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TWIST OF FATE 2 (Ada My Love) Episode 35-36


Everywhere was still silent as Emetamma
confessed. His legs swollen as if it wants to
”Please forgive me” Emetamma pleaded still
”Forgive you?? Did you just say forgiveness??”
Nwanneka asked in tears
”How wicked can you be Emetamma?”
Nwanneka asked and sobered
”Please ooh, I tried all I could to kill Ada but I
just couldn’t. So I maltreated her.” Emetamma
”I looked for a way to get rid of her but
couldn’t find. So when the King banished her, I
chased her away and rumoured her death”
”Heiii!!! Ooooh!!!” A great ooz and noise came
from the crowd. Everybody stood looking
surprised.. Onochie folded his hands and watch.
”That was all I could to obtain my younger
brothers wealth” Emetamma said
”But I never knew that Nemesis is always real..
On my way to the Barrister’s house I had a
terrible accident that kept me this way”
Emetamma concluded and cried bitterly
”Ada… Charles please forgive me” Emetamma
pleaded and a big tears flowed down the eys of
”Uncle, you killed my Parents??” She asked
feeling like she was in a dream
”Dad, you made us hate her with passion saying
she was a witch” Olamma and Ugomma said
”Dad, you are a monster!!” Obinna exclaimed
”I accept but please forgive me” Emetamma
continued pleaded
”I knew it will end this way” Uteme the
drunkard said staggering in..
”I caused your accident!!!” Charles said and
everybody yelled and shouted
”I sent the guy that persuaded you to enter a
private car” Charles continued
Emetamma stood at the road side waiting for a
transport bus to come by. A young man walked
passed him and called him
”Sir, you can’t get a transport here ooh” The
boy said
”Haaa!! When did it start.. I have been coming
here” Emetamma said
”Things has changed Sir, you better enter a
private transport” The young man said
”Heii!:” Emetamma exclaimed and a private car
drove by
”You can board this one Sir” The boy said
”Alright. Thank you my Son” Emetamma said
and entered the car..
”Yes, that was how it happened” Charles said
”What?? Charles!! I never knew you to be like
this” Onochie axclaimed
”The Blood of an FBI never ceases to flow in
me Bro” Charles said
”So you did this to me?,” Emetamma asked
”You deserved it all” Charles said and smilee
Charles after finishing his confession turned to
the DPO and the Police Officers
”Release her and take me. My Job here is
done, my Sister is now free.. I can now join my
Parents” Charles said stretching out his hands
”No.. Please Charles don’t go” Ada said and ran
towards him. He hugged him very tight
”I have always wished to see my family. Little
did I know that you were one of them and now
I know you want to leave me” Ada said in
sorrowful tears
”I did it all for you Sister” Charles said shedding
”Now this is my consequence” Charles added
and disengaged the hug
”I will sendyour love message to Mom and
Dad” Charles said knowing the price for his
crime and Ada fell in tears. Charles boldly
ignored her tears and turned to the DPO again
who was already emotionally drained.
”Take me” Charles said sorrowfully smiling
”Take him” DPO commanded and one of the
Officers went to hand cuff Charles
”You dare not touch my Son!!!” A male voice
shouted from the crowd and everybody looked
around to see who it was. Charles thought it
was his Uncle but surprising to him, he was a
diiferent person.. Immediately the man came
out fully, Emetamma shouted
”Emeka?,” He exclaimed and Emeka stood
boldly in front of everyone
”Yes, it’s me brother. You thought you killed
me” Emeka said. Charles and Ada mopped at
”Dad??” They shouted at the same time
”It’s me my children” Emeka said and they ran
and hugged him
”Where have you been Dad??” Charles asked
”I missed you a lot Dad” Ada added and they
”All thanks to my Barrister” Emeka said and
”Two days after I was declared dead, I woke up
to see a Nurse cleaning my ward
”Harr!:” The Nurse exclaimed as Emeka
”Shh!:” Emeka said to her
”Don’t let anybody know about this” Emeka said
strongly not looking like someone who is dead.
Emeka quickly drew out his cheque book and
assigned the Nurse a huge amount of money to
keep quiet.
”How is my wife??” Emeka asked
”She is dead” The Nurse said still shaking. Later
on, She helped Emeka sneak out of the
Silent murmur overtook everywhere
”I knew it will happen so I planned myself”
Emeka said and smiled
”Heiii!!!” So many exclamations and pity noises
overtook everywhere
”Which hospital was that” Nneoma asked from
”SilverSpoon Hospital” Emeka replied looking
at Nneoma and she opened her eyes broadly
”No.. No.. It can’t be you” Nneoma said and it
got everybody confused
”I was the Nurse” Nneoma boldly said

