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CRUSH TO CRASH 2 Episode 11-14

Eeeeeeiii Meshac, will I ever get out of trouble? I thought sadly as I laid down on my bed.
Seconds later, I had a call from Esi.
Meshac, are you OK? Kukua said she saw some people forcing your naked self into a taxi few minutes back but the car sped off before she got there. She narrated.
Esi, how many times have I not warned you to greet before you start talking on phone? I asked dismissively.
Meshac cut the pretence and answer my question. She responded.
Esi, I don’t know why you would believe anything anybody tells you. I was sleeping when you called, I will call back when I wake up. I responded and hanged up.
I’ve had enough for today and I don’t need any nonsense talk from anybody. I thought angrily.
Days later, news circulated on campus and it’s environs how I was humiliated by the female lecturer.
The Christian fellowship rigged me off my position.
People began gossiping about me. I was so ashamed of even going out.
Almost every one was disappointed in me.
The lecturer indeed disgraced me.
I sat for my last papers for the semester and left the campus in shame.
The next day after I got home, Esi didn’t go to work.
Esi, I hope I am not the reason why you didn’t go to work. I asked.
No Meshac, I am waiting for daddy Joshua. She responded.
Daddy what? Esi, do you still sleep with this man? I asked unhappily.
But Meshac, I thought you said I should sleep with him for money. She responded.
The cheek of it Esi!
I only told you to sleep with him for my fees, and I have completed school, so why are you still sleeping with him? I yelled.
Meshac please tone down, I can hear his footsteps.
Esi, is that how you are? Was this the agreement? I whispered in displeasure.
Sssshhhh Meshac, just hide. We will talk later after he is gone.
If you don’t hide, he will eject all of us from this room, and we will have no option than to sleep on the streets. She whispered back.
I hurriedly hid behind the chair and she covered me with a bed sheet.
Immediately the man entered the room, he sat on the chair and lifted Esi onto his laps.
Baby, why have you starved me this much? The man asked.
Daddy, you are the one who starved me. You were actually the one who traveled. Esi responded.
Forgive me my little princess, I attended a church convention with my friend Pastor Otu, but I am fully back to continue from where we stopped.
Let’s make it snappy before my wife gets to the shop. The man responded hastily.
Alright daddy, but let’s go to the bed. Esi suggested.
No Esi, since it is a quick one, let’s do it right here. In fact, let’s change our style. The man insisted.
Daddy, this chair is weak and capable of breaking. You promised buying me a new one, but you haven’t. Let’s go to the bed, we will do it later when the new chair is ready. Esi insisted but the man resisted.
While the two of them were struggling, the chair got broken and they both fell heavily on me.
I screamed so loud in pain.
Ajeeeeeeiiiii! You’ve broken my back bone Esi.
The man stood up in fright.
Esi, who is that? Who? He asked.
Daddy please I’m sorry. He is my brother. Esi lied.
I stood up from my hideout in pain.
Esi, you are lying to me. Why would you make love with me in your brother’s presence? The man asked.
And wait a minute, is this not Pastor Otu’s boy? The one who nearly raped Pastor Otu’s newly married wife? Yes I remember, this is your so called boyfriend. The man added angrily.
Yes daddy, this is me! What can you do about that? The two of us who should be angry? You are rather sleeping with my fiancee, yet, you have the balls to get angry. I yelled on top of my voice.
Esi, is this how best you can pay me back for all the good things I have done for you?
You told me just last week that, you have broken up with this loose penis of a boy, not knowing you lied. The man spoke unhappily to Esi.
I’m sorry daddy, please forgive me. Esi pleaded on her knees.
I have nothing to tell you Esi, but from this minute, you and your siblings are fired from my shop. I don’t ever want to see you there again, if you do, I will call the police on you. He threatened.
One more thing, pack your belongings and move out of this room. I give you today and tomorrow. He added and walked out on us.
Meshac, you are indeed a bad luck! You see what you’ve caused? Esi insulted angrily.

