Saturday, 30 June 2018


It was really a nice time with Natasha, even after the meal, she kept on firing confusing questions at me at every little opportunity, but the worst was the statement she made in the car as i was going to drop her at her place she said
"seriously Kryz, i like you and i wouldn't wanna loose your friendship for anything in the world, i will like us to be just the way you and Nicky are. just close buddies who can trust each other whole heartedly"
i kept quiet like i didn't hear her, i just focused on the steering, she tapped my chest and asked "did you hear me?"
"yea, i did" i muttered
"so why aren't you saying anything?"
"i will have to think about it first" i said
"think about what exactly?"
"your proposal of course" i said trying to act normal
"am not making a proposal here, just telling you how want things to be"
"i will still have to think about it before i make any comment"
"just let me know when you are done thinking" she said smiling then added "give me your phone"
without asking any questions i handed her my phone, she dialed a number and gave it back to me "you can call and whats-app me with this number anytime"
i only nodded as i saved the contact, dropped the phone and focused on the steering. it was a silent ride, till we got to her gate, before alighting she said; "why you looking unhappy"
"have you ever felt rejected in your life before" i replied
"hey, kryz, stop it, how can you say a thing like that"
"what do you want me to say" being a player taught me one lesson in life, never accept to be a friend when you are aspiring for something bigger, because once in the friend-zone, the possibility of other things are very poor
"see all my life, i don't keep close male friends because i don't wanna be emotionally attached to anybody" she said 'but am breaking that rule because of you, why cant you..."
"why cant you break the rule of not wanting to have a boy friend" i snapped in
"OK, i will break that rule on one condition"
"which is?"
"prove to me that love exists and i will date you"
'is that it?"
"as simple as that, so do we have a deal?"
"deal" i said looking a bit brightened up, but i was in a hurry to accept the deal without thinking about how to go about it
"good, take you for the meal, i really enjoyed myself today"
"its my pleasure"
"goodnight then" she said as she opened the door "see you in the dream" she added before stepping out
As i drove back to my apartment, that was when it dawned on me that proving to a person like Natasha that love exists wasn't going to be an easy task. A model who was already exposed to every side of life, who have encountered different classes of men and still stood her ground.... on a second thought maybe Nicky will help.
i got home having a mixed feeling, like i was feeling happy for a day well spent and sad because i couldn't figure out a way to go about my deal with Natasha. i relaxed on the couch and was still listening to the romantic songs coming from my stereo system, when my phone vibrated in my pocket, i took it out and saw a Russian number displaying on my screen, i knew it was king calling
"all hail the king" i said jokingly as i accepted the call
"say it again" king replied
"all hail the great king of Russia" i repeated laughing "how far na"
"oboy, your maga don drop larger, sixty thousand dos. omo i believe you die"
"wait, the money don enter?" i asked standing up
"e don enter" king shouted and we laughed for two minutes
"king we are rich" i shouted "Natasha must be mine"
"guy who com be Natasha again, no tell me say you wan carry all this money impress one useless slut like that"
"my king, chill, the playboy you know is now in love"
"love my flat nyash, why you come change the account details you no tell me"
"no vex, but na my account na, see if don T.K calls you, tell him our maga dropped fifty dos, no tell am say na sixty o"
"why na?"
"wetin be why, king, you go be boy forever?, this deal was mine from the beginning, so i will run it how i want"
"what if he finds out?"
"if you don't tell him, he wont find out, because its just the two of us that knows the truth'
"no problem, so how much be my cut na?"
"fifteen thousand"
"my man, you be correct guy, fifteen thousand dollars for me, omo i be big boy na"
"no shout too much jhoor, i will call you back, let me verify the account then block the maga as well"
"kento momen" king was still shouting
"my king you too much" i said as i ended the call, then quickly activated some applications [i cant post the name of the apps her] and my location changed to Russia, immediately fortune hill mortgage bank sent me an alert, king was correct, i was sixty thousand dollars richer, before celebrating my happiness, i transferred the whole money into my untraceable account with a Japanese bank Tokyo central international bank, then i i closed the account with fortune hill, deleted all entries, my fake ID number, Facebook accounts and gmail accounts. every account that linked me to Russia was automatically wiped off all databases both my iTunes too.
then i called Don T.K and decide to play a prank on him
"kryz give me the good news" he said on answering the call
"Boss it flopped" i said with a low tone
"how come, after how many months of hard work" don lamented
"the bank saw my picture and recognized it, they said it has been used before, scammers dot com verified it"
"shit! shit! kryz this is the worst news of the year, you told me you had it under control"
"if it wasn't for the bank, seriously there was no problem at all"
"omo, the economy of this country follow dey witch person" Don T.K said with a broken heart and i started laughing "whats funny now?" he shouted
"Don, am bigger than scammers dot com, they cant block me, i got the dough"
"don't play games with me next time, am too old for this, i nearly had high blood pressure, i knew you would make me proud"
"Boss, you too much, i don't know what i could have being in this life without you" i said sincerely
"its okay, hope you have....."
"all cleared sir"
"good, divide the bread as e dey hot"
"for real, am giving king and his boys ten thousand three of them"
"so how much is my cut"
"fifteen sir"
"exactly what i have in mind, we need to celebrate to a job well done"
"exactly sir, i need to fucking throw a party"
"nice work, keep it up boy"
"thank you sir" i replied
"i will be expecting my alert"
"am working on it right now"
"correct boy" he said and ended the call
I immediately transferred fifteen thousand to him and fifteen to king as well, then five to my Nigerian account with UBA before switching my GP to Nigeria. i was still thinking of how to start my celebration when king called again
"your highness" i shouted into the phone
"kento momen" he shouted back "omo na me get lekki beach tonight"
"are you not he king again?"
"i say i go tumble lasgidi this night"
"king i wan throw party o, i for like make you show face o"
"this Sunday"
"na flight i go take come"
"your highness, you too much baba"
"kento momen, you are the man"
"bros, small small dey spend o, make EFCC no come knock your door" i joked and we both laughed really loud like mad people
"forget those fowls, i dey enter ph city on Saturday morning, we go high, i say we go die on top drink"
"no, i never dey die now" i replied him
"as your king, i go kill you with alcohol"
"king, you no well, we go relate later, make i complete some transactions jhoor" i said to end the conversation
"no shaking, my boys dey hail you for here"
"my regards, hope they will be coming with you"
"of course, transport na problem??"
"ok then, take care bro, i appreciate"
"na me appreciate pass" he said and ended the call while i started making a list of what to do with the money-thirty thousand US dollars which turned out to be thirteen point five million in naira.
As i was making my list a thought came to my mind....

