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COLD HEARTED Episode 23-24

I can't believe what am seeing. But it's true she's living with them. I have to find out why she's living here with noah. "Ok. I'll take my leave ma."I said. "Ok. My regards to your mum"she said. I looked at noah one more time before walking towards my car.
Ellie's POV
I left them walking back to our room. I got to our room and stood by the door feeling nervous. "Why's she here? I think my heart was about to fall out back there."I said. I peeped through the window and found out she left already. I took a deep breath and fell on the bed. Mum walks in holding a basket. She drops it on the table and came sitting beside me. I wanted to tell her about the message I received yesterday, but I think it's not necessary since the person's line didn't go through when I called. I don't want anything to bother her on that again.
"You said you want to tell me something"mum said looking at me. "Oh yes"I replied not knowing what to say. So I quickly changed it to another thing. "I want to talk about us still staying here. Mum don't you think we should leave already. You saved enough for us to leave. Let's get another apartment somewhere so we can live alone"I said hoping she'll welcome the idea. "Uhm. You're right but did anything happen? Is young master still bothering you?"she asked. "No mum. I just think we should go already. It's not like we are gonna live here forever. We'll eventually go one day"I said looking at her. "I'll find a solution to that soon. Just give me little time to settle our debts. After that, we'll be able to move out"she said. I nodded my head in agreement to that.
During the evening, noah texted me to meet him outside. He told me to wear warm dress. I went out in comfortable cloth and told mum I'll be back. When I got to the compound, I found him waiting by his car. I smiled and walked up to him. "Here I am"I said looking at him. "Ok welcome ma'am"he said with a smile and lead me into the car. He also got in and closed the door.
"Where are you taking me to?"I asked looking at him. "A drive"he said with a smile. "Wow! That's so cool but don't you think it's cold?"I asked. "That was why I asked you wear something warm. Do you call this warm?"he said looking at me. I was putting on a blue T-shirt and black flayed skirt which was only a little above my kneel. I sighed looking at him. "I didn't know you would be taking me on a drive. I thought it would just be a quick meeting and I'll go back inside"I said. "Ok. Will you go and change? I can't let you freeze to death you know"he said looking at me. I pulled the seat belt and fasten it. "Let's go. I can't go back in or I won't come outside again"I said not looking at him. "You're so stubborn don't you"he said looking at me but I said nothing folding my arms together. He started the car and drove towards the gate.
Soon we got to the high way and he opened the roof of his car. As the breeze was blowing in, I feel so refreshed. I stretched out my hand through the window catching the running wind. Noah looked at me and smiled. I smiled too looking out through the window. "The weather's so cool"I said looking at him. "What do you say?"he asked. "I said the weather is cool"I shouted. "Yeah it is"he said smiling.
He stopped at a beach and we both got down. The breeze there was so freezing cold. I now see why he asked to wear something warm. We both stood beside his car looking at the ocean which was a bit far from where we are. I folded my arms rubbing them on my shoulder to feel warm.
"Wow I love the view of the ocean"I said. "Really?"he asked. "Yes. But am always scared of getting in there."i replied. "Why? Is that an allergy?"he asked grinning. "No. Anytime I tried to get in, It made me remembered the scary memory of when I was a kid. We were at the beach that faithful day. I remembered I was playing in the water with other kids who came to the beach too. I heard mum calling me to come out already but i was being stubborn and went deep in the water while others were playing at the shore. I was not scared of the water then because I can swim a little. As I was swimming, I suddenly had leg cramps and was drowning. I tried shouting for help, but the water kept running into my mouth. I was thinking I would die in the water. My ears were blocked and my nose too. I couldn't breath. I started throwing my hand up in the water struggling to get up but I couldn't."as I was talking, noah looks so much interested in it as he was staring at me paying his full attention on it. "Why did you stop? What happened later? Were you saved? By who?"he asked impatiently. "Calm down. If I was not rescued, you won't be seeing me today."I said laughing. "Oh that's true. Am just curious to know"he said.
"Ok. As I was struggling in the water, I suddenly saw an angel with wings and a crown on his head. swimming towards me. He got to me and helped me by taking my arm and swum out of the water with me. What I remembered last was when I opened my eyes by the noises of people calling my name. I saw the boy walking away. "Thank you"I said watching him leave. He looked back at me smiling. He waved his hand and I smiled too. Just then the ambulance arrived. I was taken to the hospital for treatment because my dad was so worried about me getting hurt."I said smiling. "Wow. What a touching story."he said not looking at me. "That means the boy saved your life"he said smiling. "Yes. He did. Everyday, I wish I would meet the boy again but I never did. Even if I do, I don't think I can remember him again. That was 10years ago. He would have grown up handsomely."I said smiling.