Meshac, you are indeed a bad luck! You see what you’ve caused? Esi insulted angrily.
An hour later, her siblings returned from the shop.
Esi, what the hell did you do to Daddy Joshua to warrant our sacking? Aba fumed in anger.
Aba please calm down.
Mr Joshua came here to visit me, and when he came he tried to rape me. Esi lied to save me from Aba’s wrath.
Where was Meshac when that was happening? Esi, I don’t trust you anymore. Aba stated.
Aba please, I was not home when the incident happened.
I came back from town not long ago. I lied.
But Aba, what reason did the man give you before sacking you? I inquired.
He said my sister has insulted his personality and that, he can no longer work with us. He also said we should move out of this room. Aba narrated.
This is too bad, but I don’t think your sister is at fault. I responded.
She is Meshac! If my sister can sleep with you, why can’t she sleep with daddy Joshua?
What benefit is she getting from this cursed relationship? What? Aba angrily responded.
Later in the evening when things were calm, the three sisters contributed money and went out to search for another accommodation.
Fortunately, they secured one the next day and we packed out.
Esi was jobless, but Aba and Kukua struggled to get a sales attendance job to manage the home whiles I kept writing various applications to various companies seeking for employment.
One afternoon, I was in the room with Esi having fun talks as lovers.
Esi, a lot has happened to us in this relationship, but thank God, we’ve been able to overcome them. I promise never to betray you. I stated happily.
Meshac, I am glad I did all those things for the man I love.
It might look as if I am mad, but truth be told, no one falls in love with a sound conscience. Anybody in love is mad. She responded playfully.
Months later, I was called for a job interview.
Fortunately, I was employed as an accounts officer in a cashew processing company.
Esi and her siblings were so happy for me when I started working.
Meshac, don’t ever forget that, this family has sacrificed our happiness to make you who you are today. If you ever think of betraying us, I will curse you with the gods of our land. Aba threatened.
Indeed, illiteracy is madness. The only thing Aba knows about is cursing anyone who offends her. What kind of family at all have I gotten myself into? I thought.
Months after my employment, I had a call from Frimpong, my university friend.
Hello Meshac, I miss you more than more. I will be coming home next three months. He happily announced.
Wow my good friend, I can’t wait to meet you.
Fortunately, I have a job now, so I can spoil you a bit when you come. I responded happily.
Meshac, are you still with that illiterate fiancee of yours? He asked.
Why the insults my brother? What has Esi done to offend you. My mood quickly changed.
Meshac, Esi has never been to any school, so calling her an illiterate is a description, not an insult.
If you think the word illiterate is insulting, why then do you entangle yourself with it? That means that, you are insulting your own self for dating an illiterate. He explained.
Back at school, I had wanted to advise you, but I lacked the courage to do that.
You are matured now, and you must know better. He added and hanged up.
This is the second time someone is telling me to jilt Esi, but how do I do that with Aba who is always talking about curses? I thought confusedly.

This is the second time someone is telling me to jilt Esi, but how do I do that with Aba who is always talking about curses? I thought confusedly.
I must take a decision that will help distance myself from Esi and her family for good.
The next day after I closed from work, I gathered Esi and her sisters in conversation.
Esi, Aba, Kukua. There is something I want to discuss with you guys. I started.
You guys have done so well for accommodating me to this level. I have a job now, and as such, have earned enough money to rent an apartment of my own. I therefore want to ask permission from you to move out of here. I explained.
It’s a lie Meshac! Now that you have a job, what is the guarantee that you are going to marry my sister after you’ve moved out of here? Aba screamed.
Aba please, you should understand me. Even if I marry your sister, we all can’t stay in this single room. I explained.
Fine! Then, you must marry my sister first. Aba responded.
God, this is so difficult. How do I convince this Aba girl? She seem to be sensible than her sister. I thought.
Aba, if you don’t want me to move out, I have heard you. I responded unhappily.
Meshac, please answer my sister’s question, when are you marrying Esi? Kukua asked.
Kukua, that is between your sister and I. We will communicate to you after we’ve finalized the date. I responded.
The next day, after Aba and Kukua had left to work, Esi confronted me.
Meshac, you have a job now, so when are we getting married? She asked.
Esi please, don’t spoil my mood. Am I the one to propose to you or the other way round? I asked almost in anger.
Meshac, what proposal are you talking about? You proposed to me way back in the village and I accepted, so what else? She sadly asked.
Esi, you are simply an illiterate! What we were doing wasn’t marriage proposal. It was simply courting. I responded harshly.
Meshac, what am I sensing? Am I sensing that you don’t want to marry me? She asked.
And what if I say yes? What can you do?
Esi, you can’t force me to marry you, never! I responded angrily.
Instantly, Esi broke down in tears.
Meshac please don’t do this to me. I have suffered too much for this relationship. Please have mercy on me. Esi pleaded in tears.
What extraordinary thing have you done for this relationship Esi? Apart from cheaply sleeping with that old man, what else?
Even that one, you enjoyed it more than the reason why we signed the contract. I stated harshly.
Meshac, I poisoned my parents because of you.
I poisoned them to death because I wanted to sell their land to see you through school. Meshac, that is how far I went for this relationship. Esi confessed in tears.
Blood of Jesus! Esi, so you were the one behind the death of your parents? What a world! I screamed.
Esi, I can’t marry a murderer like you. I will inform your siblings about this. I added.
Meshac, Aba won’t believe you. And if you dare try to break up with me, she will curse you to death.
Meshac, I love you too much to watch you die. Esi responded calmly.
God of Israel, I still can’t believe my ears. Eeeeeeeeiiiiii Esi! How could you? How? I screamed some more.
Meshac please tone down. I did all that for you. She pleaded in tears.
I was so shocked to the bone, but what can I do? Her siblings might not believe me if I tell them. I must act smartly. I must deal with Aba in order to have a reason to break up with Esi. I thought.
I began acting cold towards Esi.
One Sunday, when Esi and Kukua had left for church, I decided to talk to Aba.
Aba, what is your secret? You keep glowing each passing day. I complimented.
Thanks Meshac, you also look handsome. She complimented back.
Bingo! This is it! This plan must work at all cost. I thought smartly.

