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CRUSH TO CRASH 2 Episode 15-20

One late evening, after we returned from our usual outing, Esi confronted us.
Meshac, what is happening? It is true that I don’t like outing, but going out with Aba and coming home this late is unacceptable! I can no longer tolerate it.
What are you insinuating Esi? Are you saying I have something intimate doing with your sister? I asked.
I never said so Meshac, I am only registering my displeasure. She responded.
Esi, we have had enough of you in this house. Why do you keep complaining about any little thing? Is it a crime now, to go out with Meshac? Aba disrespectfully responded.
Aba, why are you talking to me like this? What have I done wrong for telling you what I don’t like? Or is it because I am jobless? Esi sadly asked.
Well, that might be a factor. Your joblessness is what is making you unhappy and not Meshac and I.
I have money to go out and come in anytime I want, whereas money to buy water is even a problem for you to come buy. Please, don’t displace your unhappiness on us. Aba harshly talked.
What has come over you Aba! Why are you talking to sister Esi this way? Are you the only person who works to feed her in this house? Kukua angrily responded.
Shut up your mouth you little brat. The next time you talk to me this way, you will smell pepper. Aba cut in angrily.
It’s ok Aba, just hold your peace and go to bed. You are too tired to stress yourself over naggers. I intervened and we went to bed.
I could see Esi’s eyes filled with tears, but that was none of my business. I was bent on ejecting her out of my life.
The next day, Esi woke up very early in the morning, bathed, dressed up and ready to step out.
Meshac, please, I am going in search of a job, I will be back later in the evening. She sadly informed and walked away.
Kukua also prepared and left to work.
On hearing this, Aba decided not to go to work, but spend quality time with me in the house, since Saturdays were my off days.
Aba and I were all over each other. We hugged and conversed happily.
As s-x addicts as most virgins turn out to be, Aba was on my neck to make love to her.
We began touching, smooching and kissing.
I carried her to the bed, and stripped ourselves naked.
Just when I climbed up on her, Esi and Kukua walked into the room.
What! Aba! Meshac! So what Kukua told me is true!
Meshac, so you’ve been making love to my blood sister right under my nose! Esi exclaimed in tears of shock.
I told you sister Esi! I told you I suspected them. Kukua angrily responded.
Yes Esi, you have caught us and so what?
Meshac no longer wants you. He has fallen head over heels in love with me. What can you do about that? Aba confidently responded.
God I am dizzy! Somebody hold me! Somebody help me! Esi screamed in pain.
Meshac, you are so wicked! God will never forgive you for this pain you are causing an innocent soul. Kukua cursed.
Kukua or whatever you call yourself, if there is somebody to curse, it should be your sister.
It is your sister who is wicked and not me. What extraordinary sin have I committed? I only made love to Aba, and it is no big deal.
Esi here, is the one who murdered your parents!
Yes, she is the one who poisoned your parents in order to sell their land to see me through school.
Such a wicked soul can never be my wife! I exposed Esi.
Whaaaaaaat! Jehovah Nissi!
Esi, tell us it’s not true! Aba and Kukua chorused.
Instantly, Esi broke down in tears.
Oh Meshac, why are you doing this to me? Why are you tearing my family apart? She asked.
So this is true! Esi, you are so wicked and God will punish you! Aba insulted.
This is too much to listen to. I can’t stand this! I must go back to the village! I can’t belong to this family. Kukua stated and began parking her clothes.
Esi, the only family I knew was my parents. Though they were poor, they did everything humanly possible to make us happy.
Their only crime was to prevent you from dating this wicked man Meshac. You went ahead to take their innocent lives. You poisoned our joy and hope.
Esi, the God I serve, will never forgive you. You will suffer more than they suffered. Death will be your portion, but before then, bitterness will be your companion. If indeed the God I serve is alive, may he cause you eternal pain. Even if you drink water, may it be a stone in your throat to cause you pain. Kukua cursed in tears.
And to you Aba, the path you’ve chosen is your doom. This happiness you claim you have found, will be your doom. It is written in Mathew 26:52 that, “He who pulls the sword, dies at the edge of the sword”. You decided to take somebody’s happiness, so will someone take it away from you. Kukua added and walked out with her bag.
Esi burst into uncontrollable tears.
Well Esi, congratulations for the pain you’ve just caused yourself. You have successfully activated your eternal pain, and you alone will bear. Aba insulted.
Aba, I have good news for you. I have rented a new apartment for the two of us. Just pack the things and let’s move out of this cursed room. I stated and we began packing.
Immediately we finished and was stepping out, Esi fell heavily on the floor.