"You look like you're gonna leave me for him if you guys have the chance to meet again"he said. "What? That's not it. He actually saved my life so I still owe him a thank you at least. Should I say he was my first love?"
"Your first love? How could you say that so carelessly?"noah said getting jealous. "Why? Are you jealous? You also have your first love. Am not your first love am I?"I asked looking at him. "But you shouldn't say that smiling so brightly"he said. I laughed looking at him. "You're so funny. Should I talk about him crying instead?"I asked. "I didn't say you should cry also. Let's just forget about it"he said. I smiled nodding my head. "Ok sir"I said with a smile. I didn't know he could get jealous too. How cute.
Noah's POV
I remembered that day clearly. She was putting on a green swimming pant. We went for picnic that day. we already left the beach setting to leave but I remembered I left one of my favourite toys at the beach so I quickly went back for it. Then, I was still 10 years old. That was also 10 years ago. Just as I picked it at where I left it and was about leaving, I saw a girl throwing her hand up at me in the water. "Wow she's so pretty"I said thinking she was waving at me. I tried to leave but looked back again. It was then I saw she was drowning and need help. I looked around and saw people didn't notice it. I dropped the toy I was holding and jumped into the water. I swum fast towards her and I took her arm. I was able to take her out to the shore. I tried waking her but she was unconscious. "Hey. Can you hear me? Wake up"I said shaking her body roughly. I knew about the mouth to mouth breath. So I wanted to do it but I hesitated because am afraid to do it. But I did it at last. I covered her nose and placed my lips on hers breathing into her mouth. I tried waking her but she still remain unconscious. It was then I shouted for help. "Help! Someone is hurt"I shouted. Soon, people came to us. A man quickly bent down beside her calling her name. Soon, she coughed out water and I feel relieved. I stood up and decided to leave after I saw her opened her eyes. When I got a bit far from her, I turned back smiling while waving my have at her. She smiled back.
When i first saw ellie back in our compound the other day we met again, she looks so familiar to me but I was not sure then. now that she narrated the story to me, I remembered she was the girl from the beach. She was actually the first girl I kissed while trying to save her.
I remembered all this smiling to myself. Fate really brought us back together. So funny she can't even remember me again.
"Why are you smiling to yourself?"ellie asked looking at me. "Just feeling happy"I replied with a smile. "Are you not cold? The breeze is too much"I said trying to take off my jacket. She smiled looking at me. "What of you? Won't you be cold too?"she asked. "I am cold too. Ok Let's do it this way then"I said and hugged her from behind covering her with the jacket too. "It feels warmer like this"she said smiling. I nodded my head with a smile.
"Ellie I want to ask you for something"I said. "Go on and ask"she replied. "Promise me this. No matter what happen between us in future, you'll never let go of my hand. You'll continue loving me this way."I said. "I promise I will. And I want you to promise the same too"
"I promise I won't do anything to hurt you. I'll always be there by your side no matter what happen"I said. She turned around facing me with a smile. "It's stamped. A promise to be keep forever. She said and locked her fingers with mine smiling brightly. I tilted my head a little and was brushing it against hers smiling. The pretty little girl of then, has grown up so beautifully. I thought to myself smiling.

Ellie's POV
We both went back into the car. I checked the time and it was already past 8pm. "The time runs so fast"I said. "Yes. It always do whenever we're together."noah said smiling. "I think it's time to go back home"he said looking at me. I nodded my head in agreement because I don't want mum to start getting worried about me been late. He started the car and drove towards the exit.
Soon, we got home and he packed at the garage.
Just as we both got down and was about going in, we saw mr Williams and two of his men walking towards us from the other side. Noah quickly pulled me back and we both hide bending down beside the car. The place was a bit dark so, he won't see us that easily. He walked towards his car which was the third car from Noah's own. The place we were hiding in was so tight. Noah had to move so close to me almost hugging me.
I heard the shutting sound of the car door. And it drove out towards the gate. Noah took a deep breath feeling relieved. "He almost caught us"he said smiling. I feel so uncomfortable by the way I was squatting on my kneel. He faced me and we were staring at each other. The space between us was just like an inch closer. After a while, I blinked my eyes and stared off. "Can you move back please my kneels hurt"I said. "Oh sorry."he said and stood up. I also stood up staring at him. It's like he doesn't have anything to say to me again. "I'll be leaving. See you tomorrow"I said and wanted to leave. He pulled my hand back and I was facing him. We started staring at each other again. I feel so hot all of a sudden. His bright charming eyes were boring into mine. Is this a staring match? Why is he not saying anything to me?
