Wednesday, 13 June 2018


When we got home, my place was in order, Nicky had been taking care of things while I was away, she even prepared vegetable soup before coming to pick me from the hospital, she was the only friend that stood by me all through my ailment. As we got home she got the food ready before I finished taking my bath.
We sat at the dining table eating.g quietly until she broke the silence "how's the soup?" she asked
"'s nice but peppery, unlike you" I replied
"that's because I didn't do the cooking, Tasha did" she said pointing at Natasha who was only blushing
"ughmm, sorry" Natasha said "never knew you too don't like pepper"
"who said so, I love pepper" I said smiling "its one of the reasons I noticed a difference because anytime Nicky prepares something, sometimes I do add pepper to my own plate to get my taste" I joked and all laughed, we continued gisting while eating.
After the meal, we relaxed a bit before they left. as soon as the left, the devil in me whispered something to my head, he said: "Dude that Natasha is HOT! from her hair to her toes, mean the babe na fire" just then images of her face, her dimples, her smiles, her brilliant white teeth and her general body features kept flashing through my head, and that was the spirit of lust trying to take over, just then one tiny voice whispered: "thought you said you don't wanna be a player no more" I felt cold, I closed my eyes, tried to dismiss the thought of Natasha from my head to no avail. Then I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood maybe it will help.
As I started strolling around the estate, it seemed that day was 'pretty ladies carnival, I kept running into all manners of pretty ladies in different spices, all of a sudden I developed a serious headache and I had to go back home and relax.
at exactly 3:33 pm a knock on my door woke me up, as I opened the door I was shocked to see Loveth, my neighbor's daughter whom I'd been looking for a smart way to get under her skirt, standing right in front of me wearing a white bum short under an over sized t-shirt, my heart started racing again, then I managed to say "Hi"
"hello, keys, where have you been for the past one month" she said
"oh, you took notice?" I said smiling
"I think everyone in this estate noticed your absence" she Said leaning on my door, to me that was a sign of 'won't you let me in? '
"how do you mean?" I questioned
"for one month and some days now, we all had quiet nights, because nobody was disturbing us with loud, crazy. hip hop songs from those shithead musicians called Rappers" we both laughed really loud to her statement, I never knew her to be this jovial, I was thinking she would be -whatever
"but you''ve never complained about the noise for once"
"ughmm, personally, I do enjoy them at times,more of the reason why I noticed it absence cos I missed the noise or rather the songs, so where went you?"
"I actually traveled" I smartly lied
"and you are just coming back?"
"no, I came back in the morning"
"so what did you bring from your trip?
"myself" I said smiling, usually I would have said 'banana' and point at my boxers, but since am trying to stop the player in me I had to change some silly habits too
"what will I do with you?" she replied with a broad smile
"actually, I was in a hurry while coming back, so I didn't even get anything even for myself, but I can get you something if I go out this evening, or rather we can go out together, that's if you are not busy" I didn't know when I made the last sentence, what was I thinking? ????
"I wouldn't mind as long as we can come back before seven pm"
"it's almost four, go get dressed then, lets look for where to go"
she smiled and said "I will be right back" as she ran off.
"keys, this is temptation hope you know" I said to my self as I slowly closed the door
***** ***** *****
To be continued


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