Sunday, 24 June 2018


Nicky actually kept to her words. she invited me over to a birthday party a week later.
While, seriously I'd been thinking about Natasha like everyday, not the way I used to think about ladies before.....before now if I said I was thinking about a girl, I meant thinking about how her boobs will be jumping up and down if we were b@nging.
but this time I just kept having natural thoughts of Natasha nothing more, it seemed I was really sticking to my new resolutions or was it love??, I've be hearing people talk about love and how it drives people crazy, bit, I've never really had a taste of that.
The birthday party was a small get together party, filled with girls-models and dancers and few guys who were also dancers, you could tell from their dressings. all the ladies in the house were extremely pretty and well dressed, first time in my life I ignored admiring pretty girl's, I was just focused on Natasha, she was in charge of foods and drinks, I wasn't even paying attention to the whole event happening in the house, I was just admiring her smiles, her dimples, her steps and her beauty in general, not like she was the prettiest in the house, but I was lost in admiration until someone whispered "lover boy" into my ears, I turned and saw Nicky squatting behind my seat.
"what's your problem" I said smiling
"Tasha said you should stop staring at her like that, you are making her nervous" she whispered
"was I....."
"everyone in this house has already noticed it" she said as she stood up and left me -feeling stupid.
I waited for a good chance to talk to Natasha, for like twenty minutes, then she brought me drink and food.
"can I talk to you for a minute??" I blurted out
"as you can see, am busy with what am doing and..."she said
"don't worry, I will help you from here" Nicky said as she appeared behind me, she knew I'd definitely wanna talk to her, maybe that's why she showed up just when she did.
"thanks" I said and Nicky collected the plate of food from her hand
"you are welcomed" she said and disappeared as I led Natasha outside. once outside before I could say anything she said:
"I believe you have a good explanation for staring at me like that"
"in truth, I didn't even notice that I was over staring"
"well, you were, so what do you wanna talk to me about?"
"seriously, I don't know the right way to put it, but I think you've stolen from me, something very important to me" I blurted out
"how romantic" she said laughing "your speech just reminded me of one Bollywood movie I loved so much"
"am serious here" I said
"ever since that day I first met you, I can't get you off my head"
"sorry mister did you get that line from a James Hardly chase novel, what's the title of that novel again....
"Tasha" I called
"yea! "
"am not joking"
"ok, so what's your point?, that you are in love with me and the thoughts of me drives you crazy and that you will like me to reciprocate your feelings is that it? "
"Exactly" I said shyly
"well, I've heard that more than a hundred times this week in so many more romantic ways than the way you are trying to put it, the truth is am not interested, back in this door" she pointed at the door that led to the party "I don't think am prettier than any of the girls in there. get yourself somebody that you both can share this your feelings and...."
"see am not talking about pretty or personality here, am talking about my heart, it's...."
"Kryz, I don't wanna sound rude o you okay, we can be friends like we already are, but don't bring up love or anything that sounds like it, I don't believe in that fantasy"
"it's not fantasy" I said boldly
"it is, because it only exists in movies and romance novels, I think we've had enough of this conversation, after all you asked for just a minute, but it's past five minutes, so I've tried, I need to get back to the party now"
"can I atleast have your number. friend" I said and stretched out my phone to her
"that's not a problem" she said as she took the phone, dialed her number in it "don't call me in the morning or afternoon, because you won't get me, I'll be working, call between six to ten pm, and mind you everyone that has my number calls that same time, so don't get offended if I don't take your calls" she smiled and ran back inside the house, I stood at the door for another five minutes before heading for my car, I couldn't go back inside again.

First time in my life, I felt rejected by a girl, maybe it was because I didn't use my usual tactics "what does she mean by she don't believe in the fantasy called or is she a lezbian, yes maybe that's it, on a second thought, maybe she've had a very rough experience from loving someone in the past" I was thinking as I was driving home feeling rejected like never before. just then my phone started ringing, it was Nicky calling
"Nicky" I said as I answered the call
"why will you leave the party without informing me?" she sounded like she was angry
"am sorry dear, I just needed to be alone" I replied
"did she say anything that offended you?"
"not really"
"so what's up with the attitude?"
"the truth is, I couldn't stand..."
"I thought I told you before now that she is not in for any of your games"
"babe, am upto no game"
"everything, even life itself is a game"
"wait, Nicky, is she a lesbian? "
Nicky laughed very loudly before saying "so a girl who doesn't wanna talk about love is a lesbian? "
"that's what it sounds like to me"
"she's not, even lesbians do fall in love, but with their fellow girls, Kryz, don't give up het just yet, I think she likes you"
"why do you think so? "
"am not sure" she said "but you were the only guy she asked Mr if I invited to the party, so don't loose faith, she gave you the number right?"
"yea, she did"
"just keep calling her, and I'll keep trying to make her reason with you, but you must promise me one thing"
"that am not gonna do hit- and- run?"
"yes! " she exclaimed
"it's not on my mind" I said
"just make me a promise"
"okay, I promise"
"that's good, loverboy, I will see what I can do"
"thank you very much"
"you can thank me later"
I got home, took a shower and was about to go to bed when Don T-K called
"good evening boss" I said
"yea, Kryz, have she called you?" he said
"you mean Natasha?" I replied
"who's Natasha am talking about our client Shirley"
"oh, sorry sir, yea she called this morning"
"thought I told you to keep me posted"
"sorry I forgot, I was..."
"you were thinking about Natasha" he just saId it verbally but he was correct and I couldn't deny it
"I cant say no to your assumption"
"playboy, so what did she say?"
"she's pleading for fifty thousand, but the price is no longer the issue, the issue here is the account it's not ready yet?"
"king went to bank today to finalize it, I'll call him as soon as you drop your call"
"so how much were you insisting she pays? "
"fifty five"
"fifty thousand US dollar is a big money, close the deal before she changes her mind"
"no problem sir, let me call king to confirm the account"
"keep me updated"
"no problem sir" I said as the phone line went dead I. my ear.
Thoughts of Natasha actually made me forget I was working on the biggest deal of my life, since I joined the online gangsters- some call us internet fraudsters but we are online gangsters. this was my biggest job ever "fifty thousands dollars, which was close to twenty million hairs, once I grab that money. Natasha won't have a choice" I soliloquised.

To be continued..


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