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Three weeks was gone …their friendship grew stronger…  Chimobi was actually surprised….they were many things about her he didn’t know and he grew to like her…but he had to win the bet…he had to make his move….  ‘Do you love me’? He asked sweetly while placing a fallen strand of her long hair to the back…  ‘ I really do and you know that’ she dropped her pencil…he’d been coaching her in the technical drawing which she sucked at…  ‘Then kiss me’ he commanded…  She hesitated…then moved forward closer to him and placed her mouth on his…  He parted her lips with his tongue and they blended together… she had come visiting that day as his parents weren’t around….  He left her mouth and traced a fine line along her round neck with his tongue…he would stop and bite her earlobe lightly….  She moaned loudly…lost in pleasure….what was he doing to her?  He trailed his fingers gently on her breast and she groaned…he went further and slipped his hand beneath her blouse but she held him back….  ‘Are you a virgin’? He asked…eyes hazy with passion….  Her mood changed swiftly….as she remembered all those nights her uncle raped her brutally and she would wet her pillow with tears….there was no one she could talk to…no one at all…her mother had turned her face away ….the woman that was supposed to protect her…  ‘No’ she answered quietly…as the memories lay broken before her…  ‘What’s wrong’? He was uncomfortable with her mood swing…  ‘my uncle rapes me at home’ she finally found the courage to say it… then a tear fell from her eye.  ‘I  am sorry’  he whispered to her as his desires fled when he heard that  Those were the only words that came out of his mouth… he was too shocked to say anything else…  ‘But that doesn’t mean you should stop…just promise you’ll be gentle….promise to love me forever’ she begged him…  He rose up and stared outside the window…he couldn’t bring himself to do this…he was still human at least… was the bet really worth this? Maybe he should tell her the truth…  As he turned, he found her standing nude before him… he wished he could resist but he couldn’t….            She found herself singing songs of love after the time she’d spent with Chimobi…he’d showed her love and a new side of it….it was pleasurable….  ‘Where are you coming from’? Her mother asked looking upset…  She was tongue tied…what was she to say? With her mother’s angry glare and her brother’s mocking gaze.  ‘Lesson’ she replied curtly…  ‘Lesson’? Her brother winked at her… his fool of a sister had fallen for Chimobi’s trap and now she was going to be seen as an easy lay….  ‘You’ve fallen for the bait’ was all he said and begun laughing….  She was confused….what was he talking about…     Slowly, days turned into weeks and Chimobi avoided her completely…. Even when she tried reaching out to him, he ignored her completely…  She blamed herself, she cried herself to sleep everyday…she must have offended him…her big fat self must have repulsed him.  Then one morning came and she stood before the mirror and noticed how different she looked…she had grown fatter and her nose was always shiny…her breasts were very tender and painful to the touch…  Then her mother voiced her fears after careful scrutiny…  ‘I said it…you’re good for nothing…you are pregnant’…  That day has been the worst day of her life… her uncle quickly came out with a cane and flogged her till she felt dizzy….while her mother stood hands akimbo….  ‘I am sorry mother’ she cried… she felt helpless…she wished death could just take her….she felt trapped in that big body…her soul yearned for freedom…  ‘Take me to the father’ was all her mother said…  She had been extremely terrified as she stood before Chimobi’s parents…  ‘Dad…you know the only girlfriend I have is Seyi…you can ask around, I do not know this girl’ he denied her blatantly…  The scales that covered her fell off….  For twenty years, she carried that pain around and she swore never to give her heart to any man….        *TWENTY YEARS LATER*         ‘I present this to you, on behalf of the Department of Sales Management of Conral Limited, Miss Diana  Anyebe’ ….  Diana tried to control the tears but she couldn’t …they fell freely on her cheeks.  She’d never known things could change in her life…that things could change for the better… years ago people rejected her …deserted her but right now…where she stood in the middle of the conference hall she felt love poured out in genuine quantities from her co-workers.               ‘Words are too little to express my gratitude…I will miss you all dearly’ her friends came around and hugged her…it was very touching ….  