I called the new number Natasha gave to me and she answered on the first ring
"good evening kryz" she said through the phone
"Tasha, guess what" i said
"am not good at guessing seriously"
"i just received a call from chevron, a rig i submitted proposal for, since Five months ago is going offshore and the good news is they are giving me the job"
"wow, that's a good news" she sounded excited "so when are you leaving for the job?"
"its just a two days contract, tomorrow and next, and i think all the credits should be giving to you"
"me?, why?"
"just the first day i had a quality time with you and i had a big contract in return, who knows maybe if we get married, i might be winning contracts every blessed day" the game plan was to entice her with the good news that am richer but she wasn't moved by money
"you are funny, kryz seriously am happy for you"
"am grateful to you" i said
"please stop it, you need to be grateful to God, not me, anyway if you think i brought you the luck, then i will be coming to your place for lunch everyday so the contracts will keep flowing"
"or maybe you should move your things and come live with me"
'as your wife or as your concubine"
"anyone you wanna answer"
"you no well, so how much is my percentage from the job?"
"your percentage how?" i answered
"you said i brought you the job, so you have to pay for the luck or you think the luck was for free"
"ok, name your prize" i said boldly
"i will tell you on your wedding day" she replied laughing
"what if you are the bride that day"
"not bad, that's if you can cope with my plans for marriage"
"what are your plans?"
"sorry am not telling you that"
"because its meant for my husband alone to know"
"what if am him?"
"then you will know on your wedding night"
"yes sire"
"least i forget, am having a party in my house this Sunday, so I'll be needing you to assist Nicky put things in order on Saturday"
"i have some appointments on Saturday"
"i will pay you for any inconvenience it may cause you"
"let me guess, you want to squander all the money from the contract on a party?"
"no, no that's not it"
"then what are you celebrating?" the question nearly caught me off guard but i was a smart liar
"its like a welcome party for my friend who's returning from Russia"
"but you are the one hosting him, so its the same thing am saying"
"am hosting him, yes, but he's the one sponsoring the party, why you sounding like my mom"
"its in the nature of women to guide the men irrespective of their age"
"so you are my guardian angel now?"
''i believe you have a rig to catch up with tomorrow morning"
"then you need to sleep, so you wont miss it due to lateness"
"yes ma"
"goodnight my son"
"see you in the dream" i repeated her words to her and she laughed before ending the call, i had to call Nicky and also informed her of the party on Sunday, which she couldn't resist assisting in the preparations, i also told her to invite her friends too.
The next day i had to travel to the village to see my parents and that was the Rig-trip. its been like three months since i last saw my parents, so i decided to go spend two good days with them, to at least put some smiles on their faces. just that my mom will definitely complain and quarrel when she sees my new tattoo.......
******* ******* *********
To be continued..


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