Tuesday, 5 June 2018


‘Wow never knew Diana could be this romantic’ he teased and nuzzled her ear…  She chuckled softly…it was like a new surge of light had entered into her world…it made her fears subside and her burdens light…  It made her smiles wider…it was the light of a rekindled flame…the light of a lost love…  This love was her light and she prayed it would never go dim…  ‘I love you’ he kissed her neck…  ‘I love you too…let’s go to Malta…I hear it’s very beautiful there’….she suggested…  ‘Nah, Hawaii, it’s an island of love and beauty for angels like you’ he whispered softly into her ear …and her laughter filled the atmosphere. V  Valley of Angels’? Diana smiled and stared into his face.  ‘Yes darling, you deserve the best’ Chimobi returned her smile and moved to the edge of the table where his phone lay.  ‘What are you up to’? She winked; she could see a flicker of mischief in his eyes.  ‘A weekend getaway for two, just you and I, what do you think’? He asked.  ‘Of course, I am in’ she giggled excitedly.         He made some calls to a hotel and a room was being reserved for them; he could wait to kiss his Diana; he couldn’t wait to run his hands all over her beautiful body; he wanted to make love to her till the world stopped; till her head spun and her legs were weak.  He wanted to show her just how much he loved her.  She stared at his dark eyes the whole time he was on the phone; the corners of her lips twitched as she mocked him with her eyes.  How easy was it for men to fall prey to a woman’s charms?  She wasn’t a fool; only a would fall back into the hands of the man that had betrayed her once and Chimobi was that man.  He had chosen Seyi over her; he had chosen other women over her; he was only interested in her body and not her heart and that was all she was willing to offer him, for now; till her plans came to life.  Her hate for him grew stronger; how dare he promise to divorce his wife to be with her? What sane man did something like that?  First, it was her mother, now her brother; it was Chimobi’s turn to pay for what had happened in the past.  He had denied her in front of his parents; he had denied her in the presence of everyone and humiliated her greatly. She was going to tear Chimobi down; she would ruin his marriage and his reputation and she would break his heart, just like the way he had broken hers.  ‘So, it is done’ he sauntered towards her with a smile.  ‘I can’t wait to be with you darling’ Diana curled her hands over his neck and drew his head closer to hers.  ‘I love you, do you know that’?  She whispered before placing a kiss on his lips.  A knock on the door broke them apart, it was his secretary.  ‘Good day sir’ she stopped by the door.  ‘Um, can I help you’? Chimobi lifted a brow.  ‘Your wife is on line three, she would like to speak with you urgently’ Tola announced and left the room immediately; wondering what her boss was doing in his office alone with Miss Anyebe.  His face was a cloud of confusion; why would Seyi call him now? Why did she want to ruin his beautiful moment with Diana?  ‘You can take the call, I wouldn’t feel bad. She is still your wife and you owe her a lot’ Diana smiled faintly.  ‘Hey, don’t say that. I would divorce her and make us stronger, okay? I love you’ he placed a quick kiss on her lips.  He was hesitant at first knowing what his wife would say; she was going to apologize for hitting him and would start to question him about his whereabouts; he was not ready for that kind of drama. He didn’t want anything to ruin his mood with Diana.       ‘You know what? I’ll go home and freshen up, I’ll call you to pick me up once I am ready’ Diana leaned forward and kissed him sharply before hurrying out of his office.  ‘Okay. Thanks’ Chimobi blew her a kiss.  He knew Diana was not comfortable with the call he was about to make to his wife and this made him feel worse.  He really had feelings for Diana this time and nothing would come in between.  ‘Hello,’ he placed the telephone against his left ear.  ‘My love, I am so sorry…’ Seyi started, he could sense she was crying.  ‘Crocodile tears’ he scoffed.  ‘Seyi, what do you want? What is so urgent that cannot wait’? Chimobi asked.  ‘I want to see you, Honey, I miss your touch; please don’t deny me your touch’ she cried.  ‘I have a lot of work on my plate right now; please when next you call, make sure that it is important’ he replied before slamming the device on his table.  