They all presented her gifts….individually and left….  ‘What are you going to do with all these cake’? Sadiyya asked….  ‘Take it to Nigeria of course….’ Diana replied…  It had been twenty years since she last set her foot in the country.  Her mother had tried marrying her off to an old chief…. But she’d refused to be oppressed.  Determined to find freedom, she ran away from home that night…. Then she got lost in the capital city…no food …no water…  It was a long walk and a great risk that she’d taken but luck found her that day…  She’d resorted to begging just to survive… a young woman approached her and listened carefully to her story …she was greatly moved and vowed to help her…  She later introduced her to a family who was in dire need of a child…she agreed to give her child up for an adoption…the child couldn’t share the same fate as hers.  On her delivery, the baby was taken from her and with the help of the family; she has flown abroad for her education….  She lived in Australia for ten years…..five years of studying and another five for working at a small firm in Melbourne before she was offered a job in South Africa.  She had changed greatly within those years…. She had undergone rigorous gym activities and maintained a strict diet…  No man could see her now and not turn twice….but she was done with men, she had nothing to offer them…  She gave her heart to Chimobi and he destroyed her….  ‘When do we leave for our dear country’? Saddiya asked as she threw some pieces of icing into her mouth….  Diana was silent, there were too many memories over there…. Many things she had tried to forget…thoughts that haunted her…she was scared…  ‘I understand how you feel…but you have to face this…I warned you to let all these go’ Saddiya was her best friend, they’d schooled together overseas…they shared everything …all their secrets…so she knew what it meant for her to return to the place she dreaded….  ‘I wish the company could still retain us…I don’t like this transfer thing’ Diana complained, yes; she had grown coldhearted and very strong willed…. She had buried her evil family long time ago…the child that grew steadily in her womb…she’d given her up…she had nothing more to lose…  ‘ You know very well we have to represent the Nigerian branch of  Conral…so just make up your mind….we leave by weekend’  Diana watched as her friend strolled out … she was lucky to have such a friend…Saddiya was one in a million.

Where are you coming from’? Seyi launched a perfume bottle at her wayward husband…Chimobi hadn’t changed one bit since their marriage…  Her inability to give him a child made it worse…  Her spies had told her in confidence that he slept with anything in skirt… she was determined not to lose him, no woman was going to take her place….  ‘What’s wrong with you Seyi…’? He was fatigued after a long day’s work and here she was accusing him of things he’d known nothing about….  ‘Chimobi…I hate you so much…you’ve ruined my like’ she cursed….  ‘for god’s sake, stop all this…am just back from sealing a major deal and this is how you welcome me’ he was tired of her nagging, of her complaint…  It wasn’t his fault they were unable to have a child after ten years of marriage…At the age of thirty-eight, he’d achieved so much; he had made a name for himself but he still lacked one thing.  He had taken over his father’s firm and with relentless hard work,  Fesocorp limited was one of the largest and richest firms in the whole of Africa….  Some years back, he’d been listed by Forbes Magazine as the 47th richest man in the world…yes, he was wealthy…he called the shots but his money had failed him in the greatest way possible…he couldn’t have his own child…  Seyi had tried conceiving through in vitro fertilization but all was to no avail, he’d wanted to adopt but she refused to comply….while his family put more pressure on him to marry a new wife but he couldn’t as he loved his wife very much.  Though Seyi had her imperfections ….though she could nag him to death…he loved her very much and was ready to die by her side.  ‘Chimobi, you think me a fool right’? She walked closer towards him….  ‘What are you doing’? he felt she was acting weird…  Seyi shifted closer to her husband and sniffed him …  She felt guilty for calling him names earlier….it’s just that she was insecure…she wasn’t getting any younger…and he was still a very handsome man…females easily fell for his charm…she loved him too much to let him go. Her fears were mainly due to the fact that she couldn’t get pregnant.               ‘ I am sorry…forgive me’ she begged…she had been stupid for listening to gossips…  ‘That’s what you always say…baby am getting tired of this’ Chimobi moved away from her. how long was he going to keep up with her paranoia?  