Saturday, 30 June 2018


Tasha had a pile of freshly made clothes from Heinz coutures to model, so I believed her photo session will last for like two hours or more, enough time to discuss with Nicky
"hey loverboy, you accompanied your madam to my studio today, are you scared of something?" Nicky said as she came to meet me
"Nicky, can you for once embrace reality, Tasha has a boyfriend so stop acting like you don't know" I said as we slowly walked out of the studio
"who's her boyfriend" she asked leaving me really confused
"I actually wanted to find out the answer to that exact question from you, like right now"
"haven't you figured it out yet? "
"how could I, she never talk about him, she've never mentioned his name to me, not even once" I replied
"so you really wanna know this guy, who's occupying your position?" Nicky teased
"my position? she was never my girlfriend, not like if I know the guy, anything will change
"a lot will change" Nicky said smiling and that got me more curious, what's she trying to say-
"what will change? " I asked
"your attitudes towards her will definitely change" Nicky replied
"I've accepted, she's in a happy relationship, even though sometimes I wished I was her guy, am still happy to know that she is with whoever her boyfriend might be"
"Loverboy, what if I tell you that you'll be happy if you knew who her boyfriend happens to be? "
"really, so who's he? I was very very curious at this point
"she didn't permit me to tell you hid name, am sorry but if you ask her, she'll definitely tell you"
"you really think I'll be happy to know his name? "
"yes" Nicky said confidently
"well, am not interested"
Nicky laughed at my response then said "don't be so sure"
"I dont think it's important to know him" I replied
"did she tell you anything about arranging a girlfriend for you? "
"yea, she did"
"and she made you promise not to have sex with the girl right? "
"she tried, but I didn't make the promise, who's the girl? "
"find out the two names from her and you will definitely thank me later, am having some guests, I need to attend to them now, excuse me" she tapped my shoulder then headed straight to her office.
Starting up a studio business was a big step up for Nicky because all her past bosses and modelling agencies are now her customers, making her a very busy lady. As she left, I stood still trying to figure out what she's trying to say to me, what connection has the name of Tasha's boyfriend, with the name of the girl she was trying to arrange for me, whatever it was, Nicky never bluff! that I was sure of, she wasn't like Natasha who was fond of joking in serious situations.
I was determined to find out the names from Tasha as Nicky instructed. as I was heading back inside the studio, my phone started ringing .....

It was a strange number, the country code wasn't familiar, I thought it was king calling, because king calls from different countries while in true sense he was based in Lagos
"My king" I said on answering the call
"Kryz, it's not king, it's Ralph" a voice said, Ralph happened to be one of king's boys
"yo, Ralph, what's up?" I replied
"there's trouble in the air, are you still using any IP address that connects you to Don T.k's servers?"
"bro, am no longer in the racket, I've disposed all my IPs"
"good to know, T.K has been arrested by EFCC, and they are secretly tracking all IPs connected to his server, even king and two boys here has been arrested too"
"ah ah, what happened?" I shouted
"the NGLNG job was a set up by an EFCC top official"
"fuck! " I shouted
"so if you still have any IP with T.K dispose it immediately"
"I've disposed it all long ago, so what are their fate"
"eight yeArs imprisonment according to the law"
"bad news"
"really bad news" Ralph said "am leaving the country for good, thought I should first inform you"
"thanks bro" I replied
"you are welcomed" he said and ended the call, and I was happy I left the racket when I did.
"thank God I didn't accept that job" I said to myself
"what job? " a big voice said from behind me and I got really scared, and that's what I call fear of the unknown
I slowly turned and a huge man, tall and handsome, chocolate skinned guy in an expensive Italian suit was standing with his two hands tucked in his pockets "could he be from EFCC? " a voice asked in my head
"sorry, who are you?" I asked hiding my fears
"that's not a good way to treat your employer" the guy replied
"employer?, I don't understand" I replied feeling relieved
"ain't you the model for...."
"no, am no employee of yours, sorry" I said as I walked back to the studio and the man quietly followed behind me.
Natasha just rounded up with her session and was looking for me when I walked in with the huge man behind me, Tasha walked past me and hugged the man then said:
"he's the guy I was telling you about" she pointed directly at me then said to me "meet Mr.Heinz, CEO Heinz coutures, guess I've told you about him before now"
"nice to meet you Mr. Heinz" I said and stretched out a hand to the strange man, whom I've already concluded in my heart, might be Tasha's boyfriend
"that's still not a good way to greet your employer" the man repeated and refused shaking my hand.
"employer? what's he talking about?" I said to Tasha
"oh, I actually arrANged for you to model for him" she said smiling
"am not interested" I said, turned and was going back outside and Tasha ran after me
"what's wrong with you, I thought you said you'll like to do modeling, if it won't affect your job"
"are you actually expecting me to work under your boyfriend? " I blurted out
"Boyfriend?, who told you he is my boyfriend, he's just a client"
"don't lie to me Tasha "
"what's your problem this man, why will I lie about my boyfriend?" she replied
"so who's your boyfriend?" I asked and she started laughing "what's funny?" I added
"you really wanna know who he is? "
"yes!" I shouted
"you might be shocked to hear his name, so think about it, anytime you are ready to hear it let me know, so are you in for the photo shoot? "
"maybe after you might have opened up about your boyfriend'"
"why you so interested in my boyfriend all of a sudden, you've never showed interest before now"
"Nicky said I seriously need to know who he is" I replied boldly
"did she tell you why? "
"am not sure"
"let's go back to the restaurant and talk, but first I have to apologize to Mr. Heinz for the inconveniences"
"I'll be in the car" I said and headed to the car while she went back into the studio to sort things out with Mr.Heinz.

To be continued..


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