Saturday, 30 June 2018


I was seated close to the estate gate with Loveth, we were doing banana eating competition, we stopped a banana seller, gave her seat, she was gisting with us as we were eating her bananas to see to see who'll get tired first till Don T.K's call entered my phone
"am sorry, I have to answer this" I said as I headed to the car for privacy
"are you running away? " Loveth teased
"no, it's business call" I replied
"am waiting for you" she said as she and the banana seller started laughing while I entered inside my car which was parked just in front of where we were seated to take the call
"Good afternoon boss" I greeted
"yea, Kryz how you doing?"
"very good sir"
"yea, good, I've got a news that will make you feel better"
"really" I knew exactly what he wanted to say
"it's a thread, if you pull it well it will yield in billions"
" sorry sir, I think am retiring" I said boldly and he started laughing
"how can you retire so early, you are barely thirty years"
"sir, it's not about my age, it's about my mindset, am going into legitimate business so I cam be making clean and legitimate money"
"it's actually a wonderful idea, no doubts, how about you do this last job for me before you retire"
"my mom warned me about that phrase "just this last one' " I said boldly to him
"Kryz we are talking billions here, it's bigger than..."
"sir I don't care if it's trillions, with all due respect am not the only guy you groomed in this city, give the thread to another guy to pull"
"I believe in your capabilities, if I put this job in your hand I won't have to worry about a thing"
"sorry sir, I wanna live a legal life now try to understand"
"Kryz I..."
"sir, am sorry, am off the racket for good, am tired of eating other people's sweat and I mean it, you can't convince me, am sorry"
"it's okay, I understand, I wish you well" he said in a defeated voice and ended the call before I could thank him, then I returned and was surprised to see Loveth still eating banana
"for real, you are still not tired? "
"as long as it's banana I can never get tired" she boasted
I paid the banana seller for all her bananas and stashed the remaining ones inside the car as we drove back home.
Seriously I've made up my mind to leave the online gangster racket, I've already told king about my plans, he only laughed and told me that I will definitely come back once I go broke, then Don T.K is offering me a client he'd been chasing for years, the job was to defraud NGLNG, according to him, the job will pay off in billions of hairs, it was really a big shot and a big temptation too, but my mind was fully made up. time to be a legal hustler...seriously a lot has changed since I met Natasha am not saying she's the reason am leaving the racket but in a way she's part of the reason.
"thought you said that was a business call" Loveth said as she brought me back to a conscious state
"yea it was" I replied
"but you are looking really heartbroken"
"it isn't a good business" I said with a smile "and sometimes some business calls can break one down more than relationship matters"
"talking of relationship matters, how bout your girlfriend?"
"do I have a girlfriend? "
"I mean...ughmmm. ..what's that her name again? "
"yea, Natasha, she turned you down? "
"not really but kind of"
"she's just playing hard to get, its our way, just don't give up on her, because if you do. she'll feel heartbroken"
"you think so?"
"I know so, am a lady and I know she likes you more than you can think of"
"that's a good encouragement"
it was a big talk especially the part where she said if I give up Tasha will feel heartbroken, I seriously wished it's really true.

Days passed, weeks ran and months flew. Natasha and I became close buddies, very close that all her friends referred to me as her boyfriend, but only she, Nicky and I knows the truth, we were just too fond of ourselves, she visited me more often than she visits a church as she was assisting me set up a restaurant, according to her it was a better business because no matter the economic conditions people must eat.
One evening after we've finished setting the chairs and tables in the restaurant how she insisted it should be, we were about leaving when she started a conversation thus:
"Hey Kryz, can I ask you a question?" she said leaning on a table
"feel free" I responded
"will you give me a honest answer without thinking am stupid or something close to stupidity"
"that depends on your question"
"it's weird, but I think you of all people will be in a better position to give me a better response"
"if you think so, then I will"
"first of all, when last did you have sex?"
"what do you need a honest answer on that for?" this girl can be really crazy sometimes- I said in my mind
"I have my reasons" she said looking serious
"ok, lets say..."
"be sincere please"
"am trying to calculate"
"calculate what exactly?"
"the months, am counting back to when it last happened"
"so how many months?"
"seven months ago"
"that's to say you've never had sex ever since we met"
"no, that's to say, am tired of casual sex"
"how did it feel like" she said smiling
"What! ?" I shouted as her question got me really confused
"what is what?, are you shy to talk about sex?"
"with you, yes!"
"why? "
"because you are a virgin and I won't wanna corrupt you"
"don't remind me that am a virgin again, just tell me what I wanna know"
"what exactly do you wanna know? " I asked walking slowly closer to her
"as in what it felt like when you were. ...." I covered her mouth with mine and gave her a long passionate kiss, she didn't push or struggle but it was obvious she wasn't used to tongue play, because she was just still and it was just my lips and tongue exploring hers, I stopped then asked het
"have you kissed before?" she shook her head "so how does it feel like? "
"awful" she replied sharply
"sex is five more awful than that" I said and headed for the door, she followed me still not tired of asking questions
"then what do people enjoy so much about it? "
"the fun in it, don't tell me you are thinking about trying it, I can be ya coach though"
"taaaaaaaaar...what kind of fun exactly?" I paused then turned to face her
"maybe I should give you a practical example"
"Nooooooooooooo" she shouted an ran back inside while I laughed and headed outside
I waited in the car for het to lock up, so we can leave, she 've really being helpful to me in setting up the restaurant, she was the brain behind everything from the painting to the whole arrangements to what the sign post should look like and also what the staff's should wear etcetera
"was it really necessary for you to kiss me just to answer a simple question?" she asked as she joined me in the car
"I just wanted you to have a taste of what it feels like" I replied
"what did it feel like to you? "
"it was cool, plus your mouth tastes like strawberry"
"it was really awful plus your own mouth tastes like bitter kola" she joked and we both laughed as we drove off.
I was thinking "if she didn't react while I kissed her back there, maybe she......." just thinking sha.
To be continued


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