Meshac, what is happening? Is she alright? Aba asked in fear.
Nothing serious Aba, out of shock, she has collapsed. She will wake up later.
Please let’s leave here. I answered and we walked out on Esi’s unconscious body.

Please let’s leave here. I answered and we walked out on Esi’s unconscious body.
We got to our new apartment and I couldn’t hide my joy.
Esi is off my shoulders now, Aba is next. I thought.
Days passed and my female colleagues started showing interest in me. I wished I could have a fling with them, but Aba was too difficult to play such games on.
One of my working colleagues called me one day after work when I was bathing, and Aba answered.
Hello, what do you want? Meshac and I are making love, and he can’t answer your call right now.
Aaaaahhh Meshac!!!! Mmmmmmm!!!! Oooouuuuuccchhh
hh!!! I could hear Aba faking love making to tease the caller.
I hurriedly came out from the bathroom.
What is happening Aba? What do you think you are doing? I angrily asked.
And what does it seem I’m doing? Meshac, I am not like Esi, and I won’t watch any stupid lady to hover around you. I am more than a terrorist, if you dare mess up with me, I will chew your body raw. She threatened.
Aba, this is pure illiteracy! So can’t I have female friends? I asked angrily.
Female friends? Meshac, am I a man? Can’t you make me your friend.
The anthem of cheating men, “she is my female friend”.
I have passed that stage long time ago. If you dare me, I will curse you with the gods of our land. She threatened.
One more thing Meshac, the word “illiteracy” to me, is a compliment rather than insult. I get head swollen anytime you call me that, so don’t think you are hurting me with it. She bragged angrily and walked out on me.
This is serious! Will I ever find a way of dumping this village expert? I soliloquised.
The next day when I went to work, I was confronted by my colleague.
Mesh, yesterday I called, but you were busily making love to your wife. She teasingly said.
I’m sorry Beauty, it wasn’t so. She only faked it. I was rather in the bathroom. I responded.
I can’t believe this. Why would she do that? Beauty exclaimed in disappointment.
Hmmm, it is a long story, but all I can say is to forgive me. I responded.
Mesh, pardon my questions, but which university did your wife complete? Beauty inquired.
She didn’t even complete Amangoase LA primary school. Beauty, she is a typical illiterate.
The type of illiterate who has never watched a television before. Those ones are the ones who pour acid on their men, when they try to break up with them.
This is d--n serious! Meshac, then your life is at stake. Please deal with her carefully. I won’t call you again till you are done with her. Beauty responded in fear.
Beauty please don’t say that. We can still be friends while I deal with her. I pleaded.
No Mesh, it is risky. I can’t be your friend. She responded and walked out on me.
What a chaos! What should I do now? I thought unhappily.
Days later, I received a call from Frimpong.
Hey Mesh, the time is finally here, and I am coming home next week. He happily announced.
Wow! I can’t wait. Come and let’s wine some alcohol down our throats. I responded happily too.
Alcohol? Meshac, don’t tell me you have backslid. He questioned.
If “Backsliding” is a name, then I boldly claim it as my surname.
Frimpong, there is nothing good in the church. Pastors are marrying prostitutes, whereas deacons are f-----g kids. I am sick and tired of their brouhaha. I responded.
This topic is fascinating Mesh, so how is your brother, Pastor Otu taking this your new life? He asked.
It’s a long story bro. We will talk more when you come. I responded.
Alright then, see you next week. He responded.
Wait a minute Meshac, have you dumped that illiterate? I am coming with my fiance who is a black American. She cannot speak the local dialect, so I don’t want your fiancee to embarrass me. He quickly added.
Frimpong, Esi is off my shoulders, but unfortunately, I have the world’s most difficult witch on my neck right now.
You are the only person who can help me with ideas on what to do, so I am patiently waiting for you. I responded unhappily.
That is no problem at all bro, consider your problems solved in a week’s time. He responded and hanged up.

That is no problem at all bro, consider your problems solved in a week’s time. He responded and hanged up.
Days passed into weeks and Frimpong finally arrived in the country.
I couldn’t believe my eyes on how handsome Frimpong had grown up to be.
We went out the eve after his arrival to have fun.
You are looking incredibly good Frimpong. I can see goodness written all over you. I complimented.
You ain’t looking bad yourself Meshac. Just look at you, your complexion, your masculine self and your dark shiny beard. Frimpong complimented back.
Cut the joke Frimpong, why are you complimenting me like a woman. I playfully responded.
We both laughed over it and began catching up with the old times.
Talk to me Mesh, tell me everything I need to know.
Whathappened to your faith? How is Pastor Otu taking it? How you managed to jilt your illiterate Esi and the new devil you talked about the last time we spoke. Frimpong inquired.
