Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Ever since that day I've een hospitalized, and its past two weeks now, as the days go by my ailment seemed to be getting worse, I was getting slimmer by the day and my body was getting weaker too. I was just staring at the ceiling, shedding tears, reminiscing about what I brought upon my self.
Doctor Bruno said it was a sexually transmitted infection, but I kept wondering why Samantha still looked strong and healthy, I had this belief that I got the infection from her, but if she was the courier why wasn't it disturbing her, women can be mysterious sometimes. I was still lost in my thoughts when Nicky entered the room with a flask and a bottled water, she touched my hand and brought me back to consciousness
"you are crying" she said
"Am sorry" was all I could utter as she wiped the tears from my cheeks
"it's okay, you'll be fine in no time"
"you think so? " I questioned
"I know so, Doctor Bruno said you are in the third phase of your marrow metamorphosis"
"what does that mean ?"
"it simply means, the infected marrow is liquidating and been passed out through osmosis. when it's fully gone, then a new one will have to be grown"
"how long will that take? "
"another two weeks or more, but that's not important, even if it takes two months, as long as you get better that's the important thing here" her words gave me strength and I smiled
"thank you very much" I said
"I brought you breakfast " she dropped the flask on the bed and I had to sit up a bit as she opened the flask, she prepared white rice with vegetables and egg sauce, that's what I've been eating every morning as breakfast since I got admitted because Doc said it he'll boost my treatment. .......
*******THREE WEEKS LATER* ****
It all happened like a miracle, my flesh were all coming back and my skin colour was back to normal, my eyes too were no more brownish, now I could talk properly, Doctor Bruno was talking with me, when Nicky entered the room with a friend.
"Look who's very strong this morning" she said as she came closer "Good morning Doc" she added while my eyes caught the pretty girl standing behind her. she was very cute with long hair, tall and chocolate skinned, I was totally out from the conversation going on in the room, I was just admiring the damsel seated at the edge of my sick bed
"so how you feeling this morning" Nicky said as she brought me back to reality
"am very strong this morning ,stronger than you" I joked
"that's good to know, it's my prayer for you to get stronger than me, after all women are supposed to be the weaker vessels" Nicky added and we all laughed except for the strange girl who only smiled
"nicky" I called out and gave her a sign that she hasn't introduced her friend yet
"oh!, she ?" she said "she's my friend Natasha, ughmm...Natasha meet my Jimmie kryz"
Natasha smiled and stretched out a hand for a hand shake
"hey Doc, hope it's okay to shake people" I said to doctor who was busy laughing then turning to Natasha I said "nice to meet you"
"my pleasure" she replied
"are you still discharging him today?" Nicky asked doctor Bruno
"yea, that's what I was about telling him before you came in" Doc replied
"am going home today finally, waow that's a good news indeed"
"there's no point keeping you here, since you're fully recovered" Doc added
"thanks Doc" I said smiling
We had lots of gists till it was time to go home. then Doctor Bruno dragged me to a Conner of the hospital and said
"this your friend Nicky, is she your girlfriend? "
"nope, but she's really close to my heart, you like her?" I replied smiling
"I mean, is she one of the girls you've been having intercourse with before. ...."
"Na-na-na-na-na, she's like a kid sister to me"
"that's good, she's a good girl, my point is, avoid all your previous sex partners except anyone you are willing to bring over for check up and treatments"
"no need, am changing my sim card because of them, how can I spend a hundred thousand plus on a girl I don't have an atom of love for"
"playboy, you might not know who really infected you, so abstain from any girl from your past, if possible quit been a player, it doesn't pay"
"seriously Doc, this few weeks I spent here have giving me another view of life, I think it's time to get matured and leave the playboy clique for the younger boys"
"I wish you would" doctor Bruno said as he shook my hand "take your drugs as prescribed,avoid sex for the next two weeks, so as not to stress your testosterone and androgen"
"what's that?"
"they are hormones inside your dick" he said laughing "have a nice day, I need to attend to other patients" then he marched back to the private wards.
"thank you very much, Doctor Bruno!" I shouted
"you're most welcomed" he shouted back laughing.
**** ******* ******
To be continued..


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