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VALLEY OF ANGELS Episode 11-12

He tore his eyes away from her and focused on the rose petals; this was going to be difficult; how was he going to make love to a woman that he no longer cared for? How was he going to make love to a woman he no longer desired?
In his sleep, he saw Diana; when he woke he saw Diana, what if he just told Seyi the truth? What if he just opened up to her and told her he was in love with someone else and their marriage was over.
However, Diana’s voice reechoed in his head and he saw the need to play along with Seyi; he needed to play smart else he stood a chance of losing all that he had worked for.
‘You look so beautiful’ his voice was low and seductive as he dropped his briefcase and moved closer to his wife.
‘Thank you’ she smiled shyly and pressed a kiss on his lips.
Slowly, she peeled off the first layer of his suit and then his tie, and then his shirt till he was left alone in his underpants.
‘Make love to me’ she said in a voice dense with wanting and desire.
He said nothing; he simply imagined Diana before him. He lifted her up and carried her slowly till they both reached the bed.
He tore off her bra and slipped off her panties in a rush; he couldn’t wait to have all of her; he couldn’t wait to quench the desires that burnt him for Diana.
His lips found hers in the rush and he swallowed her full lips with his; he sucked and caressed her tongue till she couldn’t breathe. She simply groaned as he pleasured her mouth and explored her body with his hands.
He broke the kiss and took of his underpants; his member was hard and straightened for her. He couldn’t wait to slip it into her, he wanted her to go crazy from the rawness of the pleasure he was about to give to her.
Seyi had never seen her husband this devoted to their lovemaking; he had never seen him touch her with this level of desire; she bit her lip in excitement as blood rushed in her veins; as her inner thighs dripped with wetness.
She was getting impatient; her eyes found the tip of his hard rod. Her breath increased as Chimobi lowered his lips on hers once again and then parted her legs.
‘I love you’ he whispered and stared deeply into her eyes before slipping his member into the opening of her twin legs.
She felt her heart beat as she mentioned the words she desperately yearned to hear from her husband.
‘I love you…baby…’ she moaned as he rode her.
His pace was slow at first, but as the fire of desire lashed out; as the rain of pleasure melted his resolve, he lost control and fastened his ride in the silky smoothness of her body.
‘Baby…baby’ her moans increased as she neared the climax of her pleasure.
He could feel it; they were soaring together; they would descend together.
Joy blessed his heart as he stared into the eyes of the woman that he loved; he was happy they had arrived their journey safely and satisfied.
‘Diana’ the sound of her name escaped his lips as he found his release. The sound, that did not go unnoticed by his wife.
Tears stung her eyes as Chimobi climbed out of bed minutes after they had made love without saying a word to her; who could believe that same man was the one who had made her feel so good.
‘Tola was right, he is seeing someone’ she quickly burrowed into her house robe and followed him to the parlor where he left for.
‘We need to talk’ she said in a pained voice as she found him sitting in front of the television.
‘About’? Chimobi asked, his eyes were still glued to the television.
A wave of guilt suddenly blew on him as he realized he had just made a grave mistake by sleeping with Seyi; he felt like he was cheating on Diana; he felt like he had betrayed her.
‘I put it to you that you are cheating on me, Chimobi Adams! You are cheating’ Seyi cried in a loud voice.
How could he mention another woman’s name while making love to her? Why was he so callous?
‘Hey, it’s too early to start fighting; as you can see, I am listening to the news’ he ignored her.
He felt like telling her his mind; he was fed up with their marriage. They were always fighting; she was always attacking him and throwing things at him. They were not good for each other; Seyi and himself were a huge mistake.
‘I hate you Chimobi’ she grabbed the T.V remote that lay close to the table where she stood and launched it at him; the object narrowly escaped his left eye.
‘Seyi! This nonsense is getting out of hand, what do you think you’re doing’? He jumped to his feet, obviously infuriated.
‘I hate you! I hate you’! She cried and advanced towards him.
‘You know what? You can have the house to yourself. I am out’ he moved towards the bedroom and decided he would stay away from Seyi for some time. This was it; he needed to tell Diana about his wife’s behavior, he wasn’t sure how long he would cope with her. He was going to divorce Seyi as soon as possible.
‘If you have any plan of leaving me Chimobi, you’re going to fail woefully’ Seyi rained curses on him as he rushed out of the house.
Tears streamed down her face as she watched him walked away, in that moment, she had a feeling that she had lost him to another woman.
She rushed back to the bedroom and fetched her phone, she needed to speak to her husband’s secretary urgently; she needed to know the whore that threatened to ruin her marriage.
Twilight had transcended into the night; the moon stared down at the earth with a bright smile on her silvery face; the wind was gentle and offered the trees kindness; Diana sat on a couch that was placed on the veranda of their new apartment.
She wasn’t staring at the moon or enjoying the cool evening breeze; she was thinking about Saddiya’s words earlier.
She still felt so much pain, even after so many years had passed; no matter what he did to her, he still remained the father of her child whom she had not even considered on her return to Nigeria.
Tears welled up in her eyes as she remembered how badly her mother had treated her; her mother deserved a special place in hell for ruining her life like that.

