Saturday, 30 June 2018


I felt it was the right time to bring up the issue of dating again, I couldn't settle for friend zoning, it's being like six months since we knew each other but it felt like we've known for ages, normally if it was back when I was a playboy, maybe by now, I would have grown tired of her, because then, I hardly keep a girl around me for even two months, except for Nicky who was more like a sister or rather my personal therapist.
I brought up the issue as we sat down to eat in a nearby fast-food
"so what do you think about us" I said to stir up the conversation
"what do you mean? " came her reply
"as in you and I, don't you think it's time to officialize our relationship?"
"actually, I think it's time to tell you the truth" she said looking straight in my eyes, I could sense fear written all over her.
"what truth?" I was half- wishing it won't be something negative
"I have a boyfriend" this time she was looking straight into her plate
"I don't understand" was all I could say
"seriously, I do" she summoned courage to look up, my face was filled with anger and confusion and I couldn't hide it.
"so you lied to me all this while" I said with a very humble voice
"I didn't want to make you feel bad or. ..."
"you should have told me, maybe by now I would have gotten myself a girlfriend than wasting my time for good six freaky months"
"but it's never too late"
"you made me believe there was a future for us, I invested all my time, look how it all...."
"I know how you feel right now, but let me explain some...."
"no you don't, you don't have a clue, how could you be this heartless"
"Kryz, you are raising your voice at..."
"yes! because am very very upset right now" I said and marched outside, she tried to follow me but I was too fast , I jumped into my car and zoomed off.
it was the worst day of my life, I felt so heartbroken that I nearly wept, how could she after making me believe I was close to something, now tell me she has a boyfriend, meaning, all this while I've just been wasting my time, so I've been chasing a pregnant woman's shadow all this month.
I nearly cried out like a child, just then I recalled that silly post I saw on Facebook months a ago "when a playboy finally falls in love, he'll definitely fall for that single lady that will show him what it really means to play with someone's heart" maybe it wasn't really her intention to hurt me, maybe it was Kharma playing it's role of vengeance in my life, maybe it was my own turn to experience heartbreak like I've caused so many girls in time past.
Just then Nicky's words flashed through my mind "Tasha is a very crazy person, and she's good at raising people's hopes high, you are more like my elder brother, so am advising you not to let her play with your heart, that's what am trying to say"
I opened a bottle of royal challenge as soon as I got home and was drinking straight from the bottle, so many thoughts were running through my mind; maybe it was a very bad idea to quit being a player, because it was really fun and no girl could ever make me feel depressed, because I don't get emotionally attached to anybody. maybe allowing myself to fall in love was the worst mistake of my life.
As I was thinking about how to move on, my phone started ringing. it was Natasha calling, I threw the phone far away from me. and she kept calling more than twenty times and I ignored it all
The only friend I could lament my problems to that moment was my bottle of Royal challenge, I drank till I slept off
"Woe to girls cos am coming back to the playboy league with a stronger force" that statement kept ringing in my head all through the evening/ night.

I woke up and a very strong headache woke up along with me, something too much of thinking and drinking might have caused, I picked up my phone and was shocked to see 56 missed calls, 40 from Natasha, 6 from Nicky and 10 from a strange number plus two text messages, one from Nicky, the other one from Natasha. I only managed to reach for a card of paracetamol in my drawer before staggering to the kitchen, carefully avoiding the shattered bottle of royal challenge on the floor, it was obvious the bottle fell off my hand as I slept off.
After taking the paracetamol, I took out my phone and was wishing the text from Natasha will be something like "hey, I just said that yesterday to see how you would react" but it was the opposite the text read :
"Am really sorry if I made you feel bad, but it wasn't my intentions to hurt you and I will never plan to do so, I just had to do the right thing, hiding the truth is like covering a non perishable something with a perishable, its just a matter of time, but the truth must surely surface one day, and I wouldn't like it if you found it out by yourself, try to understand, I can explain things properly if you let me."
The text message worsened the situation, it was like adding salt to a fresh wound, I read it over like three times before checking the text from Nicky which said: "call me as soon as you see this text"
I dialed her number after reading the text
"whats your problem, why haven't you been answering your calls? " she shouted before I could utter a single word
"hey, am sorry I didn't know it was you calling" I responded
"what if there was an emergency?"
"I said am sorry"
"you were avoiding Natasha's calls last night?"
"something like that"
"why you sounding so....are you okay?"
"am fine, am just waking up now" I lied
"you don't normally wake up late, this is past nine, except you were drunk last night plus you don't even sound like a person who just woke up from sleep, you sound depressed to me"
"well maybe that's because am depressed for real"
"could it be because of what that fish told me yesterday?"
"isn't it obvious?"
"so what really happened yesterday?"
"Nicky, whatever she told you is exactly what happened, I don't wanna talk about it"
"you don't wanna talk about it with even me?"
"am sorry dear, just this time, try to understand"
"hope you are not going anywhere this morning, cos I want to stop by your place on my way to work"
"you are always welcomed anytime" I said and ended the call
As I sat down again, I heard a voice whispering in my head "I told you, love o
is a thing for the weak and feeble minded, it will break you and make you look helpless, look at you with all the money in your accounts and your handsome physique, you can bed any girl you want to, but you decided to be crushed by that fallacy called love, see how love has turned you to a weakling crying because of a girl, is she the prettiest in the world, Is her own blood gold, Kryz you are a disappointment, stand on your feet soldier, step outside and see the beautiful ladies God took hours or even days to mould, they are all ready to jump on your bed at little or no cost, stop this love shot now before it's too late" -that was Mr. devil talking to me.
I took a fresh bottle of Royal challenge, turned some into a glass, swallowed a good quantity before dropping the glass, my body was willing to move on, but my soul was weak. I sat down on the couch still contemplating how to move on.
Few minutes later Loveth opened my door without knocking and came inside and that was when I knew that I didn't lock my door before going to bed last night
"you are drinking this early morning?" she asked and I didn't respond "I noticed you were very upset when you came back yesterday, what's wrong and your feet is bleeding" she said as she came closer and that was when I saw the blood on the floor, but wasn't feeling any pain, it was obvious that I mistakenly stepped on a piece of the broken bottle back in my room
Loveth came closer, inspected my feet. it was just a small cut but was seriously bleeding, she collected a hand towel from the dining table, used it to help me clean the blood, then I dropped some Royal challenge on the wound to stop the bleeding
"Kryz, what's happening to you?" she asked as she wiped the blood on the floor
"nothing" I replied
"so how did you get the injury?"
"a bottle broke in the room, I believe I mistakenly stepped on it"
"that's to say, you fell asleep drunk, and you want to continue this morning" she said as she went to check out the mess I made in the room. just then the devil whispered again "look at her, sexy and slim, your favorite, and you are not gonna do anything because of love, did you check out her boobs, it's still firm and it needs some...."
Just then Nicky came in with Natasha
Quotes from Kryz
*things aren't working out isn't an ideal idea to go back to the past, stick to the future, stick to change and stick to maturity.

To be continued..


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