Bingo! This is it! This plan must work at all cost. I thought smartly.
Aba, are you sure I look handsome? This is the first time someone is telling me this. I stated.
I can’t believe this Meshac! You mean my sister never told you? She asked.
Never dear. Do you now see the reason why I most times quarrel with your sister? I rhetorically asked.
Pardon her Meshac, you and I know how timid my sister is. She responded.
But on a more serious note Aba, if I had seen you earlier back in the village, I wouldn’t have proposed to Esi.
You are more beautiful, intelligent and sexy. I complimented.
Meshac, what has come over you? Stop it! You are making me blush too much. She shyly responded.
Move to stage two Meshac, your game plan is almost successful. A voice told me.
I gently stood up and walked towards her in the chair.
I held her onto her feet and gave her the most deepest gaze ever.
In a low confused voice, she asked. Mesh what is happening? Why are you making me feel this uncomfortable?
Aba, if beauty is human, then it’s you.
If USA is human, then it’s you because you are beautifully organized.
If heaven is human, then it is you because you are perfectly created.
If “superbet” is human, then it is you because you are a gift without labour.
I can go on and on, but all I want to tell you is that, my heart finds peace in your presence.
My d--k finds erection in the thought of your nakedness.
My lips fancies kissing with a look at your lips.
Aba, I know you are a virgin, but let me proudly take it away to ease your burden.
I know you are strong hearted, but let me melt it with a single penetration.
When you were not created, the earth was chaos.
When you were not created, there were no beauty.
When you were not created, nothing was perfect.
Be my wife Aba. Be my life.
Kiss my mouth Aba, fill my life. I whispered softly into her ears.
Her eyes were tightly closed and her ears widely opened.
Slowly, I began kissing her. We kissed for several minutes.
Slowly and gently, I pushed her on the bed.
She began to moan like a h---y cat.
I knelt in between her legs and started giving her painful sweet bites on her neck.
Mmmmmm Meshac, please stop! Aaaaahhh stop! She groaned.
Come on sexy, there is no “stop” with the prefix “aaaaaahhhh”. Allow heaven to visit you today. Receive your breakthrough. Come out our of your virginity burthen. I whispered as I slowly slid her pants to one side.
I inserted my middle finger into her slippery h---y p---y. I fingered her so deep until I could hear my c--k yelling at me.
F--k her Meshac! What are you waiting for.
Quickly, I unzipped my trouser and brought out my well toned fair c--k and gave her the craziest penetration ever.
I thrusted slowly until her thighs began to jerk.
I increased my speed and f----d the village attitude out of her.
I f----d her with anger and happiness at the same time. It was a sweet revenge.
After half an hour of my aphrodisiac like f-----g, I ejaculated.
There was so much blood oozing from her innocent v----a.
I picked a towel and wiped her till she was clean.
Meshac, you are so blessed. Most p---y hunters have never seen virginity before, talk of breaking them. And here you are unlocking them with ease. I thought.
First, I unlocked Esi’s code, and now, Aba’s. I happily thought.
Mesh, what have we done? Why did you have to do this? Aba asked unhappily.
We have just uprooted cassava. Foolish girl!
Women strategy, they always pretend as if they just resurrected from coma and ask unnecessary questions after s-x, simply to shift blames. I thought with insults.
Mesh are you with me? Why did we make love? You are supposed to be my sister’s husband to be. She interrupted.
I know Aba, and you are also supposed to be your sister’s guardian angel.
The truth is that, the feeling is too strong to focus our attention on Esi. I want to marry you, I want to create a special heaven for you.
Aba listen to me, let’s show to the world that, true love exists. Who is Esi? What can she do? We will fight her with all our strength just to make our union possible. I convinced.
Alright Meshac, I have heard everything you’ve just said, and I’m ready to dance to the tune of my heart.
I can’t believe finally, I am having a man of my own. I mean, a handsome man for that matter. She responded happily.
Days passed and we both began giving Esi attitude.
Aba and I would go out and come home late in the night.
We made love in various hotels.
One late evening, after we returned from our usual outing, Esi confronted us.

To be continued…


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