Wednesday, 13 June 2018


We fell asleep naked and also woke up the next morning naked.
Sex became an every sunday routine for Samantha and I and the craziest tbing is we never used protections.
Till one crazy Monday morning after she've left, I noticed my body was feeling weak, my energy was reducing as the sun was rising, then around 11am, my dick started paining me, I examined and discovered that the tip has a wound, it was red and swollen. Then around some minutes past twelve the worst of it all started, a greenish fluid was forcing its way out of my penniz without control- Very Outrageous to behold-
I managed to shower then drove down to larry white hospital, luckily for me, my doctor friend, Doctor Bruno was on duty that morning, I explained my predicament to him and he took me into the lab and examined me while asking questions about my sex life
"how active are you, as in sexually" he questioned
"very active" I said without hesitation
"with a single girl?"
"Nope" came my response boldly
"how many girls exactly?"
"seriously I've lost count"
"and its obvious you havent been buying condoms"
"something like that" i said not feeling a single remorse for my sins.
Doctor Bruno let out a simple smile then frowned immediately
"mr. Kent, I'll need to carry out some tests on you to comfirm your infection" he said "because if its what am thinking then its not good at all"
"what are you thinking Doc.?" I asked sharply
"I cant tell you till am sure" he said as he took sample of the fluid excreting from my pennis, and also took a sample of my blood "it will take approximately two hours before the results comes out, so I will advice you wait" Doc commanded and I only nodded in agreement.
Two hours later, Doctor Bruno came back and I was dozing, he woke me up, the look on his face wasnt good at all
"whats up Doc?" I said as i tried to sit up, I felt this sharp pain in my spinal chord and i screamed "ouch!"
"whats it?" Doctor Bruno questioned
"my back, my back hurts really bad"
"does your knees hurt too" he asked and i tried stretching out my leg and felt a pain worse than that of my spinal chord and i cried "Doc. whats happening to me?"
" you need to be admitted immediately, thankGod you came early"
" so whats my exact problem" I said feeling sorry for my self
"its an infection a very rare one, and it kills faster too" he said "when did u start seeing the symptoms?"
"just this morning" i said with fear
"thats okay, the Virus attacked your bone marrow and your spine too, assuming you delayed before coming something bad might have happened"
"Am i going to die?" I asked with real tears dropping from my eyes. seriouzly its been a while since i felt my own tears on my cheek
"you are supposed to die" he said smiling "but i wont let that happen"
"what do you mean by am supposed to die?"
"the infection was supposed to be your death sentence, seriously kent, talking is one thing you should abstain from now, hope you have money for the treatment because its going to be expensive"
"like how much?"
"you will stay hospitalized for more than two weeks if not three and you know, each day counts, and the total cost for your traetment and drugs will not be less than seventy thousand, so i will suggest you budget a hundred thousand"
"geez! Doc. thats on the high side" i lamented with a cracky voice
"mr. kent your life is at risk here and your chances are very poor, if you dont have the complete money, i can lend you, once you are strong you pay me back"
For Doctor Bruno to offer lending me money made me believe he can cure me
"I have the money" i said "and my master card is here with me too"
"good, let me talk to the receptionist to prepare a ward for you, meanwhile you need to inform your people that you are here, so they can be bringing you food and other stuffs you might be needing"
as he finished that statement he left for the reception.
I couldnt inform my mom abt my present predicament, so i had to call my friends...and Nicky was the only person that responded to my call positively cos she promised to come around and she did.
***** ***** ******
To be continued


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