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Finale Episode...

First, I think I'll like to know the name of the girl, you said you can arrange for me" I said as we sat down in the VIP section of the restaurant
"she's actually my namesake, Natasha" she said trying to hide her smiles
"and your boyfriend name is?"
"Kryz Kent" she said as she stared straight into my eyes
"am serious here" I said looking already pissed
"am serious too" she said "your impatience and hot temperament blinded you and you couldn't see"
"whAt are you trying to say? "
"that day you were talking about officializing our relationship and I told you that I have a boyfriend, you didn't ask about him, you just flared up, while in essence I was trying to tell you that there's no need to officialize anything because I've already accepted to date you"
"so why didn't you explain? "
"I tried, I called you forty times, even the next morning you still didn't allow me explain"
I wasn't sure if the news was supposed to make me happy or sad, I've been crying over nothing all this while, it all made sense now, when she said she could work out a relationship for me with someone, she was actually talking about us, I wished I really understood it all from the onset
"Do you know how long I suffered heartbreak, not knowing that my heart didn't even crack, and you allowed me to suffer it all this while" I lamented
"you chose the path" she said "so I had to allow you come back to your senses first"
" everytime you talked about your boyfriend. ..."
"I was actually talking about you" she said smiling
"come here" I said as I stood up and opened my arms wide and she slowly walked into my arms and held me tight, I tilted my head and my lips caught hers, this time she kissed back passionately
"hope, you've not finished all my lipstick" she said as she pushed me away and ran to the mirror hanging on the wall to confirm "I said it" she shouted
"am not done" I replied "the lipstick is still remaining"
"at the right time and at the appropriate place, you can kiss all you want, you can even swallow the lips, but right now this is a business place and we have to respect that"
"then lets start going home the same time" I said excitedly
"not too fast, you still haven't promised me what I asked you to promise me, no sex before marriage"
"are you for real? "
"I want to cover my face with a veil on my wedding day, knowing in truth that I am what that veil represents- a virgin"
"so are you ready to go into marriage now? I asked sharply
"am ready when you are" she replied
"in that case" I said as I took the Louis vilton ring from my finger and went down on one knee "marry me Tasha"
"is that the kind of ring used for engagement?" she said laughing
"just accept it for now, I'll buy the main ring by tomorrow"
she came closer, stretched out her left hand and I slowly pushed the ring in, but it was too big "just manage it" I said and kissed her hand, stood up and hugged her really tight this time, as I made attempt to do another kissing she said
"oga, you no dey house o"
"then lets start going to the house" I shouted
"no sex before marriage remember"
"agreed, tonight will be like a semi honey moon"
"what does that mean?"
"you will find out" I said as I dragged her and we were both laughing as we left the restaurant, straight to the car.
inside the car, I called Nicky whom I believed was actually expecting my call, and I had to switch to speakers, so the call won't distract my driving
"lover boy" she said as she answered the phone
"you can call me that again" I replied
"so what's the goodnews?"
"the goodnews is, am hosting an engagement party at my place on Sunday, I've never being to one before, so am leaving all the arrangements in your hand"
"engagement party? I don't understand" she replied
"we are getting married" we shouted in unison, Tasha and I
"waooooooow" Nicky shouted back "that's wonderful"
"thank you, so you are the pioneer of the party, hope you know exactly what to do?"
"kind of, I'll stop by your place on...."
"sorry, no visitors tonight" I shouted
"why?" she asked slowly
"tonight, is like a semi honey moon, just my queen and I"
"hey, Kryz, no spoil that girl o" she shouted
"even if I spoil her, it's no longer your business" I shouted back laughing
"seriously am happy for you guys"
"and I prophesy your engagement is coming next, tell your boyfriend"
"amen" she exclaimed still laughing
we'll see you tomorrow, so goodnight in advance"
"yea, and enjoy yourselves, take care" she said and ended the call while we drove home, gisting and laughing all the way.
I wished I understood her very well from the beginning, I wouldnt have tormented myself for nothing, on a second thought, everything that happened made me realise how much I loved her and how scared I was to loose her, talking of been scared of losing her, that was the original reason why I proposed to her immediately, there was no point wasting time playing 'dating games'


Quotes from a playboy
*a man who can accept a no sex relationship deserves the risk of commiting the sin of fornication for
Qoutes from Kryz
*don't disobey your instincts
:*sex is not love
*(for the ladies) engagement ring is different from wedding ring, don't get fooled by it, it can be easily disposed at will.

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