She grabbed the briefcase from him and led him to the table….  ‘So how was your day’? She asked curiously…she was a housewife and she tried to cope with boredom by spending most of her time with her friends….  ‘It was fine…I just bought a new company’ he explained further…  She smiled proudly at her husband….Chimobi would be hers even in her second life….for those who believed in that ….  ‘Thanks darling for the meal’ Seyi could be very caring when she wasn’t depressed over the issue of barrenness.  ‘I have something else for you’ she winked at him and led him towards their bedroom.  They had arrived Abuja by weekend… she was prepared to resume work with the Nigerian branch of her South African firm…  With the help of Saddiya who was very conversant with the streets and their names as she visited the country more often, they had gone for shopping that weekend ….she needed to look good…  ‘Looks do kill’ that was her watchword since watching Nikita…  ‘Hurry we are late’ Saddiya called out to her friend as she hurried to the garage…thankfully accommodation was already arranged for by the company….  ‘Give me twenty minutes, will you?’ Diana screamed back….  Saddiya’s groan made her smile…the girl was too uptight…  She wore a high waist yellow skirt and a pink blouse…she stared at the mirror once more…satisfied with her appearance, she slipped on her heels…she was drop dead gorgeous and she knew that…  ‘My god! You look wow’ Saddiya was awestruck….Diana was very beautiful no doubt…but she looked exceptional that day….  Diana rolled her eyes and slipped into the car ‘well Saddiya darling, first impressions last’.          They arrived the firm twenty minutes later.  ‘Thanks to traffic’ Diana sneered as they approached the reception with their files…  ‘Go to the tenth floor’ a woman directed them…  ‘It’s so beautiful down here’ the girls looked carefully…this branch was definitely more sophisticated…  ‘I could virtually live here’ Diana breathed…  ‘Careful now, we’re about to see the managing director’ her friend warned…  ‘Hello beautiful ladies’ one man greeted and winked at Diana…  ‘You’re so hot already’ Saddiya wasn’t surprised….men gaped at her friend a lot…it disgusted her at some point, but then again, they were men…  ‘I am all shivers’ Diana teased her friend who took life a bit too seriously…  ‘Come in…’ the deep male baritone called to them….  Wait that voice sounded so familiar…but she didn’t have time to think, as Saddiya had already opened the door.         He was too engrossed in writing out some details concerning a particular contract to acknowledge the women who’d just stepped into his new office…  ‘Good morning sir’ Diana offered sweetly…she loved to use her charms on men…they rarely resisted her…  ‘Good morning ladies…’ he trailed off as his eyes locked with the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen…  His wife was very attractive no doubt, but she was out of this lady’s league….  For a moment he seemed lost…he saw something in her almond shaped eyes…they were light brown and they flickered with surprise…  He took her in…she smelt of roses….she wasn’t too tall but she had a nice figure… her belly was flat and her boobs were kind of perky but her hips were her most arresting asset… her chocolate complexion was a  very attractive shade…  The red she wore made her full lips more desirable…  Saddiya was confused at the exchange of emotions between the two….  Diana had recognized him at that instant… but it seemed he had forgotten her…then she saw admiration written all over his eyes…  She now understood everything… nobody would recognize her back here…she had undergone a drastic change…from a geeky obese girl to a magazine cover model.  ‘Sir’? She called gently to him…  Chimobi jerked out of his vile emotions …maybe she wasn’t human…there was something about her…it was as if he’d known her all his life yet she was a total stranger…  Her eyes reminded him of the past, a girl he’d hurt deeply …he had been full of regret since her mysterious disappearance.  ‘Welcome to Fesocorp limited’  The ladies exchanged glances….what was he talking about?  ‘Sit down let me explain’….  ‘You really have to’ Saddiya urged him on…  ‘Conral limited could no longer make enough profit to sustain its workers, so they offered to sell the Nigerian branch to me …one of the conditions was for me to employ some of their workers…’  ‘Oh…’ Diana looked around his office…she was doomed…how would she work in a company with the same man that almost ruined her life….
To be continued..


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