Wednesday, 13 June 2018


After drinking, gisting and listening to music for more than thirty minutes, I told Samantha to go change into a party wear, so we can go to club together and catch a great deal of fun and she agreed without arguing and left.
Immediately she left arguments rupted between Becky and I, we werent arguing about Samantha, but about issues from our past, she was doing all the talking while I was busy admiring her hot body, from what she was wearing, a tight leggings with no panties on the inside made the shape of her ass just naturally perfect, the front side too wasnt an a exception, she had the perfect size of boobs, not to big but not small either...just moderate.
I wasnt paying attention to whatever she was saying, I was just saying "am sorry" every now and then. we've only known for like two weeks before she travelled and her anger was that for one month that she was away I only called her two texts at all.
After about ten minutes of 'big-big-talk" I dragged her close to me and planted a kiss on her lips, it tasted nice, but that was me licking the lipgloss on her lips, cos her mouth was closed, to gain access into her mouth, I had to bite her lower lips and she tried to say something then i explored, my tongue played its role very well and turned her on, she crossed her hands around my neck while my own hands were holding her butts strong like they were about to fall off...I knew she couldnt resist me.
She stopped all of a sudden and pushed me onto my bed and I knew what was coming next, so I balanced and gave her a very nice position, she quickly unbuckled my belt, dragged my short away, before she could reach for my boxers, my mantle was already strong and rigid, breathing like a dog that just finished a long run, as she grabbed my mantle with her hands and bent her head***************************************************************
It was an unprotected sex, even though I had condoms i pretended like it wasnt available because sex was more enjoyable when its raw and natural, I would have asked her to pass the night but because of Samantha I didnt.
She left my house at exactly 8:30pm feeling satisfied, few minutes after she've gone then Samantha came, dressed in a short seductive gown, she asked of Becky and I told her that she had a call from her dad and had to leave.
we went to a night club close to my house, had lots of drinks and danced a lot too, we even did some kissing in the was really fun.
we returned to my place at exactly 12:15am and without arguments or negotiation about Love bullshit, we continued the kissing from where we stopped at the club, samantha was obviously a very wild girl and that was the kind of girl that I enjoyed around me because she knew what to do, when to do it and how to do it right.. Without wasting much time, I helped her remove her gown before she would change her mind to my greatest surprise, she immediately unbuckled her bra like a stripper and flipped it away and the bra found it way and fell on the standing fan.
What was standing in front of me was just a well nourished breasts with straight pointing nipples beckoning on me to do some justice on it. I grabbed it like a hungry lion will grab its prey, holding the boobs with my two hands****************************************
It was yet another unprotected sex with a girl I was just meeting for the first time, but it felt good because she was a pro and to her I felt like an amateur.

To be continued


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