So she had successfully driven Diana out of his office simply because she was horny? She was kidding because he was never going to touch her.  He quickly arranged his briefcase and yanked his keys from the table when the door flew wide open and there was Diana!  Anytime he set eyes on her, there was a sensation he felt; something always stirred in him; what other proof did he need to know that he was in love?  ‘I forgot this’ she lifted her phone from his table.  ‘Oh, that’s right’ Chimobi managed a smile.  ‘Are you okay’? She noticed he wasn’t looking too happy.  ‘Yes, kinda’ he shrugged.  ‘Kind of? Talk to me, what is it’? Diana probed.  ‘I can’t, I don’t want to ruin our love’ Chimobi replied. How could he tell Diana that his wife wanted to have sex with him?  ‘Hey, if we must start afresh, then we have to be 100% honest with each other; you can tell me anything Chimobi; I am not a kid and I can handle it’ she assured him.  ‘It’s my wife’ he said.  ‘Yes? What about her’? Diana waited patiently.  ‘She wants us to make love and you know I can’t; you are the only woman I want to be with’ he moved towards her and looked deeply into her eyes.  Diana almost laughed at his confession; men could say anything just to get into a woman’s pants.  ‘Go ahead, I wouldn’t feel bad if that happens. Remember Chimobi that she is still your wife and if you must divorce her and not lose all your properties to her, we must be discreet about our relationship’ Diana advised.  Chimobi was silent for a while; he realized Diana had a point which infuriated him. So he was going to spend the rest of his days with Seyi pretending to be happy?  ‘Why can’t I just divorce her already’?  ‘Because you are a businessman and you know the consequences of taking and making irrational choices. I really have to go now; remember we must keep our affair discreet. Is that clear’? She asked in a very seductive voice.  ‘Yes it is your Majesty’ he laughed. The laughter made him feel better; it made him forget how difficult it was going to be for him with Seyi in the next few weeks they would still remain husband and wife.

She felt relieved that she had convinced Chimobi to stay with his wife; at least that would buy her enough time to finally carry out her plans against him.  He was such a daft man; after all the humiliating events he had thought she would welcome him with open arms.  Diana decided to focus on her plan; she was in the present and no longer in the past; it was time to focus.  She fetched her buzzing phone and realized she had missed Saddiya’s calls; something was up, was Saddiya in some kind of trouble?  ‘I need to hurry’ she whispered and increased her pace, but she suddenly felt an obstruction right in front of her.  ‘I am so sorry about that, I wasn’t looking’ Diana quickly stepped away from Sean, she had bumped into him.  ‘Oh, that’s fine, Diana; I should be the one apologizing’ Sean offered her a smile.  ‘Thanks’ she returned his smile.  ‘Um, I relay have to go now, see you later Diana’ Sean walked quickly past her.  ‘Okay’? She stared at him.  Something was off about Sean’s behavior that morning; usually, when he located her in the company, he would like to talk and talk without stopping but he was so brief this morning; it was really out of character.  ‘Everyone behaving secrets’ Diana laughed, it almost felt like a movie. Well, it was, she had her own script and she was acting it. Chimobi was at a loss because he believed everything.  She slid into the car and fired the engine.  Twenty minutes later, she arrived home; she found her friend waiting for her expectantly.  ‘What’s going on’? Diana walked past her into the bedroom.  ‘I was scared you still had the intentions of fleeing Nigeria because of Chimobi, that was why I called’ Saddiya trailed behind.  ‘No baby, change of plans, change of mind’ Diana flashed her a grin as she got out of her work clothes.                 ‘What are you talking about’? Saddiya wondered.  ‘I am now convinced that Chimobi has feelings for me’ she began.  ‘But he is married…’ Saddiya wasn’t comfortable with that.  ‘Yes, that’s the point of the whole thing; now he has finally played into my hands, I am going to hurt him like he hurt me back then’ she was fully undressed now.  She dropped her clothes in the laundry basket and fetched her box; she unzipped the apartment where she kept important documents.  ‘I don’t understand Diana, what are you up to’? Saddiya stared at her friend in shock.  ‘Chimobi is going to lose everything when I am done with him’ Diana fetched some papers from the box and offered it to her friend.  ‘No, why would you want to do something like this’? Saddiya’s hands vibrated as she read the content of the papers.  ‘I know he really hurt you, but that was the past Diana; maybe you should leave Nigeria if you cannot forget it’ Saddiya threw the papers angrily on the bed.  ‘You’re so insensitive, I should never have told you about my plans’ Diana grabbed the papers and returned them to the box.  ‘I know you hate him, but that was twenty years back; get over it. What should you even consider is finding your child? Aren’t your curious about her? What she turned out to be? That should be your focus now and not destroying the reputation of your child’s father’ Saddiya warned.  ‘Too late for sermons. Too late’ Diana’s mind was made up.  ‘I want to ask you a question’ Saddiya rose to her feet and moved closer to her friend.  ‘Do you still love Chimobi’? Saddiya asked.  ‘No’ Diana tore her eyes away from her friend’s penetrating gaze.              The room was dimly lit with two red bulbs and dark blue ones; there were rose petals all over the room, from the entrance of the bedroom to the bed which she shared with her husband.  She had taken a long bath and had slipped on sexy lingerie to turn him on once he returned.  Seyi Adams was not an average woman; even as she stared at the mirror, she sensed it was complimenting her; telling her that she was still beautiful.   Back in secondary school, no girl’s beauty could rival that of Seyi and maybe that was what had drawn her husband to her.  A tear slipped down her face as she remembered how she had attacked her husband with a perfume bottle which had injured him in the process; she felt ashamed of her actions and she vowed there and then that she would never do something like that again.  She decided that she was an insecure woman. Even though she knew deep down that her husband had never cheated on her before, that weak aspect of her; that fearful part of her always made her to believe what her spies reported.  But she was done with all of that now; she was ready to make her marriage work; she was ready to trust Chimobi once again.  She quickly wiped her face as she heard his car drive into the compound.  ‘No tears now, this is a new beginning’ she smiled and applied a heavy coat of red on her lips. She wouldn’t mess this one up.  She was about to leave the room so she could welcome her husband when her phone rang; she was reluctant to pick it, she didn’t want anything to ruin her moment with her husband.  She moved to the edge of the bed where the phone lay and grabbed it; it could be important, she thought to herself.  She placed the phone against her ear hurriedly.  ‘Good afternoon Ma’ a high pitched female voice said.  ‘Afternoon, who am I speaking with please’? Seyi wondered.  ‘Your husband’s secretary, Tola’ she answered.  ‘Oh, Tola, how are you? It’s been so long’? Seyi chuckled. Why was the girl calling her now? She had approached her husband’s secretary to spy him for her but she had refused stating that it was grossly unprofessional. Why then was she calling now?  ‘Yes. I have something important to tell you’ Tola paused, not knowing how to drop the bombshell.  ‘Yes, by all means, go ahead Jaire’ Seyi urged her on.  ‘I think the boss is sleeping with someone in the office’ Tola replied.  Seyi was silent for a while; no, this couldn’t happen; she had already decided to let the past go; she didn’t want to ruin this fresh start with Chimobi and so she wouldn’t entertain this kind of negative report.  ‘I think you’re being grossly unprofessional, stick to your office work’ Seyi cut in angrily and threw the phone on the bed.  Without warning, the door flung open and a tired looking Chimobi stepped into the room. His eyes lit up as he stared at his wife; she looked different, she looked sexy but she did not appeal to him, not the way that Diana did.  ‘Darling…’ she smiled and looked into his eyes; she couldn’t wait to put her arms round his body and moan underneath him. Her love for him was renewed; Chimobi was the perfect man for her.
To be continued..


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