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TWIST OF FATE 2 (Ada My Love) Episode 33-34

People from far and near, National and
International was trooping in to Umudike
Kingdom. The Venue was at the Village square,
big enough to contain a million people. Charles
invited his Uncle in the United States of
America and he Promised to come. Maidens
and Guards were arranging and preparing
The people of Omambala Kingdom were not
different anyways, their preparation was
double.. Princess Olaedo looked very beautiful
in the native attire she put on. Well adorned
with beads and golds.. They all moved to
Umudike Kingdom.. Invitees and guests all
Till the day of the wedding, Emetamma never
returned. Nwanneka tried calling his number
but it was switched off, so she was worried..
She initially refused to go to the wedding as
she was sad. But her children convinced her
and she accepted…
Before the full hotness of the afternoon sun,
the ceremony began…
”We all are welcomed to this big feast.. The
kind that will never be seen for generations to
come” The Master Of Ceremony began
”At first, let’s welcome the Highnesses and
their Chiefs to the high table” He added and
the two Kings, their Children and Chiefs walked
up majestically.. A great shout of joy was headr
as they walked up to the high table. Onochie
and Charles flinged money all over the place
which increased the shouting…
”Yes!! That’s how it is done.. Now My King, you
can greet your people” MC bowing down and
handing the mirophone to Igwe Ebubedike, he
took it and greeted the multitude that was
there. Both Kings and Queens did the same..
”Without waisting our time, let the dance
begin!!” Igwe Ebubedike ordered and the
drums, gongs and all sort of local musical
instruments began to beat. The Dancers of
Umudike came out first. Olamma and Ugomma
leading the dance did very much well…
Everybody applauded them..
On seeing Prince Onochie, Ada’s mind skipped
and Chisom noticed it
”Ada!!” She called her
”Concentrate” Chisom added
”I can’t” Ada said still looking at Onochie
”You have to, this is our chance Ada. Let it go”
Chisom said and Ada took her eyes away from
The Umudike dancers and other dancers
danced wonderfully. Now it was the turn of the
Omaaku Village dancers. Chisom ran out and
did some dance intro to the people which they
applauded. On seeing Chisom, Charles became
”What is it Bro?” Onochie asked Charles
”Ooh.. Nothing. Just enjoying the show” Charles
replied and they continued watching..
Ada being the lead dancer lead others out in an
attractive manner and their dance began, they
dance far better than others. When the
applaude became too much, Ada began to
dance the best dance step she knew and others
followed suit.. Seeing the dance steps, Onochie
recalled his arrival feast…
”Bro, I remember those dance steps” Onochie
said to Charles
”From where?” Charles asked
”That’s Ada’s dance steps” Onochie replied
”No.. It is not possible Bro..” Charles replied
and Onochie stood up
”Ada is dead Bro” Charles said and Onochies
tried sitting down but he couldn’t resist it. He
took out some money to spray on the dancer.
Ada saw him coming and began to hide her
face. Onochie sprayed the money on her and
stylishly was trying to find out who the dancer
was. Charles smiled broadly glancing at
Ada kept hiding her face but Onochie forcefully
pulled up the face of the dancer and the drums
stopped by Onochie’s order
”Ada!!” Onochie exclaimed and everywhere
became silent. Ada tried running away but
Onochie held her.. There was a great confusion
and disappointing shout all over. Olaedo stood
up immediately angrily and went to the back
yard to call Ken. Igwe Ebubedike rushed up to
”Are you out of your mind.. This isn’t Ada. Ada
is dead. Why disrupting this occassion?”
Ebubedike asked followed by series of
questions from Okplalugo and the queens bhut
Onochie ignored all of them holding Ada very
strongly and starring at her. Soon enough tears
began to flow down their cheeks. Onochie
feeling sorry for the mistake he made and Ada
feeling sorry for hiding herself all these while.
Chisom and Nneoma came together and
watched.. Chisom was smiling but Nneoma
”Whya re you smiling?” Nneoma asked in a low
”Nothing Nne” Chisom replied.. Even Odunze
was confused.. Everywhere became silent all
eyes looking at Onochie and Ada who was not
distracted by the words or actions of the Kings
and Queens..
”Guards take this girl out of here!!” Igwe
”That will be over my dead body Dad” Onochie
said looking angry..
”I thought you were dead” Onochie said holding
the hands of Ada who didn’t look into his eyes..
”That can be after Prince Charles tells us his
evil deeds in this Palace” DPO Domnic said
aloud as two Police officers held Nnenna in
cuffs…Everybody became confused and all eyes
went on Charles who stood up immediately