Hmmmm my brother, I have gone through a lot lately.
You know Pastor Otu is my biological brother, and he is ready to sacrifice his life to ensure my happiness. I bragged.
Pastor Otu suggested I travel to the states to further my education after my first degree but I turned him down.
He got so angry with me and threatened to disown me as his brother. That was the beginning of our separation.
After weeks of misunderstanding, he went ahead to marry a prostitute. I narrated in lies.
Mesh, this your story is a bit surprising. You’ve always yearned to travel oversees, so why did you turn the offer down when it came? Frimpong asked.
Frimpong, not anymore. I want to stay in this country and make something meaningful out of my life. I don’t fancy traveling any longer. I lied.
Well, that is your life, and the decisions you make are solely yours, but may I know how you got to know that your brother’s newly married wife is a prostitute? He asked.
Frimpong, I caught the woman red handed with my brother’s security guard having s-x. And when I threatened to expose them, they rather framed me up and my brother believed them. I explained.
What! Your own brother chose strangers over you? Mesh, are you sure Pastor Otu is your Blood brother? Frimpong exclaimed in shock.
Frimps, have I ever lied to you before? He is my blood brother for real. I lied.
So how come you left the house? Did he throw you out? He asked.
Can he try that nonsense? I rather packed out of the house in anger and he doesn’t even know where I am right now to come and apologize. I bragged.
Anyway, everything happens for a reason and I know, God has a reason for allowing all these happen.
Look at you now, you have a job that feeds you, so what else? Frimpong rhetorically asked.
Now tell me, who is this new witch of a lady pestering your life? He asked.
I narrated how I jilted Esi through her sister Aba, and how Aba has turned out to be a torn in my flesh.
Meshac! This is serious! You went overboard. How can you jilt a humble devil for an aggressive one? Are you mad? Frimpong responded unhappily.
I know I have messed up Frimps, but I did that to make things easier. I explained.
No Meshac, this is the most easiest complicated thing you’ve ever done. Sounds ironical right? But that is the truth. It won’t be easy dealing with such a tough illiterate. Frimpong responded.
My brother, you need to help me. Please help me to save my life. I pleaded.
Most definitely I will help you. I will think of something tomorrow, so let’s meet in my house in the afternoon. He stated.
Thanks bro, thanks a lot. I responded happily.
Anyway, where is your fiancee? I thought you would come with her for at least an introduction. I asked.
Sorry Mesh, she is so tired and pleaded to rest.
The introduction will be tomorrow when you come to the house.
We talked and drank till late in the night when I went home.

We talked and drank till late in the night when I went home.
I knocked on the door severally but Aba refused to open the door.
Meshac, go back to where you are coming from. You and I cannot sleep together in this room tonight. She responded from the bedroom.
Aba please open the door and let me explain things to you. I pleaded.
She ignored my plea. I had no option than to sleep behind the door till morning.
I was still deeply asleep when I felt someone pouring something on me.
I quickly woke up with a loud scream.
What is that? Aba, what have you poured on me? I asked in fear.
Smell it for yourself Meshac. She responded and walked out on me into the room.
Jeeeezzzz! So Aba has the guts to pour urine on me? I won’t take this, never! I walked into the room in anger and pounced on Aba.
She struggled with me and turned me down on the floor.
At a point, I thought 100 tigers had pounced on me.
Aba gave me the perfect beatings of my life. I laid down on the floor in pain.
Meshac, what were you thinking? That you can beat me? You must be kidding!
Today is your initiation day into the world of boxing, so I have spared you.
The next time you try that nonsense, you will swim in faeces. She bushily threatened.
Aba, I only decided to romantically handle you, if not, you wouldn’t be here bragging. I shamefully responded.
No wonder this lady raggy talks. She is a village girl with village strength. I thought.
I managed to walk into the bathroom to bath and step out since I was on annual leave from work.
When I finished and was stepping out, Aba confronted me.
Meshac, where do you think you are going to? She asked.
Aba, I think I am having an internal bleeding so I am going to the hospital. I responded.
Mesh I am sorry for any pain I have just caused you, please forgive me. She calmly and shamefully apologised.
Because of the love I have for you Aba, I hold nothing against you. I forgave you before you thought of apologizing. I responded in pretence.
Thanks my love. Please go to the hospital and come. I will be here waiting. She responded.
I walked out and headed to Frimpong’s house.
Even though we agreed on an afternoon visit, I had to break the agreement because I was desperate to get Aba off my shoulders.
