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VALLEY OF ANGELS Episode 17-18

‘It’s okay, I forgive you’ she replied and she meant it. She reminded herself that Chimobi was her child’s father and there was no need hating on him.
‘I want us to join hands together and see if we can find our child; I know it is going to be difficult, almost impossible but it’s worth the try’ she said to him.
‘You’re right, it’s going to be difficult because her adoption wasn’t legal but I am very interested in this; I want to see my daughter, I want to see what she’ll look like; I know she will be as beautiful as you even more’ he smiled.
Diana laughed at this, could her daughter be more beautiful than her? Well, that would be a good thing.
‘So, do you still have the contact of the woman you gave the child to’? Chimobi asked.
‘No’ Diana replied sadly. She had been so desperate to give the child up that she forgot to get the details about the woman. Never had she imagined in her life, that she would need that child again.
‘That is going to be difficult’ he bit his lip.
‘But I remember where I found her and I remember her surname’ Diana replied.
‘That’s good for starters’ Chimobi felt slightly relieved. He knew one person that was able to do multiple jobs; he was trained for things like this.
‘Mrs. Obinna Okachi’ Diana replied confidently, she remembered the woman’s name well and her facial features.
‘Did you ever meet her husband’? Chimobi fetched his phone.
‘No’ she shook her head.
‘Hmm’ Chimobi rubbed his chin, this was going to be difficult indeed.
‘What’? Diana wondered what was on his mind.
‘That reminds me, I saw a young girl, almost Tola’s age…she really looked like you; she was selling hair products’ Chimobi briefly remembered the girl he had seen close to his office.
‘Lola’! Diana’s heart skipped.
‘You know her’? He asked.
‘No, I just met her today; there is something about the girl that calls out to me; what if she is our daughter? What if we are destined to meet like this’? Diana was desperate for answers.
‘What makes you so sure that she could be our child’? Chimobi could see how important his was to her and he didn’t want her to get hurt.
‘She lives in Maitama, Abuja; the very place I met that woman’ Diana said.
‘Then she isn’t our daughter’ Chimobi observed quietly.
‘Why would you say that? It is very possible. She looks like me; she lives in Abuja; what if? Just what if’?
‘You said her name was “Lola”, how come her surname is Igbo’? He was confused.
‘I don’t know, but don’t discourage me’ Diana paused and thought deeply. Saddiya had also mentioned something about Tola having Chimobi’s eyes, what if she looked from that angle?
‘Why are you staring at me’? He scoffed.
‘How much do you know about your secretary’? Diana asked.
‘Tola’? He wondered where she was headed.
‘What I need to know’ he replied curtly. He didn’t know about her personal life but only the things that had a connection to her ability to deliver.
‘Someone thinks she has your eyes’ Diana said.
‘Come on, you’re getting paranoid’ Chimobi laughed and rose to his feet. He really needed to work for this; he didn’t want Diana to get disappointed at the end of the day. She deserved to be happy and if this was the only gift he would give her, he was ready to lay down his life for that to be achieved.
‘I have to go now dear, I’ll contact a private investor that may reach out to you’ he stared deeply into her eyes, resisting every urge to kiss her passionately.
‘Alright,’ she tore her eyes away from his penetrating search. She felt heat when their eyes had met, what was happening to her?
‘I am sorry Sean, but I don’t think I want to keep up with this’ Tola wouldn’t let him step into her boss’ office. Whatever business Chimobi had with Mrs. Anyebe was personal and she didn’t need to interfere.
‘You’re funny, what makes you think I need your permission anywhere’? Sean laughed.
He was determined to pay Diana back in her own coin and that was all that mattered.
‘If you force your way into the office, I shall tell the boss that you attacked me and broke in’ Tola threatened.
‘I don’t understand you anymore, you were the one that needed evidence, now that I am ready to provide you with one you’re being reluctant’ Sean eyed steadily.
‘I am no longer interested Sean, you can go to hell’ Tola fired at him.
