Saturday, 30 June 2018


After arranging the whole kitchen all over again and putting the stuffs I just bought in their rightful places. I went back to the sitting room inserted o.e of the audio CDs I bought into the music player, then relaxed on the couch while listening to the mind blowing love songs, the lyrics of the songs were giving me inspiration on what to say to her when she finally arrives. I was still enjoying the songs when sleep came knocking and I succumbed.
At exactly 3:47pm, a knock on the door woke me up, before I could get up the door was already flung open and Natasha appeared, dressed in a very long blue and black stripe gown with a dark blue heels, she looked extremely gorgeous as she stood at the door while I was busy staring at her, and the music coming from my music player was saying
%tonight I celebrate my love for you.....etc%
I was half wishing she would assume it was me singing for her till she broke the awkward silence by saying "Hope am welcomed"
"yea, sorry I was just carried away by the magnificency in your beauty"
"don't flatter me, I don't entertain that" she said as she came inside slowly
"am not flattering you dear, am only..."
"am not interested, so what are we having for lunch" she said walking straight to me, I was thinking she was coming forth to hug me, thank God I didn't throw my arms wide open it would have been an embarrassment, because she only came to collect the remote from my hand and reduced the volume of the music.
"it's a nice song" she said as she pressed the 'next' button to skip the song "but it's meant for married couples"
"really?" was all I could utter
"yea, because unmarried people don't celebrate love, so what are we having for lunch" she smartly changed the topic and sat down very close to me on the same couch
"actually it's a Chinese delicacy" I said
"hope we won't need chopsticks to eat it" she joked
"if you know how to use chopsticks then the meal will be more enjoyable that way"
"so what's the name of the food"
"I've forgotten what it's been called"
"is it soup or..."
"no, it's pasta"
"hope you've not cooked it yet, I believe you got my text"
"yea, and am waiting for you"
"ok then, lets go to the kitchen" she stood up, removed her heels and led the way to the kitchen .
Inside the kitchen, she sat on the kitchen slab while she watched me cook, I emptied a full pack of pasta into a a pot of water and left it to parboil while slicing the rest ingredients and she crossed her hands and legs watching me
"can you help me wash the pumpkin leaves?" I said to start a conversation
"that not a good way to treat a queen" she said smiling
"I said help me"
"I can't remember accepting to assist you with the cooking, the agreement was that you will do the cooking, not we"
"yes your majesty"
"better" she said "so who taught you how to cook? "
"first my mom, then my Chinese partner"
"partner as in girl friend? "
"a colleague, not even a girl, a man, a big fat man"
"so what about your girlfriend? "
I was shocked because I wasn't expecting that question from her, plus I wasn't sure of what to reply to her, I paused what I was doing and she was looking straight in my eyes
"would you believe me, if I told you I've never had a girlfriend in my life before"
"no" she said boldly
"then there's no point saying it" I said smiling
"are you saying you are virgin? "
"Hell no!" I hated that word 'virgin' and I couldn't hide my disgust
"if you've never had a girlfriend,how come you are not a virgin? "
"I don't know how to explain" I said with my whole attention inside the frying pan where I was adding the blended tomatoes and eggs inside the boiling oil, along side other ingredients
"that means you are a playboy" she said
"hey, I hate that word" I murmured
"it's written all over your face though. "
"what's written on my face"
"that you are in the game" she said laughing loudly
"am not" I argued
"then what other word justifies a person who've never had a girlfriend in his life yet not a virgin"
"shot happens" I said to maintain my composure
"argue with yourself, now tell me the truth, how many times have you had sex in your entire life?"
"are you expecting me to answer that?"
"it's a simple question, just say two, three or five or whichever it is, am not asking you to account how it happened"
"I don't wanna lie to you" I said in a feeble tone
"then tell me the truth"
"can you skip that question?"
"I can't cos your answer will link me to my next question"
"wait, are you interviewing me or something"
"maybe, so how many times are we talking about here? "
"what job are you gonna give me after the interview"
"pass the interview first then you will know, so how many times?"
"ok, the truth is, I wasn't keeping records"
"sounds more like uncountable times to me, and you've never had a girlfriend still denying not to be a playboy"
"what do you want me to say now? " seriously she knocked me off guard
"admit the fact that you are a playboy, am not gonna beat you" she laughed at her own joke while Nicky's advice came to my head, maybe this is it, she's just trying to play with my heart
"okay, fine I was a player, but am out of the racket now"
"when did you quit? "
"two months ago"
"and it's the same two months ago that we met, are you trying to impress me by saying you dropped out of your game because of me? "
"not at all, its not up to two months since we met, and I resigned from the game when I was ill in the hospital"
The twenty five minutes it took me to prepare the pasta was the time I had to answer the craziest and weirdest questions ever in my life. Natasha really knew how to compose her questions and deduce the truth by herself., she continued her weird list of questions till I finished cooking.

