Saturday, 30 June 2018


Being a playboy thought me so many things and mood swings was one of them, as soon as I saw Nicky and Tasha, I had to brighten up and hide my depression
"Kryz don't tell me you are drinking this thing this early morning" Nicky shouted as she stepped in
"I don't see anything wrong with drinking in the morning, actually I have a visitor and this was the only drink left in the house, so I used it to entertain myself since she refused to drink" I said smiling
they were both confused, they were expecting to see a sad and depressed Kryz but saw a different me all together as they sat down I added "you can get glasses and join me if you wish"
"Kryz about yesterday...." Natasha said and I didn't allow her to finish I wasn't willing to hear anything that will change, my mood again
"nah- it's nothing, you don't need to apologize to me for having a boyfriend, after all Nicky has one too, rather am sorry I overreacted yesterday please pardon me" the whole statement wasn't from my heart, just my lips playing a smart one
"so you are no longer angry? " she asked
"am fine now" and this was my biggest lie for the year
"so when are we going to the shop?" she asked smiling
"actually am going for an interview this morning, am sorry I can't make it to the shop today, so you go alone, receive all the application letters, hire who you think you like, after all you're the boss lady"
"that place is going to be boring without you"
"I think, you'll really need to learn how to carry on in my absence because if the interview works out for me, it will be just you running the place, I believe you can do it right?"
she nodded and also understood that am trying to tell her that things are no longer going to be the way they were.
Just then Loveth came out from the room with the pieces of the broken bottle in her hand
"hello, Tasha, good morning" she greeted and waved at Nicky, Natasha waved back and said "how you doing?"
"am fine and you? "
"I'm okay" Natasha said "what's that in your hand"
"Kryz messed up his room last night, I believe he got drunk and the bottle fell from his hand" Loveth said as she headed to the kitchen to dispose the bottle fragments in the waste bin
"Kryz" Nicky called "can we talk about yesterday?"
"not this morning please" I said as I staggered to stand up, grabbing my Royal challenge bottle I added "I just need to be alone for now, so I'll be in the room" I staggered to the room and Nicky followed me
"you of all people should know that drinking will not solve any problem" she said as she sat on my bed
"problems or no problem, I drink whisky everyday and you of all people ought to know that" I replied
"you love whisky no doubts, but I've never seen you drunk before"
"am I drunk? "
"but you were drunk last night"
"Loveth only said what she assumed, she wasn't here last night to be sure of that"
"I hate to see you look like this"
"I will pass" I said as I carefully dropped the bottle "before the end of today I'll get over everything, so don't worry about me"
"whatever she told you yester. .."
"am serious about not wanting to talk about yesterday, just go to work, I'll be fine, I promise"
"how am I suppose to believe that? "
"ok I'll come over to your office and take you out for lunch, so you'll see if am fine or not"
"if you say so" she said as she stood up and I fell on the bed "I'll be expecting you by three pm, don't be late"
"yes ma"

I started avoiding Natasha, because her presence makes me feel sick, but how possible could that be, she has become my business partner. she runs my restaurant, just like she runs my heart. When am alone, I kept thinking about her, but whenever I was around her, I feel uncomfortable, I continued running away from Natasha like she was a plague for two weeks until one Friday evening as I got home from my new office -I've actually gotten myself a good job.
She was standing at my door with a shopping bag in her hand, I drove in slowly, parked and relaxed like five minutes inside the car thinking about what she could be planning to say or do, after a while I summoned courage and stepped out of the car and walked slowly to the door where she was standing
"Kryz, why have you been avoiding me?" she asked looking prepared to storm me with a long list of questions
"how long have you been standing here?" I asked to change the topic
"not your business, answer my question"
"you want the honest truth?" I said
"your presence can never allow the wound in my heart to heal"
" have a..a...a wound in your...h...e...a...r...t?" she stammered
"seriously Tasha, I had a stressful day at work today and this discussion will only add more stress to the already accumulated stress"
"actually, I didn't come around to argue, I came to make you feel better"
"really?" I said as I opened the door and she followed me inside
"I bought recipes for your Chinese pasta so I..."
"I had dinner on my way back" I quickly said
"Kryz, you own a restaurant and you are spending money to eat in other restaurants? not like their food will be better than what is being served at your own restaurant"
I didn't answer her, I only left for the room and she followed me, she leaned on the door and watched as I removed my clothes
"are you gonna stand there and watch me change my undies?" I asked after removing my trousers
"you told me, that you don't have any problems with me having a boyfriend, so what's up with this attitude"
"the truth is I lied cos the least I needed that morning was a sympathetic drama from anybody, you having a boyfriend might not really be my problem, but getting you off my my mind is the real problem" I said boldly
"well, you can't get me off your mind" she said with a brief smile "because I don't want to leave, ever! "
What is actually wrong with this girl, seriously there's something I was yet to understand
"if you remain in my mind, then how can I get myself a girlfriend"
"not really my problem"
"what are you saying in essence?" I asked looking confused
"what am saying is, you don't need a girlfriend" she fired back
"because you don't need one"
"you are crazy right?"
"not at all, am good"
"you have a boyfriend and you are saying I don't need a girl friend are you really okay? "
"everything a girlfriend can do for or with you, except for sex, call me and I won't argue but will willingly do it"
"so what happens when am horny? "
"sex is for married couples alone, even if you get yourself a girlfriend, I won't let you have sex with her"
I laughed for the first time in the last couple of weeks "seriously! " I shouted "so what happens to your boyfriend?"
"I don't think that is any of your problem"
"Tasha, I won't let you play with my heart again, yes, you've succeeded in making me laugh, but that's not the only. ..."
"wait, what's so important in having a girl friend?"
"for example, if I had a girlfriend she will be the one to help me remove this boxers" I said and she made a move towards me "what are you trying to do? "
"help you take off the boxers as long as I won't touch your pipe"
"you're insane" I said laughing as I moved back
"I told you I can do anything except for sex for you"
"okay, what I need you to do right now is go to the kitchen and start preparing what you have in your bag"
"so you've not eaten after all? "
"just go, don't argue" I said smiling
Am yet to understand this girl properly but never will I let her play with my heart once again.
Quotes from Kryz
*follow your heart, but carry your brains along with it.
*Love is genuine when it has no hidden agenda.

To be continued..


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