When I got to the house, I saw a beautiful sexy lady, brown in complexion, long legged, pointed nose, silky hair and bright round eyeballs in the sitting room watching news on the television.
I could neither talk nor move. I stood motionlessly staring at her from head to toe.
Gentleman who are you? And what do you want here? She asked with a smooth banana voice.
Her voice was as smooth as a tomato puree, no lumps, no nothing.
Hello, am I talking to someone? Please whom are you looking for? She asked again.
She sounded as if she was singing a cool music. Treble tone and slurring on point.
Meshac my brother, what is happening? Frimpong interrupted my view from upstairs.
Eeerrmmm Frimpong, forgive me, I left my teeth in the house and that is what I am thinking about. I responded confusedly.
Your teeth? Meshac are you alright? He asked and hurriedly descended from the stairs.
Sorry Frimps, I mean my legs. I didn’t even know what I was saying. I corrected my error with a graduated error.
Mesh please have a seat. You are too confused to be standing still. Frimpong said and helped me to sit down.
Meshac, we agreed on meeting in the afternoon, but here you are this early.
Aside that, your incoherent speech is also a clear evident that, everything is not alright with you. Talk to me, what is it? He inquired.
Quickly, I bowed down my head in crocodile tears to cover my shame.
Meshac please stop it. Don’t embarrass yourself before my fiancee. Frimpong whispered in consolation.
Hurriedly, the lady came to sit closer to me.
Meshac please talk to us, what is eating you up?
I have heard a lot about you, and the first time I am meeting you, you are in tears. What is it? She asked and placed her hand on my shoulder.
Take me away heaven! Is this someone’s palm or a newly born baby’s buttocks.
So soft like a government loan. God, I wish this moment never ends. I thought.
I intensified my cry to get more attention from her.
Immediately, I gave out the loud cry, she stood up.
This is not happening! D--n, I can’t stand this. She slanged and run upstairs into her room.
F--k! I have spoilt the game. I thought in disappointment and quickly cut the nonsense tears.
Meshac, did you have to do this in front of my fiancee? What at all is it that you cannot control? Frimpong asked unhappily.
Forgive me Frimpong. I have messed up. Will your fiancee ever forgive me? I asked worriedly.
Forget about my fiancee and let’s talk. What is bothering you? He dismissed my question with a question.

Forget about my fiancee and let’s talk. What is bothering you? He dismissed my question with a question.
Frimpong, you can’t believe how merciless Aba has beaten me. I narrated.
Beaten you? Meshac, what at all have you gotten yourself into?
What kind of tigress is she? Frimpong responded angrily.
Frimpong please help me ooo help me. My life is in total mess. I pleaded in tears.
Frimpong and I planned on how to deal with Aba.
I got home that evening in relief. Even though Aba was my headache, Frimpong’s fiancee Shantel Jackson became my stomach ache.
I began to crush so hard on her. Days passed and I could neither eat nor sleep.
One day, I went to the city’s lover’s park to have a quiet time. Whiles sitting down with my head down, I felt someone hugging me from behind.
I quickly turned and it was Shantel, Frimpong’s fiancee.
Hello Shants, where is Frimpong? I asked.
Mesh, Frimpong has traveled to his village and I decided to come and have a quiet time here. She responded.
Meshac, there is something I want to tell you. Ever since I saw you, I have never been able to sleep. Your eyes pierce my heart so deep.
Your body is like a mirror I see myself through.
Mesh I have fallen head over heels in love with you. She whispered seductively.
I hurriedly stood up from the chair in happiness and began kissing her.
Just then, I felt a heavy slap on my face and quickly I woke up.
Meshac what is wrong with you? Why are you chewing my hair? Aba yelled angrily.
God, so I was dreaming all these while? I thought.
Meshac, I am asking you a question. What in God’s name is wrong with you?
Last night, you bit my cheeks whiles sleeping, and today, it is my hair. What is wrong with you? She asked again.
Aba please forgive me. I was dreaming. I responded in disappointment.
What kind of dream will push you to chew my hair? Talk to me. She asked.
I dreamt that, you and I were getting married, and out of ecstasy, I was chewing all the meat that was served at the ceremony. I lied to avoid her wrath.
Wow! I can’t believe this. Meshac, if it is about our marriage, then go back to sleep and dream some more. In fact chew my entire body whiles dreaming. I simply can’t wait for that day when you will put your ring on my finger. Aba responded happily.
Look at her boxing face and thighs. Her farming palms and football calves. Marry you? You think I am stupid. I thought in insults and went back to sleep.
The next morning, Frimpong visited.
I introduced Aba to him quickly to start the action.
Aba, meet my b---m friend Frimpong. He just returned from the States. He is so rich, and as you can see, very handsome.
