Saturday, 30 June 2018


King and his boys arrived on Saturday as he promised, he had to act up like he's the friend from Russia, that was his favorite country so he played along very well. The party started on Saturday because king came with lots of exotic foreign drinks and he was serious when he said he wants to kill me with drinks.
Sunday was the main party, Don T.K and his boys came in a limousine, Nicky's friends also came in numbers, I didn't invite any friend, because am still angry with all my friends for abandoning me in the hospital when I was ill.
My house was filled with people mostly people I don't know, majority of them celebrating what they don't know. but it was indeed a big party. Don T.K also came with lots of drinks too, we drank, ate, danced till it was late and I had to make my appreciation speech before the party ended and everyone found their way back to their homes and hotels, just Nicky Natasha and I was left to put the place in order.
After a while Nicky answered a call, after the call she apologized that she must leave, then she pleaded with Natasha to stay back and assist me in arranging the house that was torn apart and Natasha agreed without a single complaint, I wanted to suspect something being fishy but what could I know.
We finished both cleaning a.d arranging plus washing of dishes at exactoy 11:43 pm, she was tired and so was I. she brought up the idea of going home and I argued that it was dead late, after arguing for long, I was able to convince her to pass the night
"in that case we'll continue the party" she said as she accepted to stay back "I was too busy that I didn't taste any drink except for a glass of champagne" she stood up reached for a bottle of Rose Andre and popped it without wasting time while I changed the music to my new collection of romantic songs
"is it only when we are alone that u always remember to play this type of songs" she said as she handed a glass of wine to me
"maybe" I said "and since we are partying alone, I just thought it should be a different kind of party"
"so how do you dance to this kind of music?"
"let me show you" I dropped my glass of wine and stretched out my left hand to her, she also dropped her glass, took my hand and stood up. I was trying to teach her a dancestep Nicky taught me called 'Salsa' but she was even dancing it better than my self.
we danced and drank and drank and danced till we both got drunk, then that was the enjoyable part of the whole party.
we both staggered to the room, we laid on the bed talking 'pillow talk' till we both fell asleep.
At exactly 3:15 am, the devil woke me up, the truth was I wasn't drunk, I just pretended to be, so when I woke up, she was sleeping and she was obviously drunk, I was just sitting at the edge of the bed staring at her while fighting and arguing with thoughts in my head
the devil said "you can have your way now, she's drunk and will definitely play along"
I said: "how about...."
"don't worry about tomorrow, after all you were drunk also, it's plain and understandable"
then a tinier voice said: "obviously that's not the right way to prove to someone that love exists or have you forgotten your deal. this could be your chance don't mess it up"
I covered her very well with the blanket then left the room. I went to the sitting room to continue my sleep, it wasn't easy fighting this kind of temptation but I was proud of my self that I can suppress the player in me.

At exactly 6:42am, Nicky's knocking on the door woke me up, I staggered as I went to open the door for her and went back to lie down on the couch
"did you sleep here in the sitting room?" she asked
"yes" I replied
"what of Tasha ?"
"in the room"
"I was expecting it the other way round"
"yea, I just felt like sleeping here" I said "and I wanted to treat her like a queen"
"that's good of you"
"it's a lie" Natasha said as she appeared in the sitting room,standing beside the bar stand "we slept together in the room, then you woke up around three and ran away"
I was shocked on hearing her statement, I had to sit up, she was filling two glasses with wine, which she gave Nicky one and held held the other as she she came to sit down very close to me.
"you weren't drunk last night? " I asked
"mm-hmm, not even close" she replied
"but you..."
"I was just acting up"
"so what was your game plan?"
"wanted to ser how you react when you see in a situation like that"
"so assuming I tried to..."
"you would have kicked me out of your life forever, actually it was Nicky's plan"
Just then it dawned on me that everything was a set up and I was proud of myself that I passed the test
"so you girls didn't believe me when I said am a changed man" I boasted feeling like a saint
"I actually needed proofs" Nicky said
"raw evidence" Natasha added
"so what now? " I asked "do you now believe that love exists? "
"not at all, but I believe that you are a good guy"
"what does that mean? "
"it means that you are a good man" Tasha said as she tapped my shoulder, dropping the empty glass on the table she said to Nicky "lets go"
then she picked her bag and said "have a lovely day ahead of you" they both left while I sat down replaying the whole events of last night in my head, I was happy I didn't mess things up, maybe that's what love does, no wonder the Bible painted love to be the most beautiful thing on earth. if a playboy like me could overcome the temptation of sex, then something extra ordinary must have caused it and that was something I concluded to be love.
I was still wondering what could have happened if I had tried touching Natasha that moment when I woke up in the night, just then my phone beeped, it was a text message from Nicky it read:
"you've really made me proud, now I believe you are no longer a player and Tasha also is beginning to believe in you too, that should be a goodnews for you, have a nice day, Lover Boy"
I read the text all over like five times before I went In to the shower to freshen up and prepare for the day

To be continued..


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