Wednesday, 13 June 2018


We drove down to a fastfood. not too far from the estate, but she insisted on wanting to visit a place that she's not too familiar with, so we drove down to another fast-food a bit far.
We had just snacks and soft drinks, then bought lots of popcorn to keep the mouth busy in the car while driving back home, Livery proved herself to be very jovial, friendly and smart, she made the evening an enjoyable one for me, we weren't this close before now, "why now? !. if only she knew what I just recovered from, I don't think she'd be doing whatever she thinks she's doing now.
Seriously, in truth I was determined to stop playing with girls, so all through the hangout with Loveth, each time the devil inside of me brings up an idea on how to convince and bed her, I quickly dismissed the idea, 'can't friends or neighbors just hang out without a hidden agenda? ' I will always whisper back to him.
We came back exactly 6:47pm, like she planned, her parents weren't back yet, she ran inside happily while I went into my own apartment and that was how our friendship started.
Immediately I layer my head on my bed, the thought of Natasha came back again, I tried to dismiss, seriously I was beginning to think she added something to that soup, on a second thought that wasn't possible because we all are from it including Nicky, so why I can't I just focus on something else. I took my drugs as prescribed by doctor Bruno, then laid down to rest so I could wake up in the night to 'hustle'
******* *********
Life became normal again as I continued my daily activities as usual, it's past two weeks since I got discharged from the hospital and I have also exhausted all my drugs so I was now perfectly strong.
That bright Tuesday afternoon as I was coming home from a friend's place, I stopped by a supermarket to buy few stuffs that I lacked at home then I bumped into Natasha , she walked past me, I guessed she didn't recognise me, maybe it was because of my big sun shade, I called her name, she turned and I took off the shades and she still didn't recognise me
"you don't remember me? " I said as I got closer
"not really" she said
"but you are Natasha right?"
"yea, that's my name, so whats yours?" she talked with a serious official language and tone
"am Kryz Kent, a friend to your friend which makes us friends" I said smiling
"sorry, I don't really understand you" came her reply
"okay, am the guy you came to pick up from a hospital two weeks ago with your friend Nicky"
"oh! ,pardon my manners dear" her tone changed immediately and she added a broad smile to her cute little face "but you are looking really different"
"really? "
"ah, yea, you were slimmer and...never mind, so how is your health now?"
"perfect, very very perfect" I said
"that's good to know, so what are you doing here? "
"just wanna get some stuffs"
"ok, Actually am in a hurry now, see you some other time, I gat to run"
"it's okay, ehmmm, can I....get your in a while"
"oh, sorry dear, I don't give my number to men, except they''ve got business for me, or do you?"
"talking of business" I said "what kind of business are you into?"
"am a model and right now, I have a photo session waiting for me, so see you some other time" she said as she touched my cheeks then headed to the door while I stood still staring at her like a hypnotized fellow, seriously Natasha was a very pretty girl, I managed to gain my composure, collected the stuffs I needed then headed home
As soon as I got home, first thing I did was to phone Nicky to enquire about Natasha
"hello" she answered from across the phone line
"Nicky how are you?"
"so, so stressed out"
"sorry about that, I believe the stress is adding some cash to your wallet"
"yea, but you know, small jobs tend to give more stress than the bigger ones"
"it's always like that " I said "I ran into your friend, Natasha today"
"yea, she told me"
"she was actually coming to meet me, when you met her"
"she didn't tell me"
"say. she firgot, and she also said you were asking for her number"
"she told you that too "
"she tells me, everything, Kryz take your eyes off her, cos whatever you have in mind will never work out, I noticed how you were looking at her the other day"
"so what do you think I have in mind?"
"I don't know but she personally, don't believe in both love and lust, so whichever it is, she's a waste of your precious time"
"you mean she doesn't have a boyfriend?"
"yea, she doesn't"
"that makes us even"
"wake up from that dream, you can't convince her, especially you a PLAYBOY, sorry you are not her type"
"am no longer a playboy, I've changed" I confessed
"are you changing because of Tasha?"
"No, I changed while I was ill"
"I hear you" she retorted
"am serious here"
"I believe you na"
"so never you address me as a playboy again"
"yes boss"
"can you gimme her phone number?"
"she will kill me"
"she won't, she can only frown, maybe for a few days"
"you don't know Tasha, if she dint want to be mad at me, then she will change her sim"
"is she that strict? "
"she's more than strict, but don't worry I can convince her to give you the number when ever you meet her again"
"so when or where can I meet her again? "
"I will arrange that too"
"that's my girl"
"hey, am not you girl. I have a boyfriend"
"how is that my business, have a nice day jhoor"
"yea, you take care too, playboy"
"Don't call me...." she ended the call.

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