Can you believe that, he is single, and all the women in this city are dying to have him? I narrated.
I can see he is very handsome. He looks rich as well. Any woman who will marry him is lucky. Aba responded happily.
Look at that village fool! No civilised woman will compliment her fiance’s friend like this. I thought angrily but acted calm to make things work.
Hours later, I informed Frimpong that I was going to buy something at the road side.
Frimps, let me get some drinks at the road side and come. I informed and walked out.
I stay a bit longer till I felt a good result was waiting for me.
Immediately I got back home, Frimpong asked permission to leave and I escorted him to his car.
Frimps how far? Anything positive? I asked.
Yes Meshac, she looks tough but very weak.
I started by complimenting her looks, and she seemed to be loving it, so I asked when she will be free to visit me, and she said she will first of all have to inform you.
In order to make things look real, I obliged. Frimpong narrated.
Thankfully, we are making progress. Thanks my brother from another sperm. I responded happily.
So what next? I asked with excitement.
In case she asks permission from you, grant her with immediate effect.
Schedule a fake traveling day and communicate it to her. That will be the day I will come to your house to finish the assignment. Frimpong explained.
What about Shantel, what are you going to tell her? I hope you will not let her inn on this? I asked.
Not at all Mesh, same way you will do to Aba, I will also tell her I am traveling to the village. Frimpong added.
Wow! This one stone must kill two birds.
I must eject the end, and embrace a beginning. I thought.

Wow! This one stone must kill two birds. I must eject the end, and embrace a beginning. I thought.
Two days later, Frimpong invited me out for a final agreement on the plan.
Meshac, I am not so happy seeing you this way. You are gradually loosing weight and I believe it is about Aba. He said.
No Frimps! I screamed.
No? What do you mean by no? He asked.
I mean yes! Aba is gradually taking away my happiness. I lied.
Frimpong, I wish you could understand how I feel towards Shantel. I wish I could tell you to leave her for me. I thought quickly.
Meshac, please stop thinking and bring your mind here. He interrupted.
I have already informed Shantel that, I will be travelling to the village in two days time, so quickly do same to Aba when you get home.
Everything will soon be fine, and Aba will be off your shoulders. He assured.
I did exactly as he said.
Two days later, I packed up my things and embarked on my fake journey.
I called Frimpong to confirm whether he has also left home.
I will leave home in an hour’s time. Do well to bump into us within two hours.
Meshac, please don’t be late. I can’t lay naked with her for a long time. Besides, like we agreed on, I ain’t going to have s-x with her. He explained.
Alright my brother, I will do as you say. I responded.
Mesh, before you hang up, I want you to know that I am doing this for the love I have for you as a brother. This must stay between us. Frimpong added and hanged up.
In an hour and half time, I hurried to Frimpong’s house in a very sad mood.
Meshac, welcome home, but your friend has traveled. Didn’t he inform you? Shantel asked immediately I got into the house.
Suddenly, I broke down in tears.
Meshac, what is it again? Why these tears again? She sexily asked.
Shantel, I thought Frimpong was my friend, but he has deeply pierced my heart. I responded sadly.
What are you saying Meshac? I know the two of you to be long time friends, so what are you saying? Shantel asked confusedly.
Shantel, I never knew all the problems I have been facing in my relationship is as a result of Frimpong.
You can’t believe it if I tell you Frimpong is having an affair with my fiancee. I narrated.
God forbid Meshac! What the hell are you talking about? Frimpong is my fiance and he has never shown any sign of infidelity since we started this relationship.
Besides, we will be getting married in two months time, so why would he do that? Shantel responded almost in tears.
Wow! This is a timely intervention. If I had not done this, Frimpong would have married my future wife Shantel. I thought quickly.
Shantel, I was in doubts when I heard this news from my neighbors for the first time, until I began monitoring Frimpong’s movements. That was when I confirmed my suspicions. I narrated.
As I speak to you now, Frimpong is in my house making love to my fiancee.
I lied to my fiancee that I was traveling, I as well informed Frimpong too, and quickly, he drove into my house when I was still hiding in the compound. I narrated further.
Shantel, I know you don’t believe me, but please, in order to know the kind of man you are about to get married to, I want you to follow me to my house to see things for yourself. I suggested.
Sure Meshac, let me change into something better and come. She responded almost in anger and run upstairs.
I can’t wait. I just can’t wait for Shantel to see Frimpong laying naked beside Aba.
This is my only chance to separate them to have my way with her. I thought.
The crush is too much to bear. I can’t live without Shantel, I just can’t. I thought further.

To be continued…


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