‘Alright then, if you insist, but you have not seen the last of me’ a flicker of evil glowed in his eyes.
‘Bad breathed creep’ Tola sighed as Sean moved away from her.
Her heart raced as she imagined what would happen if she had allowed Sean to plant his camera; she wasn’t a wicked person, Chimobi had shown her nothing but goodness and she would repay him back.
She rushed towards her phone and decided she would put an end to her partnership with Seyi in spying her boss but she would be tactful about it.
A lot of hours had passed since she last set eyes on her husband; she felt so hurt by his betrayal and abandonment. He had left her for his whore; a bitch had taken her husband away.
Open before her were two large photo albums that were filled with wedding pictures of her and Chimobi and a bottle of scotch which she sipped from occasionally.
‘My darling…’ she caressed the image of his face. He was so handsome that day as she remembered, there had never been a groom so befitting, so perfect for her, the most beautiful bride.
How had they reached this dark place of unhappiness? What had taken hold of Chimobi? How could he find love and satisfaction in the arms of another woman?
‘I hate her’ Seyi groaned, the liquor was starting to get to her.
How long would she live in misery? How long would she carry the secret that had trapped the happiness she was supposed to have in her glorious marriage.
Angrily, she threw the album away, far from the table and matched determinedly towards the bedroom where she kept her secret.
Her piece of a secret kept her safe; it took away sadness on rainy days; it filled her with hope and confidence when she was lacking in them.
Tears rolled down her lean face as she pulled open the drawers where she hid the secret; she could feel it right now, Chimobi was chilling somewhere with his mistress and making love to her.
Jealousy trapped her in its cage and lashed her with the whip of despair.
‘Where are you Chimobi’? She burst into tears. She sobbed for ten minutes before her phone rang.
Her heart raced as she stared at the android device; had he called to apologize for leaving her alone in their mansion? Or for the rude things that he said to her?
She cast all her thoughts away and lifted the phone close to her ear in excitement; Chimobi was coming back to her; she could feel it.

‘Hello, where have you been’? She couldn’t wait to see his face after such a long time.
‘Um, I am sorry Ma, this is Tola; your husband’s secretary’ Tola felt nervous. How would she tell the woman that she was no longer interested in their deal?
‘Oh! What have you found’? Seyi’s heart raced expectantly. Once she had evidence that Chimobi was cheating, she would threaten him with it and that was the way to preserve her marriage.
‘Um, I haven’t found anything’ Tola stuttered, scared of what the woman would do or say to her.
‘So why the hell did you call me? Get back to work; do everything possible to bring me evidence or your refund my money’ Seyi threatened.
‘That’s where the problem lies Ma’ Tola summoned courage, this was the time she needed to speak up.
‘What problem you slow poke’? Tola was getting impatient as her insides cried for her secret; her body started to tremble; her lips started to shiver. She was hungry for her lover.
‘I don’t want to work with you, please don’t be mad. Your husband is a good man and spying on him is a betrayal of the trust that he has in me’ Tola begged.
‘You’re so stupid and naïve; you think life is built on loyalty? Wait till Chimobi fires your ass; I’ll make sure you lose that job, bitch’ Seyi cut the call abruptly and threw the phone on the bed.
‘Shit’ she coughed and rushed towards the drawer. She retrieved a wooden box where she kept her golden powder and fell on her knees; this moment was sacred, she needed to take it all in; this is what she needed to think; what she used to clear her head when she found herself in situations like this.
She flipped open the box and gazed at the white powder that sat inside the casing; she was safe for now; she had not yet run out of supply.
Slowly, she dragged it into her nostrils and then held it, clung to it as the drug melted into her nasal membrane; igniting a special fire that burned her deeply yet remained unseen.
‘I love this, I fucking love this’ she bent downwards and took another breath
‘Omale, call your dogs off; trying to blackmail innocent Nigerian citizens wouldn’t get you out of jail; you’re going to spend the rest of your life there’ Gibbs stared at the criminal that had just been bundled into his office on his request.