The bold reply of Nneoma shocked everybody
”Are you serious??” Emeka asked
”What then happened because I came back but
I didn’t see you” Emeka said looking at Nneoma
”I went on transfer as the transport was too
much for me” Nneoma said and Emeka walked
straight to Nneoma..
”Thank you very much” Emeka said to her.. The
atmosphere began to become happier as all
the confessions were done..
”You are a wicked brother” Emeka said looking
at Emetamma.. As he said this, Emetamma
began to shiver vigorously..
”What is it my husband?,” Nwanneka rushed
Emetamma, even Ada rushed him.. Ada yelled
for the nurses to come but before they could
do anything, Emetamma gave up the ghost..
Tears filled the whole arena.. Ada cried her
eyes out despite the pains she went through.
Nwanneka and her children cried bitterly.. Just
then, an ambulance drove in and carried
Emetamma’s dead body.. Sorrow filled the
hearts of everybody. The kings and queen were
still confused but emotional. Onochie was still
bothered on how Charles could do things
without letting him know..
Emeka held Ada and hugged her in
Ken has already arrived hiding his pistol.. He
made his way to a close range of Ada and
aimed at Ada.. Meanwhile, Charles turned
around to face the DPO and Olaedo stood
directly behind Ada.. As Ken held the trigger,
Charles sighted him immediately
”Noooo!!” Charles exclaimed attracting the
attention of everybody. His shout confused Ken
who slipped off his hand and held the gun
strongly to shoot immediately and run away,
Charles pushed Onochie who stood in front of
”Ada watch out!” Charles exclaimed and dived
both Ada and Emeka out of the way leaving a
chance for the bullet to hit Olaedo.. Olaedo fell
down immediately gushing blood all over.. DPO
Domnic and the officers too a chase with Ken..
Okpalaugo and others rushed Olaedo.. They
quickly took her to the hospital.. The wedding
ceremony was disrupted completely and
people started going home with different
stories to tell.. Ada and Emeka went home with
Nwanneka and the children.. Charles went with
Onochie to rush Olaedo to the hospital…
*At The Hospital*
The kings and others were at the reception of
the hospital. Just then, the doctor walked in.
Everybody rushed the doctor.
”How is she doctor” Okpalaugo asked as
everybody listened to hear his response
”She is fine now but we have a little problem”
Doctor said and they were all bothered
”She has no womb” Doctor said and they all
screamed in shock
” How doctor??” They asked
” Maybe she can explain better” Doctor said
” Can we see her now?,” Onochie asked
” Yes” Doctor replied and left.. They all hurried
into Olaedo’s ward.. Shamefully, Ada confessed
her s-x life with Ken and how she aborted a
child and unknowingly lost her womb. She also
confessed how she sent Ken to kill Ada..
Everybody was disappointed in her. Still on the
motion, Okpalaugo became angry
”You will no longer marry my daughter,
because it’s of no use” Okpalaugo said and
Onochie was surprised
”Really?” He asked
”Yes, the agreement is cancelled” Okpalaugo
”You are a disappointment” Okpalaugo said to
Olaedo and left with Lolo Nneka. Olaedo cried
bitterly for her actions…
Nwanneka already pleaded for the forgiveness
of Emeka and he forgave them all. They all
conseoled each other.. Just then, a car drove
in. Everybody starred at the Car, The kings and
Queens, Onochie and Charles alighted from the
car.. Immediately, Onochie rushed and knelt
before Ada pleading for frogiveness. Tears
rolled down the eyes of Ada and she hugged
”But your paren…” Ada tried to reject his
marriage request because of the king
”You have our full support my dear. Please
forgive Us.. You are a rare gem” Igwe
Ebubedike said and smiled.. Happiness
overtook the whole atmosphere…
Olamma and Ugomma later made peace with
Ada and they lived as one family..
Olaedo was later forgiven by everybody and
she learnt her mistakes
Through influence and rank, the Kings and
Onochie didn’t allow the police to arrest
Charles as he masterminded the whole peace
they had now..
Ken was caught by the police and sentenced to
years imprisonment
Nneoma and her family was transferred to
Umudike and they all lived in the King’s palace
and were highly rewarded
Chioma was made the personal maid and
advicer of Ada as she wished for that.
Charles later married Chisom, Odunze’s
daughter.. Onochie and Charles did their
wedding on the same day. It was the talk of the
whole world. Ada and Chisom danced on the
wedding day.
They all attended Emetamma’s burial
Nnenna was made the Chief Maid
Everybody was happy and lived happily ever
after under one roof.

******THE END******


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