She remembered how her the woman pushed her away; blocked her out and left her to suffer the cruelty of the world on her own; she had no mother while growing up and she felt like she had failed for not considering the child she had given birth to and given up for adoption.
Where was she now? Was she faring well? Was the woman who had taken her away treating her well?
‘Diana…’ Saddiya showed up outside, she paused and watched her friend briefly; she had been crying.
‘Are you okay’? She placed a comforting hand on Diana’s shoulder.
‘No, I am not; I am a terrible mother’ Diana broke down and sobbed.
‘Come on, Diana, don’t be too hard on yourself; is this because of what I said earlier? About you wanting to hurt Chimobi instead of finding your child’? Saddiya hoped it wasn’t because she’d feel really guilty for putting her best friend through so much pain.
‘No, don’t feel sorry for me; I have been so engrossed in my quest to hurt Chimobi back that I forgot what was more important; I forgot what I am supposed to pursue’ she wiped her face.
She drew a deep breath and settled her eyes on the file that lay close to her side of the couch.
‘You know, I wanted to seduce him to sign these documents’ she fetched the file and stared at the papers.
‘I came up with a plan to trick him to sell Fesocorp to me and that way I would cripple everything he has built and bring him down to the ground’ she continued.
‘But, I realized I would be hurting myself at the end of the day. What if I am able to find my child and maybe things are not that great for her and Chimobi would’ve wanted to help, what kind of mother would that make me’? Diana sighed.
She decided she was done with revenging Chimobi; she was still hurting and the best way to get over the pain was to break up with him. There was no need being with him when all she felt was pain and a great need to revenge.
‘You will have to break up with him to move on with your life’ Saddiya aired her thoughts.
‘Yes. I will, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop working there; there’s a lot I could do to take Fesocorp to the next level’ Diana quickly chipped in. Working with Chimobi was going to be difficult, but she was willing to try.
‘That’s more like it. I am happy you have made that decision as I was not totally comfortable with you having an affair with Chimobi; he is still married and you have to respect that. Now the next thing would be finding your child. I know you gave her up but you deserve to see her, to even have a relationship with her’ Saddiya advised.
‘Yea, but the problem is where do I start looking? It wasn’t an official adoption, no papers were signed; I was so young and scared; I couldn’t even take care of myself let alone a child’ Diana sighed. It was going to be a long process but she was willing to be patient; she had to find her daughter.
‘I think you should talk to Chimobi about this, I know he denied the child when you were pregnant, but I guess he is changed now; he deserves to know what you’re up to’.
‘Alright then, I will call him’ Diana rose to her feet.
‘And what would you do with these’? Saddiya asked, pointing to the file that contained the documents she had planned to use against Chimobi.
‘Please help me tear them into tiny bits or better still burn them’ Diana chuckled before retreating into the house.
Her heart raced as she heard her sick mother call her name; she dropped the tray that contained a bunch of pumpkin leaves that she had been shredding so she could prepare something for dinner.
Was she having another attack again? Fear gripped her as she realized she didn’t have enough money to buy her mother another inhaler.
‘Mother, are you okay’? Omotola found the woman lying on the bed in their one bedroom apartment.
‘Yes! It’s just that your phone had been ringing, it disturbed my sleep’ she coughed.
‘I am so sorry about that, I’ll take the call now; please go back to sleep’ Tola sighed with relief.
She had been very terrified as she stared into the dark night; where on earth was she going to get an inhaler if her mother was having another attack?
All her life, she had saved up to take care of the woman that had brought her into this world; she had managed to complete her secondary school and luckily found a job with Fesocorp limited, though the pay from the secretary job was not that great.
‘You seem worried’ the woman had been watching the girl closely.
‘No, I am fine’ Tola nodded. She couldn’t let her mother see through her charade; she couldn’t let her see that she was worried about money.
She was the one who paid their rent monthly; who bought them food and paid the water and light bills; all the burden had been placed on her young shoulder since her mother felt terribly ill after her graduation from secondary school.
‘Things weren’t always like this’ sleep eluded the woman’s eyes as she knew her daughter was worried about money.
‘Mother…don’t start. I need to prepare us dinner’ Tola was about to leave when her mother called her back.
‘Come, let us talk, talking lightens weights’ the woman insisted.
Tola wasn’t in the mood for talking as she scanned her phone for the person that called; her face lit up as she recognized the number, Mrs. Seyi Adams had called her.
The woman had approached her on her first day at the office and offered her a very juicy deal which had been difficult to turn down at first but her mother had taught her the basic rules of living a just life: Honesty and Sincerity.
She had turned the woman down; how could she spy on her own boss knowing the consequences that would follow such an act?
However, the recent turn out of events had her running back to Seyi, the way the proverbial dog would do to its vomit; she had no choice. She had been plunged deeper into the pool of worry when Seyi had turned her down earlier.
Why had she called? Was she going to give her a chance? Because she was willing to give Mrs. Seyi Adams everything she had on Miss. Anyebe, the woman that was having an affair with her boss. Sean, one of the guys that worked in the office had tipped her off.
He had been witness to their brief episode of lovemaking that had taken place in Miss Anyebe’s office.
‘What is on your mind child’? The woman probed further.
‘You’re being worried for nothing’ Tola replied.
‘Really? Well, I know things have not been going on well with us but it wasn’t always this way’ the woman sighed as she remembered the past.
Tola rolled her eyes, she had heard this story a thousand times; she knew her mother used it to encourage her but she needed more than a story to survive; to make money that would afford them three square meals.
‘Your father was a very wealthy man; we lived in the Federal Capital Territory before we moved to Lagos. I delivered you there. Our days were filled with joy and happiness and with you as our only child after many years of barrenness, everything was totally perfect’ a smile touched the woman’s wrinkled face as she remembered the day Tola had come into their lives.
‘Your father was really happy; his business was doing well and so was my business until the day fire gutted out everything that we both owned and plunged us into this level’ she glanced around their one bedroom apartment.

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