As confusion filled the air with no one knowing
what the DPO was talking about. Even Onochie
was surprised
”Nnenna??” Lolo Ugodie called and Nnenna
looked at her
”DPO, what are you talking about?” Igwe
Ebubedike asked
”Prince Charles will explain better” DPO said
and Charles walked down the high table boldly
and stood at the center the stage
”Is it true Charles?” Lolo Ugodie asked feeling
”Yes Mother, all he said is true.. I did it all”
Charles said boldly and everybody was aroused
”What??!! Charles” Igwe and Lolo exclaimed at
same time
”No.. Charles this can’t be true” Onochie said
walking up to Charles and teard flowed down
Charles’ eyes.
”It all began from the day Ada was banished
from this Land” Charles began..
Charles drove his car so speedily to Chioma’s
house. He stopped the car and rushed down.
Chioma greeted him and starred at him
”Chioma, I have been seeing you with Ada
more often” Charles began
”Yes My Prince” Chioma replied and Charles
gave her a huge amount of money
”Take this, just follow her and know where ever
she will go to” Charles pleaded. Without
resisting the money, Chioma collected it and
Charles left..
The crowd was still silent listening to the
”But before then, I discovered Ada was my
sister” Charles said looking directly at Ada
”What??!!! No.. That can’t be” Everybody
exclaimed and Ada fell down in tears.
Nwanneka and her Children were surprised.
”The man I took as my Uncle whom I lived with
in the States was a Slave trader who refused to
sell me as he had no Son” Charles said and
moretears ran down his eyes…
Charles walked down the staircase calling
Nnenna.. Nnenna rushed in and bowed down.
”Yes My Prince” Nnenna answered
”I want you to do something for me” Charles
said and Nnenna looked at him
”What might that be my Prince?” Nnenna asked
”Go and find everything about Ada, her history
and everything. Make it a silent job” Charles
said to Nnenna
”But my Prince..” Nnenna tried to refuse but
Charles compensated her with an envelope..
”She accepted and made her findings” Charles
”From what she told me, I drew out a sclae of
truth from it and privately contacted my Uncle,
through his love for me, he told me the truth..
Thanks also to Maazi Egbuna who confirmed my
research” Charles said and everybody looked
confused.. Olaedo was already out listening to
the confession..
”I purposed added the Indomethacin to Igwe’s
food through the help of Nnenna.. I did it just
to make sure my plans went well and not to kill
the Igwe” Charles said and smiled
”I’m sorry Dad, I couldn’t just let my sister
suffer for nothing” Charles continued
”Chioma leaked to me that Ada was in Omaaku
and she gave me every detail about the family
she was in. That was why when the Igwe was
coughing that night, I drove directly to Omaaku
Hospital” Charles continued
”I knew Nneoma, the kind woman was working
there” Charles said
”I did that so that Onochie might meet with
Ada but my plans failed so I changed to
another” Charles continued
”I befreinded Chisom” Charles said looking at
Chisom and there was a great noise
”Chisom??!” Odunze and Nneoma exclaimed
”Yes, I made her force Ada to this dance for
Onochie to see her” Charles added
”The rumour of her death was false!!” Charles
”When the Igwe was in the hospital, The Good
Samaritan we all were looking for is Ada here,
she donated the blood that almost killed her to
the same king that banished her!!:” Charles
”What??!!” Everybody exclaime
”That’s not true?,” Igwe Ebubedike said
”It’s a lie” Okpalaugo added
”Charles, you are wicked!!” Onochie exclaimed
”So you knew about all this and kept quiet??”
Onochie barked at Charles
”I just couldn’t help it my Brother” Charles said
and took out his phone. He placed it on his ears
”Yes, bring him in” Charles said on the phone
and everyone was confused with the call..
Suddenly, Emetamma carried in a stretcher was
brought in by two nurses from Omaaku village..
They dropped him in front of Charles..
”My Husband ooh!!” Nwanneka exclaimed and
ran towards Emetamma but Charles yelled at
”Back off woman!!” Charles exclaimed at
Nwanneka stopped and began to cry
”Papa??” Ada called in tears
”This man here has something to say” Charles
said and drew back
”I did it all” Emetamma began and Barrister
Chuks walked in
”I killed Emeka my Brother and the wofe using
evil powers..” Emetamma said and everybody
shouted cursing Emetamma
”Chi m oo!!” Nwanneka exclaimed
”Yes, I envied his wealth and planned his death
on the day he took his wife to the hospital to
deliver Ada. Luckily for Charles, he wasn’t with
them in the car so I sold him off” Emetamma
said and the noise became bigger
”Ada also survived in the womb of her mother”
Emetamma added..

 To be continued..


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