Sunday, 24 June 2018


Two days after the birthday party, I made up my mind to call Natasha, but I wasn't sure of what to say to her, I was just laying on my bed, contemplating while checking on my wrist watch.
at exactly 6:30pm, I dialed the number and she answered on the first ring
"whoever you are, you are lucky to be my first caller for the night, so make a wish" she said laughing
"you are sounding more like a radio presenter" I said
"yea, am aspiring for that job, and your voice sounds familiar"
"its Kryz"
"oh Kryz, how you doing?"
"am fine, can I make my wish now?"
"ughmm....since it's you, no wish for you"
"that's cheating"
"its no cheating because I know what you will wish for"
"allow me make my wish and I will surprise you, because it's not close to what you have in mind"
"so what are you gonna wish for? "
"just a lunch with you tomorrow , anywhere, anytime of your choice"
"was that really what you wanted to wish for?"
"not close, but I'll settle with it for now"
"okay, deal, I will grant your wish tomorrow"
"so how is tomorrow gonna be like" I said to keep the conversation going
"my last photo sessions is by three, so I'll be at your place before four pm"
"so where would you like US to go tomorrow? "
"nowhere, we are having lunch at your place, and you are doing the cooking, Nicky told me that you can cook very well"
"yea, she's correct" I boasted
"you'll prove it to me tomorrow"
"it'll be my pleasure"
"can you do me a favour?" she said sharply
"anything" I replied
"can you drop your call?, a client is calling"
"as you wish"
"thanks, I'll see you tomorrow" she said and ended the call and I felt a little bit of happiness inside my stomach.
I logged in to my Facebook account and the first post I saw on my Newsfeed was from the craziest girl on my list, the post read: 'when a playboy finally falls in love, he will definitely fall for that single lady that will shoe him what it really meant to play with people's hearts' .
seriously I felt like the post was referring to me, because immediately I felt like that was what Natasha was up to, anyway it was too early to conclude on that, I kept following the post, reading crazy and tormenting comments from especially ladies who have in one way or the other being played by guys.
just then Nicky called
"hello pretty" I said as I answered the call
"what's up, so you don't remember to call and check on me, but you can remember and call Tasha"
"are you jealous"
"kind of"
"you don't need to be, girlfriends come and go but besties stick together forever"
"stop giving yourself hopes, she's not your girlfriend, I've not heard from you for like two days now. so I was thinking you might have drank cyanide"
"what's cyanide"
"why would I wanna drink that? " I asked laughing
"because that's what people who feels rejected drinks and last time I checked...."
"that's rude of you" I said to cut her short
"you should be used to the rude side of me by now"
"not like am complaining though. ..guess what?"
"Tasha is coming over to your place for lunch tomorrow"
"how did you know" I was very confused
"I was with her when you called"
"that's to say, you wanna tell me something about tomorrow right? "
"am all ears then"
"Tasha is a very crazy person and she's good at raising people's hopes high, you are like my elder brother so am advising you no to allow her do that to you"
"can you elaborate on what you are trying to say?" I asked sitting up
"don't let her play with your heart that's what am trying to say"
I kept silence as the sentence 'don't let het play with your heart' reminded me of the post in Facebook, I didn't know what else to say to Nicky "hey,are you still there? " she said
"yea" I said with a cracky voice
"don't let het visit tomorrow deceive you, I know you and how you think, and comport yourself too"
"will you come with her tomorrow? "
"nope, enjoy your date, take care" she ended the call.

how on earth could she play with my heart. I was confused and that was fear of the unknown taking dominion. I managed to make my self noodles as dinner, I was eating and still thinking about Nicky's advice, what started off as a good news Is now a nightmare, before I slept off I made a short prayer to God, it's been a while since I knelt down to pray but tonight I had the urge to do it and I didn't argue, as I knelt down the only prayer that came to my mind was : 'Dear Lord, I don't know if what I feel for Natasha is love, but I know it'd definitely something close to it, please don't let her play with my heart ' I doubt if God really paid attention to that prayer
*+*** *+*** *+***
The next day was slow and boring, it's been like ages since I woke up and the time was still 10:08 am, I've already cleaned the whole house, put everything in order especially in the kitchen, I took time in cleaning the whole tiles both wall and floor.
at 10:25am I decided to step outside and get some fresh air, as I got outside, Loveth was in front of her apartment discussing with a friend, she came to meet me as she saw me
"good morning, you didn't go to work today?" I wanted to reply her with 'have you seen me going to work before?' but I said
"I go to work anytime I feel like"
"big man" she said jokingly "so where you going to now"
"nowhere actually, just felt like stretching my legs"
"can I come with you? "
"how about your friend"
"she can come along, if she feel like'"
"ok. that's not a problem" I said as she signaled her friend and she stood up and followed us as we gently walked around the estate. it was unlike me not to have noticed how sexy Loveth was looking in the short gown she was wearing, seriously change was a good thing. as we got to the estate gate. the security engaged me in a conversation
"oga, good morning, you dry around at all? "
"morning, I've been around, anything? "
"E don try na, person no dry see you eye, or hear from you"
"yea, I've been busy" I said and moved on to avoid further questions, normally before now, I used to be the last person to enter the gate every night plus I normally call the security whenever I was expecting a guest so i knew exactly where he was driving at.
Outside the estate, the music from the speakers of a CD shop caught my attention, he was playing a very cool mixtape comprising of romantic blues, I led the way to the shop and Loveth and her friend followed, Loveth was surprised when she heard me requesting for the exact CD that was playing
"when did you start enjoying blues" she asked
"ever since you told me I was disturbing the estate with my rap songs" I lied, I was actually buying the CD because of the visitor I was expecting by four
"that's not what I meant" she argued
"I understand, don't bother explaining"
I bought the CD and two extra of its kind and we continued our strolling till my phone beeped, I checked, it was a text from Tasha it read: 'Don't cook until I come, I will enjoy to watch you cook' I smiled. then turned to Loveth and asked her
"if you want to cook to impress someone, what would you cook"
"as in a guy cooking to impress a guy or a girl?"
"to impress a girl of course"
"cook oha soup. that's if you will know how to" she said callously
"cook something she wouldn't expect" Loveth's friend said "something you don't cook or eat always"
"something like what exactly? " I asked as I picked interest
"I don't know. anything you know you can cook in a very special way"
Just then 'spaghetti' got into my head, there's this pattern of cooking spaghetti I Learnt from a Chinese friend "I have an idea" I said raising a finger up "lets go shopping"
I led them to a nearby food Mart, where we bought green beans, green peppers, pumpkin leaves and some fresh tomatoes. I had spaghetti at home, I didn't tell them what I had in mind all through the shopping and they couldn't figure it out because I didn't buy the major ingredients.
"so you are expecting a girl" Loveth asked as we left the food Mart
"uh-huh" I replied
"when? "
"today, this evening"
"your girlfriend? "
"I wish"
"you wish?, what's there to wish, why not tell her how u feel than to be wishing and daydreaming"
"maybe you should come and help me do that when she comes"
"when is she coming? "
"lets say four pm"
"I'll come but if she's not pretty, then I won't tell her anything" she joked and we all laughed as we headed back to the estate.

To be continued


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