I thought worriedly as I headed back to the hostel
Minutes after I got back to the hostel, I heard a knock on my door.
I attended to it, and it was Ruth.
Ruth, please come in. What brings you here this late? I asked.
Mesh, I brought your clothes. She responded.
My clothes? That means you were the one who went for them.
Anyway, how did you get the card to collect them? I asked.
I was going to town in the morning when I saw you walking out of the laundry. Suddenly, something fell off from your pocket and I walked to pick it. I called you but you were far gone. I realized it was the laundry booking card, so I kept it and later went for the clothes. She explained.
Thank you very much Ruth, but you should have called me to come for the clothes rather than going through this stress of carrying them here. I responded.
Ruth sat down watching television without any attempt of leaving.
It was getting late and I didn’t know how to sack her.
Before I could think further, I heard a knock on the door.
It was one of the Christian fellowship members, Abigail.
Hello Abi, how did you locate me? You’ve never come here before. I asked.
Brother Mesh can I please come in? She asked.
Sure you can. I responded and walked her into the room.
She seemed surprised to see me at the hour with a woman. She kept stealing glances at her.
Abigail, this is Ruth, Frimpong’s soon to be wife. I introduced to avoid negative thoughts.
Anyway, what brings you here this late? I asked.
Brother Meshac, I was praying and I had a revelation about you.
I saw the devil trying to win you to his side. That is why I took the pain to come here and pray with you to stay strong. Abigail narrated.
The devil is a liar! This will not happen to me in Jesus’ name. I responded.
Abigail and I began to pray, and Ruth joined us.
We prayed deep into the night before they left.
Prayers with Ruth and Abigail became a daily routine. Due to that they became friends.
Frimpong was so happy how I managed to change Ruth.
Weeks later, out of nowhere, a strange sickness strucked Frimpong and he fell down. He was confined to bed. His parents had no option than to fly him to the states for treatment.
Ruth and I continuously prayed for his recovery.
She became so sad and devastated. I kept visiting to counsel her.
One afternoon, Abigail called me for a favor.
Brother Meshac, I visited Ruth and the way she is weeping, I feel she can harm herself. I am therefore pleading with you to attend to her whiles I attend my last lecture for the day. I will be there around 6pm after I have closed. She explained.
Quickly, I dressed up and headed to Ruth’s place.
When I entered the room, I could hear her weeping voice in the bathroom.
Ruth please come out. I am here to see you. I stated.
Go away Meshac, I want to die. I want to commit suicide. She responded in tears.
Ruth please, remember in difficult times, the best option is to pray. Don’t take away your life. I responded in panic.
I am tired of praying Meshac! Just leave me alone! Go away! I must die today! She screamed.
Immediately, I could hear her climbing up on a chair.
Ruth! Ruth! What are you doing? I screamed.
I called severally out to her, but there was no response.
I then took a bold decision and rushed into the bathroom.
Unfortunately, she was fully naked.
Meshac, ignore it and save her life. A voice echoed in my mind.
Lo and behold, she had climbed up on a table and was tying a rope to the ceiling to commit suicide.
I hurriedly pushed her from the table, and her naked body fell into my arms.

I hurriedly pushed her from the table and her naked body fell into my arms.
She hugged me so tight in tears and stared deeply into my eyes.
Meshac put her on the floor and walk away. Something whispered into my ears.
Before I knew it, she locked her lips to mine and struggled to kiss me.
I struggled back to avoid it.
Just then, I saw a camera flash light. Quickly I pushed her off and turned to look at who had taken the shot.
It was Abigail.
I fearfully and unhappily questioned her.
Abigail, why did you take a picture of us? Please what for?
Brother Meshac, I thought you were a Christian. As the leader of the Christian fellowship, I least expected you to engage in this act. Especially, with your sick friend’s fiancee. She responded unhappily.
Abigail please, it isn’t what you think. I only came here to save her from committing suicide. I explained.
Really? Brother Meshac really? Why don’t you tell this to a toddler?
When I was leaving here, Ruth was weeping but nicely and decently dressed in the sitting room.
How come she suddenly stripped naked and was in the bathroom?
As a man of God, do you have to follow someone into the bathroom to save her life? She rhetorically asked.
Ruth please say something! Tell Abigail I’m innocent. I screamed in pain but Ruth kept mute with her head bowed down.
Abigail listen to me, I was once a sinner, but no more.
Whatever I am telling you now, is the truth and nothing else. I struggled to explain.
Brother Meshac, if my camera is right, I saw your lips locked together. What about that? Abigail asked.
Abigail, I never have any feeling or whatsoever for Ruth. I have a fiancee whom I will soon marry.
Ruth was rather the one who was forcing to kiss me. I confessed in tears.
What! What are you trying to do Meshac? To disgrace me? Instead of you pleading with her to keep her mouth shut after catching us red handed, you are rather shifting unnecessary blames. Ruth defended in lies.
Ruth, may the living God I serve, curse you with eternal pain. I cursed.
I should have known better. I should have known you had your evil intentions of getting closer to me. Now look at how you are pathetically lying against an innocent person like me. I curse you! I added in pain.
Well brother Meshac, since I have the evidence with me, you will hear from us. I mean, the Christian fellowship members. Abigail stated and walked away.
I hurriedly followed her in tears, but she walked out on me.
I then walked to my hostel and threw myself on the bed in tears.
I remembered what Pastor Otu once told me. “Meshac, in everything, pray”.
I began praying massively.
Around 9pm, I had a call from Abigail.
Hello brother Mesh, I am in the hostel, come and let’s talk about the picture. She said and hanged up.
I quickly dressed up and walked to her hostel.
I knocked and entered the room.
Have a seat my Christian brother. She teasingly offered.
Abigail, please delete that picture. I am begging you in God’s name. I pleaded.
That is exactly why I called you here my brother.
I want to delete the picture, but on a condition. She responded.
What condition Abigail? I asked.
Meshac, what is good for the goose, is equally good for the gander.
I want my share of the romantic moment you spent with Ruth. I want you to kiss me, touch me and make love to me. She responded bluntly.
God forbid! What has come over you Abigail? Have you forgotten you are a Christian? Have you forgotten it is a sin to have s-x before marriage? I screamed in dismay.
Meshac, what came over you to make love to Ruth is exactly what has come over me!
Now listen to me, if you refuse to do this, I will show this picture to everyone on campus. I will also show it to your brother, pastor Otu.
I will then show it to your ‘sales’ fiancee of a girl you are so much in love with. She threatened.
Instantly, my knees became weak.
God what is this? Is this the reward I get for serving you? I thought with tears streaming down my face.

To be continued…


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