Wednesday, 13 June 2018


I was desserted and maybe forgotten by all my friends, because of my present predicament, its been two weeks now since I've been lying on the hospital bed and not even a single person came to check on me except for nicky.
My anger now is not just about my dreadful ailment, but also because i was left to die a lonely man.
I managed to stand up, and looking straight in the mirror, what i saw as my image was not just very disappointing, it was a nightmare. My body was white like there was no blood left in my ventricles, my eyes were either brown or yellow, I wasnt sure of the exact colour, and there was no single fat left in my body system just my skeletal system, very thin and drained. As i stood in front of the mirror, my legs were shaking, if not for the laboratory results, I would have thought I was suffering from Hiv or AIDS or maybe something worse.
Just then Doctor Bruno came in with two nurses behind him carrying my drugs and a glass of water
"Mr. Kent" Doctor Bruno called "dont try standing up again, except you want to remain here for another two weeks"
"Doc. Am just trying to...." I tried to argue
"you dont understand" he said as he helped me get back on the bed "your problem is in the marrow of your bone, so stressing the bone right now is a wrong therapy because it will reduce your recovery speed and that is not good for both of us"
"Doc, what are my chances, will I survive this?" I said with tears
"Definitely" he said smiling "this is not my first time handling your kind of case, if you stick to my instructions in less than a week, you will be discharged strong and healthy"
"Doc, hope you are not lying to me" i said grabbing the edge of his coat with my left shaky hand
"mr. Kent, one of the instructions, dont stress your buccal cavity, dont talk too much, just take your drugs and relax, you'll be okay" as he was talking, the nurses were busy arranging a drip with a colour very strange to my eyes.
Doctor Bruno arranged my hand carefully beside me on the bed and inserted two syringes into my veins while one of the nurses dropped some tablets into my mouth for me to swallow.
"dont try standing again please and i promise you fast recovery" he said " your friend will soon be here with your breakfast" he tapped me on the shoulder and added "dont think too much to avoid cassualties coming from stress" i only nodded in agreement as he left with the nurses following behind him and i was left alone with my thoughts again, which took me back to how it all started.
It was a cloudy sunday evening and I was expecting a guest, I was seated in a restaurant waiting for her to arrive my junction, when I saw another pretty damsel, chocolate skinned, tall, dark and well endowed. I couldnt get my eyes off pretty girls and that was my biggest flaw.
I decided to engage the girl in a discussion, she talked freely, she seemed to be nice,easy going and jovial, we talked and talked and became friends.
Her name was Samantha, Edo girl and she was nineteen, she told me everything I wanted to know about her. and I almost forgot I was waiting for another girl until the ringing of my phone reminded me. Becky was at my junction, I went with Samantha to pick her up, this was one of my best tactics for eliminating suspiciousness. I introduced them to each other as friends.
From the junction, we went straight to my apartment -the three of us- Becky wasnt really comfortable with Samantha's presence but Samantha never seemed bothered. I was a bit confused, I didnt know my new friend very well but becky I know wont accept the idea of 'threesome' if I brought it I applied another trick.
**** **** ****
To be continued


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