It had started at rumors first, till he arrived work that morning and found a few journalists right in front of the Nigerian Embassy seeking an audience with some of the drug peddlers that had been caught.
‘And why would I do that Gibbs’? Omale chuckled.
‘Because it wouldn’t work’ Gibbs replied.
‘Well, our lawyers have assured us that we still have our rights even as bound men’ Omale raised his cuffs.
‘Did your lawyers also tell you that what you are about doing wouldn’t reduce your sentence? Take it from me, you are already doomed Omale. If you don’t get the needle, you may get the life imprisonment, so what is the point of dragging people into your mess’? Gibbs scoffed.
A member of Omale’s drug peddling gang had somehow gotten access to the internet while still in custody and had threatened to release the names of members of the higher echelon that had patronized their drug business. The men and women of high standing that he had mentioned where numerous in number and they bought drugs directly from the men without any intermediaries.
‘Why do you look so scared Gibbs? Your name or that of your family is not on the list’ Omale glared at him.
He knew the game he was playing wouldn’t get him out of jail but maybe it could get him to see his sister one last time before he was either killed or locked away for eternity.
‘We both know the reason I am worried’ Gibbs felt like punching Omale on the face.
They had both been classmates along Chimobi and he had never really liked Omale especially after he had betrayed his younger sister like that.
‘I need to speak to Chimobi myself’ Omale requested.
‘What makes you think I’ll allow that’? Gibbs raised a brow.
‘Because his reputation is at stake and if that list goes out, he stands to lose everything’ Omale reminded him of the importance to meet with Chimobi.
‘We both know that the public would never believe your word against Chimobi; he is not into drugs, so I don’t get why you and your men would try to paint him black’ Gibbs rose to his feet.
This was a very sensitive matter and he needed to handle it with great care.
‘I know’ Omale nodded.
‘Seyi is a drug addict, right from secondary school; I am surprised their marriage lasted this long’ he added.
Gibbs froze as he heard those words; he was also aware of this and he wondered if Chimobi will ever forgive him if he realized he had the knowledge that his wife was an addict.
‘So why do you want to drag her husband’s name in the mud? Why not Seyi’? Gibbs wondered.
‘When I speak with Chimobi face to face, you shall have your answers’ Omale replied tautly.
‘You are foolish to think the public would buy the lies you are about to feed them with; there are governors, celebrities and people from all spheres of life whose names are on that list; where is the proof that they bought drugs from you? How stupid will they be to trade directly’? Gibbs thought Omale was crazy for a moment.
‘You’re right Gibbs, maybe we don’t have evidence for those ones, but we have enough pictures of Seyi interacting with the men; sometimes she even gave them blowjobs, would you like to see a video? We could ask our members from outside to leak it’ Omale winked.
‘I see, you’re really enjoying yourself, but I promise you, punk, you’d rot in jail for the rest of your life’.
‘I know and I am prepared for it’ Omale replied with a deep and throaty chuckle.
‘Come in’ Gibbs scowled; he guessed one of the guards was coming to take Omale back to his cell.
‘Chimobi? What are you doing here’? Gibbs rose to his feet, surprised to see his friend.
‘Hello, there’ Omale grinned as his eyes met the only man he knew Diana would ever listen to. That was the key to his everlasting peace and he knew deep down Chimobi would comply; who wouldn’t? He was going to be hurt about the discovery of his wife being a junky, but it was for the best. He had suffered enough.
‘I need to speak to you urgently Gibbs’ Chimobi called to his friend and then quickly turned to the criminal who had just whispered his name.
His face was bushy and his hair was unkempt, but there was a familiarity that called to him in his brown eyes. He shared a strong semblance of Diana.
That was when it hit him ‘Omale’?
‘Yes, the very same’ Omale replied, glad he had been recognized.
Minutes later, some guards walked into the room and bundled Omale back to the cell where he stayed with the other criminals.

To be continued…..


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