I served the food at the dining with a park of orange juice, she only walked quietly to the dining, sat down and waited to continue her questions
"so what do you do for a living? " she said before even touching her cuttleries
Another strong question, but this time I couldn't help but lie to her.
"am a rig surveyor" I said
"but you don't go to work"
"my job is strictly on contract, a single day contract pays me more than a banker's four month salary" I bragged, in truth if my new client 'Shirley' drops funds this week it will be a life time salary
"seriously am interested in this kind of job" she said as she finally tasted the food in front of her "this is extremely delicious"
"thank you" I said with a wide smile
"you know, you can use your income from a single day contract and set up a restaurant, seriously it will be better than staying at home all day"
"thanks for the compliment, now enough of me, let's talk about you"
"am not done yet" she argued
"I've had enough" I said "let me atleast know a bit about you"
"if you say so"
my first question was: "you said you've never had a boyfriend before right ?"
"uh-huh" she said with her attention in her plate
"does that mean you are a virgin? "
"mm- hmm" she replied still not looking at me
"for real? " I wasn't sure if I was to believe her
"you don't believe me? " she asked smiling
"no, it's just that it's hard to find a girl of your age and class who's a model and still a virgin"
"yea, people think all models are whores, but that's a wrong fact"
"you said you don't believe in love" I changed the topic
"so, does that mean you won't get married? "
"I'll definitely get married when the time comes"
"so you will go into a marriage without love"
"marriage is not all about love, love is a mere fantasy while marriage is reality, marriage is all about companionship and child bearing"
"that's to say you may opt out of marriage after having your kids"
"if not for what the society will say about me, seriously I don't see any point in living with a man all my life"
"are you sure you are a Christian? " I asked and we both laughed "do you know that there are so many things you will encounter in marriage that you need to start getting used to now"
"sorry I don't celebrate victory before a war"
she had a perfect answer for every question. ..I was still staring at her thinking of what to ask next. just then, the door opened and Loveth confidently walked in straight to the table
"is she the girl you were talking about" Loveth asked ad she stood beside the table and I only nodded in response "she is..." she paused and Natasha stared at her to hear what she was about to say "she's perfect" she finally blurted out
"yea, she is" I added
"so what were you guys discussing about me" Natasha quickly asked switching attention to and from Loveth to me
"okay, Kryz here said, he wished you were his girlfriend, so I told him to stop wishing and pour out his heart to you, then he asked me to come and help him do that" Loveth said as she sat down next to me
"so is that really what you came to do? " Tasha asked
"so you will like me to be his girlfriend? "
"that's correct"
"but do you know, that he's a player?"
"Hey! " I shouted
"keep quiet! "both of them shouted back at me
"he was" Loveth defended boldly and I than God I hadn't messed things up with her
"how do you mean? " Natasha asked
"ever since he came back from his trip about a month ago, he've never had a visitor unlike before when girls visits him like two times a day"
I was just sorted down listening to my own biography been detailed down by two of them
"so what if he goes out to meet them" Natasha said
"Recently he doesn't stay out late, plus since he came back, he had not passed a night outside, not for a single night"
"so how do you know so much?"
"am his next door neighbor and am always at home, all day, all week, so am supposed to know"
"do you have a boyfriend?"
"no, I don't"
"good, don't you love Kryz?"
"I do, he's a good neighbor"
"why not make him your boyfriend?"
"he's not interested in me, you are..."
"am talking on his behalf now, he's a good guy and you are a nice pretty girl, perfect match, what do you think? "
"you are right" Loveth said and turned to look at my face very well then added "but I can never date a guy who's heart is longing for another girl"
"you can make him. .." Natasha tried to argue
" I think I've had enough of this" I finally said
"Kryz, you've got yourself a good lawyer, friend and neighbor all in one" Natasha said
"actually am a law student" Loveth said "but you are better off with the twisted questions than myself" they both laughed
"am Tasha" Natasha said as she stretched out a hand for a handshake
"am Loveth and it's a pleasure meeting you"
"same here, Kryz prepared Chinese pasta, dine with us please"
"am a bit busy. and I need to finish up before dad comes back, so I'll just dish mine and go so I'll allow you guys discuss your future" Loveth said as she dashed into the kitchen laughing
"I like that girl" Natasha whispered and I only nodded in response" are you okay?" she added
"an fine" I said
"then why you looking like someone that just finished receiving beating from his dad"
"because I just finished receiving beating from you"
we both laughed and enjoyed the meal together while Loveth took hers home, it was a very memorable lunch that I won't forget easily. ...

To be continued..


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