I could feel my cheek burning seriously. He moved his hand to my head and stroked my hair back softly. The way he was staring at me was so romantic. He moved his head closer to me and I quickly closed my eyes expecting him to do it. But I felt his hand on my head Instead of him kissing me. I opened my eyes and was staring at him. "Oh my God. Why is your hair so messed up."he said stroking my hair. I was staring at him feeling embarrassed. "Why did you close your eyes? Were you expecting something else?"he asked laughing. I jacked off his hand in annoyance. "W...who's expecting anything? I closed it because am feeling sleepy. Goodnight. See you tomorrow"I said and quickly walk off feeling more embarrassed. "Ellie! Wait I still have something to tell you"he said calling out on me But I didn't look back. my cheeks would be bright red by now because am so fair. I left him and went off to our room. I got in and met mum ironing my school uniform. "Am back"I said and dropped my bag. "Oh why's your face like that? Are you sick?"mum asked looking at me. "Am not. I think it's because of the cold"I said. I went into the bathroom to wash my face. My phone was ringing but I refused to pick it when I saw it was noah. I washed my face and looked at myself in the mirror. "How could you tease me like that? He's such a sexy jerk"I said. "Wait did I just say a sexy jerk? Oh my God! What's wrong with ellie?"I said covering my face. My phone started ringing again and I picked it. "Hello"I said. "Are you mad at me?"he asked. Yes am really mad at him but hate the fact that I was mad at him because he didn't kiss me. How funny of me. "No am not. Why should I be mad?"I asked. "Really? But you left even when I said you should wait"he said. Of course I had to leave. If I had turned back to him then, he would have end up laughing because of my face. "I just left because I feel so sleepy."I said yawning loud.
"Ok. Go to bed. See you tomorrow.". "Ok. Bye"I said and hung up.
At school...
During break, noah and I were sitting beside each other on a bench in the compound holding cup of iced coffee. "Do you remember the day we first met?"he asked. "Of course I do remember so clearly."I replied with a smile. "You were looking so scary then. You were staring at me so strangely that I think I might pee in my pant."i said laughing. He smiled too looking at me. "Really? Was I that scary?"he asked. "But now, anytime I remember those time, I always think am with another person right now. You really changed a lot. I can't believe we could be this close not to talk of dating."i said laughing. "That's fate. We were meant to be right from the start"he said smiling. What does he mean by from the start? "But for me, when we first met, you look so much like someone."
"Who's it? Your friend?"i asked looking curious. "No. Someone I met only once but couldn't get her image away from my head. The girl I had my first kiss with unplanned by me. Someone like that"he said smiling. I sighed feeling jealous. "Really? Do you like her?"i asked. "Yes I do. I really love her a lot"he replied smiling. "Is that why you're smiling so brightly? boasting about how much you love her in my present?. Go to her then"i said feeling jealous. He laughed looking at me. "Really? Should I cry talking about her then?"he said making me remember when I was also talking about the boy that saved me. I also said the same to him. "Are you jealous?"he asked. "Am not. I can't get jealous of her since you guys are not meeting again"i replied. "Am I really not seeing her again? I think am still seeing her everyday. And I'll continue seeing her all I want"he said smiling. He must think this is funny right, but it's not. "How can you tell me you guys are still seeing each other? Who's the girl? Should I teach her a lesson instead, so she can learn to stay away from someone else boyfriend." I said looking at noah who was laughing hard by now. "Is this funny? How could you laugh in this kind of situation? Am not joking you know"i said staring at him. "You're so funny right now ellie. So sorry I couldn't hold it in but laugh"he said laughing again. "Will you stop laughing or I hit you?"i said raising my hand at him but he Dodged it holding my hand. "Ellie can get jealous too? how cute. The more I look at it, I think you're more pretty than her only when you're jealous like this"he said and winked his eye. I removed my hand and hit him by his shoulder before he could Dodge it."who said am jealous? Am not. I don't want you guys to see each other again that's all."I said folding my arms. "Hey guys"a voice said from behind and we both looked back to see David coming towards us. "Hy David"i said smiling. "Hy how are you ellie"he replied. "Looks like you guys are having fun"he said smiling. "I'll take my leave. I need to get something from class"i said excusing myself. "Ok. See you later"noah said and I left. I was heading to class thinking about the girl noah was talking about earlier. "Who's the girl? She must be his first love if am right. Did he really had his first kiss with her? Is she really more prettier than i? But he doesn't have to talk about her to me smiling that way. So annoying"I said heading to class.
As I almost got there, I met those annoying girls standing in my way.
I wonder what they want this time around. I folded my arms expecting whatever they have to say.

To be continued..


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