Saturday, 30 June 2018


Tasha did the cooking though she didn't get it exactly the way it was supposed to be, but she tried, it was a quiet meal as nobody knew the right thing to say. until she said
"Do you still need a girlfriend?" I pretended like I didn't hear her, because if I give her any response it will make room for more impromptu questions "I can actually help you get a nice girl" she added
"how do you mean?" I finally said
"I can work it out for you, only if you'll promise me you won't have sex with her"
"sex or no sex am not interested, can you change the topic?"
"only if you'll promise me that you'll stop avoiding me and starting acting like the kryz I first met"
"the kryz you first met was in love with you" I said "but you killed him the day you told him that there was no future for you both, so start getting used to this Kryz and mind you, very soon I'll get myself a girlfriend and you know what our friendship will look like when that happens"
"wait, are you trying to say our friendship will automatically end once you finally gets yourself a girlfriend? "
"not really" I said with a smile "but there will be limits to so many things, so she won't start thinking we are having a secret affair"
"so, how do I bring back the Kryz that was in love with me?" from her eyes it was obvious to me that something was in her mind, but I couldn't decode what it really was
"you killed him" I replied "so you should also figure out how to bring him back to life, that if it's gonna be possible"
"what if I break up with my boyfriend will that bring him back?" the statement actually shocked me, but just then I remembered Nicky's warnings again, this girl is very crazy, she couldn't mean that
"can you really do that?" I asked looking uninterested
"but you as a guy, how would you feel if your girl breaks up with you for no reason, just because another guy is in love with her? "
"actually if you can dump your man because of me, it means you can also dump me for another man, and to crown it all, I don't fancy fairly used stuffs" I concluded with a loud laughter.
I was actually expecting the statement to make her frown, instead she was laughing along
"actually am not fairly used, because am still a virgin" she said amidst the laughter
"that's a lie" I argued
"you wanna confirm for yourself?"
"how?" I said looking really confused
"I wouldn't know, how do you find out if a girl is a virgin or not?" she replied looking serious
"okay, the easiest way to find out is this" I demonstrated with my two hands, one palm was folded to form a circle, while the other one was also folded bringing out two fingers "I'll put my fingers like this inside the p-point "I demonstrated by putting the two fingers inside the circular one "then I'll knock on the gate, that's if there's still a gate"
"you are really a character" she said as we both laughed louder this time
"so, if you are still a virgin, how does your boyfriend cope whenever he needs...."
"he knows how to calm himself without bothering me"
"believe me, he's definitely getting a nice sex from another girl somewhere"
"are you trying to say men will die if they don't have sex?"
"no, that's not my point, but..."
"no buts, you've not had sex for the past eight to nine months and you've not died"
"well, maybe that's because I've had it in excess before now, so I can definitely cope without it"
"same thing with my guy, so you see, we are happy together without sex and I will love you to emulate him, when you finally gets a girlfriend can you promise me you won't have sex with her?"
"why should I make the promise to you, as my Mom or as what?"
"as your friend and as your manager"
"yea that reminds me, how is the business going? "
"am not telling you anything, come over to the shop and find out for yourself"
"I won't be going to work tomorrow, so I'll definitely come around"
"no, we will be going to the shop together tomorrow morning"
"I'll go out before you reach here in the morning, so don't bother coming"
"am passing the night here so..."
"if you pass the night here, I'll rape you and I mean it"
"no problem as long as you won't disvirgin me" she said laughing
Seriously Natasha was really crazy, and it was difficult for Me to really understand her, but deep down I knew there was something she really wants me to figure out or maybe the assumptions were wrong.

The night was filled with laughter as we kept arguing about sex and she never really get tired of arguing, just like the last time, I left her in the room as she slept off and went to the sitting room to sleep.
A sharp sun ray flashed through my eyes, and woke me up from a beautiful dream, as I opened my eyes, I saw Natasha still opening the curtains, she was wearing my shirt and it was obviously big on her that it covered the bum short she was wearing below it.
"good morning" she said as she noticed that I was awake
"yea, hope you slept well?" I said as I struggled to sit up
"yea, just that it was a cold night" coming closer to me she shouted "Kryz!'
"What? " I shouted back
"did you kiss me while I was sleeping last night? "
"Tasha, it's too early for this" I said trying not to look into her eyes
"just answer me, did you steal a kiss from me? "
"it was a peck, like for goodnight greetings"
"a peck on my lips?, I was sleeping and you stole a kiss from me, tell me the truth, how many times did you do it? "
"what are you talking about?" I said defensively and she handed her phone to me to use as a mirror
As I looked into the screen of her phone, my lips was red like I applied lipstick, I couldn't believe my eyes
"I applied a very wet lipstick before going to sleep" she said laughing "just to monitor if you will steal a kiss from me, but now my lips are dry and your lips has it all, so tell me the truth, how many times did you do it? "
"three times" I confessed
"you were busy enjoying the strawberry taste of the lip gloss"
"you are not upset that I stole a kiss from you last night? "
"it wasn't a kiss" she said "you were just licking my lipstick" she joked and was ready to begin the morning with her never ending laughter
"Tasha" I called out "what if your boyfriend finds out that you passed the night here, how do you think he'll react?"
"he won't do or say anything, because he trusts his girlfriend" she replied
"that kind of trust is too much and too risky"
"it's not, he knows I won't do anything stupid and I will never let him down"
"I envy your relationship, and I wish I was him" I said sincerely
"stop wishing and get dressed, lets go to work" she said and left for the kitchen to make breakfast, leaving me alone again to my thoughts, seriously it will be difficult for me to fall in love with another girl when Natasha is still seated somewhere in my heart, I wished I could blame any one for the fact that she has a boyfriend and they are happy together, they trust and believed in each other, maybe it was my fault, I was busy playing and fooling around with other girls when the Lucky guy came into her life
******* +++++ *******
We got to the restaurant and it was perfectly organized, Tasha was obviously doing a great work, initially I thought it will be difficult for her to manage the restaurant and still meet up with her modelling deals, but she was doing just fine and blending in very well. she maintained a very high standard in the restaurant, good meals at a very affordable price and it was obvious she was also gathering customers too, I was very impressed at her marvelous work, she was busy instructing the staffs and also attending to customers too, while I was busy staring at her.
After about one hour thirty minutes, we drove down to Nicky's studio for her photo shoot appointment with Heinz coutures. Nicky was already at the studio when we got there, she just finished her own photo session.
Then something in me decided to question her about Tasha's boyfriend. ...

To be continued..


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